Sieg Heil!

Sieg Heil!

Addressed to consumers of the MSM:

Did you know that yesterday—Thursday, February 28, 2013—an estimated 10,000—ten thousand—people gathered at the capitol building in Albany, NY to protest New York’s aggressively anti-second amendment “S.A.F.E. Act”?

Did you hear this on the national news?

Do you know that that ten thousand figure is the same estimated size of the “Occupy Wall Street” mob at the height of its anarchic reign in New York City*?

Did you ever hear about “Occupy Wall Street” on the national news?

Yesterday, after a day-long protest by these estimated 10,000 people, there was not a single arrest, not a single bit of trash left on the premises, not a single disturbance to either law enforcement, citizens, or the environment (just like every T.E.A. Party protest of 2009).

Occupy Wall Street, on the other hand, resulted in drug use, theft, vandalism, harassment, sexual harassment, child harassment, terrorizing local businesses, child abuse, assaults, rapes, arson, murder, public nudity, public sex, public defecation (on police cars, in businesses, in public areas, and on private property), numerous arrests, total trashing of the environment, disease, and God knows what else.

Yet whereas the national news ensured that “Occupy Wall Street” became a household name, no one outside of Albany listening solely to the MSM would have any idea that there is an insurrection brewing against the aggressive gun control laws being pushed by Democratic operatives the nation over, beginning in New York State.

Ok you MSM consumers: You are no doubt familiar with the “We are the 99%!” chant. But are you familiar with “We will not comply!”?

I didn’t think so.

All so very strange, isn’t it?

We will not comply

We will not comply

(For more pictures, see here.)

* See To quote: “Without a doubt, though, there were many thousands of people in that joyful crowd – probably at least 10,000. More than that, we cannot say.” Hope the “joyful crowd” comment isn’t lost on anyone (see above).

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  1. If it’s not in the NYT, it didn’t happen. Just like Obama’s emptying the jails of Mexican criminals. That never happened.

  2. Red…

    Thanks for this piece. I’ve been wondering about you and yesterday…posted about it on your other thread. – The silence from the msm makes me sick…they always will! Some things never change when it comes to ‘their’ agendas…yesterday was proof of that!

    The only place I heard about this rally was via talk radio…along with a few callers that talked about this in the positive. Some that called in were in attendance too.

    I thank all of you for fighting the good fight…many or us were with you in mind and spirit my brother in arms!

    • ‘The silence from the msm makes me sick…’

      Tune it out, if you have children or grand children, have them do the same..see what I posted a few minutes ago in this thread.

      fk rachel and her crew

  3. Red,

    The above photo is as beautiful as waking up to my eighteen year old girlfriend naked in bed… OK! OK! I lie a little, but kudos to those in Albany who protested for our second amendment rights.

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    That picture of those 10:000 patrotic americans sure beats pictures of OBAMA with those kids he used for his propeganda I mean all 10:000 and it was orderly and peacful I,ll bet the NEW YORK SLIMES,WASHINGTON COMPOST,ATLANTA URINAL/CONSTITPATION as well as the talking dummieheads were disapppointed No Riots,no vandalism,no arrests no deficating on polce cars like that OWS stinkhole did thats why the main-stream leftists news media prefered to ignore it

  5. majorityofone says:

    I really hate to make this point but being clean, law abiding and peaceful isn’t newsworthy especially if the media want to play down the protest in the first place. It’s Catch 22.

    It’s snowing here today. If I walk around with a sign that says stop the snow, it might make the local news. If I try to stop the snow by shooting snow flakes out of the air with my Rem 870, I probably get my fifteen minutes of infamy.

  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    The media have a slogan IF IT BLEEDS IT LEADS and thats why their not intersted in this case NO BIG GUN BATTLES

  7. The Birch Society once wrote……

    When a million signatures are turned in at Con-gress [opposite of pro gress] TO GET USA OUT OF UN…its not news
    When 50000 sigs from Sierra Club are turned in, it is news….gees.

  8. The tables have been completely turned. What used to be out of the norm is now normal. I’m afraid that Spurwing Plovers comment above is correct.

  9. The MSM is not covering this as they have no time, they are licking the soles of the Jack Booted Thugs that created this mess. When Cuomo and his Thugs get their blowback, the media should suffer the same. I after wonder how the MSM can live with themselves when they are all on their collective knees giving BJ’s to these Thugs. I guess they don’t realize they will be the first into the fire when Tyrants rule.
    This was a great turn out, happy to see it.


    SAFE act? Look at Cuomo in the sign. Now look at the video. Beyond scary! Please pass this video on.

  11. Snake Oiler says:

    A cursory scan of the photo reveals a rather monochromatic tone. Why do you suppose that is. (Rhetorical question)

  12. Snake Oiler says:

    Upon first scrutinizing the banner, I thought it was Joseph Goebbels. Quite the resemblance between him and Fish Face Cuomo.;pid=1.7

  13. Well I hope your legislators took note of the displeased voters on their front step, how big was the police presence? Do you have an estimate?

  14. John Q. Galt says:

    Obama skeet shoots does he not? According to federal law he also is a “prohibited person” due to his “youthful indiscretion” drug use. Just like David “Max Capacity” Gregory the rules are different for him.

    • Rules and regulations do not apply to Progressives, Socialists, Fascists and Communists In Govt or Media. They have successfully crossed one line in their incrementalist approach to Totalitarianism. They are not going to stop because of demonstrations. Like Roaches they need to be Stomped on Hard to stop them.


    If these had been a bunch of ANTI-GUN,ANTI-NRA protesters we would see it on the front pages of all the birdcage linners/parrots toilets and the talking dummieheads would be blabbering about it for days

  16. Greyghost148 says:

    I was at the Capital protest in Albany on the 28th.Awesome event.Terrific speakers,ten thousand well behaved,polite,like minded second amendment supporters. The best protest sign of all was in the port-a-johns urinals – A photo of Cuomo with the words” Cuomo urinal cake” on it. Worth the trip for that.

  17. Joe Stalin says:

    If you phoned Rush Limbaugh during the demonstration maybe he would have put you on the air?