Allen West had some words for the pond-scum of the senate last night. Every word West had to say was well deserved. In fact, I doubt if there’s anyway possible many of us could have been as controlled with our words as West was if we had been in the same situation. Nevertheless, West minced no words when it came to Reid using the sequester BS on the back of our dead Marines that lost their lives yesterday at Hawthorne, Nevada…which of course had zilch to do with any of this! – Dems motto…”Never let a crisis go to waste!” Despicable, deplorable disgrace!

Here’s what was said last night during a segment on Fox…here’s the transcript:

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: This is a “FOX News Alert.” An 8th Marine has died after a mortar shell explosion during a training accident in Nevada. Several Marines were also hurt in the desert warfare training. And tonight, new outrage over Senator Harry Reid’s remarks. Is he playing politics with this giant tragedy?


SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV), MAJORITY LEADER: Mr. president, late last night, seven of our Marines were killed in Hawthorne, and many others were injured in that explosion during a training exercise near the ammunition depot, Hawthorne, Nevada. And Mr. President, it’s very important we continue training our military, so important. But one of the things that sequester is we cut back in training and maintenance. I mean, cut back in training and maintenance. That’s the way the sequester was written.

It’s just not appropriate, Mr. President, that our military can’t train and do the maintenance necessary. These men and women, our Marines, were training there at Hawthorne, and with the sequester, it’s going to cut this stuff back. And with the sequester it’s going to cut this stuff back. I just hope everyone understands the sacrifices made by our military, they are significant.


VAN SUSTEREN: Senator Reid wasting no time using this military tragedy, our nation’s now tragedy, as an opportunity to talk about the sequester. And his comments are sparking outrage, former congressman Allen West tweeting, “Senator Reid, disgusted by your attempt to politicize the deaths of seven Marines in Nevada, if you possessed any shred of honor, you’d apologize now.”

Well, late today, Senator Reid’s office issuing this statement. “In the wake of the Hawthorne tragedy, Senator Reid’s thoughts are with the Marines who were killed or injured and their loved ones. The idea that Senator Reid thinks the Hawthorne tragedy has anything to do with the sequester is absurd and unsubstantiated by his remarks on the top. Marines would not be forced to operate under unsafe conditions due to budget cuts.”

So is that the apology Congressman West was looking for? He joins us. Nice to see you, sir.

ALLEN WEST (R-FL), FORMER CONGRESSMAN: It’s a pleasure to be with you, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: Before we get to the topic of whether or not that is what you’re looking for from Senator Reid, your thoughts tonight with the announcement that now we have lost an 8th Marine in that explosion?

WEST: Well, absolutely, condolences go out to the families of all those Marines that lost their lives, especially one of the families who live locally in the south Florida area where I reside.

But that apology or faux apology is not sufficient. I believe the most important thing that Senator Harry Reid must do is to go over to the Marine barracks at eighth and stand there with the commandant of the Marine Corps before a formation of Marines and truly give an apology for what he said on the Senate floor because for him to try to draw a connection between sequestration budget cuts and what happened — we don’t need anyone politicizing this event, especially when just May of last year, 2012, he had a totally different stance, and that was in a political article.

But Greta, I received countless amounts of e-mails from the regiment of retired Marines, and I’d just like to take the time to read one of those statements from a very senior retired Marine officer Causi Jay when he said, “The majority leader of the Senate, a position which calls for the utmost in principle-centered behavior, statesmanship, civility, dignity and decorum, not to mention intellect and common sense, stoops to such callow crassly political statements as those uttered by Senator Reid. He demeans the office he holds, as well as the entire body he serves, and that would include his fellow senators, constituents and all Americans, especially those who have made and repeatedly honored a commitment to serve in harm’s way when required.”

You know, I was an artillery officer for 22 years in the United States Army, and I have a lot of experience with mortars. And one of the things that he should be looking at and just allow people to do the investigation is to bore a riding pin in that 60-millimeter mortar system, which is also a common instance in 81-millimeter mortar systems, as well as the possibility of a hot cookoff with that mortar round.

So for him to go on the Senate floor and try to use this as some type of political statement — he needs to send an apology not just to the families, but to all the Marines, and especially with the commandant of the Marine Corps.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is there any chance in your mind that it was just a clumsy statement? Let me give you another spin on it, that what he meant is, you know, the sequester is so painful to the military, that he — you know, it was just very sort of clumsy and trying to highlight the pain of the sequester and that it just sounded wrong? I realize that his statement isn’t exactly an explanation of that view, but is there any chance in your mind that that was just, you know, a stupid way to say something?

WEST: Well, let me take this quote from the — this senator Harry Reid from last year denouncing the Republicans, scrambling to do away with the cuts to defense. “I will not accept that,” Reid said. “My people in the state of Nevada and I think the country have had enough of whacking all the programs we’ve cut to the bare bones. And Defense is going to have to bear their share of the burden.”

So not only has he offended the United States Marine Corps and these families who lost their loved ones, he’s also a hypocrite when you think about what he said just May of last year.

So I don’t see this as a clumsy statement. I see this as a deliberate thing that he has said, much the same as when he accused Mitt Romney of certain things from the Senate floor. Harry Reid has to be called responsible for the statements that he made.

Do any of you have a message for Reid? If so…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Harry Reid is a dinosaur turd that should have been flushed a long long time ago// No low this POS won’t stoop to..

    • That he wasn’t at least chastised by his fellow Democrats, McRino and his butt buddy, LG and Dear old Jim Webb kinda shows they’re all in lockstep. Birds of a feather.

