Talk about propaganda in the classroom…this so-called professor sure knows how to dish that out, and then some! I caught this story late last night and thought I’d share it with all of you to see what your opinions are about this lying jerk. I’ve also heard this guy is a dem operative in the state of California as well. Color me shocked!

Here’s the report…this is via Campus Reform:

A professor at the University of Southern California (USC) appears to have used a fall semester 2012 political science class to deliver sustained and angered attacks on Republicans, who he characterized as old, white, racist, and “losers.”

In a 15 min. video secretly captured by USC student Tyler Talgo, political science Professor Darry Sragow also appears to endorse the illegal suppression of Republican votes.

“You lose their information on the election in the mail,” he suggested when a student asked him how to keep Republicans from voting. “I mean there is lots of ways to do it [SIC].”

A teaching assistant (TA), who also appeared to work for the university, then seemed to suggest Black Panthers could be placed at polling stations to intimidate Republican voters.

Rather than rebuking the TA, Sragow appeared to confirm the suggestion.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said. “You can do that.”

Neither a spokesperson for USC, or professor Sragow, responded to multiple requests from Campus Reform seeking comment.

While endorsing illegal techniques Sragow also accused the GOP of suppressing Democratic votes by supporting laws requiring voter I.D.

“Republicans are trying to prevent people of color and people of lower income from voting by requiring voter I.D.” he said.

The recording also captures Sragow making dozens of other derogatory remarks about Republicans and Republican politicians.

For example he leveled personal attacks at both former-Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann Romney.

“Romney tends to make shit up,” he said.

“Ann Romney to me looks like she’s out of 1955 and the women who are going to have to decide the race are women who have to work for a living. … she looks like she is hanging out at the country club in Mad Men,” he added.

He also characterized California Republicans in particular as “losers” and stupid and racist.

“California Republicans I just showed you are 30 percent registration in this state because they are really stupid and racist,” he said.” [T]he republican party in California as I say all the time on the record in print on the radio and on tv is the last vestige of angry old white people.”

“Old white guys are stubborn sons of bitches,” he added.

Side-Note: I saw where Tyler Talgo was on with Megyn Kelly today talking about this issue. When and if I see the story about what took place, plus the video…I will post it here too. – Also, thumbs-up and kudos to Tyler as well…we need more like him!

Friends…here’s a much more in-depth report about this, it’s worth the read.

So, do any of you stubborn ol’, white SOB’s have a reply you’d like to give to this old, boring, marxist ‘professor‘ if you could meet him face to face? If so…

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Vic Torino says:

    Darry Sragow sounds like an angry, white man to me.

  2. Here’s some more. ~ I mentioned the update they have there in my post, but…will highlight the news below.

  3. Darry looks pretty old, white, and stupid. He must really, really loathe himself since by his own definition he must be a closet Republican. Although now a days that seems to mean closet Democrat more than anything else.

    I think my train of logic has just come full circle.

  4. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    I suggest he stay in California.

  5. I see on the screen of the boob-tube they’re talking about this marxist jerk.

  6. Check this out friends…this is 8th grade!

    • Joe Stalin says:

      Strangely enough, on WLS-AM’s news broadcasts, they ALWAYS refer to the pro-gun Senators as “Conservatives!”

      Rush Limbaugh gave an on-point radio soliloquey today: ( ) entitled: “Dems Want to Separate You from Your Guns.” I would NEVER have thought he had this in him as he has stated in the past that he didn’t like guns.

      He said this concerning “liberals”:

      “RUSH: So there are, let’s see, some liberals who want to separate you from your guns. Admittedly, correct? There are some liberals who want to separate you from your kids. We have learned in the past couple of days, right? And I don’t know how many of you have done your taxes yet, but if you haven’t, have I got a surprise for you. You’re gonna be hit in ways you haven’t imagined. It’s obvious that the American left wants to take away your money, some of them want to take away your kids, and a whole bunch of them want to take away your guns. That pretty much is the Democrat Party agenda that we find ourselves in the midst of.

  7. I resemble the professors characterization, without the loser aspect, that is!

    He can bite me!

    Blistered, out!

  8. jumpin" Joe says:

    This dick smack is right, old white guys are trying to stop illegals, dead people from voting as well as low information pin heads from voting more than once. We also don’t approve of black panthers with night sticks intimidating voters either, imagine that.

  9. “Yes, professor: HOW is this going to help me get a job after I graduate?”

