There’a viral YouTube video about the hot fillies on Fox News. It’s written by singer/songwriter Austin Cunningham from AWD’s beloved Lone Star state! It’s about how conservative babes are hot and libtarded bufforillas are not! Check it out:

I’m not going to lie. AWD pretty much knows everybody. Except libtards and metrosexuals (homosexuals in a metro). But AWD knows pretty much everybody else! I don’t know how it happens but it just does. About two weeks ago, a country singer friend of mine told me “you need to know Austin Cunningham.” I said, “maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t…want to fight about it?” Next thing AWD knows, Austin Cunningham follows ye olde Big Sexy on Twitter and sends me a message saying he’d like to know AWD. I told him “who the hell wouldn’t….want to fight about it?” He’s up in Nashville writing country chart-toppers but when he gets back at the end of march, AWD and Austin are going to hook up and throw the ol’ houlihan since we both live in the same town. I crap you negative. Well, that was before this Fox News music video went big…he’ll probably avoid me now like Michael Moore avoids personal hygiene. But that’s all right….this town ain’t that damn big! And I know people! I’ll fight them, too!

On another topic, AWD’s resident hip hop artist has sent me his latest. I like me some Nate Smoove! I think we could be buds except he’s out behind enemy lines in California. I like the topics of his songs….like one I posted called The Bro’s Gotta Go. Here’s his latest:

It’s going to be hard to get AWD to like rap…after all, I already like both kinds of music. Country AND Western. But I just like Nate. I asked him when he was going to write a rap song about AWD? He said he would…so AWD will be the only blogger with a rap song! I’ll have that going for me! Which is nice! And you can guess who’s going to write AWD’s country song! Unless he’s got too big for his damn britches because of that Girls On Fox News video!

Here’s an open post topic for all you music lovers since the Top 10 Albums If You’re Trapped On An Island went over pretty well. After reading your selections, AWD has only two words for most of you on your music selections: Get Help! Naaaaah, joking mostly. Some of y’all really know music. But not as much as AWD because I think my list was the best.

Tonight’s topic – WHAT IS THE MOST UNDERRATED ALBUM OF ALL TIME. Well, I’m going to answer that one for you right now. If you say “Roy Smeck and His Singing Guitar,” Get Help! I say it’s Quadrophenia by The Who. If you have to ask “who is The Who?,” Get Help! The Who put out so many great albums that Quadrophenia is often overlooked. Or I might say “Meddle” by Pink Floyd which has a lot of good tunes other than the incredible “Echoes.” It should be good to see what the music aficionados in our crowd come up with.

For Music That Doesn’t Suck tonight, why not play the first song on Quadrophenia? Want to fight about it? Well, OK then! Here’s the excellent rocker “The Real Me.”

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  1. Nice! Fox is Foxy

  2. Mr. Grumpus says:

    I almost put Quadrophenia on my list, but maybe I was in an ill mood that night. I don’t know. I know I said my quick list wasn’t my final cut, so I should at least get a Mulligan. Maybe I could drop Buffet for The Who.

  3. I have 1 word for those lefty, angry women……MAKEOVER. Indeed Fox has some babes.

  4. Truer words were never sung……..

  5. Music with some balls. Not this de-masculated emo crap!

    I get a kick out of these nerds with tattoos- posing (Maroon 5)- and those sinister Iraqi scrotum goatees, with their little earrings and piercings( with zero talent).
    Piercings are a great thing grab and twist and rip out! Nose rings are the best. Or maybe rip your little sensitive f… emo ear off for ya amigo.

    Mumford and Sons: barf

  6. While my music canon of knowledge is about a mile wide and an inch deep and have no business getting off the porch to run with the big dogs who will weigh in later today with accurate comparisons of genre, artistic talents, tonality, and the like; I do have an opinion on this subject and way to little sleep to not give it here in front of the cool kids. I’ve always thought Led Zeppelin 3 was a fantastic acoustic compilation overshadowded and tossed aside like the quiet girls at the freshmen mixer. Sunday mornings after rocking since Friday night kind of metaphor for lack of a better one. I’m going to bed check y’all later.

  7. pointy end out says:

    So many choices…
    I’m gonna run with Chicago’s first album “Chicago Transit Authority”
    Good stuff !

