Michael Moore is so ridiculously stupid he should be the Democrat Senate Leader. With stupidity of that magnitude, he may be the Democrat Presidential nominee in 2016. He is the poster boy of all things wrong with present-day Democrats. Trying to select the stupidest Democrat these days is like trying to decide which is the ugliest host on The View!

As AWD has oft repeated, liberals depend on stupid. With the cover from a lapdog propaganda media filled with libtards, morons like Michael Moore and his leftist ilk are allowed to spew their dishonest, PC invective without challenge.

Here’s Michael the Moore on another MSNBC show yesterday:

Ah, yes. Those evil, racist white suburbanites! They’re the real problem in America! Armed to the teeth because they’re nothing but racists! People who perhaps live in homes like this:

Only a liberal hypocrite who lives in a one-bedroom, 20-kitchen mansion like this would criticize white suburbanites as racist for fleeing the inner cities and owning firearms guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. I wonder how many “Shaniquas” live in Moore’s hood?

Another point made by Moore that went unchallenged by the MSNBC propagandist was when Moore says “90 percent of guns in this country are owned by white people who live in suburbs and rural areas.” So what? BFD! A better point would be to look at the amount of gun crimes committed by this 90 percent vs the 12% of America made up of blacks? Crime data shows the vast majority of gun crimes are committed by “urban yoots” in crime-ridden cities. Detroilet, Atlanta, Birmingham, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Baltimore, Philadelphia, it’s the same anywhere in America that has large populations of ghetto black people.

Another question would have been, “why do all these racist, gun-owning whites live in the suburbs instead of city centers?” Well, the obvious libtard answer is “racism.” Racist whites don’t want to live close to the diversity found in the cities. Perhaps because of daily occurrences like this (note: these are all illustrations of diversity from Atlanta. Of course, it goes without saying, language warning on each of these):

Or perhaps this wonderful illustration of tolerance found in the inner city:

Or this lovely shopping experience in downtown Atlanta (wait for the Taser! h/t I Own The World):

Would Moore criticize the ghetto woman’s chirren as “homophobic” for continually saying to the security guard “that’s why you’re gay?”

Hey Michael Moore, perhaps this illustrates best why whites have moved far from blacks:

Remember, John Derbyshire lost his job at the pathetic National Review and was widely criticized by PC leftist whites for posting an article titled “The Talk” that he suggests white parents have with their children. The Talk advises teaching your children to avoid large groups of blacks. Ask yourself this (black parents, too) if you would want your child to be in close proximity to any of the participants in the above videos?

If Martin Luther King was alive today, I would ask him if the above videos, soaring crime from blacks, and heavy dependency of blacks on welfare and social programs was his dream? I’m trying, MLK, to judge on content of character but this depravity from the hands of blacks happens in America every day! I would venture that most, if not all, of the participants in the above videos are unemployed yet are given welfare, housing, food stamps, ObamaPhones, etc at the expense of the people upon whom they prey! How else could I judge blacks than to have the same “Talk” with my children as Derbyshire had with his? Note: AWD had The Talk with his children long before Derbyshire penned his article and long before this blog was in existence. Racism? No, reality!

When was the last time anyone saw a report of a black kid being beaten to a pulp by a group of “suburban yoots?” White flash mobs consist of groups of well-wishers singing Beethoven’s Ninth in the local mall food court! Have we seen a “Beat Blackey Night” at a State Fair?

If we are to judge on the content of character of the people shown in these videos and thousands of others posted on Youtube, how can we judge any other way than to decide we do not want anything to do with them? Law-abiding blacks themselves would decide the same if they are honest with themselves.

Moore, like all liberals, says the culprit for all these problems in the black community is lack of jobs. I would ask this: who would hire any of the people in these videos? What skills would they have to contribute to a business? If, and it’s a big IF, any of the participants would want to work? Uneducated, violent, lazy…why would any of these people work when they are given their livelihoods off the sweat of taxpaying Americans? They don’t!

