AWD’s favorite line from the movie “Trading Places” was when Louis Winthorpe (played by Dan Akroyd) said of Eddie Murphy, “He’s probably wearing my Harvard tie…like, oh sure, HE went to Harvard!” What an a**hole! And a perfect representation to the rich communist bastids that infect Harvard and the Ivy League universities.

Texas Senator and conservative superstar Ted Cruz had the unmitigated audacity to tell the truth about the comm-a-nists at Hah-vahd. He accused the Harvard Law School faculty of having had “twelve” Communists who “believed in the overthrow of the U.S. Government” on its faculty when he attended in the early nineties. Oops! No more Grey Poupon for you, Senator!

Well, the upper-crust brats at Harvard didn’t take kindly to Senator Cruz speaking the truth. The Harvard Crimson student newspaper said:

If you think Harvard is a revolutionary communist hotbed, don’t apply. If you think Harvard is full of “pinheaded” professors, don’t enroll. And if you think Harvard pollutes the minds of its students, don’t walk out of here with a degree—and certainly don’t get two.

They left out “if you want to learn how to balance a checkbook, don’t apply at Harvard! Or any other Ivy League snob-a-torium that knows a lot about theory but nothing about reality! The cabinets of the past several administrations have been filled with Ivy League-tards who have fancy degrees but can’t piss and hit Earth in the real world!

Ivy League universities are really no different than other universities, except the students are hairy and smell worse. Most come from rich, well-connected families who can get their spoiled, worthless brat offspring accepted knowing they don’t have the skills to deliver pizzas. The other group accepted into Ivy League schools are Affirmative Action losers who couldn’t get into a community college in their towns without preferred pigment.

Duke University is called “the Ivy League of the South.” It’s populated with rich, yankee kids from the bankrupt hellhole of New Jersey who weren’t either rich or connected or black enough to get into Hahvahd. So they go to Durham. AWD attended NC State (Go Pack!). My accounting professor also taught at Duke. Same material. Same lectures. Same tests. Only Duke graduates were supposed to be oh-so-better educated than the “lowly state universities.” AWD got an A in both accounting classes I took. But I was too sexy to be an accountant and accounting ain’t no job for a man.

The Harvard Crimson brats continued:

If only we could have spoken to a young, wide-eyed Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, or Bill O’Reilly. We would have assured them that it was okay to be anti-intellectual, and that millions of people around the world do it every day. Although we didn’t share their dread of academia, we would have tried to make them feel comfortable with the lifestyle they were preparing to lead. We would have attempted either to disabuse them of whatever cognitively dissonant impulses gave them the urge to attend Harvard or, at the very least, try to prepare them for the potentially scary environment that awaited them. For one, we would warn them that Harvard has a few liberals.

It’s the “intellectuals” from Harvard and their ilk who have given America a $16 trillion national debt, Cash for Perfectly Good Cars, $1 trillion non-Stimulus Bills, ObamaCare and other disaster zone legislation that has piled mountains of debt on us lowly commoners who know how to make a buck and live within our means.

AWD will tell you one damn thing. Academics are losers! They never have made one dime of profit nor have they ever signed the front of a paycheck. They create nothing except politically correct claptrap that doesn’t work to indoctrinate rich brats who have never had a job. I would as soon hire a guy who has worked as a dog poop scooper in Waxahachie, Texas than some spoiled brat with a Harvard degree. Sure, every now a Ted Cruz squeaks out of Harvard without becoming a drooling socialist but, for the most part, Harvard graduates are no different than what comes out of UT in Austin or any other America school.

One thing AWD has learned. The rich take care of their own. In Dallas, SMU graduates are guaranteed high paying positions from SMU alumni because they play golf with their daddies at Dallas Country Club. If one is a minority or a member of the lucky sperm club, you’ll have no problem getting into one of the fancy big-name universities. Sure, you won’t know sh*t when you graduate but you’ll get big jobs you really don’t deserve ahead of those who have worked their entire lives to earn such positions.

George W. Bush was a C student at Yale. He would have been a C student at Harvard or Collin County Community College. But he had a wealthy daddy who had been the Director of the CIA. His disastrous results as President show that an Ivy League degree didn’t make him smart. Obama shows that the PC route into Columbia and Harvard don’t do anything for you except further indoctrinate you into socialist ideology.

