Uh-oh…seems the leftist Bloomberg Businessweek magazine has drawn much attention, as well as scrutiny and criticism galore from those on the left…you know, the usual suspects! As far as I’m concerned the left misses the whole point about the cover…but that’s just me. – As far as I know you might just see things completely different via your viewfinder in life…if so, make sure and express yourself!

Keeping this short and to the point I’ll cut to the chase. Here’s the report…this is via Yahoo News:

Bloomberg Businessweek is taking a beating from critics who say the magazine’s recent cover—featuring a cartoon illustration of what appears to be a black family rolling in cash from a housing rebound—is racist.

“Our cover illustration got strong reactions, which we regret,” Josh Tyrangiel, Bloomberg Businessweek’s editor in chief, said in a statement to Yahoo News. “If we had to do it over again, we’d do it differently.”

The Feb. 25 cover depicts the cash-grabbing family members as stereotypical caricatures inside a two-story pink home above the headline “The Great American Housing Rebound.”

“Flips. No-look bids. 300 percent returns,” the subhead reads. “What could possibly go wrong?”

“The claim that minorities are creating a housing bubble through flipping, no-look bids, and 300% returns is simply not reality,” Jacob Gaffney wrote on HousingWire.com. “Flipping is a form of fraud and not a typical transaction. No-look bids are not exclusive to Hispanic and African-American investors. No one is making a 300% return.”

“Businessweek Warns That Minorities May Be Buying Houses Again,” Matthew Yglesias wrote on Slate.com.

“It’s hard to imagine how this one made it through the editorial process,” Ryan Chittum wrote on the Columbia Journalism Review.

Andres Guzman, a Peru-born, Minneapolis-based artist, was commissioned by Bloomberg Businessweek for the illustration. “I was asked to make an excited family with large quantities of money,” Guzman wrote on his Tumblr page before the controversy erupted. “I slipped in my lovely cat, Boo, which was my favorite part. Too bad I wasn’t asked to draw large quantities of cats. Drawing dollars was a drag.”

“I simply drew the family like that because those are the kind of families I know,” Guzman explained in a follow-up statement provided to Yahoo! News by Bloomberg Businessweek. “I am Latino and grew up around plenty of mixed families.”

The magazine has become known for its provocative covers. Tyrangiel was named Advertising Age’s 2012 Editor of the Year because of his willingness—along with creative director Richard Turley—to push the envelope.

Last year, they published a cover featuring two commercial jets having plane sex (under the headline “Let’s Get It On”) to illustrate the Continental-United merger. Bloomberg Businessweek also published a cover featuring Mitt Romney—then in the heat of the Republican primary—with the cover art from Bruce Springsteen’s 1984 album “Born in the U.S.A.” displayed in front of the former Massachusetts governor’s backside, supporting the cover line: “SCORNED IN THE USA.”

“I’m glad that our covers have captured a lot of attention and that some people call them controversial, but that’s really only because the stories themselves are controversial,” Tyrangiel had told Ad Age. “Part of it is that we have a group of people here who are not afraid to handle really hot subjects.”

Keep in mind what is stated on the cover itself: “The Great American Housing Rebound.”

“Flips. No-look bids. 300 percent returns,” the subhead reads. “What could possibly go wrong?”

Okay dudes and dudettes…state your opinions. – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Racism schmacism.

    What matters is if the cover is true.

    And to that, the answer is fundamentally “Yes.” The housing bubble of the last decade was inflated mainly for the benefit of blacks and Hispanics.

    • Precisely right…and if memory serves me correct, many banks were pressured/forced to make mortgages available to those who couldn’t afford the loans at all. Oh well, that matters not…we tax-payers end up eating it all in the end. – Thank you congress-critters all! As well as a few presidents to-boot!

  2. Snake Oiler says:

    No more racist than cooking up some doo-doo and mothball brownies…

    On Feb. 7, a member of the elderly woman’s family turned on the oven in her home and began to smell “feces and mothballs,” according to police.


