LaPierre: “This is a country of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Wayne LaPierre was on one of the Sunday talking-head shows and he minced no words when it came to the mental-midget dictator of New York and his demands for gun control. LaPierre also took no guff from the leftist-loon talking-head David Gregory from Meet the Press who conducted the interviews with both Bloomberg and LaPierre. – LaPierre let ’em have it with both barrels!

Here’s what happened…the first report can be read in full here:

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre lashed out at a wide range of the political opinions held by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on NBC’s Meet The Press this morning. LaPierre told host David Gregory that he thinks Bloomberg is ‘reckless’ and that he won’t beat the NRA because of its grassroots support.

“He’s going to find out this is a country of the people, by the people, and for the people. And he can’t spend enough of his $27 billion to try to impose his will on the American public. They don’t want him in their restaurants, they don’t want him in their homes, they don’t want him telling what food to eat, they sure don’t want him telling what self-defense firearms to own and he can’t buy America,” said LaPierre.

Bloomberg announced last night that he will spend $12 million of his fortune to run anti-gun ads around the country. LaPierre told Gregory that the NRA is not intimidated by these plans because of their vast grassroots and small donor support from around the country. “We have people all over, millions of people, sending us 5, 10, 15, 20 dollar checks telling us to stand up to this guy that says that we can only have three bullets, which is what he said. Stand up to this guy that says ridiculous things like, ‘The NRA wants firearms with nukes on them.’ I mean it’s insane the stuff he says,” LaPierre said.

Gregory challenged LaPierre on his position on background checks, citing a poll that shows over 85 percent of gun owners support them. LaPierre dismissed the suggestion that he is out of step with gun owners by opposing them, calling the thinking surround the legislation “a dishonest premise.”

“Criminals aren’t going to be checked. They’re not going to do this. The shooters in Tucson, Aurora, Newtown, they’re not going to be checked. They’re unrecognizable,” he said noting that the NRA supports the current instant background check system that is in place.

“It’s a speedbump for the law abiding. It slows down the law abiding and does nothing to anybody else,” he said.

Watch clip below via NBC ~

Here’s another clip and write-up about this issue, it’s qood one friends! – You can catch this here:

National Rifle Association head Wayne LaPierre on Sunday ripped the national media for not reporting that Chicago, suffering from an epidemic of gun violence, ranks “dead last” in enforcement of federal gun laws.

“Let me hold up a mirror right now to the whole national news media and the White House,” LaPierre said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Citing new 2012 data from Syracuse University, LaPierre said that out of 90 jurisdictions, Chicago ranks last.

“Why doesn’t NBC News start with ‘shocking news on Chicago, of all the jurisdictions in the country, Chicago is dead last in the enforcement of federal gun laws’?” he demanded. “Why don’t the national press corps, when they’re sitting down there with Jay Carney and the president and the vice president, why don’t they say, ‘Why is Chicago dead last in enforcement of the gun laws against gangs with guns, felons with guns, drugs dealers with guns?’”

NBC host David Gregory didn’t respond to LaPierre’s charge, instead asking only whether he and the NRA “support those as felonies.”

“Absolutely and we want them taken off the street,” LaPierre said. “If you’re the president and the vice president and the attorney general and your job is to enforce these laws against the — I’m talking about drug dealers, gangs and felons that are walking around with guns in the street — and you don’t do it, you bear some responsibility.”

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Last but not least…there’s this. Bloomberg: Lawmakers Who Vote Against Gun Control Will ‘Pay a Price

Coming off the announcement that he’s putting $12 million into a national ad campaign for more gun control, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said lawmakers who vote against stricter gun measures will “pay a price.”

“I think I have a responsibility, and I think you and all of your viewers have responsibilities, to try to make this country safer for our families and for each other,” Bloomberg (I) said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “If I can do that by spending some money and taking the NRA from being the only voice to being one of the voices, so the public can really understand the issues, then I think my money would be well spent and I think I have an obligation to do that.”

Bloomberg’s ads will run in 13 states with residents deemed divided on the issue of gun control.

“If 90 percent of the public wants something and their representatives vote against that, common sense says they are going to have a price to pay for that,” Bloomberg said.

