A 6 month old baby girl was shot in Chicago Barackistan when gang thugs shot trying to kill her gang thug father. Sounds like somewhere needs more gun laws! Oh! Chicago already has the strongest (read: stupidest) gun laws in the country. It’s illegal to own a gun in the city of Chicago Barackistan. But gun laws have been very successful in Barackistan. They have kept law-abiding citizens unarmed and at the mercy of criminal gangs who kill people like Ted Kennedy killed fifths of vodka. Just like liberals like it!

I know this will shock many of you but the baby’s father, Jonathan Watkins, who survived the attack has been arrested 39 times! Yes, it’s shocking that there is a living thug in Barackistan who has only been arrested 39 times! That must set some kind of record! He must have been the valedictorian at his high school. But you can rest assured that someone in his family will tell the press “he a goot boy who never done nuffin’ wrong.” Yes, he’s a prince!

Watch this video:

Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

It’s so comforting to know the City Council is considering stricter gun laws in a city where it’s illegal to own guns! From now on, citizens from Barackistan will be barred from even thinking about guns. That should do it! Maybe they can ban grease guns from auto repair shops. Maybe Revrum Al should have a march to protest the shooting. Oh, that’s right! The gunman was black. Nevermind.

The alleged gunman is described as a “male.” Saying that the suspect is a black male, 15-30 years of age, wearing a hoodie sweatshirt with his pants hanging off his ass, involved in gang activities would be racist. And we can’t have that! So Barackistan Police are looking for a “male.” I’m sure he a goot boy too who ain’t ever done nuffin’ wrong.

President Barack Obama and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have a solution. They plan to take away the guns of law-abiding Americans nationwide to ensure those firearms don’t somehow end up in the hands of gang thugs in Barackistan. Can’t fail worse than Cash for Clunkers!

I’m sorry for the loss of life of the young child in Chicago. For her gang-banging father, it was only a matter of time. His mistake was procreating. I’m sure it wasn’t his first time. The question is how long will the law-abiding sitting ducks in Barackistan tolerate Rahm Emanuel’s idiotic gun laws? If you read the comments from readers of the news accounts of the child’s murder, you’ll see that people are tiring of the PC protections of “urban yoot” street terrorists running wild in the streets of inner cities. Everyone knows who’s behind all these murders and mayhem. Don’t expect the propaganda media outlet or politician to speak the truth!

AWD is going to put on my White Privilege bracelet and lament all the pain I have caused the inner-city black community by being a law-abiding, taxpaying cracka. Maybe I’ll paint my face to ease their pain.

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  1. This is a real sad story. I’m watching ‘Open Range’ right now. Great movie, I would have been much happier living in 1870’s America. I don’t much like the country the way it is these days. It’s a shame that baby got killed, but what am I going to do about it?

    They are Holders people, not mine.

    • Dave in Texas says:

      Amen to that. Where are Holder’s “people” at to protest this obvious racist problem in Chicago? By that I mean it’s all us white people’s fault the child was shot.

  2. Fence the frigging place off, give everyone a gun and box of ammo, let them go at it, and stick these two fair skinned SOBs in their too. Bet there would be a short burst of fire and then quiet.

  3. charles arthur says:

    Since you lost out on Popedom go be the Mayor of Barackistan clean that mess up Oh no you can’t cause then Al notsoSharpton would come march against you for locking up nice boys

  4. I love the way you put things in perspective …posted….;-)

  5. US is a mess… hillary wont get it in 2016…USA is sunk anyways.

  6. Cinnamon Girl says:

    This will not cease until something is done about the government-dependent losers living in Section 8 or other federally funded housing, AND until they are KEPT in jail rather than constantly set loose.

    But, eradicating Section 8 and keeping violent offenders in jail is just treating the symptoms. The main cause of violent crime of this kind is drugs (I’m not including small amounts of marijuana here). There needs to be a way to make drugs extraordinarily difficult to get into this country. Of course, that’s a laugh because it’s extremely easy to do so since our southern border is wide-the-hell open and I am convinced that there are powers making sure it stays that way because they’re getting a piece of it.

    Currently, I’m reading a book about an undercover ATF agent who says that in one city alone, back in the year 1997, there was $8,000,000 a week in cocaine trade going on. A WEEK. Money like that entices the weak and those are our very leaders.

    And sadly, drug abuse is growing due to the state of our nation. People are more depressed and hopeless than since the early 1930s. If they cannot get drugs, they’ll make them (methamphetamine) and if they cannot get prescriptions to abuse, they’ll pay out the nose for illegally obtained Oxycontin. Yet, our leaders clamp down on extra large sodas, table salt, and a guy with one joint in his pocket.

    Close the borders, north and south. Kick out ALL illegal aliens. Terminate drug mules, the big money, violent kind, with extreme prejudice. Stop pussy-footing around. Or, we’ll have to contend with more and more dead people, including the innocent, like this poor infant.

