This is really getting past old when it comes to the race-baiting game…but, what happens here and there via the boob-tube also remains infuriating nonetheless. What took place in the report is one more example of just that.

Congress-critter Charlie Rangel should have been behind bars for all the tax cheating he’s done over the years…but, hey…he’s a democrat, so that gives him a ‘get out of jail free card’ dontcha know! Plus, he still scores spots on different networks expounding his knowledge on any issue thrown up to his face. This is what happened just the other day…see what you think about what he had to say. – This is via Mediaite:

The NRA made headlines recently by hiring gun rights activist and YouTube personality Colion Noir to join its “news” team. MSNBC host Chris Jansing showed Noir’s debut ad for the NRA to Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) Tuesday morning, and the congressman was not impressed.

“I think it’s an insult to the American people’s intelligence,” Rangel said after the viewing the ad, adding that “there’s no question” that the NRA “just creates things about minorities.” Rangel argued his position that “we don’t need these guns in the inner city and we don’t need assault weapons in the rural areas.”

The ad in question features Noir making some of the same points he has made independently in his own YouTube videos, but this time with higher production value, better graphics and more dramatic music. Noir advocates owning and carrying guns for personal safety and responsibility, saying that “cops can’t always be there, Obama definitely can’t be there.”

Noir is arguably a more dynamic spokesperson than NRA executive Wayne LaPierre, with the potential to reach a younger and more diverse audience. That fact explains why the NRA hired him, as well as why people like Charlie Rangel think he’s so dangerous.

Watch below: You can catch part of Noir’s add for the NRA in this short piece. ~

One side-note: Make sure and click the Mediaite link to find out more about all involved, there are some good ones inside of the story.

So friends…if you could send Rangel a message, or talk to him face to face…what would you say to him?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Message to Rangel..STFU! You racist prick ..Oh and BTW,,Drop Dead too.

  2. May I pay the same property taxes that you paid ???????

    • Joy…you know we’re just the peons to these high and mighty bastids. It’s do as I say, not as I do with them. And if you did as he did with his cheating ways…we’d have already been behind bars…big time!

  3. Mr. Grumpus says:

    I would ask for his expertise on the distinct pungence and aromatics of my fart in a bottle.

  4. Dave in Texas says:

    Amen to that. You never know what is or isn’t going on behind those eyes. Owning a weapon is specifically to protect myself and my family from blacks

  5. Dave in Texas says:

    White Americans are beyond tired of hearing the race issue every second of every day. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We owe blacks nothing. NOTHING! They can go out and work for it like the rest of us.

  6. Mr. Grumpus says:

    I guess my last comment was a lil bit harsh. Sorry BT. Sigh and facepalm.

  7. Rangel’s fellow Demoleftists gave him a standing ovation when he returned to the House after a suspension a couple of years back. Creeps stick together. Rangel claimed that an indictment would improve his vote total in the next election – sad but true. Bigtimer is right – we’d never be able to stay out of the cooler with Rangel-style conduct. Of course we’re not in the ruling class. He also lives in a tax-free zone and pays whatever he likes.

    • Exactly right MM…and I had forgotten about that despicable standing ovation he received, it’s totally hypocrisy 101 in case after case when it comes to the leftist…they never leave, they never are shamed. In fact, they are encouraged to stay and fight and run again…and they always win in most cases.

      It’s a disgrace what our country has become in so many ways….these examples are just a few of them.

  8. Back of the bus boy.

  9. Spurwing Plover says:

    Stop blamming conservatives and white people for you being a big time crinimal you no good sidewinder and no account polecat

  10. RidinShotgun says:

    Two things come to mind; 1) Hey chuck! Who said you could take off the cap & Argyle sweater? Oh, you want to play dress-up and make pretend you’re somebody!? No effing way you pathetic pantload, GET BACK IN YOUR UNIFORM, GRAB THAT LANTERN AND GET BACK ON MY LAWN!!!!!

    2) And this is something I would give any amount of money to see, Picture President Palin walking out to the presidential limo and chuck standing there with his shabby suit and drivers cap saying the following; “Yes Madam President, where am I driving you today?”

    Just a thought, but it would be oh, so nice!

  11. Snake Oiler says:

    Pew: (Lefty) Twitter Users Don’t Reflect Public

    Pew: Twitter lies

    By Paul Bedard | March 5, 2013

    A remarkable year-long study by the Pew Research Center finds that what’s trending on Twitter, often used by national reporters to gauge immediate public opinion of news events like President Obama’s election, exaggerates to the point of lying.

    The key reason: a majority of those who tweet are young Democrats, giving the social network an unbalanced view of the world. What’s more: reaction is more negative than what public polls find.