The lapdog propagandist media and liberals like Moore work very hard to deflect the real blame away from the chosen people (blacks) who are responsible for the majority of America’s social and crime problems. 6% of the American population (black males) commit over 50% of America’s murders and violent crimes. Not whitey in the suburbs. One only look at Chicago Barackistan to see the complete failure of the welfare state that has created the problems we now all suffer.

Want to know why white America is armed to the teeth, Moore? Ask that mother whose 1 year old was murdered while he slept in his stroller by a 17 year old black kid in Georgia! Wonder if she now wishes she had the means to protect herself and her baby and had lived in a safe suburb neighborhood?

Liberals like Michael Moore have created the problem yet they curse the solution pushed upon victims! AWD and his children own guns to protect ourselves from those who may wish us harm. We also own firearms to protect ourselves from the creeping tyranny of the federal government. We own guns because we are afforded the right in the 2nd Amendment to do so. The right liberals in Congress and the White House are trying desperately to take from us! Call us racist, extremists, or Donald Duck…I don’t give one sh*t!

AWD really tries to judge people on their actions. Why? I believe it is the right thing to do. I also know a great many honorable black people who contribute to this country. I don’t care what color you are. I have over the years described myself as a “trashist.” I don’t like trashy people of any race who are a curse upon the decent people of America. I reject the “racist” label because I have the temerity to point out the vast problems caused by such a small minority of the American population!

Ghetto blacks like those found in the videos posted above do more harm to black people than the KKK ever could! Yet we will not hear one thing from the hypocritical leftists in government or the propaganda media. All we will see reported is the latest protest march organized by Jesse Jackson because the Governor of Michigan has appointed a white person to clean up the financial nightmare in Detroit caused by 50 years of corrupt, black, liberal government malfeasance!

By every measure, Martin Luther King’s dream has become America’s nightmare! F*** you, Michael Moore! Move your big ass to Detroit’s city center and then maybe I’ll listen to you!

UPDATE: Gun Homicide and Suicide Rates by Race

UPDATE II: Michael the Moore’s bodyguard arrested in NYC for carrying a gun. Racist bastid!

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  1. “one-bedroom, 20-kitchen mansion”

    Brilliant humor!

    You are right, as usual.
    It is tough to take the daily hipocrisy from these fools
    There is a solution – get rid of your TV!
    If all of us conservatives cancelled our cable/sattelite service, and stopped going to leftist produced movies, we could strangle their source of funding. Poof! There are gone.

    As someone who has done it for 6 years now, I can assure you that you will find something better to do with your time! It might surprise you. Just imagine when you are on your deathbed looking back. If you sit there watching that crap for 3 hours every night for 70 years, that’s 9 years of your life you have wasted!!! Sadly, most people spend more than 3 hours a day. 9 YEARS!!! And every minute you watch, you are paying them to continue spewing their BS.

    • The problem with getting rid of your TV is that millions of irrational Low Information Voters will still listen to this weapons-grade balloneyium and vote accordingly. So we’re still stuck with the results of this nonsense, whether we watch it or not. Every day that passes makes me believe that the only way out of this mess is a more active response to morons….

      • Nope, dropped off the TV mode two years ago. I do have Roku only. I use it mostly youtube to learn survival skills. Pretty scary stuff just to learn about. I listen to the radio and read internet news from many sources, mostly from Canada with the truth.


    Fat bloated pig ape sits shooting off his big fat piehole about americans with guns makes rotten movies and receives a undeserved Oscar for a leftists propeganda film When he going to go be with Hugo Chavez,Sadam,Bin Laden,Hitler,Stalin and Mao?

  3. Will this Jabba the Hutt look-alike ever go away?

  4. dirtydog1776 says:

    With all his money, why doesn’t he do something to make himself look better……lose some weight, shave, get a haircut, liposuction? Anything would be an improvement.

  5. Now that I think about it, could we be looking at the Libtard of the Year? Odds Makers have him at even money….Any takers?