    • Mr. Grumpus says:

      CG, I can easily see why you feel the way you do. Folks are out of control. But I’m afraid that what you propose is exactly what this country has attempted since Nixon was in office. Anything that you ban or make hard to get becomes a commodity that the price rises accordingly to the difficulty to obtain. Simple supply and demand. The higher you get the prices to go, the more entrepreneurs will compete to bring you that commodity at a lower price and greater volume. I know it sounds scary, but I believe that deregulation is the only way to get a handle on the drug syndicates.

      • My two-point plan for saving urban America:

        1) Sterilize all welfare recipients. Depo-provera, Norplant, Vasectomy or Tubal Ligation mandatory before receiving any public benefits.

        2) Liquidate the gangs. Mandatory Death Penalty for any gang-related felony.

        Civilization must defend itself, or be parasitized and predated into ruin.

    • CG your are on the right track. Just ask yourself who is doing all the drugs? Working people cannot and hold a job for long. I feel the situation goes down like this. The government allows the drugs into the country. Working folks, many of whom must take a drug test to work, pay their taxes to the government. This money is then given to the moochers who in turn buy drugs with the money/card. The courts will not allow drug testing for those receiving welfare payments from the working folks.

      A huge criminal justice system is in place to create jobs for bureaucrats who make their living off the misery of the drug addled moochers.

      A food stamp/ EBT program was set up to make sure people and especially kids do not go hungry. Those receiving the benefit failed to feed their children, now the workers must provide school breakfast, lunch, and in some areas dinner.

      As a country we keep rewarding behavior that is detrimental to the country and its citizens; out of wedlock babies, welfare for able bodied people, government giveaways like free cell phones, coddling illeagel immigrants etc. We have thrown out Religion and embraced the socialist state. Where is the good news?

    • One country in the world got rid of their drug problem rather fast after they decided
      it had gotten too far out of control. They formed Drug Courts with special Drug Judges to oversee all drug violations. Anyone caught with, selling, using any illegal drug was sent to court. If found guilty they were sentenced to death the next day. Their drug problem dried up fast when the authorities strictly enforced the law. Streets became safe at all hours of the day and night. The court rarely heard any cases after a few weeks. Drugs went elsewhere. Police could be tried and executed for looking the other way also.

      • ya gotta be kidding! you’re actually advocating that HERE??
        come on, guy, now you’re getting close to the Drone mentality of Barack Assad Obama.
        we tried harsh measures during a failed experiment called Prohibition, remember? all it did was make criminals out of millions of decent Americans, give rise to the powerful organized crime syndicates, and drive booze underground.
        gee, sounds like what’s happened with the bullshit War on Drugs, which has wasted hundreds of Billions of $$$$$, soaked-up untold resources in LE manpower, and caused the US to be hated in poor countries where growing the stuff is a bare subsistance for alot of the populace. (can you say….Taliban)
        legalize it, THEN you can regulate it, tax it, and take the violent criminal element out.
        just make people responsible for their own actions. wanna get wasted? fine. just don’t do it and drive, etc.
        calling for more and more restrictions on freedoms is the LIBERAL mindset. that’s right, i’m saying making drugs legal is actually conservative think. consider that.

    • ok Girl. you are too politically incorrect for the libs to tolerate. when they open the “relocation centers,” You will be one of the first to “transition.” me too.(actually not, ’cause when the doorbell rings….SURPRISE!!


    Just wait for Chigago jerk mmayor to blame the 2nd AMENDMENT,GUN LOBBY,GUN MAKERS,TEA PARTY for all this horrible incedent since most liberals are oppertunists using this to push for GUN CONTROL the same way Bloomboogers did with SANDY HOOK which in my oppinion was a MANCHERIANT CANADATE incedent becuase remember ERIC HOLDER has said they have to make americans give up their gun rights

  8. Hmmm, I’m not hearing the Southern Poverty Law Center speak out on the “urban terrorist” (aka as gang bangers) and the threats they pose??? I’m sure they’ve monitored this site. Mark Potok has labeled AWD “extremist” by now, I’m sure. Hundreds of murders are committed in Barrackistan each year by these urban terrorist, but he seems to be worried about “a new Timothy McVeigh”

  9. I am SO f’ing glad I left that shithole a long time ago! I cant imagine what a savage war zone it has become with all the knuckle dragging bangers shooting up the streets with all those illegal guns. Of course in the liberal mecca called Shitcago, guns are banned so these shootings are obviously imaginary as its impossible for it to happen in a place where no guns exist…Liberalism is mental retardation prevalent in idiots who support the jackass party.

  10. bluffcreek1967 says:

    This is the sort of thing that happens when the black undertow dominates any community. When are blacks going to take responsibility for their own kind and demand an end to this sort of thing in black dominated cities?