    • Good gawd! She should have been charged with far more than that…what if that oven had caught on fire etc!?


    Whinning liberal pansietards always looking for something else to whine about thheir never satisfied Its aways one sniveling little pasietard after another Soon wont be long until even the eagle is consieted offensive to some whinny little pacifists pansietards and theyll want it replaced by dumb pink chicken

  4. Snake Oiler says:

    Say, just who is going to pay for this?

    Illinois Senate approves Medicaid expansion bill

    “Access to quality health care is a fundamental right,” said Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn in a statement, saying the federal law will “improve the health of hundreds of thousands of people across Illinois, strengthen our health care system and create thousands of good jobs in the health care field.”

    Republicans expressed caution over whether the federal government will stick to the promise of funding the vast majority of these people’s benefits.

    Even if that commitment comes to fruition, Illinois taxpayers will have to pony up an estimated $3 billion over the next six years, said Sen. Dave Righter, R-Mattoon.

    “Our system is already overburdened, our system is already still … unaffordable,” said Righter. “This is absolutely the wrong time to add people to this program.”


    And fiscally responsible…

    Robert Nordbye · Top Commenter · Eureka College
    As a state we are broke, we rank 50th. Can’t borrow money without paying high interest and yet the moron’s want to spend more. How the federal government can afford anything, except borrow trillions from our enemies so they own us and we would still have to come up with 3 billion more. What a bunch of jerks, they all be charged for treason for ruining our country and state.

  5. “Racism” will be be heard with ANYTHING involving blacks. The black mantra of “Racism!” results from the collective deep insecurity of the Negro conerning the black man’s grossly inadequate history of contributions and development when compared with European/White American history.

  6. For an excellent read on what black control results in on a national level, read the Irish Savant’s most recent article:


    This article should be required reading.

    • thunk…

      Just read that article…it speaks volumes. Americans should wise-up and pay attention, take lessons from what’s happening all around them here and abroad…before it’s far too late, if it isn’t already.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      Excellent! Here’s an older article from the same source that fits in well with the previous.


      • Yeah, read that over on the Captionfest thread that thunk posted as well. – What a mess!

        • Snake Oiler says:

          Irish Savant has almost too much worthwhile reading.

          • Agree…I’ve read a lot there from others that have posted. It sure would be nice to have the time in a day to go to all the places you want to…no doubt about that. – Another reason I’m so glad for other posters who always have something new to share with us, you included of course…you really come up with some good, unique ones indeed! 😉

          • Snake Oiler says:

            More like bizarre and offbeat. But as thunk has illustrated, ‘Never let the enemy define how you can define the enemy’. The left wants to control your speech, and, by extension, control your thoughts – what are you then? Easily manipulated, I’m afraid.

          • Easily manipulated indeed…and our nation is full of lemmings like that, the last election proved that!

    • gawd..fkin censors at Blogger:

      Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog’s content is objectionable. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more information about our content policies, please visit the Blogge

  7. Snake Oiler says:

    Surely you can’t be serious? I am serious. And stop calling me Shirley.

    Dennis Rodman is touring North Korea on a diplomatic mission


  8. Snake Oiler says:

    Wow! How many people are aware of these facts?

    When Hispanics are asked what issues they care most about, immigration usually ranks only fifth. Hispanics who come from countries where big government is a permanent fact of life and where the economic systems are based on bribery are unlikely prospects for the Republican message of limited government and restraints on government spending.

    Any amnesty plan, no matter how it is dressed up, is a formula for more Democratic votes and the big-government, big-spending policies advocated by the Democrats.

    A couple of coalitions have formed to try to convince religious groups that amnesty is a manifestation of Christian compassion. In fact, it is gross hypocrisy because it betrays the millions of immigrants who came here legally and obeyed our laws.

    This was well understood by the famous advocate for the rights of Hispanic immigrants, Cesar Chavez. Long deceased, he is still such an Hispanic icon that the National Education Association (NEA), year after year, passes a resolution calling for a national holiday to honor Cesar Chavez, and it’s already a state holiday in California.