  6. Ol’ Tub o’ Guts is way overdue for “the big one.”

  7. Snake Oiler says:

    Perhaps Shamu could help out some of those unemployed rocket scientists and brain surgeons by putting them on his payroll. He could send them out on ‘food drives’ to replenish his pantry, which would have a double benefit, as they could case the neighborhoods for articles to be requisitioned later.

  8. I wasn’t always a racist. I wasn’t born a racist. Racism is learned. The invading hordes and the muds that were imported generations ago have turned me into the racist that I am today.

    I’m not a gun nut, but I choose to have them for one reason only, self defense. And possibly to hunt, if that ever becomes necessary for my survival, I am not really a hunter. A gun to me is a tool.

    Moore is a hypocrite like most high profile progressives are. ‘Do as I say, not as I do’. He just wants to ensure a seat at the Party table when it all comes crashing down.

    If they don’t manage to take our guns away it will be a bad day for the likes of Michael Moore.

    • “I wasn’t always a racist. I wasn’t born a racist. Racism is learned” -MT

      ^ Truth.

      I was taught to never, under any circumstances, call anyone a N***er.

      But I can tell you I have been personally set upon by the Black race and I can name thirteen friends or family members who have been murdered (3) or hospitalized in critical condition with injuries resulting in lifelong diminished capacity (6) and four more just knocked unconscious and mob robbed.

      Fortunately for me my lesson came at an early age and I was just stabbed with a pencil that only took a few stitches and a tetanus shot.

  9. Those videos are sickening. This can’t be fixed. Stop thinking you can make a difference. This is survival now, that’s all it is.

  10. “one bedroom, twenty kitchen house…” Hahaha AWD you crack me up man.

  11. Let It All Burn To the Ground says:

    When will this fat scrunt with gunt just go away.


    Moore is so stupid he has to stand on a chair to raise his IQ

  13. As usual spot on AWD. This libtard piece of shit never had to live among the feral savage street apes in his entire life so how would he know what living among trash is about? Its always these shitstains like Hillary and this dumbass that criticize whites and claim we are all racists and armed to the teeth. We have our reasons to be asshole, and if you dont like it kiss my angry white ass!


    . 6% of the American population (black males) commit over 50% of America’s murders and violent crimes.

    2% OF US Population does the crimes…YBM
    young black males, 10 to 40 y.o.a.

  15. whats ‘bankhead girls’

  16. AWD, you said it all. I’m so glad my wife and I finally got moved from Ar.
    We now live on a country road almost at its’ end and if any of the lowlife bastards ever show up in our neighborhood, we’ll know they are looking for trouble.
    All rednecks, no Mariachi or ghetto crap rap to hear either,…what a blessing!…It’s so quiet here, you can hear a frog fart, ha!


    He will rate right down there with ED WOOD Jr,Bert I. Gordon,Ray Dennis Steckler,Dino DeLarintus,and Oliver Stone as one of hollywoods all tiem worst directors He can never hold a candle to Glen Ford,George Lucus,Howard Hawks,John Huston, and some of hollywoods best directors

  18. These people will never work nor do they know the meaning of work… savages on the concrete jungle.

  19. Anyone with a lick of sense can see what the ghetto has done to this country. Most blacks can become purely animalistic at the drop of a hat. They aren’t far from Africa even though they are (unfortunately) here. Libtards enable blacks to act on their own animal impulses by telling them,..’poor little blackie…we know if it were not for white racist you would not have raped that 90 year old white woman’. Michael Moore is like all libtards and communists,…he nor they will never do as they tell others. Do you ever see a liberal senator, congressman, or commentator move from his 1 million dollar home and bring his family to a all black area and build a home there. No…you don’t. THeir kids don’t go to schools with many of them either. Yet they all expect us to. We are ‘racist’ if we move even to a middle-class, mostly-white suburb. You must remember this. Act like a man for your family’s sake. Get off your fat asses, away from the television, and begin to join with others to defend white culture.