  8. All this here album talk and hain’t a one a ‘ya mentioned Unknown Hinson…. Target Practice is a must have album for that desert island. I mean hell, his picture is right up there ^.

    • 03gyrene, AWD has always been partial to the King’s “Rock n Roll Is Straight From Hell” album, hisself!

      • There ain’t a record from the King what I don’t like. I feel that “Target Practice” is the obvious choice for being stranded on an island as you could surely gain some survival type advice from such songs as Stalkin’ the Wild She-Beast, Sex Toy, Ugly Things,and Barbie-Q. Not to mention Alkyhol Withdrawl….a feller would surely need that to get through the rough spots.

        • Anything by Tha Kang is spac-tac-ular, but the original version (not the re-release) of The Future Is Unknown is numero uno for me. With songs like Put Out Or Get Out, Rock and Roll Is Straight From Hell, and Hippie Girl how can you go wrong? Hey, who remembers his TV show The Wild Wild South?

          The only thing I miss about Charlotte is not being able to take in his yearly Halloween show. Unknown used to carry a pistol on stage and shoot it in the air occasionally. Plus it was a good place for meeting the fillies – by definition, any worman at an Unknown show has a sense of humor and a tolerance for misogyny.

          • Xavier, you’re talking about Unknown’s Halloween show at The Double Door? AWD attended several when I lived in Charlotte. I’d always request Hippie Girl just to have the King cuss me out from the stage! We were probably at some of the same shows!


  9. Since this thread is an Open Post…I’m throwing this in here. – Speaks volumes about Marxist Susan Rice. I really hope some of you read this. She really admires Mugabe etc.

    Another reason Dear Leader loves her.

  10. One of my favorite albums that you never hear of is the 1994 Endangered Species from Lynyrd Skynard. Have learned most of the Mandolin parts in the second half of the album, with a couple of favorites.

    Have a couple of songs from that album here:

    Am I Losin’

    Last Rebel

    Enjoy 😉

  11. I am shocked!!, Shocked I tell ya!!! Why did they not include the beautiful Rachel MadcowLesbo from DEMNBC?? Is she not hot?? There must be thousands of bull dykes out there protesting that she was not included. What about the fantastic Mellissa Harris (what the hell is her name again?). Are they not worthy to complete with the beautiful ladies of Fox News. Kimberly Gilfoyle is so hot it is incredible.

  12. Snake Oiler says:

    Diane Macedo! Diane Macedo! And (for her age) Liz Claman is still exceedingly hot.

  13. Great video; I always pick my local news by the best looking anchorwoman. I usually end up watching Fox. Underrated album….I’m gonna say The Who by Numbers because it has some great tunes on it, and Keith Moon still sounds like a monster. Every album can’t be Quardrophenia or Who’s Next!

  14. Didn’t Adam Sandler claim in the movie ‘Reign Over Me’ that Quadrophenia was the most underrated album of all time? Whats the big deal with The Who? In music class in Jr. High school we were subjected to the rock opera ‘Tommy’. You know, Pin Ball Wizard and all that crap.

    Oh, and my musical taste is second to none.

    Is that really Megan Kelly at the top? Since when does she pose in her underwear?

  15. As far as liking hot woman on Fox News then Andrea Tantaros and Kimberly Guilfoyle are my number one picks.

  16. Open post… GREAT!!! I’m sure I would want to dine with this babe too if I was married to Mooch.

    Btw… I’m sure tax payers will be picking up the tab.

  17. Love and Rockets – ‘Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven’

    It sounds amazingly euphoric and different (Floydish) when stoned.

  18. I M Simpleton says:

    I’m late to the party, but whatever happened to Julie Banderas. Not healthy to watch after being in the desert for months…

    • I M Simpleton says:

      Oh, and as far as underrated, Mark Knopfler has to be one of the most underrated guitarists. Dire Straits’ “Love Over Gold” is one of my fav albums of all time. Like Dark Side of the Moon, no space filler and great when I want to listen to something mellow.

  19. 3 words…RIDE THE LIGHTNING!

  20. peteywheatstraw says:

    Most under rated album imho Frank Zappa roxy and elsewhere