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Please take a minute and check this out…if you scroll down towards the bottom of the piece this will include information about the Senate and Harry Reid’s intentions etc. – NRA CEO LaPierre to Bloomberg: ‘You Can’t Buy America

Now Dudes and dudettes, Bloomberg says we should call our senators and support him and his ads…I think it would be a very good idea if we did make some calls…in a big way. Start with McRINO and anyone else you think needs hearing from you, especially some of them mentioned in the article below. Some senators are wavering, some are not…but those mentioned are republicans, with McRINO leading the way on this issue…again! (For some of you that may not know, McRINO led the way years ago in the senate going after the gun-shows and the so-called loop-hole BS, he’s never let loose of this issue, simply because he’s lost time and again.) He must be stopped! – Unless you agree with McRINO and ilk…then that’s a different story.

McCain emerges as key senator in expanding background checks!

There’s more that I would add to this from a personal perspective about McRINO and the NRA that has aggravated the heck out of this household in the past…but that’s another issue in the big picture of things.

So, folks…what say you about all of the above? – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. About time you got out of bed… since sunrise I’ve milked two hundred head of cattle and plowed the back forty. Thanks to global warming KC is ass deep in snow with temps thirty plus degrees below normal.

    One simple message for Bloomberg and big government… kiss my ass!

    • Hey there Paul…I thought of you this morning when I saw your area getting hit again with algore’s global warming! – Have fun…hahaha! 😉

      As to the mental-midget dictator of NY…I share your sentiments!

      • Mr. Rational says:

        (I almost hate to break this to you, but warm air carries more moisture than cold air.  Antarctica gets a lousy inch of precipitation per year because it’s so COLD.  If you’re getting heaps of snow dumped on you, it’s because the air above started out warm and wet.)

        • …and your point has to do with what? – Give algore a call, he’s in charge of all the global warming we’re getting across this nation.

          Btw…what do you think of the Dictator of New York?

  2. I still remember the NRA supporting liberal Democrat Roy Barnes for governor of Geogia and donating several hundred thousand bucks over the years to the now departed Senator snarlin’ Arlen Specter. To me the NRA is too willing to cut deals with the left. I’ve always preferred Gun Owners of America ( Another good group : I’m not a member of any gun group but oppose all gun control bills. Never bargain away your gun rights.

    • MM…

      That’s what I was going to mention as well about the NRA and the support for far too many on the left…and RINOs like McCain too. I’ve watched McCain on the floor for years cut the NRA’s throat…yet the still support him, just as they did last election. Their support for Reid and others too did us in after decades. We went with GOA too.

      Many of us realize the reasons the NRA give for supporting leftist…nevertheless, tons of us had our fill of it. We wanted our money to not support those we consider our enemies…period!

      I’m very glad for what LaPierre did yesterday, as well as other times…but we all have minds of our own and do see the light with or without the NRA etc.

      Sorry I’m rambling on…in somewhat of a hurry at the moment. Going to have very busy days until after Wednesday afternoon is over and out. ~

      • ga steve
        I recall a reporter during the campaign asking an aide to Barnes opponent Sonny Perdue (R) about the NRA Barnes endorsement replying “Roy Barnes wouldn’t know a gun from a bass boat” – a neat response. Voters seemed to agree. I wish I could think so quickly. Yes, good ol’ Tom Murphy the dictator used to brag and wail about how loyal he was to the Demo party. He went down with the ship, lost to a Republican. Good riddance to him. He was as obnoxious as any politician I’ve seen – nothing smooth about him. I tell everyone Larry McDonald was the last Democrat worth voting for. He was murdered by the Soviet Union, almost 30 years ago now. We’re such fools we still try to cut deals with those killers.

        • MM
          Short and sweet, Tom Murphy hated my mother’s gut’s, a single parent raising 3 kids that owned a small farm in Dictator Toms county that sat in the middle of the soon to be built I-20 Interstate, a valuable piece of land for him but our bread and butter, One day after mamma had enough she walk in the cafe where dictator was lunching with his ass kisser’s put her pocket book down in front of him and opened it and told him You see what I got in here well I know how to use it and I will if you ever bother me again about my property. My mother died in August of 2001 and an old man walked up to me on the street several months later and told me that story,

          • ga steve,

            If my memory serves me correctly, your family was involved with government taking your property on three different occasions. Your mom was apparently like my mom… raised and survived in hard times.

