Golly gee…we’re not going to hear about this major news in the mainstream media anytime soon, you can be sure of that! A federal court has ordered Dear Leader’s administration comply with an order they just handed down…but will they comply, or defy the order…as they’ve seemed to do in the past?

This is regarding the illegal aliens that have been released, ‘stealth amnesty‘ is a term being used here. – This is via WND:

A federal court ruled the Obama administration must turn over records related to its policy of suspending some deportations of illegal aliens, which critics have called “stealth amnesty.”

The Department of Homeland Security violated the Freedom of Information Act by failing to hand over relevant records to the D.C. watchdog group Judicial Watch, ruled Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Feb. 28.

Judicial Watch said documents it previously uncovered show DHS officials misled Congress and the public about the scope of changes in its immigration enforcement policy.

The new policy gave wide latitude to local immigration officials to dismiss illegal alien deportation cases, including the dismissal of charges against illegals convicted of violent crimes.

“This ruling shows the Obama administration is willing to go to any extent – including gaming the courts – to continue stonewalling the full story of its lawless release of illegal aliens,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

“Now, with the prison floodgates being thrown open to illegal aliens under the phony pretense of abiding by sequester cuts, it is more important than ever that Obama’s hand be revealed,” he said.

The policy, implemented by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, led to a reduction of the deportation docket in Houston, Texas, by dismissing pending enforcement proceedings against illegal aliens DHS claimed did not have serious criminal records.

Judicial Watch subsequently uncovered records showing that deportation cases were dismissed against illegal aliens who had committed serious felonies.

The litigation has become more significant, Judicial Watch pointed out, with the Obama administration’s large-scale suspension of deportations and the release of thousands of criminal illegal aliens due to alleged sequester budget cuts.

Since mid-February, the Obama administration has released from jail more than 2,000 illegal aliens facing deportation, the Associated Press reported. The administration reportedly plans to release 3,000 more this month.

Judicial Watch filed its original FOIA request with DHS in August 2010 and a subsequent lawsuit in March 2011 after the department refused to release the requested records.

In January 2012, the U.S. District Court denied a DHS motion to dismiss the case in part. The court chastised the agency for its inadequate explanations and gave it a final opportunity to establish the applicability of certain privileges in withholding the information.

In its Feb. 28 decision, the District Court ruled DHS had continued to improperly withhold a substantial number of documents under the “attorney-client” and attorney “work-product” privileges.

The court declared that each of the documents “appears to concern nothing more than the implementation of an agency policy.”

Withholding the documents, the court said, runs counter to the D.C. Circuit’s earlier admonition that a government attorney’s advice on political, strategic or policy issues is not shielded from disclosure by the attorney-client privilege.

Some of you might want to check this out as well: ‘California Dreaming: 20,000 Illegal Aliens Apply For State Financial Aid For First Time

Do any of you think this will put a halt to this administrations release of thousands of more illegals anytime soon…or not?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. No, why should they, they are above the law and have been breaking it ever since “O” has been there. They are immune, Repos do nothing, they ignore courts, they are truly ROGUE RULERS. There is no Governance in this Regime. Criminals ALL!!!

  2. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… all I can say without the SS coming to my house again is that I have a very nice bottle of wine in the frig and I hope that I have a reason to celebrate in the very near future… or at least before our country is completely destroyed.

    • We’re sure on the march to destruction the likes of which we’ve never seen. – I’d drink that wine before it’s too late. Maybe the ’14 midterm elections will be cause for celebration…then again, who knows!

  3. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ti.....10620.html
    Says it all! Words and action mean much!

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    as was said in the movie STAR TREK VI THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, THIS PRESIDENT IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW but he tends to think he is whats needed is calls for his IMPEACMENT

    • bluffcreek1967 says:

      I agree with you, but the problem is for all intents Dear Leader IS above the law. Nobody holds this man to account for what he says and does. His entire administration has been treated softly and sparingly. They do whatever they want. Oh sure, every so often they might have to appear before some official committee, but there are never any real consequences.

