The old guard wussypants RINOs of the Party of Stupid are making a valiant stand against the newcomers in the Senate who dare step out of line with all that crazy talk about what’s constitutional or not! Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and a few others must be destroyed! Don’t these young teabagger punks know that Senator John McCain and his mistress Lindsey “Fredo” Graham will tell them what’s constitutional? Don’t they care about being invited over to the cocktail party at the Pelosi’s? And how dare they take any of the TV time Graham and McCain have sold out the core beliefs of their party over the years to gain? No, this “what’s Constitutional” crap cannot stand! This is war! How dare those teabagging bastids embarrass us in front of our “good friends on the other side of the aisle!!” This is not how Washington works!

Let AWD tell you how Washington works. Or rather, doesn’t work. The Democrats and the wussypants RINO Republicans have a love/hate relationship. The wussypants RINO Republicans love the Democrats and the Democrats hate the Republicans. No where is this more evident than in John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Could you picture DB Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi dining with Bush if a Dim Senator was holding a concurrent filibuster? I rest my case. Dims do everything in their power to achieve their goals. Republicans do everything in their power to help them.

Rand Paul’s heroic filibuster this week did not sit well with the ancient relics of wussitude in the GOP. All Paul wanted was an answer from the White House on whether the President believes he can kill American citizens on US soil with drones? Pretty simple question. But it took a 13 hour filibuster to get an answer from the “most transparent administration in history.”

While Constitution-loving statesmen used a legal filibuster to get an answer from the White House, ten worthless, turncoat RINOs dined with Obama (at taxpayer expense, of course). This mocked the legitimate efforts of Senator Paul and the others involved in the filibuster and insulted the American people. The next day, McCain and Fredo Graham openly attacked from the floor of the Senate. Don’t think Obama’s fingerprints weren’t all over this!

What a smug, arrogant piece of sh*t! He defends Jane Fonda’s disgusting, traitorous actions in Viet Nam as constitutional yet ridicules and criticizes the same of a US Senator seeking clarification on the constitutionality of the government killing Americans with drones on US soil!

McCain drooled:

“Somehow to allege that the United States of America – our government – will drop a drone hellfire missile on Jane Fonda, that that brings the conversation from a serious discussion about U.S. policy to the realm of the ridiculous.”

Really, Senator McCain? Is it that far-fetched these days? Why would anyone trust government, especially with people like you in it? When a “senior statesman” (lol) calls US Senators in your party “whacko birds” on a leftist website? Did you not sponsor an amnesty bill with dirtbag Ted Kennedy that would give citizenship to tens of millions of illegal aliens who broke our laws entering the country? Did you not commit to “complete the dang fence” on the border during your most recent campaign? Have you done one damn thing to “complete the dang fence?” Hell no! Now you’re back to calling for amnesty!

Why would anyone who loves Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties trust the government we have today to not use a drone to kill Americans? In fact, the only American killed with a drone was, in fact, invited to hold prayers at the Capitol building! With a new Secretary of State who is an American traitor (your good friend) and a CIA Director who is a Muslim who took the oath of office on a Constitution minus the Bill of Rights? A government who has willfully ignored immigration laws? Put us $16 trillion in debt? At present, is actively trying to disarm the American people? Last week invited a Muslim woman from Egypt, Samira Ibrahim, for a Humanitarian Award who actively cheered the murders of American citizens on 9/11? A government that won’t waterboard terrorists that kill Americans but wants to give the President to unilaterally decide if an American will be vaporized by a Hellfire missile from a drone? Forgive me, Senator, if I tell you to go to Hell! What is ridiculous is the outrage from you and your ilk over a few Senators exercising their rights to seek clarity from a president who has shown every intention of destroying the Constitution.

Fredo Graham’s quote shows the petulant little man he is:

“I was going to vote against Brennan until the filibuster. So he picked up one vote! It’s become a referendum on the drone program.”

So in pouting over Rand Paul’s filibuster, Graham changed his vote over Brennan? He was against Brennan but changed his mind because of something a fellow Senator did? People of South Carolina, are you stupid enough to return Graham to Washington for another six years? This is so disgusting, I can’t find the words to describe my opinion of Graham. People of South Carolina, I hope you’re not as stupid as the people of Arizona. Is Fredo the best you can do? I strongly encourage you to do yourself and the people of America a huge favor and send Lindsey “Fredo” Graham to the bath house of history.

There is a war in the GOP. And there needs to be. The wussypants RINO elites running the Republican Party despise the Tea Party fiscal and constitutional conservatives in America. We saw the purge of Tea Party supported leaders from committee positions in the House under the hand of the deceitful wussypants RINO Speaker John “Boo Hoo” Boehner. Karl Rove, the architect of Republican disaster, has big RINO money to permanently keep the worthless asses of RINOs cemented in their seats in Washington. The RINO elite must be destroyed if America has any chance to survive. Someone has to have the balls to fight the tyrannists in the Democrat Party, not have dinner with them.