          • Paul B
            You are correct about the property being taken through Immanent Domain, My mother was hard as nails and raised us the same way, a good example of that is the difference between my family and my wife’s, my family might call if their car won’t crank or they ran out of gas but never to borrow money or raise my kids or needing a place to live, it’s as different as night and day.

          • I had computer problems yesterday here while trying to reply. I’m sorry for what that tyrant put you and your family through. Your mom obviously was a great lady and deserved better. I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve heard a bunch of stories about Murphy and all showed what a creep he was. I never heard anything good about him. I-20 went through my old high school baseball field on Memorial Drive in Atlanta. I always think of that when I drive through there. The now closed school building is still there, almost on top of I-20… Good website, sort of sad :

          • MM…

            Just wanted to throw in that this site had problems yesterday on and off…late last night for awhile as well. – So far, so good today.

            …just wanted you to know you weren’t alone. ~

      • You make great sense to me bt – please keep on leading on. Keep fighting.

    • MM
      Roy Barnes was a joke to Ga, don’t know if he’s even still alive, maybe he followed Tom Murphy to Hell.


    Bloomboogers gets SLIME magazine to do a big time article in their leftists rag praising bloomturd for his gun control stance and his standing up to the gun lobby without covering bloomturds own dirty work just typical of a leftist rag like SLIME

  4. This ol’ leftist biddy better take a long, hard look at her own reflection before opening her filthy yapper.

    Lord…this is a reason in some ways I wasn’t such a political junket for so many years…simply because I know full well who this witch is and what she stands for. – Enemy within…period!

    Btw…she must be playing the race-card too…after-all, she had to insert ‘white guy’ in her leftist spew.

  5. Friends…this is a great write-up from a conservative, it’s well worth the read…doesn’t take long either. He hits the nail on the head, at least I hope so. ~

  6. We need more like Wayne LaPierre who will stand up to the liberal leftist hippies like Doomberg and his hippie ilk and put them in their place……….

    All I have been hearing lately in the news are the hippies complaining about our 2’nd amendment rights and how we in the hinterlands need to abdicate to their way of thinking……..

    According to these leftist hippies we don’t need ten bullets to kill a deer….and they would be right….it doesn’t take ten bullets to kill a deer……We need our bullets to keep the liberal commie hippies like Doomberg in line and that is what they are afraid of…..that we will use our guns on them to straighten their god damn hippie asses out……….

    The liberal leftist commie hippies want our guns so they can cram homosexual marriage, steal our money though high taxes, and any other dumb-ass legislation down our throats

    We must stop these hippies at all costs……..The only good hippie is a dead hippie………

    • Bluto…as usual, you spoke the truth about what their agenda is. Yet they think we’re too danged dumb to see thru them. – Pathetic.

    • Think back America… did you ever meet a clean hippie or one who had any ambition in life??? Dems seem to be cloned from hippies or the current OWS crowd… no ambition, just holding their hands out for the meager crumbs government throws their way.

      Dems are like a parasite… telling us what to eat, what to drink, what light bulb we can use, how many squares of toilet paper we can use to wipe our ass, no spanking of our children, what size vehicle we should drive, and what weapons we should own along with the number of rounds allowed in the clip… screw all of them.

    • Patricia Houghtalen says:

      Bluto if you want more like La Pierre just go to any insane asylum they have tons of them, as a matter of fact check yourself in , I am sure you would be right at home.

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    BOYCOTT NEW YORK CITY tell Imperial Govenor Cuomo Tarkin his foul stench is ruining the state

  8. Isn’t this special! You can be sure he will be doing this traveling at the taxpayers expense to-boot!

    I am so damned sick of this POS! That’s all he knows how to do is travel on someone else’s dime and campaign. People are sick to death of seeing him every single day…with the exception of his dumbed-down trained lemmings.

