AWD sends his deepest sympathies to the people of West, Texas after the explosion at the fertilizer plant that occurred last night. More than a dozen Texans were killed and many more injured in the massive explosion which has decimated the small town between Dallas and Waco.

AWD often stops in West during trips to Austin. The town people are largely of Czech descent and the town is famous for its pastries known as kolaches. AWD makes a habit of buying at least a dozen kolaches for my family (mostly myself) in West whenever I make the 3.5 hour trip to Austin on bidness.

What has shown through the death and destruction is the goodness of the people of West and surrounding areas. Many put themselves in harms way to help the victims. Immediately after the explosion, neighbors organized to help victims and their families. There was no looting nor crimes, just good people helping others. Again, they showed the goodness of rural Americans in time of crisis.

Sadly, some found joy in the suffering of others. A black Arlington, Texas guidance counselor named Karon Wright was fired after posting the following:

“It’s amazing how the “whites” get angry when Obama speaks. Oh well….it is most of the whites who is getting blown away. So they will soon be wiped from the earth. Lol.”

That benevolent statement in terrible English was written by former Arlington, TX school guidance counselor Karon Wright. A true humanitarian. She was fired after posting that disgusting statement.

Remember, Texas was the recipient of thousands of black New Orleans residents who were left homeless after Katrina. Even though crime skyrocketed after the relocations, never did you see such vitriol from Texans as you did from Karon Wright.

A few years ago, AWD wrote an article entitled “The Hard Truth: Blacks Hate White People.” AWD would like to thank Karon Wright for proving the veracity of my post, in the most despicable of terms.

It is amazing how Americans can find joy in the suffering of others. Humanitarian Karon Wright managed to do so.

I pray for the families affected by the loss of life and property in West last night. The tragic event will affect the small town for years to come. But the explosion showed the goodness in some and the hatred in others.

Our country is truly divided. I admire and praise the goodness of those who showed kindness and curse the hatred of the disgusting trash like Karon Wright.

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  1. Dave in Texas says:

    My heart goes out to those we Texans lost. As for Karon Wright, the black bi*ch got what she deserved. She can go back to New Orleans.

    God Bless Texas.

  2. My prayers have been sent to all those in West, Texas since late last night…my heart goes out to all of them in words one can’t really express. I’m wishing the best for them in the days to come.

    You can be sure the Obama administration will stick their noses in this situation and it’s not going to be in a good way. – Has Obama uttered a single word about what happened and the lives lost…yet?

    As to Karon Wright…

  3. I better not comment… my prayers do go out for the families of this tragedy.

  4. That was an awful explosion, Prayers are offered. Being Texas I’m sure much help will arrive.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      It’s not the first and won’t be the last.  Ammonium nitrate is touchy stuff.

      • Mr.Rational
        We were going over budget on dynamite on a const job, the company sent an older retired fellow that worked on the Blue Ridge Parkway doing all the blasting, he used 1/4 of the dynamite we were using by filling the holes with Ammonium Nit, thats some bad stuff.

  5. Surprisingly, Obummer did call Gov. Perry to offer condolences. West should receive federal funds, since it was declared a disaster area.

    AWD needs a new map. West is north of Waco, not between Waco and Austin. :-)

    • Yes, 20-25 miles north on I35, home of many kolache shops, nice place to get a snack.

    • LadyGun, I apologize. I wrote that post pretty quickly and didn’t proof it. West is always a stop for me once I get south of Waxahachie.


    • Im sure Obongo called to offer lip service. Had it been a chocolate city hed have had the entire resources of the US there to help. But since its just some poor “cracka’s” that got blown to hell he could care less. Probably in his twisted muslim mind hes happy that some unfortunate republican voters got killed.

  6. Texans will do what Texans do best. We’ll show up. With food. With shelter. With manpower. With clothes. With open arms. We’ll be there until we’ve done all we can. We’ll cry with them. We’ll pray with them. We’ll help them with anything they need. We will come together and prove what a mighty state we are.


    Two disaters in one week is this a pattern? will Liberals blame the TEA PARTY or the GUN LOBBY? This is indeed a terrible accedent I hope they find more alive then dead

    • Spurwing,

      Four years of Obummer and the country is a disaster… I personally think the summer will bring nothing but riots for all major cities. I do hope I’m wrong.

  8. My heart goes out to the victims and their families of the West Texas explosion and fire. AND the ones from the Boston Marathon bombings.

    My heart does NOT go out to Ms. Karon White, on the other hand…

  9. PAmadwoman says:

    I’m having as hard a time with the 3 “likes” to that monstrous comment as I am to the racist piglet who wrote it.

  10. I’m overseas right now, but hope West, Texas can hear my prayers tonight.

  11. bluffcreek1967 says:

    The counselor, Karon Wright, actually got fired?? Geez, Texas really is another world, isn’t it? Apparently, there’s people and companies in Texas that still have some sense of fairness and aren’t scared of blacks.

    If Karon resided in New York, Detroit or L.A., she would have been given a promotion for her posting.

    Did you also catch how she spells her name? “Karon,” not Karen. Blacks like to do unique or odd things to normal names. They add a twist that’s out of the norm. I know this may seem like a psychological stretch, but I think it indicates once again how blacks refuse to conform and assimilate to the American culture. In every way, they need to be different. Underneath it all, far too many blacks are seething at the white man and frequently do little things (big things too) to separate themselves from the white man’s culture and ways.

  12. Who’s idea was it to build a fertilizer factory with both a high school and a junior high school just one block away? With so many fertilizer factories exploding why aren’t they sited away from population?

    God Bless West, TX

    • The West Fertilizer plant has been there since 1962.

      • The Texas City disaster in 1947 was also as a result of an Ammonia Nitrate explosion, 2300 Tons worth, so they knew very well what they had in 1962. The question is how much they let on to the people of the town of West.

  13. The top management that averted safety rules should be tried for manslaughter, criminal negligence, reckless endangerment, whatever we can throw at them. Once again profit overrides safety and health concerns for workers who pay the ultimate price. The two biggest threats to our lives reared their ugly heads this week, religious zealotry and greed.

  14. Two blasts shake the nation. One kills two people and is linked to terrorism, which can be exploited in order to increase military spending, expansion of the surveillance state, etc.

    The other kills 14 (60 still missing), and is in all probability linked to corporate malfeasance.

    Guess which one takes up the top five stories in today’s NYTimes digital edition – and guess which one didn’t make the front page?

  15. If a fertilizer factory has more than 450 pounds onsite they have to inform the Government, for obvious reasons. They had 270 TONS and the Gov was not informed. The company’s owners need to be hung right next to the remaining Tsarnaev brother.

  16. A very sad day for those poor people indeed. As for
    Karon Wright…..wonder if shes related to that piece of shit Rev. Wright? Same mentality. Karon better wake up to the fact that her own kind will kill each other off long before they force whites to do it for them.