Ladies, how many times have you been walking along only to find yourself being raped or shot?  We all know how inconvenient that can be! And how many times have you wished you were in a Gun Free Zone when some right-wing extremist clinging to his guns and religion comes along with his fully-semi automatic assault rifle with a semi-automatic, high-capacity clip blasting away at you? And when being raped, how many times have you wished you had a proven, Democrat-approved method to discourage your attacker? These common inconveniences can ruin your day!

Now there’s a way to avoid these bothersome rapists and gunmen! PC Products has the answer! It’s the Instant Personal Rape and Gun Free Zone! Never again will you be in the middle of being raped wishing you had some vomit, urine or poop to discourage your attacker only to find you had just gone to the bathroom and were on an empty stomach! And with the Instant Personal Rape and Gun Free Zone, no right-wing, armed teabaggers will dare to enter your personal space to do you harm!

Just put on the Instant Personal Rape and Gun Free Zone hat with included accessories and you’ll never have to worry about being attacked again! Each Rape Free Zone kit includes:

  • 1 Rape and Gun Free Zone hat in the stylish colors of President Obama’s campaign logo!
  • 1 gallon of authentic vomit from the Mexican village of Jalisco (long known as the highest-quality chunky vomit in the world)!
  • 2 pints of high-amonia content urine from the only the finest Kentucky race horses!
  • 2 five pound packages of our patented “Michael Moore Quality Poop®!  Poop types include both “Food-Poisoning Diarreah” and “Post-Mexican dinner” authentic poop!

Plus, PC Products has enhanced our authentic vomit, urine, and poop recipes with special patented “anti-erection scents™” that will sap the desire from the horniest of rapists!  The Michael Moore-quality poop alone will generally ward off even the most determined rapists!  Combined with the Jalisco chunky vomit and the Kentucky Race Horse urine, you’ll feel free to walk even the streets of Detroit!  So just throw away those old, worthless rape whistles and walk proudly to your next SlutWalk and march with your womyn sisters with pride and safety!

But wait! There’s more! Each Instant Personal Gun Free Zone kit includes:

  • Our patented Anti-Bullet Force Field© bullet stopper that is guaranteed to stop any bullet up to .50 caliber!  Chicago-proven!
  • A flashing light certified by the Brady Foundation that will immediately identify yourself as a Gun Free Zone!  The gunman will immediately recognize he is not allowed to enter your personal gun-free zone and will turn in his firearm at the nearest local gun buy-back program!

Why does PC Products do all this?  Because we care!  But wait, there’s more!

If you order now, we’ll also include a Code Pink-approved Vagina Outfit!  That’s right!  Any potential rapist will immediately identify you as a unwashed, smelly female with unshaven legs and underarms member of Code Pink not worth his time!  Here’s an actual photo of a known sexual deviant recoiling from the Code Pink-approved vagina outfit:

All Instant Personal Rape and Gun Free Zone kits with certified Code Pink-approved Vagina Outfits are approved by the Democrat National Committee! And a portion of each sale will go to the “Hugo Chavez World-Leader Humanitarian Foundation!” So ladies, what are you waiting for! Each kit is only $99.99! Just call 1-800-INSTANT PERSONAL RAPE AND GUN FREE ZONE now! Our operators are standing. Bye!

* Optional Rosie O’Donnell, Hillary Clinton, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Whoopi Goldberg horror masks not included.

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  1. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    Brilliant! Sign me up for three!

  2. HILARIOUS…ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS! – I can’t stop laughing…can’t help it.

  3. Got one in Transgender?

  4. victoria in san diego says:

    and these are ideal for those nights when “i have a headache honey”
    doesn’t cut it…

  5. Joe Stalin says:

    All she needs is a slashed out handgun T-shirt with the caption:

    Bloomberg Safety Approved – No Guns Onboard

  6. That deviant looks familiar.

  7. Mary Jane Anklestraps says:

    Ew! lolol!
    You have to have a strong neck for all that stuff.

    *sigh* Now I want Mexican food.

    • Mary Jane, I can’t wait to see you in that Code Pink getup!


      • Snake Oiler says:

        Here’s ‘the indefatigable, brilliant, and charming’ Medea Benjamin’s take on it…

        But whether by design or by coincidence, the President had chosen to spend this very same day swinging at little balls in the warm Floridian sun—with an oil man.

        Obama and Tiger Woods were joined on the golf course by a very wealthy fellow named Jim Crane. We all know who Tiger Woods is, but who is Jim Crane? The Texas businessman who hosted the president at his exclusive golf resort is owner of the major league baseball team Houston Astros. But Crane is also mucked up with the very “Big Oil” the activists were railing against. His extensive business deals include a partnership in Western Gas Holdings, a company engaged in gathering, processing, compressing and transporting natural gas and crude oil for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, one of the world’s largest publicly traded oil and gas exploration and production companies.

        And let’s not forget that golfing itself is one of the most environmentally destructive sports around. Golf courses suck up a huge amount of water, pesticides and fertilizers. They destroy wetlands, introduce non-native grasses, impede corridors for migrating animals and damage sanctuaries for birds and other wildlife.