  9. Bloombugs and cujo whatever you call them are the reason this country is falling apart.They will never dictate to the stand up people of this country which are more than they can conceive.Any ant sized asshole with money thinks he can buy off the real people of America is full of shit.We are getting sick of hearing from the east and west coast and Illinois politicians about how we should live our lives, screw them and STFU.

  10. …and then there’s this dumb-ass!

    Of all the critters to be talking about antisemitism. Crown Heights anyone?

  11. Winston Smithereens says:

    LaPierre is a Christian.

    Bloomberg a jew.

    Case closed.

    • Say what? Not all Jews agree with Bloomberg whatsoever…anymore than all Christians agree with LaPierre. Maybe I misunderstood you…guess you’ll let me know. ~

  12. Winston Smithereens says:

    This from our friends at Moon Battery………………

    Nanny Statist Bloomberg Deploys Ads, Drones

    The failure of Dianne Feinstein’s attempt to ban “assault weapons” hardly means the war on liberty is over; so long as there are Michael Bloombergs in the world, it will never be over. Quoth the despot:

    “I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom.”

    By “certain times,” he means 24/7.

    His latest attacks include a $12 million advertising onslaught against the Second Amendment by which he attempts to infringe on freedom not only for the New Yorkers who incomprehensibly vote for him, but for all of us. The ads push expanded background checks; these sound reasonable superficially but would certainly be abused if implemented by the likes of Bloomberg, Feinstein, et al., who have made clear that their ultimate objective is to remove all firearms from private hands.

    Such a ban wouldn’t effect Bloomberg himself — not even in Bermuda, which he visits twice a month:

    The mayor also takes along a police detail when he travels, flying two officers on his private plane and paying as much as $400 a night to put them up at a hotel near his house; the city pays their wages while they are there, as it does whether Mr. Bloomberg is New York or not. Guns are largely forbidden in Bermuda — even most police officers do not use them — but the mayor’s guards have special permission to carry weapons.

    In addition to guns, Bloomberg has infringed on freedom regarding salt, trans-fats, Styrofoam, cigarettes, soda, baby formula, et cetera. You can see why he needs drones to ensure that New Yorkers obey his many proscriptions:

    “You can’t keep the tides from coming in,” the mayor remarked when asked about drones on his weekly radio show.

    “We’re going to have more visibility and less privacy. I just don’t see how you could stop that.” …

    The mayor put the timeframe for an all-seeing society at about five years, when he estimated “there’ll be cameras every place.”

    What is it about oligarchical collectivists and 5-year plans?

    Bloomberg ought to advance his propaganda blitz and surveillance objectives simultaneously by installing a Telescreen in each home. This would have the added advantage of allowing bureaucrats to supervise mandatory morning exercise routines. After all, with the government taking over healthcare, everyone’s health is everyone else’s business.

  13. Off-topic…but here’s some more invasion of privacy, total control and of course more ways to cheat when voting time comes around…another list of peoples names/ID info to use for phony votes.

    Outrageous…Wake Up America!

  14. Snake Oiler says:

    ‘Triangular’ Flapjacks Banned In British Schools

    Triangular flapjacks banned from secondary school over health and safety fears after boy is hit in the eye during canteen food fight

    Castle View School in Canvey Island, Essex, will serve square treats only

    By Harriet Arkell | 25 March 2013

    A school has banned triangular flapjacks on health and safety grounds after a pupil was hit in the eye by one during a lunch-time food fight.

    But ‘if triangular food is criminalized, only criminals will have triangular food.’

    Dinner ladies at the comprehensive school were told to cut flapjacks into squares or rectangles only from now on after the Year 7 boy was sent home complaining of a sore eye.

    This morning a spokesman for Essex County Council confirmed the ban on triangular treats at Castle View School on Canvey Island was true.

    The new ruling on flapjacks, which have been served at the school for 15 years, was imposed by head Gill Thomas soon after the incident in the canteen last Wednesday.

    The boy complained to staff that his eye hurt after he was struck in the eye by the corner of a flying flapjack, and was sent home for the afternoon, although his injuries did not merit hospital treatment.


    By the way, has anyone alerted Mayor Bloomberg to this latest potential danger?