    If whites were doing this level of violence and crime to others, we would be ashamed and there would be a national cry for us to change our ways – and rightfully so! When will our nation demand that blacks collectively apologize and make amends for all the havoc and grief they have brought to every city they dwell in? Of course I know it will never happen, but it shows you the differences between what is expected of whites and what is tolerated from blacks.

    “When are blacks going to apologize to America?”

    • They ain’t. They don’t even realized how the MSM has used and manipulated them. The MSM is a very sophisticated KKK and uses Blacks to placate their Liberal Masters.
      See my post @


    CHICAGO the WINDY CITY run by the DEMACRATIC WINDBAGS and derived from the indian word meaning BAD SMELL,SKUNK,STINK, and still as corupt as it was in AL CAPONES days

    • Its far worse than the Capone era. At least Capone only killed off fellow gangsters and other criminals. You seldom if ever heard of innocent bystanders getting caught in a crossfire between these guys back then. They simply walked up to their victim and shot them in the head point blank. Today, the bangers just spray 9mm out of a moving car window because they dont have the balls to look their victim in the eye. Most of these black thugs by themselves are sniveling cowards but they feel tough when in a gang. Gang scumbags are people with little to no self esteem who need others to tell them what to do like some mindless robot.

  12. Jumpin Joe says:

    Holder the jack boot and the rest of the limp-wristed jack assess are clamoring for more laws and prohibitions on people. This deprived goot boy has only been arrested 39 times. Call me a non caring racist, but if current laws were enforced and criminals no matter their skin color were locked up, we would not need any more laws. Only thing is, the race baiters and socialists would not be able to keep the low information voters stirred up, hating whitey.

    • You nailed it Joe. Our system has become so sickeningly PC that you cant even say the n word without being charged with a hate crime nowadays…yet the savages run wild and do as they please and the system keeps giving them chance after chance. This douche bag should have been in prison, not on the streets breeding more welfare babies. How does one get 39 arrests and manage to stay out of prison anyway???? Three guesses and the first two dont count…skin color.

  13. Cinnamon Girl says:

    To reply to those who pointed out things regarding my original post, I agree to a large degree. Actually, I’d like to see all drugs deregulated but the outcry from even a proposal of doing that would ensure it wouldn’t happen.

    I wanted to post this although it is happening in NY. Three days of violent protest over one person shot by police. I think we should riot every time a truly innocent policeman or civilian is shot by their kind. Yeahhh, right. We’re too busy working and paying taxes and obeying the law.

    • bluffcreek1967 says:

      CG, I hear what you’re saying. I’m not convinced yet that deregulation or legalization of all drugs will be a good thing for our nation – although I struggle with this one because I’m a firm believer in individual freedom, etc. I think if all drugs were legalized, we would see an even greater epidemic of narcotics addiction. But more than that, what kind of babies/children are we going to see in a generation or two when we’re left with all sorts of chemically-dependent, psychotic or deeply disturbed children because their internal chemical balance has been rewired?

      Do we really think that legalization isn’t going to have long-term effects on our kids? And what kind of citizens are we going to produce? If practically everyone is addicted in some form – and you know Americans can’t already stop shoving pills down their throats in order to cope with every little problem – what are going to be the medical costs when so many of them need treatment? Can you imagine the even more enormous costs that Americans will have to pay?

      I think the drug epidemic of our nation is one the tell-tale signs of our impending doom. NO nation can remain strong and vigilant if practically everyone is doped up in some form – and we’ve already reached that point.

      Just some food for thought.

    • Your right cinnamon, these scumbags have plenty of time to protest and make noise since none of them work for a living. Plus, in the minds of black militants, anytime they riot or whine they know the liberal left will cave in to their “demands” to placate them and keep them voting for the jackass party.


    Glorified cop killer and hollywood icon ABDUL JIMMAL and liberal icon LEONARD PELTER and now CHRIS DONIER who will these mindless little twerps be worshipping next besides CHE GUEREVA

  15. Last night the doctor that help treat the kid said the bullit went in the shoulder traveld down through the groin area and the spent bulllit was found in the diaper. How could this happen if the kid was laying down in the van seat. Is this possible?? Was it more likly he was holding the kid up in front of him??

    • Its not uncommon for bullets to ricochet off bones it strikes when it enters the body. Keep in mind that not only does a bullet travel at very high velocity, its spinning at thousands of rpms. Once it enters soft tissue the “english” of the spinning bullet can make it do all sorts of bad things inside. Especially 9mm the round of choice among gang banging scum. A .22 is also notorious for this when you shoot small game with one. Whats really sad is what kind of mindset does it take to shoot at someone holding an infant to begin with? Dont these douchebags have any shame?