    Chavez was vehemently opposed to illegals coming across the Mexican border because they took jobs from legal immigrants. He ordered union members to call the Immigration and Naturalization Service and report illegals working in the fields so our government could deport them.

    Chavez got his supporters to picket INS offices to demand a crackdown on illegals, and he offered staff to the INS to serve as volunteer border guards to keep Mexicans from sneaking into the U.S. Occasionally, Chavez’ people even physically attacked illegals to scare them away.


    What a xenophobic racist Chavez was!

    • Hey Snake…shh, you aren’t supposed to state the true facts. Now that you’ve let the cat out of the bag…the leftist-loon libs will come calling on ya!

      It’s really a shame our side of the aisle doesn’t know how to use just the issue about Chavez and illegals for example after example…instead, many at the top like McAmnesty are in bed with the left too.

      • Snake Oiler says:

        BT – Too bad the chief isn’t around, because I’ve been working on one that needs to be subjected to critical review. By chance, have you have ever heard of the Ramones? If not, this might not make a good deal of sense. They were/are an early New York punk outfit with quite a catalog. I was reworking Sheena Is A Punk Rocker into Obama Is A Fudge Packer, to get some perspective as to the tune:


        Well Obama and Rahm are all hopped up and ready to go
        They’re ready to go now
        They’ve got their lubricants
        And they’re going to the bathhouse a go go
        They just couldn’t stay away
        They enjoy all things gay
        Well Chicago really has it all
        Oh yeah, oh yeah

        Obama is a fudge packer
        Obama is a fudge packer
        Obama is a fudge packer now
        Obama is a fudge packer
        Obama is a fudge packer
        Obama is a fudge packer now

        It basically gets repeated after that.

  9. Racism is overrated and the card is maxed out!

    In my neighborhood, there are several homes that have been lossed several times by the vibrant neighbors. Shameless. It is a nice neighborhood near really good schools and some of the yards look tacky.

    Anyway, this flipping and vibrant folks getting loans on houses that they cannot afford is fricking stupid!

    Blistered, out!

  10. The editors at Bloomberg Businessweek would make great Republicans… as soon as they received a little criticism for their cover, their backbones turned to jelly regretting they didn’t do the cover differently. Depict a gay white man in the house and everything would have been hunkydory.

    • Paul…

      Boy oh boy…did you ever hit the nail on the head when it comes to the repubs in a situation like this…that’s exactly what they do time and again. They have done this since I can remember..they’ll never learn that they don’t get a pass for what they do via the msm, which they endlessly cower to…and the left always will get a pass. – ‘Stuck on Stupid’ should be their emblem/mantra for the party.

  11. Snake Oiler says:

    This is heartbreaking news. You may need an interpreter.

    9-Year-Old Rapper Lil Poopy Has Been Disowned


    Further evidence the country is beyond redemption.

  12. eekalouse says:

    Who cares?

  13. Gould K.L. Brownlee says:

    By the standards of Left Wing cowards, traitors and race hustlers, yes that cover is racist.

    But all that means is that it’s pretty damned funny and extremely accurate. We live in a society where reality and the expression of it are considered racist.

    Therefore, by that typically insane Leftist definition of racism, we need to be as virulently and openly racist as possible. It is our only hope to turn things around and salvage something of the West.

  14. Cinnamon Girl says:

    “Flipping is a form of fraud”. This is a gross generalization and unfair to honest people who simply buy a home for say, $50,000, put another $25,000 in it to fix it up, and sell it for $100,000 for a decent profit.

    Maybe I misunderstood that particular part of the statement but there is nothing fraudulent about basic house-flipping. What is downright fraudulent is what our own government did to create the housing bubble and what it’s been doing to ruin neighborhoods for decades: Section friggin’ 8!

  15. I just need to throw in two names in this mix when it comes to housing the fix we’ve been in with all the tentacles that reach this issue.

    Just think of the names Frank/Dodd. You’ll understand.

    …oh yeah, and speaking of Bawney Fwank, think Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae too. – Just for the thrill of it.

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