Ohhhh shama lama and a big ding dong to you worthless infidel dogs! The Imam sends this warning, submit unto Allah at once and maybe Islam will let you live. For a bit longer, anyway.

The Imam’s heart is sad and his anger is great! The Imam is angry that three handsome Saudi jihadist men were expelled from a cultural festival last week in Riyadh for being “too sexy.” The men were expelled from the annual StoningFest where Muslim men get rid of their old wives to make room for the new class of 8 year olds. StoningFest is a timeless tradition and fun for the whole Muslim family. Except for the 13 year old wives who end up in the pit! Shama lama!

What has the world of Islam come to! How could this happen!? These men know handsome men are not allowed in Islam! What were they thinking?

It is a sad day that handsome men believe they have a place in Islam! Islam is ugly! And that is the way Allah likes it! Why do you think he commands Muslim women to wear burqas?

But the Imam’s anger burns like the fires of a 1000 exploding Israeli buses because the three handsome men were not just mere handsome men….because there are no handsome men in Islam. Only ugly, hairy jihadists that would scare Rosie O’Donnell off of an all-you-can-eat buffet are allowed in Islam! The Imam knows there was something else about these so-called handsome men.

Here is a photo of one of the “handsome” men. You be the judge, worthless infidel dog!

His name is Omar al-Gaywadi and he is a well-known hairdresser in the French suburbs of Riyadh. This “handsome man” has seen more than one sword of jihad up close, if you know what the Imam means! He has been the recipient of more drilling and pumping than the Saudi oil fields! A true gay-hadist.

Here is another of the so-called “handsome men:”

This “handsome man” is known as Osama bin Pooftered. He is known to be able to identify the thread count of every fine Egyptian-cotton pillow in the Kingdom of Saud! His teeth marks have been found by Religious Police on pillows in the hotel rooms of numerous visiting American Democrat politicians for years!

I believe you will recognize the third Muslim man. He is not handsome and has a propensity to wearing mommy jeans and riding bicycles of little girls. He was asked to leave the StoningFest festival because of his openly homosexual and sissified behavior. This Muslim is well known in gay bath houses in your America and has a unique relationship with a “sensitive guy” jihadist named Reggie Love aka The Body Man. Infidels, Body Man? That don’t even sound right!

Yes, this jihadist has seen more wangs than the Beijing phone book. But he is a true enemy to the Great Satan and is ugly. For that reason, we are sending him to be the Imam of the Greenwich Village mosque in three years.

Yes, Islam is ugly. Allah likes ugly. Good looks by western standards leads to massive amounts of immoral activities that will get you beheaded in 57 Muslim countries. Just ask the Angry White Infidel how difficult it is to be continually pursued by beautiful women who only want to ravish your sexy, chiseled body (before AW Infidel was married, of course). But these “handsome men” (gay-hadists) were asked to leave the festival and report to the Pink Mosque in San Francicostan because of their attraction to jihadis and not jihad-ho’s. Attraction to either, of course, is forbidden in Islam!

The Imam is proud to be an ugly Muslim! Muslims are the chosen ugly people of Allah! And no one does ugly better than Islam. American Democrats come close.

Angry White Imam will leave you American infidels with my favorite song played at StoningFest by the Imam’s favorite singer, Muhammad al-Explodeajew. Here is the Dance of the 1000 Imams:

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  1. I’ve seen that picture of the first handsome man above, along with some much sexier ones too. He resembles my first husband. – Memories are many…. very, very good and some not so good. Glad we’re still bestest buddies in more ways than one. 😉

  2. Angry White Imam, turn from your anger and embrace the funny.

    Pope Francis’ Blessing :

    Pope Francis was finishing his sermon. He ended it with the Latin phrase, “Tuti Homini” – Blessed be Mankind.

    A women’s rights group approached the Pope the next day. They noticed that the Pope blessed all Mankind, but not Womankind.

    The next day, after his sermon, Pope Francis concluded by saying, “Tuti Homini, et Tuti Femini” – Blessed be Mankind and Womankind.

    The next day a gay rights group approached the Pope. They noticed he Blessed Mankind and Womankind, and asked if he could also bless gay people. He said, “Sure.”