    • Dude…you nailed it with a 12 pound sledge! These libtard elitist turds always expect us to live among their welfare sanctioned trash as long as they get to stay in their multimillion dollar mansions where the nearest one is 100 miles away.

  20. When this clown has his heart attack, it’s going to go off like a hand grenade in a garbage can!


    • I hope its a good one that takes him out fast. Apparently he got that fat from consuming too much liberal bullshit.

  21. Winston Smithereens says:

    Moore pales in comparison to the “Gang of Eight”………….

  22. Cinnamon Girl says:

    It is saddening to see these videos of Atlantans acting in this way, but it’s par for the course.

    When you combine a people who are government-dependent with a sense of not just entitlement but superiority, you have a recipe for disaster. Atlanta is so very Afrocentric that there is no hope of truly cleaning it up. What I mean by that is that there are black elites here that are very wealthy and connected but they do nothing for their own. Why should they? The gubmint takes care of the poor of their race and besides, they don’t even live in the same areas. Most wealthy blacks now live in what was previously lily-white Alpharetta and Roswell or in areas ITP (inside the Perimeter) that are so high-rent that it keeps poor or even middle class blacks and whites out. Instead, blacks who get out of the projects wind up in Section 8 houses in suburbs, effectively bringing those areas, sometimes entire cities and counties, crime, squalor, and even more white flight for those who CAN sell their houses and leave. Most cannot, so it just gets worse and worse.

    Sadly, I feel we are headed for a huge race war in this country unless we are allowed to have an honest dialogue about our differences and about the bane of government meddling. The guy in Philadelphia who wrote an article about race-honesty tried but look what is happening to him.

    So, it’s inevitable that this will come to a head one day. Indeed, it already has. We’re just not supposed to notice.

  23. Lard of the Onion Rings!


    Some place they held a demonstration for more GUN CONTROL and only 20 people showed up i sure hope the sponsors of this stupid protest was humiliated

  25. Wayne LaPierre Batters David Gregory: ‘Why Doesn’t NBC News’ Report That Chicago Ranks ‘Dead Last’ in Federal Gun Law Enforcement?

  26. Fact is that the white male is the most persecuted grouping of people by the Federal government and all the tag along local governments playing the game, afraid to lose fed hand outs.

    Sadly, the disease spread to public corporations. Call it the LBJ legacy.

    And so today, especially if you are older than 15 years old and you’re a white male, then when the time comes to apply for a job, you will beat least one check box less disadvantaged as compared to the “divided and conquered” ‘minorities’.

    This Federal government is f**ked. Unless you belong to an entitlement program.

    Question – so if my father is a white a male, and my mother’s parents were born in northern Spain (blue eyed, freckled), does that make me Hispanic?


    This bloated gas bag once called americans the worlds stupidists people IF GOAT FACE WANT TO SEE THE STUPIDISTS PERSON IN THE GALAXY I SUGGEST HE LOOK IN A MIRROR BEFORE IT SHATTERS

  28. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Michael Moore is a medical ticking time bomb. He raves about the “superior medical care” in Cuba. I suggest he head on over there for a gastric bypass-at a country clinic frequented by the common folk. As a true believer he’d refuse the imported Spanish surgeons who worked on Fidel. Wouldn’t he?

  29. Spurwing Plover says:


  30. Spurwing Plover says:

    Wheres jabbas little buddy SALACOIUS CRUM anyway did he sit on him and squish him or did he eat him instead?

  31. Peter Schiff on Michael Moore’s bullshit stats

    Michael Moore: Americans Wouldn’t Need Guns if We Had More Welfare

  32. When you base your arguments on michael moore’s body weight, then you can not see the real facts. Sorry

  33. JUMP YOU MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU PICE OF S–T

  34. Just wanted to vent. M Moore is a lazy fat pig. Would ship him to the Middle East in a pig body bag. Let the Middle East deal with a lying porker.