Academics work in theory. ObamaCare is a perfect example. Oh sure, the libtards believe everyone should have health insurance…as long as it is paid for by the taxpayer. In reality, the only thing ObamaCare will accomplish is putting American companies out of business! Since the academics who dreamed up that nightmare legislation have never run a company or had to pay insurance premiums for their employees, they have no @#&*ing idea of how unrealistic ObamaCare is! And I’m still waiting for any of the academic geniuses to explain how moochers who receive free healthcare at hospitals and clinics today are going to pay for health insurance under ObamaCare!

AWD knows people who attended Harvard and other Ivy League schools. They weren’t any smarter than the rest, only better connected.

The wealthiest guy in my city is a plumber. He started a plumbing company and grew it by hard work and sacrifice. He can also balance a checkbook. He now lives in the largest house here and is very wealthy. But he drives a pickup truck. His tax dollars are taken to pay the salaries of professors who couldn’t turn a wrench at his company yet complain about his greed and the evils of capitalism.

Screw Harvard! Want American government to succeed? Fill it with businessmen who know how to create wealth instead of libtards who teach how to divest in stock funds that include firearms manufacturers! Haven’t the over-educated/under-smart done enough damage?

Here’s the Wikipedia entry about Ivy Leaguer Timothy Geithner’s education:

Geithner spent most of his childhood in other countries, including present-day Zimbabwe, Zambia, India, and Thailand where he completed high school at the International School Bangkok.[7] He attended Dartmouth College, in the tradition of his father and paternal grandfather, graduating with an A.B. in government and Asian studies in 1983.[7] He studied Mandarin at Peking University in 1981 and at Beijing Normal University in 1982.[8] and earned an M.A. in international economics and East Asian studies from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies in 1985.[7][9] He has studied Mandarin[7] and Japanese.[10]

Geithner can’t even pay his own taxes accurately! His performance as Secretary of the Treasury proves he would have been a window-licker on a short bus if not for his rich, well-connected parents.

Screw Harvard! Screw Ivy League communist brats! Screw academic frauds who, outside of academia, couldn’t succeed as a line worker in the fast-food or janitorial industries!

Preach on, Senator Cruz! Expose the frauds for what they are! The fact that Barack Obama graduated from Harvard tells me all I need to know about the joint!

Go Wolfpack of North Carolina State! Go to Hell, Carolina! And Harvard? Kiss my big ol’ state university educated ass! And don’t bother applying at my company!

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  1. Window Lickers.. heh heh.

  2. Damn!!! AWD,

    Split right down the middle… funny, and the way I like it… serious. Good read!!!

  3. Snake Oiler says:

    The Noble Lie

    Elitists are very adamant about the idea of the noble lie, the use of a lie to attain a positive goal. In their view, average citizens lack the capacity to understand the bigger political and social picture; so we must be lied to in order to make us do what is best for ourselves. Of course, their version of what is best for our culture always seems to include first and foremost what is best for them.

    The noble lie is a logical fallacy of epic proportions, and I often wonder if global elitists secretly doubt its legitimacy. If you need to lie to people in order to get them to accept your ideas, then there must be something terribly wrong with your ideas. Ideas with vitality and honesty do not need to be “sold” to the public through chicanery; the truth takes on a life of its own. Only destructive philosophies need a foundation of lies in order to take root.

    • Snake,

      What amazes me in regards to the lies by liberals… they are not little white lies you might slip by the average individual, but they are lies only fishermen tell to their buddies.

      • Snake Oiler says:

        Paul, when the country is in such a shape that a large portion of the population either believes the current batch of rubbish, or is too apathetic to angrily reject it, you know we are in dire straits, indeed.

      • Paul
        I was fishing with a friend last summer for catfish in a bend of the river, there were some old cars in the bend to slow down the erosion of the river bank and my friend hooked a monster catfish and it swam inside an old Volkswagen, my friend grabed his line and waded out to the car and started to reach inside and grab the fish when the damn thing rolled the window up. True story I swear.

        • ga,

          I just laughed so hard I woke my poor little dog up… only a fishermen could tell a whopper like that.