    • I heard about that BS this morning on the Chris Plante radio show. – Just wait until it hits here too…you can be sure the leftist-loons will add this to their terror weapons list. ~

    • ROFLMAO,

      Here is why I find this so effing funny,

      Think about this for a second. ‘Triangular’ Flapjacks have three very sharp corners that can “poke your eye out Kid”.

      So to fix the problem the Lunch Lady was instructed to cut them square for the safety of the children. Because we care about the children right.

      Which now adds one extra sharp “dangerous” corner per flapjack!!!

      Making each square flapjack 1/4 more dangerous than the ‘Triangular’ Flapjack when tossed like a Frisbee.

      The imbeciles are running the education system, if they really wanted to protect the children why not make their flapjacks round like we have been doing in America since Paul Bunyan, and nobody has lost an eye yet.

      What next? Are these idiots (Piers Morgan) going to start telling us how many bullets to put in a gun?

      • Waspish…

        Here’s another idea that would solve the problems…eat breakfast at home, have your folks pack you a lunch and go home for dinner.

        What a cradle to grave world this is in many areas.

        • Well that would be an efficient but rather traditional solution.

          I am amazed daily by how stupid the “smart people in charge” really are.

          From Liberal school boards to Leader of the free world, who with straight face, act as if they have the better solution.

          When in fact their solutions are mired in fantasy, whimsy, and failure.

          The correct policy would have been to find out WHY the children were throwing their lunch and punish the offenders.

          If they honestly believed 3 cornered flapjacks to be the issue, exactly what sense does it make to weaponize an extra corner onto tasty pancakes by making them square.

          If people are still sending their kid to ‘Pubic Skrool’ after reading snakes post, then they are responsible for future Liberal Idiots.

  15. Snake Oiler says:

    Jackass Alert: Napoleonic Bloomberg’s MSNBC Friends Say “Anti-Semitism” Behind Anti-2nd Amendment Ads

    Please. Dudes… Sell crazy somewhere else. Nobody thinks of Bloomy as a ‘Jew’, anyway. (Not in the religious or spiritual sense at all) They think of him as a moron. A little, stool-pushing, sissy-boy. An ugly, tiny-minded, pathetic creep with a massive Napoleonic complex. ”Jews” like Doomberg create the Jew-hate. Do everyone a favor, Mike. Go kill yourself. Make the world peaceful. That would be a real “Tikkun Olam” (A healing of the world) In fact, idiot.. You had better keep your body-guards because people are about to go postal on your kikel ass. You are in office ILLEGALLY. Good NYers should oust this illegal 3 term tuchus.

    • That’s another good one…I posted about that exact thing above somewhere from YidWithALid about Not-so-Sharpton etc etc.

      Your link says it all…not PC, that’s for sure! 😉

  16. Snake Oiler says:

    Charlie Rangel Says Millions Of Kids Being Shot With Assault Rifles

    Via The Washington Times;

    When stupid politicians make dumb ass claims, we need to mock them unmercifully. Charlie Rangel, Congressman representing the 13th district of New York, is such a politician. Here’s his latest claim on gun control;

    New York Rep. Charlie Rangel appeared on MSNBC this morning to opine about the assault weapons ban getting dropped from the Senate gun-control bill.

    He made a few claims about politics as usual and the power money can have in this type of a case, but his most noteworthy comment was about his knowledge on crime statistics.

    “I’m ashamed to admit it but its politics and its money, The NRA has taken this position, there is no reason, there is no foundation. There is no hunter that needs automatic military weapons to enjoy the culture of going hunting,” the Democrat told MSNBC’s Chris Jansing.

    “We’re talking about millions of kids dying — being shot down by assault weapons,” he continued. “Were talking about handguns easier in the inner cities, to get these guns in the inner cities, than to get computers. This is not just a political issue, it’s a moral issue…”

    The FBI’s 2011 data says only 323 people were killed by rifles, compared to 728 people who were killed by hands, fists, feet etc. Handguns are much more likely to be used in a homicide with 6,220 killed nationwide in 2011.