Who the hell do McCain and Graham think they are? Every Senator has the right to do what they have the right to do. Paul’s vote counts just as much as McCain’s.

Here’s Rand Paul discussing the filibuster and the criticism he received from the wussypants RINOs:

As for votes, AWD will never, ever vote again for a RINO Republican. If Jeb Bush is the Republican nominee in 2016, he will not receive my vote. These statist Republican tools do just as much damage as the statist Democrats, only a bit slower. Do not give money to the Republican Party. Support candidates who have the balls to do the right thing once in office. Ted Cruz is a perfect example. His opponent was the pick of the wussypants RINO elite in Washington. And the Tea Party in Texas kicked their ass! And Ted Cruz is a super-stud kicking the asses of the RINO elite and Democrat statists in Washington!

Conservatives in America rejoiced at the guts and determination of those who actively participated in the filibuster this week. Not those, like turtle-head RINO Mitch McConnell, who showed up in the last inning once word got out Twitter was on fire with support. Among conservatives, McPain and Fredo are somewhere in popularity between food poisoning and french-kissing Whoopi Goldberg. Make them hurt!

Teach a young child to hate wussypants RINOs like John McCain and Lindsey “Fredo” Graham! McCain and Graham are the King and Queen of the Party of Stupid! Let them eat sh*t!

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  1. Drone strikes on US citizens on US soil is not out of the realm of possibilities. Oh that’s right, McCain just went to dinner with Obama and his crew. I wonder if McCain and Pickle Puffer Graham got to sit at the adult table, or were they made to sit at the kids table?

    Back stabbing c***suckers. These two are not RINO’S, they are Democrats of the far left variety. Progtards of the first order.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      PP Graham was probably in action under the table.


      Damn! – that’s perfect. Thanks for reminding me.

      A few of your buddies they sure look shady
      Blades are long, clenched tight in their fist
      Aimin’ straight at your back
      And I don’t think they’ll miss

    • aceydoozy says:

      McCain,Pansy Graham,and ilk(Bobbsy twins from Maine, etal)are complicit enablers to the democrats, they are moles, that’s been the problem with the GOP for decades now, too many ‘rats claiming that they are Conservatives. The GOP has been and will continue to be worthless until it’s purged of this scum.



  3. Here’s the complete list of Repukes who voted for Brennan’s confirmation. My Senators Alexander and Corker (TN) are RINO’s Deluxe. I am SO done with both of them. Disgraceful.


    • Regarding Tennessee Lamar : Remember the Steve Forbes 17 percent flat tax option? You could file under that or the present monstrous system – your choice. Remember – it was optional. You couldn’t lose. The first $36,000 was tax exempt and the Forbes numbers worked. It was a great plan. He also had partially privatized Social Security if you wanted it. Lamar Alexander showed what he was (jealous, unimaginative) when he called the great Forbes plan “a goofy idea.” I figured he was a loser then. Plaid shirt-clad Lamar trudging through the New Hampshire snow was then a Forbes competitor for the presidential nomination. I tend to remember these petty attacks when I think what a benefit the flat tax is everywhere it is used. The economy would likely be fine and growing now with a decent pres and the flat tax. We could have it today. Think about it when you file this year. Tax preparation companies hated tax simplification, of course. So did clueless establishment Repubs like Lamar. Yes, I voted for Forbes in the ’96 and 2000 primaries – far better than Dole and GWB. In primaries you usually have good choices.

    • I see every ones hero Rubio is on that list.

  4. Rand Paul 1 Grahamnesty McPain 0 Two has beens need to go. Paul/Cruz 2016

  5. Jumpin Joe says:

    Maybe they should follow the lead of Spector the defector and make it official.

  6. “Rump Ranger” Graham..must be tight with “Bath house Barry.. when Reggie Love is out of town.

  7. Will these two just…please…go away!

    Clueless, both of them, or in the tank as you say. It seems to me that Rand Paul’s action resonated with many people and across party lines. I don’t think your adverage liberal wants to be obliterated by a drone while walking down the street on the way to peruse the NYT at his/her sustainable coffee shop either.

  8. Can you just imagine the LAPD with drone capability during the search for Christopher Dorner?

    • There would have been an awful lot of blue Nissan pick-ups blown away.

      • “There would have been an awful lot of pick-ups blown away.” There fixed that for ya gemalo 😉

        There woulda been red, green. white and black ford, toyotas, chevys etc etc etc. LAPD’s motto on that manhunt was shoot first check if it was even a truck after.

  9. http://sultanknish.blogspot.co.....-from.html
    From Al Qaeda, interesting article about CONSERVATISM.

  10. America First says:

    AWD-I have no idea what you do or what means you have but I do know that based upon your word you had an audience with rino douche gingrich at some point if memory serves.I do knowthat it is time to ridicule these rinos into the ground. Think about this. ..Lindsay Graham cuts the ribbon at a supermarket or new Popeyes or dome other crap and our guys are there chanting “TAMPON TAMPON TAMPON” or something just as ridiculous.Same goes fot the poor product of good stock John “Songbird” McCain. I think with the right call to battle you coul

  11. America First says:

    D easily help this to fruition. EVERYWHERE THEY GO OUR GUYS GREET AND HECKLE THEM ANY TIME THEY ARE ON LIVE CAMERA.Assuming you read tgis thans for the existence of this site.I’m usuallu already in the loop on the stories you feature but enjoy the spin you and bigtimer (yes some of your readers realize you’re two different people unlike countless comnenters seem to thanks.