          • Paul,
            I did catch a big one that day, Don’t know how much it weighed but the picture of it weighed 20lb’s.

          • You Sir are not only an accomplished fisherman, but also a natural politician.

  4. The conservatives on campus at Harvard probably could meet in a phone booth. One was the great conservative John LeBoutillier (, who wrote the book Harvard Hates America – good title. John was elected to Congress in 1980 in the Ronald Reagan landslide at age 27. Who can top that ? Remember when “experts,” many of whom were establishment Republicans, told us Ronnie was unelectable, and couldn’t win in November, would bring down the party ? He was 4 for 4 in November. Now they claim they were for him all the time. …AWD is smart – BMOC at NCSU ! Right, AWD ? Jimmy V – great coach. I had a hard time in Accounting, stumbled through the two courses somehow. You’re right – same material yet some schools have an elitist aura. Around here near Atlanta Emory Univ. seems to be that way. Many Emorroids look down on those of us who attended state schools, especially (horrors!) the ones who worked their way through. I remember having a bunch of outspoken conservative business profs in school – about forty-five years back. Good for them. Law profs are usually far more liberal. Conservatives have to stay under wraps to survive teaching today.

  5. College is such a rip off. If anything, it DE-prepares you for the real world. Most of the so-called “educated” folk that graduated from college can’t spell, can barely write a coherent sentence, can’t manage their own finances (and this includes accounting majors), can’t think for themselves, and can’t even interview for a job properly. But boy can they sure rant and rave on how evil American capitalism is. And how bad our founding fathers were.

    And BTW, I have a college degree myself. So I did all 4 years. So I know what I’m talking about…

    • Lot of truth in that but there is a difference between a degree in ‘Public studies’ and a Chemical Engineering degree. don’t throw out the baby with the bath water .


    Harvard wanks behaving more like those uncivilized yale men

  7. master of sinanju says:

    My pop once said, “College educated,common sense dumb.” And his favorite, “That person is so stupid, they couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel!” Don’t get me wrong, the old man was for higher education, but only if it had practical applications, sending my sis to school to be an accountant/clerking for one during the summer,one of my brothers to a technical school to learn to be a machinist/working at a machine shop in the summer. Where my old man probably would have blown a gasket would have been spending his hard earned cash for my siblings education in “ethnic studies” or “marionette manipulation” (puppetry) like the idiot teacher in N.Y. or N.J.?

  8. Mr. Grumpus says:

    I had way too much fun in college to show up for class. Having kinda poor parents and my own bills, the fun only lasted 3 semesters. Oh well. And besides, the ol’ wife has enough education for at least 3 people.


    Thurston Howwell III old alma matter isnt what it once was

  10. Snake Oiler says:

    All throughout that period, American liberals—Leftists—did what they could to ridicule efforts to rid the government of Communists, attacked those like Sen. Joseph McCarthy who spoke out against them, defended the likes of Fidel Castro who turned Cuba into a prison-state, and worked to “improve” U.S.-Soviet relations.

    A book I wish everyone would read, liberals and conservatives alike, “Dupes” by Paul Kengor, went into a second printing in January of this year (ISI Books, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Wilmington, DE). Kengor, a PhD, is a professor of political science at Grove City College. His book runs just over 600 pages, all thoroughly documented, and tells the history of the effort to impose communism on America and worldwide, dating back to the Bolshevik revolution in 1917.

    One of the characters in the book is Whittaker Chambers, a former Soviet spy who came to realize how evil Communism was and who revealed how the administrations of Roosevelt and Truman were shot through with spies and those cooperating with the Soviet Union, the most famous of whom was Alger Hiss, a high-ranking State Department official. Richard M. Nixon first came to public notice as a Senator from California who ran on an anti-Communist platform.

    “While Communists make full use of liberals and their solicitudes, and sometimes flatter them to their faces, in private,” wrote Chambers, “they treat them with that sneering contempt that the strong and predatory almost invariably feel for victims who volunteer to help in their own victimization.”