    Life in prison without parole and no movie deals from SPIKE LEE

  17. AWD, I think 2 of the 3 graphics above ‘work’ and should be a page
    ‘black arrested 39x, kills infant’
    and ‘White Guilt’…just those images and an yr page1

    what ya say?

  18. Snake Oiler says:

    Twisted is right. Further evidence of a complete societal implosion.;non_us=CA

  19. Hmmm…I can recall a time – roughly 3 months ago, when a WHITE MAN walked into a school and killed 20 innocent children. “YOU PEOPLE” (whites) have committed some of the most heinous, vile, and sadistic crimes in the history of the human race. This site is pure comedy, the ignorant leading the ignorant. God bless you all.

    • Well Homie, your kind commits so many murders per day nationwide…I would keep my trap shut if I were you. For every white nutcase who walks into a school and shoots it up….tens of thousands of blacks are killing and shooting each other every day across the country. Pot meet kettle……

    • Oh Please….inner city black gangs kill that many in just one weekend in Chicago alone. I’m afraid you’re pure comedy…and God bless you.

    • But it is all right for a filthy black slug to shoot a white baby in the face. Wake up blacks and stop your thugs because we are tired of you acting like animals and there will be a reckoning.


    DC_202 you sound like one of those BLACK PANTHER extremists and their a domestic terrorist group that ERIC HOLDER has protected illegaly

  21. the kid was used as a shield.

  22. y’all quit mouthing-off and listen. here’s what we do: take all the flotscum & jetscum in the country(you know who i mean) and ship them all to the Land of Liberals-California. then, with a few well-placed tactical nucleur devices buried along the San Andreas fault line, we shear this now fully-occupied den of offal off the continent.
    give it a few days to drift across the Pacific, then call that fat little dork, Kim Jong Un, and tell him the US is finally coming for them. they nuke the place and take care of the offal, then in response to the north koreans unprovoked attack on our former soil, we unleash a few dozen 1-meg thermo’s on their ass.
    and you wonder why they call me “genius.”

    • Thats a fantastic plan! When do we start?

      • soon, my friend, soon.
        first we’ll need funding. i have a plan for that too!
        we, the People, levy a tax on every member of Congress that either comes up with a stupid proposal or supports one.
        that’ll fetch about 30% of needed monies.
        next, we tax every limp-dick liberal that DOESN’T own a gun; that’s another 60%.
        finally, a special tax on Barack Assad Obama and his zombie cabinet members- 10%. Done!
        …and you wonder why they call me “genius”!

  23. Snake Oiler says:

    The KKKrazy Glue That Holds the Obama Coalition Together

    To service this Hunger for Hate, the prestige press assiduously generates the Democratic Party’s KKKrazy Glue by whipping up fear and loathing over hate crimes, even when they didn’t technically happen.

    Last week we were solemnly informed of a one-man KKK rally at Oberlin College. (Apparently it was a lady in a blanket.)

    Then the top story on last Friday evening was the “mysterious” murder back on February 26th of Marco McMillian. He was a black gay candidate for mayor of Clarksdale in Mississippi, a state with a “dark history of racial brutality,” as the Post helpfully reminded.

    A hate crime, right? It’s Mississippi, so what else do you need to know? Clearly, a gang of homophobic redneck Christians had hunted down with their AR-15s the gay black activist bravely challenging Clarksdale’s white power structure. No doubt, County Sheriff Bull Connor III then covered it up, which must be why it’s still big news in the Washington Post a week and a half later.

    Thus, a recent Google News search found 1,750 hits for “Marco McMillian” and “hate crime.”

    Except for…well, except for everything.

    First, the sheriff of Coahoma County, Charles Jones, is black.

    And McMillian was running against a local black political dynasty. Clarksdale has had a black mayor for 20 of the last 24 years, Henry Espy. You might vaguely recognize the Espy name because Henry is the brother of Mike Espy, who was Bill Clinton’s first Secretary of Agriculture. One favorite in the race is the mayor’s son Chuck, who just resigned from the Mississippi legislature to run.

  24. Snake Oiler says:

    Speaking of Chicago, here’s your feel-good story for the day…

    9-year-old charged in McDonald’s armed robbery also arrested in carjacking

    A 9-year-old boy arrested and charged with armed robbery at a McDonald’s last month was one of four people arrested Thursday night in connection with a carjacking.

    Police said charges were denied against the 9-year-old, who was arrested for breaking out the window of a business in January in addition to the armed robbery last month. The 9-year-old was released into the custody of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, police said.

    He was in the car with two 15-year-olds and a 14-year-olds Thursday night, when the four were arrested in a carjacking that began about 9:30 p.m. in the 11000 block of Avenue D in the East Side neighborhood on the Southeast Side, police said.

    • But he is such a goot boy! He be’s a goot boy and he listens to his mama! He didn do it! Its whiteys fault fo puttin da po blacks peoples down! Dose damn cracka’s always be putting me down!