  12. America First says:

    D easily help this to fruition. EVERYWHERE THEY GO OUR GUYS GREET AND HECKLE THEM ANY TIME THEY ARE ON LIVE CAMERA.Assuming you read tgis thans for the existence of this site.I’m usuallu already in the loop on the stories you feature but enjoy the spin you and bigtimer (yes some of your readers realize you’re two different people unlike countless comnenters seem to think) bring to them and most of all I enjoy the comments of your readers.

  13. captainmike says:

    As a native South Carolinian, I would just lik to say that I m sorry that we do have aa many low information voters as most other states. I think Graham’s support comes mainly from the upstate Bible Belt because of his presumed anti abortion stance (easy for him) and the more liberal wing of the R party along the coast.

    Note to all. Both Graham and McCain first won election in an open seat. It seems that that is the way most RINOS get elected in the first place. In an open seat situation all they have to do is put the R by their name and figure out which lies will resonate best with the local demographics. Once in, they suck up to the “party” to make sure they get the support down the road and it is thus very difficult to get them out.

    Here in SC, there are unfortunately very few good candidates with the financial wherewithall and organization who could effectively challenge Graham. The only one who might be able to pull it off is Trey Gowdy, whom I would vote for in a nannosecond.

    We are currently holding primaries to fill Tim Scott’s seat and there are at least a dozen candidates in the running, at least half of which appear to be RINOS. One of them is Teddy Turner, son of none other than Ted Turner, and you can’t tell me that the apple has fallen far from the tree and expect me to believe it.

    Open seat = invitation for RINO.

    • Interesting that you mention Teddy Turner. When I heard he is running, my thoughts were similar to yours and I’ll bet we are correct; but, if you look at his campaign site, he’s saying many of the right things. Ultimately, though, he will prove to be a lying SOS, seen it with the GOP too many times.

  14. a statement from AZ…

    we sent Washington an American hero and Washington turned him into an American traitor…

    We cant seem to find enough patriots here in az to unelect that s o b McCain.



  16. Well you’ve got to say this about the dems, they don’t turn on each other like the repubs do. I was a longtime admirer of McCain, Naval Aviator, POW, Statesman, etc., but like poster Dr. Bob said -sent a war hero to Washington, and they sent back a traitor. My world is turned upside down. All of my traditional American,Christian values have been usurped by whatever force of evil is currently out there trying to destroy freedom. (Muslims? Mafia? Commies? Third Worlders? Feminists? Negroes?)

  17. Miles,
    At some point the AWD community will have to confront the deeper differences between the neocon right and the Buchanan/Paul anti-war right. Do we support having combat troops in dozens of countries, an unlimited number of carrier battle groups, the $500B F-35 joke fighter, and a War On Terror that allows the president to compile a world-wide “kill list” every day at breakfast?
    I hate to say it but Rupert Murdoch and his Media Empire are huge supports of the neocons, and that includes Bret Baer and his entire “panel”. (Hannity is too dumb to know that there’s an issue here.) It is only a matter of time until Murdoch and his FNC do a number on Senator Paul, just as they did to his father. When I look today at the right-wing media, all I can see are neocons and their useful idiots. That certainly applies to National Review, Rush Limbaugh, the Weekly Standard and many websites. There isn’t much out there on the side of smaller government, a more normal foreign policy, fewer wars against stone-aged goatherds, and an end to Pentagon boondoggles.

  18. Juan McPain and Gramnesty are nothing more than tool-bags for Obongo……..these two assholes know they are has-beens but want to try and stay in the limelight………both of these tool-bags dance to the tune of Obongo………


  19. McCain and the other old RINOs do not want to rock the boat. Any new guy who starts to talk about constitution and obama excesses simply highlights the stupidity and cowardly votes of these RINOs in the past. God forbid someone starts to force RINOs to choose sides publicly or actually make them read bills and compare them to the constitution. We need to elect more people from the TEA party and more people like Rand and others. Democrats have turned this country into a giant tenement and RINOs still suck-up to them. I am beginning to wonder about McCain in his war-prisoner years. I’ll bet that POS talked from the very beginning and they broke his arms to get him to stop hugging the nearest North Vietnamese guard he could find. He is a coward when it comes to politics.

  20. this is a test on new email address.

  21. I used to admire McCain until he started kissing wayyyyy too much democrat ass. I have no use for a sell out traitor.

  22. Fed Up Texan says:

    Do not be surprised that mcpain is a RINO. Most of the academy graduate pilots I flew with (I am enlisted) were moderate to mild leftists. It is required in the military acadamy to be a lefty..that is, if you want to graduate.