    Duped! Relentless Marxist Deception


  11. I do not mean to offend, am offering this only as facts, draw yr own conclusions.

    Who Controls the Ivy League?
    Brown University:
    Ruth J. Simmons(Black) – President
    David I. Kertzer(Jew) – Provost
    Thomas J. Tisch(Jew) – Chancellor, Brown Corporation
    Columbia University:
    Lee C. Bollinger(Jew) – President
    Claude M. Steele(Mulatto) – Provost
    William V. Campbell(White European) – Chairman, Board of Trustees
    Cornell University:
    David J. Skorton(Jew) – President
    W. Kent Fuchs(Jew) – Provost
    Peter C. Meinig(Jew) – Chairman, Board of Trustees
    Dartmouth College:
    Jim Yong Kim(Korean) – President
    Carol L. Folt(Jew) – Acting Provost
    Stephen F. Mandel Jr.(Jew) – Chairman, Board of Trustees
    Harvard University:
    Drew Gilpin Faust(Jew husband: Charles E. Rosenberg) – President
    Steven E. Hyman(Jew) – Provost
    Robert D. Reischauer(Jew) – Senior Fellow, Harvard Corporation
    Princeton University:
    Shirley M. Tilghman(Jew husband: Joseph Tilghman) – President
    Christopher L. Eisgruber(Jew) – Provost
    Stephen A. Oxman(Jew) – Chairman, Board of Trustees
    University of Pennsylvania:
    Amy Gutmann(Jew) – President
    Vincent Price(Jew) – Provost
    David L. Cohen(Jew) – Chairman, Board of Trustees
    Yale University:
    Richard C. Levin(Jew) – President
    Peter Salovey(Jew) – Provost
    Richard C. Levin(Jew) – Chairman, Yale Corporation
    Of the twenty-four(24) senior administrators of the Ivy League colleges and universities, twenty(20) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 83%. Jews are approximately 2% of the United States population. This means that Jews are over-represented among the senior administrators of the Ivy League colleges and universities by a factor of 41.5 times times, or 4,150 percent. This extreme numerical over-representation of Jews among the senior administrators of the Ivy League colleges and universities cannot be explained away as a coincidence or as the result of mere random chance.

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  13. I reno’d a house for a woman who had recently received her mba from harvard. Slid right into a well paying job, despite the fact that she is dumb as a stump! Sadly, I’m not exaggerating. She is really dumb. Amazing what a rich, connected, jewish lawyer can get for his kid! (no that’s not an antisemitic comment – everyone knows they stick together and help each other out)

  14. A Tarheel!…well don’t that figure? My most memorable ninth grade biology teacher Mr. Bushick, God rest his beautiful soul, told me to head for NC state and I’d never r
    egret it. Course I was always headed to Penn State and have never regretted that decision. I’ve always thought of NCState fondly lo these many years. Mr. Bushick was so cool. Thanks for jogging my memory AWD.

  15. I know…Wolfpack thank ya very much. Sorry Dude, I hear North Carolina and I think Tarheel. I always stop on Seminary Ridge at the North Carolina memorial and marvel. Wish Lee had listened to Longstreet.

    • Wes, I hear Chapel Hole and I think blue scumbelly Tar Holes! Damn them blue comm-a-nists! I still hate Dean Smith! A DemonRat!


  16. Snake Oiler says:

    Mitch McConnell vs. Ashley Judd? That’s pretty bad.

    McConnell readying for tough re-election fight

  17. Harvard is filled with left leaning jerkoffs with no clue as to how the real world operates. If our politicians are any example of how well these college whiz kids lead….its small wonder why we are f’ed.

  18. AWD has it figured. A few good guys come out of Harvard. Ted Cruz is a good example, also John LeBoutillier, conservative Congressman, elected at age 27 in 1980 in the Reagan landslide. Who can top that? The “experts” claimed it would be close in 1980 – remember? John is a nice fellow, too, (was born on May 26, same as MM), is very savvy, wrote the book Harvard Hates America. True! Ted Cruz is right. So was Joe McCarthy. New York’s voters were too stupid to reelect The Boot in 1982 but he does a fine job as a columnist ( or Conservatives at Harvard probably could convene in a phone booth. I’ve never understood the fascination with leftism. Prospective students must keep conservative beliefs hidden in admission interviews or face instant rejection. I visited Harvard on vacation several years back. Surprisingly, the people I saw there looked normal. Looks probably were deceiving.