  10. Then there’s this…any ol’ excuse will do.

  11. BT,

    Any organization calling for his job… this apparently is the norm for colleges these days. No wonder our kids minds are full of mush.

    • Howdy Paul…

      I haven’t read one single place where there are calls for his job…yet. I see on the boob-tube via FOX this is getting quite a bit of attention this evening…so time will tell. We’ve got to remember this is Calif., I doubt anything will happen to him…in fact…he’ll probably get an award and a pot full of money via Soros for being such a good democratic operative in the state.

      ‘Heads full of mush’ is right!

  12. Could not help myself… just sent USC two emails regarding Darry Sragow. They should be so proud of this sorry ass professor. Told them their college would be last on my list of considerations for my daughter.

    • You, my friend…are a true, hard-working patriot to this nation. I have nothing but admiration for you. You walk the talk…that’s more than most of us do.

      • yes

        2 asians were killed outside USc by a black..there may be a lawsuit
        over misleading them about ‘safety’ of area.

  13. This guy is the epitome of what he is preaching! How is this educational at all to the students of his class?

    • It isn’t…unless they want to be good little Soros Brownshirts for the marxist enemies within…which is exactly what they count on for their never-ending agenda in the long run. – Communist Manifesto comes to mind!


    Hitler and Castro used to wave and swing their arm and yell into the mic a lot no doupt this university wank is just another leftists radical trouble maker and communists extremists He needs to have a heart attack and DROP DEAD

  15. bluffcreek1967 says:

    The entire college and university systems, for the most part, are a scam! They not only require an almost endless amount of unrelated classes in order to obtain one’s degree, but they overcharge all their students, leaving the vast majority of them with lifetime debt.

    A good many of the professors, like the one in the video, will poison their students with Leftist-Marxist nonsense. The students will graduate with minds filled with false and unproven ideas about the world, the economy and social matters, but have nothing of real value to contribute to it. The students will likely graduate with a disgust for America, seeing it only as the land of oppression and ‘white privilege.’

    Most, upon graduating, will have no skills to offer to their employers (if they happen to actually land a job) and many will finally realize that their college degree is utterly useless. They’ll be pissed that they got ripped off by today’s college racket.

    Unless you’re majoring in one of the hard sciences, you would be better served by learning a skill, a trade, a craft of some sort that actually has some real value.

    The entire college system is a lie, promising what it cannot deliver. Anyone who told you that ‘College is for everyone’ and ‘You need to get a college degree in order to be successful’ is either knowingly lying to you or they are just naive and have no clue as to the real problems inherent within the college/university system.

  16. Mic Doodle says:

    Yeah, time to bring Lincoln back from the dead. Throwing this bastard in prison indefinitely without trial is exactly what the doctor ordered. I love how the left can crap on the constitution and get away with it but the right is super glued to the restraining aspects of it. It reminds me of the way America fights war these days; if an enemy does not respect the Geneva Convention or any other rules of war, we still do when it comes to them. Reciprocity. If the left wants to act like rabid dogs, it is time for us to pick up rifles and treat them as such.

  17. Here’s the prof’s email.
    Phone: (213) 892-2925

  18. You’re all morons. Aside from the grammatical errors that run rampant throughout this pathetic blog, you’ve got it all wrong. I’m a former Sragow student and a republican, and yet I never took issue with what he said in class because he was merely setting up a forum for discussion! In class Sragow never disrespected opposing opinions that students offered. I don’t know how many of you actually went to college, but the goal of college is to challenge your thinking and Sragow did just that. He’s probably one of the nicest professors you’ve ever met too. If he hadn’t ever offered his students the opportunity to discuss their own views then perhaps your criticisms would be warranted, but that’s not he case.
    Alan you’re an ignorant asshole for publishing his contact information like that. If any of you do contact him then you’re just perpetuating the stereotype of the ignorant republicans. Leave it alone!

    • LMAO…

      You’re hilarious! Nothing like a ‘pretend to be’ republican showing their complete ignorance for all to see.

      Thanks J…needed my morning laughs, you certainly provided that…in spades!

      Btw…We won’t leave it alone! So stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

    • Chuck U Farley says:

      Thanks for posting Mrs. Sragow.

      Now take your meds & off to bed. Nighty-night.

    • You’re a hateful @sshole, “J,” you bigoted jerk.

  19. That’s right…keep bowing to the wishes from the enemies within!

  20. D Magliochette says:

    Darry has made an angry white woman out of me! This man should have been fired, but the university instead backed him. I wrote to the President of USC and told him how I felt. I would really like to be face to facwith Darry to tell him how I feel about what he said.