    Do these politicians not have staff that does research for them? Shouldn’t Rangel’s chief of Staff have said…”Ummm, Charlie, if you make that ludicrous statement, you will look like an ignorant ass.”
    H/T Ace TGIF Morning News Dump

  17. I am a life member of the NRA and I’m still trying to figure out why they sometimes endorse Democrats and RINO’s.Politics I guess.Bloomberg has put thousands of bars out of business in NYC with his smoking ban and tells people what to eat and drink and how much.Who the hell does he think he is ?.Just because a guy has a lot of money does not make him smart in all things.Well known rich guys such as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are also of the left wing.Never EVER vote for a Democrat or RINO…


    Bitter Clingers, a white bitch voicing this shit.

    • Howdy michael…

      Scroll above somewhere, you’re going to see we have somewhat the same sentiments for Romano….trust me. ~ I just added a bit more.

  19. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    What are they trying to ban? Every week ten thousand AR’s and a hundred thousand magazines are sold. Keep up the good advertisement liberal cretins.

  20. Spurwing Plover says:


  21. Joe Stalin says:

    Actually, Bloomberg’s ad spending presents an opportunity for those that are in the areas where it is is being directed; there are lots of anti-gunners out there that are looking for the effects of advertising.

    The boy in the People’s republic of NJ whose home was raided by the NJ Department of Children and Gun Regulation shows that the scum is constantly monitoring Facebook for pro-gun activities that interfere with their ant-gun propaganda.

    I propose that pro-gun Facebook members who are comfortable with telling the world their stand on the Second Amendment put that front and center of their Facebook identity. Get pictures of themselves or appropriate representations with a handgun or assault rifle with a large cap magazine. Don’t Photoshop; find the REAL thing. Kids with AR-15s and Kalashnikovs should drive gun controllers absolutely livid in direct contravention to their news media shill whining.

    This should be the caption:

    “No Registration. No Police Permits. No Gun Owners ID.

    As God intended America to Be!”


    “That’s the kind of guy that would have an UNREGISTERED shotgun!”

    Hawaii Five-O


    Now, you budding Artists should be able to use Photoshop to develop some sort of anti-gunner images utilizing Mayor Bloomberg’s ugly mug as well as his anti-gun organizations. Publish it for general usage and exchange.

    Remember why you read the Letters to the Editors page: so you can gage what the general public may be thinking. A few choice PERSONAL words on Bloomberg’s gun control advertising would make a good editorial comment on Facebook.

    Yes, that’s how to tell Bloomberg to “Go to Hell!”

  22. Bloomberg spends just about every weekend at his home in Barbados, so I read today on another blog….he cannot have any meetings on Friday after 10ish in the morning…so he can get down there and fart around with his ‘friends’…just to recharge. You know how touch it must be in the big city.

    Poor old guy, feel real pity for him and his lot in life.

    As far as he and LaPierre…he got his butt handed to him, as he should have. Bloomberg is a total tool.

    Blistered, out!

  23. 2011 NRA Annual Meetings – Wayne LaPierre – Annual Meeting of Members

  24. Way to go Wayne. The only thing that concerns me about the NRA is their willingness to saddle up with liberal pieces of shit and RINO’s. Which to me are the same thing. Either you draw a line in the sand and grow some balls or you dont NRA. I agree with everything they stand for except kowtowing to leftie pricks for politics. Flip flopping RINO’s like McPain are dangerous as they can say one thing and do the exact opposite. The NRA needs to be more wary of them and shun them instead of kissing up to them for political favors. The only favor a RINO or a democrat will give you is a knife in the back.


    The NRA consists of avrage law abiding americans MAYORS AGAINST ILLEGAL GUNS is a exclusive group open only to wealthy anti-gun mayors and other assorted arrogant bluebloods and tories

    • Big will you please delete my comments?

      • Joe Stalin says:

        Reminds me of some military brass around World War 1 who didn’t quite get the idea of how radio worked. After an enemy transmission was received, THEN they gave an order to jam it.

        Nothing wrong with what you said; if the Obama Government wants to kill you then you will know your words ring of truth. Until then, LET FREEDOM RING FROM COAST TO COAST!