      Had Bush done the same sort of thing, he would have been impeached a long time ago. But with Obama things are different. The MSM gives him a pass. The Republicans are worthless and clueless. The Democrats can’t be trusted to defend the Constitution when their own guy tramples all over it.

      So, yes, in many respects, Obama IS above the law – at least for the time being. Whether he will continue with his reckless, anti-Constitutional ways only time will tell. I tend to think he will because Americans lack the collective will to oppose him. Most are too stupid to even recognize the danger they’re in.

      • bc…

        Totally agree with all you stated…plus, your last thought brought to mind the ‘low-information’ voters we have across this land. – I fear that won’t be changing anytime soon either. ~

  5. No comment, I’m too furious

  6. Snake Oiler says:

    Check out Nappy – her head looks about like a cinder block with some sort of mold growing on top of it. Look at those shifty, vacuous eyes. Obviously not on the intellectual level of other top Obutthole mafiosi. At the future Nuremberg-style trials, we will probably hear this – ‘I was only following orders’.

  7. This big bull dyke ain’t going to comply while she has big brother “Black Panther” Holder to cover her back, along with Ayatollah Asshola Beeeeeraack Whosinsane Obama.

  8. There is only one way to handle these traitors…..and that is to treat them as “”TRAITORS””……..

    Mao Tse Tung is burning in hell right now but, Chairman Mao said one thing that is absolutely true…..”All politics comes out of the barrel of a gun”……truer words have never been spoken…………

    Thereis only one way to straighten out this lesbo bitch and her lying-ass boss………..As Chairman Mao had suggested….solve the problem once and for all and be done with it……….


  9. CNN) — The U.S. government on Thursday notified 60,000 federal workers responsible for securing borders and facilitating trade that they will face furloughs due to government-wide spending cuts.

    Now who would play politics with the public safety and national security?

  10. 2-year-old Colorado boy raped, drowned in pool at vacation home in Mexico: officials

    Child was with 7-year-old brother being watched by local babysitter when her boyfriend arrived, attacked the child then threw him into the pool, according to Mexican officials. He has been charged with rape and murder.

    Psychpathic gang member on drugs



    I doupt it since KING OBAMA the FINK beleives he is above the law and the U.S. CONSTITUTION

    • Quartier LeBlanc says:

      For Obama the Consitution is not a legal document but a legal problem. He’d really be more happy in Rwanda than here.

  12. Snake Oiler says:

    USA: Democrats complain about presence of debt clock on Capitol

    Ah shame, the poor poppets.

    Two Democrat members of Congress, Maxine America-will-become-Socialist-country Waters and Keith I’m-a-radical-Muslim Ellison, are scared of the US debt clock! They threw a tantrum during a House Financial Services Committee meeting on Tuesday and demanded the scary clock be removed during the Democratic session.

    What you scared of fools? What, you don’t want to be constantly reminded of the mess you’ve helped put America in? You wanna stick those commie heads of yours further in the sands of denial? You scared you may grow a conscience??

    Ellison stated that it was clearly a political prop designed to message ideologically. What the heck does that mean? Does he even know himself? Waters went on a rant which I’m sure she didn’t even understand.

    These Democrats are really scraping the barrel with these two in their ranks. One is worse than the other. One is more racist than the other. One hates Whites more than the other. And they’re both just plain dumb.

    This is what is running America? Seriously?? When will the people in America demand a better quality of politician? When will the people in America start seeing these fools for what they are – career political hacks who are there to look out for themselves and their agenda only, and screw the country.

    When you look at George Washington or John Adams and then look at the likes of Obama, Ellison and Waters – you just have to ask yourself, where did it all go so wrong?


    • Quartier LeBlanc says:

      When you have a platinum magic EBT card like those two jokers do, why do you fear debt? Can you imagine what happens when it quits working?