    If I were a student there or my children, I would have demanded him being fired!

  21. “If babies had guns, they wouldn’t be aborted. ”

    I just orderd Tex Rep Steve Stockman’s new bumpersticker. It should piss my libtard neighbors off!

  22. This is exactly what professors across this land are hoping for in the future…same can be said from the leftists everywhere, starting with Dear Leader.

    Agenda matters. ~

  23. This web site tracks the indoctrination of our youth and he reality behind the propaganda.

    The Chicagoization of America »

    by Daniel Greenfield

    How the forces that destroyed the city are destroying the nation.


    The urban political machine went national in 2012. The old paeans to unity were drowned in a sack. In their place was the usual urban coalition between wealthy liberal elites and poor minorities that has been running major cities into the ground for much of the old 20th and is finishing the job in the 21st. Chicago had thrown presidential elections before; but this was the first time that Chicago found itself running America.

    “The machine doesn’t care about individuals. It only counts bloc votes. It doesn’t care about making life better for people. Its genius is for finding ways to make life worse because it knows that it has more leverage over people looking for the next meal than over people looking to buy a house in the suburbs. The political machine doesn’t budget; it loots. It breaks the bank, raises taxes, drives out industries and rules over war zones divided between the rich and the poor.

    Reborn in fragmented cities that were multicultural before it was even a word”

    • That spells it out to a tee Edtudo…great information, and link.

      • I thought so. I was wondering just what it was I was looking at, now it all makes sense. The “community organizer in Chief” is going to bankrupt the country and create as much social chaos as he can. The final coup d’état is the Chicago machines refusal to control the border and the legalization of MILLIONS of illegals and their extended families. I’ll never understand how the Republicans bought into their own political destruction?

        • If you figure out that answer to your question at the end of your post…let me know. – All I can figure is they’re truly stuck on stupid, afraid of their own shadows via the msm when it comes to being accused of being racists or some-such…they’ve got to be in the PC crowd…which is killing this nation one day at a time…intentionally!

          The majority of repubs have turned into nothing but dem-lites. – Despicable, all of them.

  25. Since this has to do with ‘education’…take a read of this!

    I thought this BS was illegal. Oh well, it’s Dear Leader and his community organizing marxist OFA group hard a work.

    Dept. of Education needs to to…so do the unions!

  26. Any professor like this spewing trash to our young people who should be intelligent enough to make their own decisions should be terminated. I consider a man like this “politically uneducated” although he claims to be politically knowledgeable. His party/socialist/democrats are ruining our country. Unemployment is still high, Keystone Pipeline important to creation of jobs and our independence on foreign oil is still not open, and our debt is unsustainable. Fire this man and any others who teach our young people this trash.

    • All points are right on the money. – Too bad we don’t have the power to fire this POS…or he’d already be long gone. Heck, he’ll probably get a promotion after all of the attention he’s received from this issue.

  27. firing this man is too easy for him…fire him and then put him in jail for treason for talking against one of our political parties in such a negative and vile way.

  28. Wow, that should be all over the country, not just in NY City. There’s just too many educators teaching trash to “the future of America.” I posted it on my Facebook page, thanks, Bob

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  30. Keelia Jameson says:

    I happen to agree with him, except I think of Republicans as old white guys in suits. I also happen to think most politicians are old white guys in suits who keep their cronies in business. Not all of them are angry, but there are a lot of women and non-white guys in suits who are. It is not surprising that an angry white guy such as yourself would take this slant on things.

    • Keelia Jameson…

      Thanks for providing some ‘Comedy Relief’ this morning…much appreciated. ~

    • Keelia, nor is it surprising your bigotry against “old white guys.” Actually, AWD didn’t write that piece. It came from Bigtimer, who is a conservative lady.


    • Keelia, You seem to be politically uneducated. I am Caucasian, and I have many black friends who are conservatives, who know the issues and who object to this professors rhetoric.

    • Shhhh! The ADULTS are talking…

      • Keelia must be another drive-by troll with extra time on her nitwit hands.

        • Amen to that!

          • Howdy Bob…

            I truly consider twits like Keelia nothing but pure entertainment…talk about dumb as a doorknob!

          • I agree, she seems to be the only one on this webpage to disagree with all of us. Keep up the conservatism, it will eventually save this country from the Obama regime and what he has done to this country. I can’t believe how the politically uneducated have re-elected this man. How do we get in touch, are you on Facebook?