  26. I forget who said this, but it was one of our founder.

    “They that would give up essential liberties to attain a little safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    Go ahead government just TRY to take our guns!! I gaurandamntee that your 1.6 billion rounds ( about 5 rounds per American) is nowhere near enough. I mean who the hell are you going to have squeeze the trigger for ya? Oh that’s right!!! All those leftist freaks who are terrified of how a gun looks. Any agent of the government comes to my property with the intention of depriving me of my property and constitutional rights, without the due process of law, will find themselves being deprived of their life, meaning I WILL SHOOT YOU!!

    • Will you please delete this comment. I really don’t want the Feds knocking down my door. I don’t want to sound threatening or make myself out to be a lone wolf type. I am not at all. A citizen alone, has no right to go against the federal government, and I don’t advocate that at all. The government on the other hand cannot go against or subvert the constitution, and when they do on a mass scale that is when our second amendment freedoms come into play.

      If a fed came to my door to question me, I would answer their questions, and comply in every way. If they had a warrant to search, they can search or seize. But they cannot do it outside of the due process of law. If they act outside the law and the restraints placed on them by the constitution, then I would be well within my constitutional rights to secure my property, and freedom. But in no way am I advocating going against the government. Please delete both of these comments off the site to save me a potential midnight blitz of federal agents.

  27. Weapons Manufacturer: Big Sis Attempting to Exhaust Ammo Supplies

    Bullet buys aimed at drying up market in end run around second amendment

    March 26, 2013

    A weapons manufacturer who supplies the federal government with ammunition told the nationally syndicated Savage Nation radio show that the Department of Homeland Security’s huge ammo purchases were an attempt to dry up supplies as part of an end run around the second amendment.

    The caller, who described himself as a defense contractor and a licensed weapons manufacturer, said the goal was to “control the amount of market that’s available on the commercial market at any time,” by forcing manufacturers to hold back stock.

    “If they periodically do this in increments, they’re going to control how much ammo is available on the commercial market,” said the caller, adding that the contracts with bullet manufacturers stipulate that everything made goes to the government as the number one priority before it is allowed to enter the commercial market.

    The caller noted how this process had caused prices to shoot up at gun shows, while in the commercial market ammunition was very limited and on back order as a result and that “supply cannot keep up with demand.” He also noted how the State Department and the ATF were making it harder to import ammunition from overseas.

    Host Michael Savage stated that the DHS’ commitment to purchase 1.6 billion bullets over the past year was, “obviously an attempt to dry up the ammunition market, to control the ammunition market.”

    The weapons manufacturer agreed, adding that the deals the DHS is agreeing with manufacturers are based on, “indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity,” allowing the feds to monopolize the supply on ammo by preventing companies from selling the bullets to the commercial market.

    Savage tied the bullet demand to the huge number of new gun purchases since Obama took office, noting, “people are afraid of him….he is the most frightening American President in modern American history….so people are rushing out to buy guns to protect themselves….but what does a gun need? A gun needs a bullet,” adding that the government is trying to enact gun control via the back door because the second amendment says nothing about the right to buy ammunition.

    The DHS’ huge bullet buys, although erroneously dismissed by some as routine, have exacerbated the nationwide shortage of ammunition, with police departments now so desperate for ammo they are being forced to barter with each other to meet their needs.

    In a letter sent to the Department of Homeland Security, Californian Congressman Doug LaMalfa and 14 of his House colleagues asked if the bulk bullet purchases were, “being conducted in a manner that strategically denies the American people access to ammunition.”

    The DHS subsequently denied that charge, claiming the bullets were being bought in bulk to save money and were for training purposes only.

    However, as we have documented, most of the bullets being purchased are hollow point rounds, which are almost twice as expensive as regular firing range bullets and therefore unsuitable for training purposes.

    As former Marine Richard Mason told reporters with WHPTV News in Pennsylvania earlier this month, “We never trained with hollow points, we didn’t even see hollow points my entire four and a half years in the Marine Corps.”


    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for

  28. Joe Stalin says:

    “He also noted how the State Department and the ATF were making it harder to import ammunition from overseas.”

    If this was actually true we would see a noticeable extension of import application waiting times. It’s been about three months since the news media frenzy to destroy the Second amendment began. Has anyone noticed such an increase? Mexico make smallarms ammo so they could just truck it over the border; have they been increasing ammo shipments to the USA?

  29. Classy? I think not…it’s a pathetic disgrace.