        So while President Obama was relaxing with one of the nation’s elite who makes millions from destroying the planet, activists—most of whom voted for Obama—were circling the empty White House with their pleas to stand up to the fossil fuel industry.

        At one point, a small group of ralliers stood in front of the White House fence and chanted, “Hey Obama get off the golf course, hey Obama get on the right course.”

        Very Scary. Code Pink – more like Code Stink. Or Code Skank.

        It’s Curly from The Three Stooges!

        jjojjorge 1 month ago

        Both Garth Brooks and Paul do a good job with the piece, but Peter retains the intended melody or so I believe.





    Whens the SPACE GHOST type forcefeild?

  11. If women don’t want to be raped they should stay away from all KFC and Popeye’s franchises.

  12. Dude,

    this is SO SICK,

    Sundance film festival showed a film called ‘After Tiller’
    and 1000 applauded.

    films about 4 [cough] doctors…one of whom just killed a ny woman and baby in new mexico.


    Looks as rediculous as those silly pyramid shaped hats that people were wearing back in the 80s to boost their brain power Only proved their suckers for any idiotic little bit of new age mystic poppycock

  14. Snake Oiler says:

    ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ Hits Yearly Low in 25-54 Demographic

    Feel good story for the day!

    Piers Morgan – he who talks over his pro-gun guests and bullies them – is experiencing poor ratings. All together now – awwwwww shame.

    The show is down 27% in total viewers and 38% in the 25-54 demo from its debut on 17 January 2011.

    Gee, I can’t think why. He is such a wonderful host and never insults them, even if he disagrees with them…..not.

    He’s so popular that even England doesn’t want him back. Oh well, it looks like America is stuck with him until CNN kicks him out.

    Treacle Bender3/3/13 23:06

    left tosser!

    he has the look of a pervert..
    Jake4/3/13 00:47

    ’Getting Pearced’ Morgan is a paid stooge for the TPTB. A two-watt talking-head doing the bidding of the higher ups, who don’t have the best interests of the people at heart.

    This empty shill’s task is to rabble rouse the public in order to evaluate different topics that are punted out into the open domain.

    Once it is decide that he’s outstayed his welcome they replace him with another useful idiot, and is then shuffled on to where he’s further needed.

  15. Snake Oiler says:

    Piers Morgan Demonizes Restaurant Owner Offering Discounts to Gun-Toting Customers

    Ah, the sanctimonious idiot Piers Morgan is at it again. He lectured and insulted a Virginia restaurant owner who offered discounts to gun-toting customers, calling the promotion “cynical” and “idiotic.”

    What’s the bet the pizza joint never experiences a safety issue? What’s the bet the pizza owner is doing great financially?

    And what’s the bet that Piers Morgan’s CNN ratings will continue to tank?

    Treacle Bender1/3/13 16:07

    decided to not watch these…the sight of that english narcissistic, self-righteous, smug face makes me hurl…

    I can’t even handle this libtard crunt in small doses, nothing a dark alley and a lead pipe can’t sort out..

    Lime Lite1/3/13 16:57

    Yeah, it was rough having to listen, but they cut the vids down to just his ranting. They’re only roughly a minute each. He’s a dickhead. No other word to describe him!


    Snake, Then in which case i cant wait until PEABRAINED MORON gets shown the door

  17. OR, just wear a Hillary Clinton mask.

  18. UK
    ‘This man is worrying me on the bus’: Prophetic tweet of 16-year-old girl a month before she was stabbed to death on her journey to school

    They’ve gone back in and covered up the fact that the killer is black.

    “A teenage girl was stabbed to death in front of terrified commuters yesterday on a bus taking her to school”

  19. The model is either being paid alot or has a very good sense of humor.

    Yeah. I know, photoshop.


    Piers Morgan should just quit trying to be smart which he,ll never ever be

  21. Police Nationwide Say “You’re On Your Own
    The investigative journalists at Project Veritas are at it again, and this time they visited local police departments across the nation and asked law enforcement officials what residents should do if they are threatened by a break-in, armed robbery or other violent crime.

    Most of the localities visited, like New York and New Jersey, have restrictive gun laws, so you can imagine that the answers were… quite creative (and not very encouraging).

    What happens between the time I call 9-1-1 and the time you get there?

    Law Enforcement Officer – Bronxville, NY: “It takes a couple minutes to get there.”

    Project Veritas: “OK, in the two minutes, though, what do i do?”

    LEO: “In the two minutes what do you do?”

    PV: “Yeah:

    (awkward pause)

    LEO: “That’s a good question.”

    PV: “Basically, in just that two minutes I’m on my own?”

    LEO: “Yeah.”

    LEO: “Look on the internet about how to get a gun permit.”

    PV: “How long does that take to get?”

    LEO: “In New York? About a year.”

  22. I heard they make a simpler kit thats guaranteed to prevent rape…its a Janet Reno mask.