    • Unfortunately those two are in safe districts…you can count on the low-information voters to keep punching their tickets. – And we all know they aren’t the only ones that have safe seats…it drives me crazy!

      Btw…I heard about the whine from the dems regarding the debt clock…totally pathetic. All they did was make fools of themselves, once again!

  13. Snake Oiler says:

    It’s well on the way…

    UK: Tommy The Free Man

    This is how screwed up the world is right now.

    English Defence League (EDL) leader, Tommy Robinson, was arrested by British police in October 2012 on a passport infringement regarding a visit to the USA.

    What’s Tommy and his EDL against? Islamic infestation of England and the threat to Western culture.

    So, what do the British police do? Why, they lock him up in solitary confinement in a prison wing full of Muslims for nearly 5 months.

    That was his punishment for a minor passport issue. He was released suddenly yesterday.

    You can only imagine what he’s been through the last few months, being in solitary, being restricted in his contact with his family, and surrounded by hostile Muslims spitting at him and threatening him for nearly 5 months. No wonder he’s asked for a bit of time off from EDL duties…..I’m betting he won’t be back for a while, if ever. If they meant to break him, they’ve probably done a pretty good job.

    This is Britain. This is modern day Britain where rabid anti-Western radical fundamentalist Islamic hate-preachers may roam free, spewing their filth and bile, and calling for the take-over of England, and the Islamification of the English people. They’re allowed to walk free, venting their hatred, living off of tax payers money which they see as their ‘jihadi allowance’, while people like Tommy are hounded by the government because he dares to point out what’s happening.


    Treacle Bender22/2/13 16:18

    governments create the beast, allow it to thrive, while rightful citizens are forced to be tolerant of the beast, feed it, educate, house and live amongst it…

    england’s f****d… christianity will be outlawed to make way for the beast..

    • Our country doesn’t seem to be waking up to what’s happening here when it comes to this issue…they’re walking around with their eyes closed, they won’t open wide until it’s far too late.

      Btw…the Islamic Muslims have taken over catholic schools in some areas in the UK too. I don’t have the link anymore…but I remember that post well.

      Your last paragraph sums it up to a tee!

  14. Snake Oiler says:

    Here’s a good one if you want a horselaugh at the expense of the usual lying turds…

    California’s Budget Miracle A Mirage After All


    Oh dear Californication! What are you going to do now that the magic beans have run out?

    The only downside is that Liberals are fleeing the state in droves as their salaries are being eaten alive by taxes. Then these morons move to Conservative states and take their stupid Liberalism with them, to infest their next host. And soon enough, the entire voting pattern and harmony of the state is gone and the cycle repeated.

    Meanwhile, back in Calipornication, the Hispanic population is set to outnumber the Whites by the end of 2013. Both groups are around 39% at present. However, only 19 percent of Hispanics are over the age of 50 compared to 43 percent of whites. So, Calibrokeifornia is an aging society, relying on low-skilled, non-English speaking people to feed the state and pay state pensions. Not going to happen!

    Just look at what Mexico looks like to know your future…..

    • Yep…one of my brothers still live there, we were just talking about all of this last Tuesday. Sad what’s happened to my native Golden State, which is no longer golden whatsoever….and won’t be again in my lifetime, if ever!

      • Snake Oiler says:

        I’ve been to California. I ate breakfast in Weed and then patronized a store the size of supermarket that sold nothing but olives. Went to Old Town in Sacramento, and that was pretty tremendous.

  15. Those awful dead soulless eyes. This bulldyke, Sebelius, the little doofus hisself. Do you think for one minute they wouldn’t blow your non-compliant as$ straight to meet your maker? Do not underestimate the evil of these people. Ask yourself why half the TSA goons you run into to are black. That ain’t no accident and it sure as heck is not EEO. It’s cause they know these idiots would just love the opportunity to legally stomp the crap out of you.

  16. Speaking of illegals…check this out!