      • Exactly right michael…where have the big mouth, msm whores Graham and McRINO been? Their silence has been mighty notable!

        One other thing, I know I mentioned it yesterday on the other thread, but when Reid is whining about the sequester needing to go away…the only thing that needs to go away is Reid himself…along with Dear Leader, whose very idea about sequester is his responsibility in large part!

        Infuriating…filthy, all of them!

        • Well said Bigtimer.Reid is lower than pond scum. A huge broom is needed to clean out all the dirt bags in DC.

          • Howdy Joy…

            Yep, we need a hot water mop to swab all the filth out of the Foggy Bottom!

    • AR…

      Should have…but wasn’t! – Unfortunately…now we all have to suffer the consequences.

      Btw…sorry this post didn’t get under AR. 😉

    • Dave in Texas says:

      I wouldn’t disrespect my toilet with that douche bag piece of crap. What Reid said the other night broke my heart for those Marines. Shame on Reid and shame on all those rhinos that didn’t speak up.


    Scary Harry Reid is a fossel he is a liberal career demacRAT who supports his own corupt party rather then the nation or the citizens he needs to disappear forever

  3. If any of you have the time…this was a great rant, plus spot-on!

    I caught this live yesterday…so wanted to share it.

  4. I hate that son-of-a-bitch!!! I have always hated him and always will. Pond scum is a complement to that bastard.

    I would celebrate at a bar if anything happened to him that put him out of his (and our) misery.

  5. Even Harrys mouth looks like an azzhole that he is. What a scum POS.

  6. Spurwing Plover says:


  7. Michael Savage Talks to Expert about DHS buying Massive Amount of Ammunition

    • Amazing info. A very close friend told me about a year ago the Govt. would do exactly this with ammo as it was their only real defense against the guns. I didn’t take it as a serious issue, but it makes perfect sense. However these big Ammo Makers are through contract part of the Govt. FACISM folks, thats its definition, Tyrants always do this. Now if we had some Congress Critters with some brains and Balls they would just say No, the Govt doesn’t need that much ammo to stockpile and just not fund the purchase. The House has the purse strings and could just refuse to authorize the open ended PO. People need to call their Reps and express extreme displeasure with this and the lack of Congress willing to do anything about it or even trying. Stalin did this type of nastiness with food. The Ammo makers need to be called out by the general public as it has been the public that has supported them more than Govt.

  8. Cinnamon Girl says:

    My friends and I, and yes, I am speaking for them but with the confidence that they would agree, would very much like to see ALL of Congress booted right out and replaced with people with reasonable minds, a sense of fairness, a love of the Constitution, and a willingness to take responsibility. The reason I included other people in my sentiments is because after these past four and a half years of worsening conditions that have no end in sight, the liberal ones are finally past their breaking point. Their hopes were that the nation would improve under Democrat rule because it worsened under Republican rule. They were also choosing what they believed to be the lesser of two evils. They chose wrongly this last time and they know it, and not just with the president but also with most members of the Senate and the House. (Exceptions would include greats like Sessions R-AL, etc.)

    What we will have to do is form a united front against all leaders like Reid and get them out of office. We will also have to demand and receive term limits so that any damage done by replacements can have a chance of being undone when they are forced out by these term limits.

    It’s time, it’s past time, to start anew!

    • Hey CG…

      I see by the time stamp you were up late last night…being the night owl you are at times, you posted another great piece. – Since we have term limits in place now, it is up to people to stay vigilant, know who they are voting for and what they stand for, as well as how they have voted in the past…and get out and vote when their next election date is in their area. Otherwise…nothing will change.

      It’s up to the voters being informed and voting…simple as that. – I don’t see anything changing anytime soon either. ~ Hope I’m wrong.

  9. Reid won reelection by 424 votes in 1998, a doofus losertarian got around one percent of the vote, a few thousand votes and split the opposition, saving Reid. He should’ve been out of there. The Repubs got robbed. I tell people : win by one vote and you win. He’s been winning comfortably since then, pulling shady stuff in two elections after he survived that scare. Conditions change quickly. Women voted heavily for Reid in 2010, a majority of men in Nevada voted for Sharron Angle. Reid could be a Biden-style tax-feeding lifer going 40 plus years if he lives that long. He could challenge Robert Byrd’s record. Heaven help us! Have you ever met one liberal anywhere who believed in term limits? I haven’t. That’s why I know they’re good; term limits, that is, not liberals. Liberals are no damned good for anything.

  10. Here’s a little more from West…albeit a different subject.

    Here’s another that does pertain to the subject.

  11. This is one little hateful man. Still can’t believe the citizens gave him another term… then again, forty percent of the population can’t even name the VP or representatives of their states.

    • Right you are…and I’ll bet it’s higher than 40% too.

      I’ve got to try to put together a blog post, some of which I’ve had saved since I was under-the-weather. Hope I can make some sanity of it. – Be back in a bit.

      • BT,

        Got to finish up some work and need to get to the bank. Just so you know, we truly appreciate the time you give up in order to post interesting news we don’t get through the worthless media… catch you later tonight.

        • Thank you so much Paul…that’s appreciated more than you know. – So is your input…miss ya when I don’t see ya around.

          Looking forward to catching up with you later this evening. – I’ve got things to do at home myself in-between things here. 😉

  12. Gee…she finally figured something out and got it right!

  13. I wouldn’t feed Reid a plate full of week old dog shit as I have more respect for the dog shit than I do him.

  14. Geesh how stupid can the people of Nevada be to keep this snake in office? What a bunch of dumbasses