    The next day Pope Francis concluded his sermon
    with, “Tuti Homini, et Tuti Femini, et Tuti Fruiti.”

    Dominos Dominos, lets play Dominos. Amen…


    Any so called relegion that forces men to grow beards and women to wear burkas and teaches kids as young as 1st Grade to be human bombs has no buisness in america WERE A CHRISTIAN NATION

  4. Nostradumbass says:

    any religion that can force you to do anything has no place in america. You’re correct, we WERE A CHRISTIAN NATION. now, not so much.

  5. Islam is like a plague that spread throughout the middle east. An oppressive religion of fanatics and suicidal assholes bent on meeting Allah. I think its only fitting that we do our best arrange the meeting.

  6. Small Problem…the guy in the video is a Siek not a muslim.

    • Nostradumbass says:

      Grayjohn, you mean these Turbins are from Germany!!!??? Holy “schizenboxen”, dur Bubba!!! I never knew “dey schprekken da Persian!” We should find out how they were able to gain a foothold in Schleswig-Holstein. Ve-r-r-r-r-r-r-y Intrestink….

      • Nostradumbass says:

        I just found out Grayjohn meant SIKH (monothestic Punjab religion) and not SIEK (a municipality in the district of Stormarn in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany).
        Whatta Bummer….
        oh well, Nevermind my previous post, false alarm.

    • AWD posts this same video every few months, and without fail somebody points out that the guy is a Sikh. Inevitable, like death and taxes.

      • ldl, that’s the running joke! lol It just pisses libs off to think AWD doesn’t know the difference between a Muslim and Sikh (which the guy spelled incorrectly). Redstater used to weigh in and call me a redneck, racist, trailer-trash idiot after each Imam post to poke further fun at libtards. Oh, it’s just sooooo easy.


  7. Al gaywadi, bin pooftered, Gay-hadists…hilarious! 🙂

    Good morning to everyone from upstate ny. It must be spring, as my inconsiderate neighbor has been making noise since 7am, as he likes to do every Saturday and Sunday when there is daylight and the weather is over 50 degrees. My sis tells me this would NEVER happen in NC: 1. People are considerate of each other and 2. As everyone is armed, nobody would be stupid enough to run their leaf blower, shop vac, lawn mower, etc. at 7 am on a Sunday. Southerners, do you agree? 😉

  8. Haven’t gotten my “Seik” on in a while!

    I bet if you posted this once a day for 10 years, every time someone would point out it’s not muslim!

  9. bargis tryhol says:

    Big Angry Iman..You have to go to a progressive county like Pakistan where all genders are respected and women in particular are beginning to blossom socially…Just kidding of course!

  10. TiminKuwait says:

    Just as an FYI type of post. Maybe you all know this already.

    It is easy to identify a devout muslim who is wearing the dish-dash-ah(robe) and the shumagg(head dress). They usually have a real scruffy looking beard too with no moustache. Easy.

    What many people don’t know is that the Muslim Brotherhood types don’t usually dress that way. It is still easy to identify them though. They usually have a brown or purplish bruise on their forehead. Why? Because they place a small stone under their prayer rug and hit their head on it when they pray. That way, according to them, everyone can see how holy they are. I’ve seen more and more of these guys in the States too.

    I noticed this more and more here in Kuwait. There are more devout Islamists today than almost 3 years ago when I got here. Just in the plant I’m in they have replaced half the staff who were Indian with Egyptians who are 99% Muslim Brotherhood guys. Glad I will be leaving soon!!

    • That’s doesn’t sound like good news at all there Tim.
      The sooner you get the hell out of that corner of the earth, the better!
      Interesting and useful tips. Thanks.

  11. Daytona Matt says:

    This post is going far & to many! Kick ass AWD!
    And Tim, thanks for the info. Committed to memory. Now, haul ass out of there!
    Standing ready in Daytona


    The people of england are losing their free speech rights becuase of the islamic radicals allowed to enter their nation becuase of their open borders and WHIMPY,WHIMPY,WHIMPY parlament

  13. Whoever wrote this is an inferior complexed insecure jealous prick lol. Everyone knows Muslim men are the MOST HANDSOME AND BRAVEST men in THE WORLD. SO STFU U UGLY NON MUSLIM