    Take the reception to Obama’s reelection as an example. Pew said polling found that 52 percent of the public was “happy,” and 45 percent “unhappy.” But the Twitter reaction was 77 percent “happy,” 23 percent “unhappy.” …

    Congrats to David Axelrod, George Soros and the countless Democrat front groups.

  12. Cooter Brown says:

    Ill tell you what is an insult to the American people is a crocked some bitch Rangel walking around after all his sleaze ball business deals free and not in the Federal Pin with his Home boys constituents. What a freaking MORON! Rangel if you don’t like guns don’t buy guns but leave us the hell alone. Racest MORON!!!!

  13. Clean my toilet…. with your tongue, Rangel. You are a despicable piece of dirt.

  14. Snake Oiler says:

    Not much goodwill here, but check what is now classified as a ‘firearm’.

    Former Goodwill employee pleads guilty to arson

    • Lol…that’s a good lookin’ crowd to draw to. Wonder if they had a universal background check on them…especially her when it comes to being hired in the first place. – Talk about having mental problems!

    • Match Gun? Thats a good one, how do you register a bottle of gas, sounds like charging authority is crazier than the arsonist. A good lawyer and they’d walk on less charges.
      Actually I made match guns as a kid that fired matches using an altered clothes pin. Have to register clothes pins?

  15. Snake Oiler says:

    Lion had pulled into the parking lot to take a nap inside his Nissan Pathfinder in the parking lot at 1662 Savannah Highway because he was “too intoxicated to drive,” according to an incident report.

    Ironically, the decision would prove fatal.

    Anyone hear about this on any national news? Double standards? Racism?

    4 hours ago

    PART ONE;Mike, I will tell you why.A couple of things. (1) The Lions will not raise hell about it like a black family would in fear of being labeled racist.. (2) The Lions would be labeled racist for trying to bring this to light,(3) There is not enough white people who will stand up to reverse racism because they would be afraid of being labeled racist..

    4 hours ago

    PART TWO;(4) White people have no one like the NAACP to support them,if they had such a organization it would be labeled a racist group by the NAACP and the liberal media who would do a intense investigation,along with the Southern Poverty Law center and the Feds to prove it is,even if they just find a car window sticker of a rebel flag or a NRA sticker. and I sure would not want a bunch of camouflage wearing,rebel flag waiving,neo Nazis skin heads to support me or my family. (4) Our liberal media will put a SPIN on what ever the Lion family says.Trust me I know the liberal media,they love the spin zone.

    5 hours ago

    Why does this not get the same attention that Trayvon gets? I’ll give you one guess.


    Let Ole Charley Boy go to Louisiana and tell the Black population they don’t need guns. That Chicken Shit old fart just needs to retire, he causes the Blacks more problems than he can ever solve, and he solves nothing except lining his pockets with the rhetorical wallets of the Black Population so he can go sun bath on exotic beaches on their dime. As a thief he is worse than Obama.

  17. Snake Oiler says:

    What kind of animal kills two people in cold blood for $173?

    • Snake…I’ll have to check that out later, got some things to do at home…but, I’m interested in this one too. – In answer to your question…a very evil so-called man.

    • Snake…

      Just read both links. Monsters, murdering filthy monsters…they should already be put down. I mean that when it comes to anybody to a situation where the evidence is nothing but cut and dried to whose guilty…they need to get out of our lives, be executed and done away with once and for all.

      • Snake Oiler says:

        Horrendous. The crime took place in 2008 and the wheels of justice are just now turning? Unbelievable. I have something on a more comical note, hope you haven’t seen it already. Be sure to listen to the translation – classic!

        • Lol…I had to listen to the translation to understand what the heck she was sayin’…she must be related to Jesse Jackson. 😉

          Btw…classic indeed.

  18. If it were up to me I would see to it that Rangel would be convicted of the crimes he has committed against the people of the United States of America and I then would personally put the noose around his neck and pull the lever on the trap door………



  20. mark adams says:

    Quit lying and die.

  21. Snake Oiler says:

    Gone are the days when South Africa was a well-run, orderly, mostly crime-free Christian society – now re-shaped in the image of the ANC, the new god – a bunch of illiterate nincompoop terrorists who couldn’t figure their way out of a brown paper bag without getting lost.

    Today we also learned that over 900 people die in police custody in South Africa each year. MORE people died in just one year in SA jails than died over the ENTIRE period of Apartheid (political deaths) – a period of 44 years. And THIS is what the world went ape-shit about and demanded that Apartheid had to end. And the consequence was?

    So, just how much better off is South Africa under a useless Black corrupt government?

    Well, let’s just say that it’s a festering sore which is getting worse.

    South Africa has most inmates in Africa