Jeb Bush had some words to say during an interview today, including the possibilty of him running for president come 2016! I don’t know about all of you…but enough is enough with the Bush clan at this time in our nation, I’ve had my fill already…please, give us a break and go the heck away! I know some of you may feel differently about this issue…if so, please feel free to express yourselves too, the more the merrier!

This report is via The Hill:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) said Monday he would consider running for president in 2016.

Speaking on NBC’s “The Today Show,” Bush was asked directly if he could rule out a bid in the next cycle.

“I won’t [rule it out] but I’m not going to declare today either,” Bush said.

“That’s way off into the future,” Bush added. “I have a voice and I want to share my beliefs about how the conservative movement and the Republican Party can regain its footing, because we’ve lost our way.”

Bush did not actively consider running in 2012, eventually endorsing GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

Bush weighed in on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) recent snub by a high-profile conservative conference. Christie, the most popular Republican in the country, according to polls, didn’t get invited to this month’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) because he criticized GOP leaders for inaction on a bill funding Hurricane Sandy relief.

“I’m a little surprised, but on the one hand he did get invited the year before and he’ll get invited next year when he gets reelected for sure,” Bush said. “I think there was some disappointment in how Gov. Christie dealt with the budget issues related to Sandy, trying to advocate his position, I can understand that.”

Bush said it had nothing to do with Christie embracing Obama as the president visited hurricane-ravaged parts of his state in the late stages of the 2012 election.

“I don’t think so, but I think the issue of castigating the House particularly for not going along with a $60 billion spending bill that had very little to do with Sandy recovery. And when it got down to funding Sandy House Republicans went along with that.”

Bush will be speaking at the conservative conference, where he will be joined by other prominent conservatives, including many top presidential aspirants. Among those speaking are Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R).

“Look, I love Christie,” Bush continued. “I think Gov. Christie is a part of the future of the Republican Party for sure.”

Here’s a bit more of what Jeb had to say:


Former Florida governor Jeb Bush (R) said Monday that revenue increases could be a part of a budget deal with President Obama, provided the president is willing to do big things to get the deficit under control.

During an appearance on NBC’s “The Today Show,” Bush said it’s not the time to talk about increasing taxes after what he called the biggest tax hike in American history two months ago following the fiscal cliff deal. But he also wouldn’t rule out the idea that revenues could be part of a package — something Republicans in Congress have said is off the table.

“There may be (room for revenue) if the president is sincere about dealing with our structural problems,” Bush said.

Bush, though, criticized the president for his conduct in the final days of the sequester debate, saying he “oversold” the negative consequences of the sequester.

“There was a lot of crying wolf,” Bush said. “The president kind of led the charge to say that widows and orphans were going to be out on the street. So when it didn’t happen, he actually himself had to step back on Friday to say it wasn’t going to happen that way.”

One things for sure…the Tea Party nation isn’t going to support another Bush either, then again…I could be wrong!

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. No HEL NO!!! No friggin way,

  2. Blistered says:

    I have had enough of this type of Bush!

    Blistere, out

  3. bluffcreek1967 says:

    I’m fed up with the Republicans – and especially the RINO Bush family! If he runs in 2016, I will do my best to oppose him and vote for a third-party conservative. It doesn’t matter to me anymore about voting for ‘the lesser of two evils’ RINO. I did that with Mittens and others during the last election, but no longer. It got us no where. I no longer think America can be ‘saved.’ Our nation is in its final death throes. So, if I’m going to vote, it’s going to be for the true conservative who adheres to the Constitution and not for some fool-grinning RINO who wants to be liked by the Left while America crumbles from within.

  4. This is why I think open borders Republican types are pushing Rubio so early. Because they really want Jeb Bush. Ergo, make Rubio “damaged goods” by 2016 so that Jeb Bush, the more “polished” two term Governor, will be there to “save the day.” In spite of what is now his politically charged last name.

    • Heck…for all we know the repub big-wigs may be picturing a Bush/Rubio ticket. – Nothing would surprise me!

  5. Jeb Who?

  6. Famous words of Jessie Jackson, Stay out da Bushes.

  7. aceydoozy says:

    Hang it up, Jeb, gtf out of our lives.

  8. Related snooze:

    He must think we’re stupid.

    Even though he’s technically right, because “path to citizenship” has been a red herring all along. As long as whatever big immigration bill passes (if any) grants work permits, that’s basically ballgame. Hell, the formal bill really doesn’t have to have to bake in refusal to deport, because “deportation” doesn’t really mean anything anyway. It doesn’t need to permit voting and welfare collection as such, because many “progressive” jurisdictions already look the other way and give illegal aliens voting and welfare “rights.”

    The work permits are the amnesty.

  9. We need another Bush in office like I need an asshole on my forehead.

  10. Jumpin Joe says:

    Two things can save this country divine intervenion or citizen uprising.

  11. Stick a fork in Bush. At this point the only person of interest for me is Scott Walker… what say you???

    • I like him Paul…sure hope he doesn’t change much. ~ Anymore, I always worry about that when it comes to congress-critters that have been in power for a bit. – Time will tell.

  12. Then there’s this…

    He’s delusional as far as I’m concerned.