          • No, I’m not on FB. You can get in touch here on posts. 😉

  31. Keelia Jameson says:

    I see that because I have a differing opinion I am now subjected to being called a troll, politically uneducated, a twit, a non-adult, a bigot, comedy relief, dumb as a door knob, etc. Very nice, polite, and welcoming group aren’t you?

    Thanks folks. You’ve just proven my point. You want things to stay status quo with the old white guys in suits continuing running things.

    Keep posting to your little world on the Internet. In fact keep it to this site if you can. You’re scary.


    Dont forget to turn off the computer, get up out of your seats, and go take a shower. From the looks of things this group seems to be fixated on posting non-stop. Oh, and dont forget to exercise. Youre probably ready for a heart attack, too.

    • Why would I want to welcome someone who doesn’t have a clue to how the leftist-loons work? If you can’t understand that by what’s in the video and what was said by this commie/marxist so-called professor, that also happens to be an operative for the dem party in Calif….then you are dumb as a doorknob…period.

      Oh yeah…and I’m serious as a heart-attack!

    • Keelia, was it not you disparaging “old white males?” I believe “bigot” would be an apt description of you. But that’s ok. I have written that most blacks in America hate white people….and that’s OK. Doesn’t affect me in the least.

      Question: Would you prefer to live in Detroit, Birmingham, Gary, or any of the black run cities? An honest answer would be appreciated.


  32. Ethan De Cohen says:

    Im a black conservative whats even stranger is that these obamacrats and the slimiest man alive obama himself were reasons for me to identify with the conservative right wing. All the left does is use emotion and non-logic. Thats why the battle for queer marriage is looking up for the homosexuals. Hard-work logic and discipline are what USED to be ingrained in the american manifesto. Now its agenda driven so called ”
    Tolerance”. Lets get obama out of office and sanitize it when he and his queer and muslim friends get pushed out of the white house with a nice swift kick to the ass

    • Thanks for your input…I share much of your opinions as well.

      A swift kick out of the WH from millions of us can’t get here soon enough!

  33. Sragow is the quintessential low man on the USC totem pole. A part time hate monger. His hydrophobic ranting is limited to 2 or 3 entry level courses. A pathetic fugitive from a failed career attempt in Berkeley.

    More worthy of pity than contempt.

  34. Hey! You’re talking about a professor here. Sragow has spent more time training at a higher level of education than MOST people could ever dream of. The man is an intellect. Even if you disagree with Sragow’s comments, you still have to realize that Sragow has spent many, many years earning his degrees. I sure wish to hell that I could’ve afforded a great university to attend. Community college was a great experience, but I dreamed of entering a university. It was a nice dream, but finances were very limited on my behalf.

    So please don’t strike down Professor Sragow for his views. A political science professor knows WAY more than the average Joe regarding world views, beliefs and what makes the world beat.

    These students should be very thankful that they’ve got wealthy parents to pay for their educations. And these very students who’re in denial of their professors and “don’t like what they’re hearing” should just grin and bear it. Be fortunate that you’re in a great educational setting. The professors only teach the truth, so like it or leave it!

    • bigtimer says:

      You’re a laugh riot. Thanks for the evening entrainment.

    • Right… Because he has a title and tenure at a university, he couldn’t POSSIBLY be wrong. We should just accept what those types say as gospel. You know you wouldn’t say anything like that if a person with the exact same amount of education delivered a speech demonizing Democrats in the exact same way as this guy did Republicans. And FYI: I DO have a 4-year university degree. So I’ve heard this s**t firsthand. Courses like these are required learning, no matter what your major is. So these people have a captive audience. So students, like I was, are forced to have their time wasted with hateful drivel that provides ZERO useful skills out in the real world. This kind of stuff does NOTHING to help one get a real job. But hey, as long as the university gets tuition money, who cares, right? We just need to accept this person’s crap as gospel, since he has a title. And learn the all-important skill of regurgitating other people’s ideas, no matter how counter-intuitive they are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for free speech. And I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I am a Libertarian. And as such, I believe in free speech for everyone. But that MEANS everyone. You’re free to say what you want; but you’d better be prepared to hear others say what they want. Because the First Amendment cuts both ways. And there is NOTHING in there that guarantees the right to not be offended by others who exercise their free speech rights, the same as you exercise yours.

  35. Here you have a standard issue commie Jew. He has no problem attacking white men, but if anyone points out that he sia hateful anti–white pig, well heaven forfend.