The commie successor to Mr Potato Head Hugo Chavez stole Sunday in Venezuela. The vote was so corrupt that even Obama’s administration won’t recognize the regime. Note to communists. When Barack Obama won’t recognize your government because of election fraud, you’ve pretty much cornered the market in corruption. After all, Obama is the Alpha and Omega of corruptocrats, having won the election in November with vote tallies of 110% in numerous precincts. It is said even the Founding Fathers were resurrected in Philly to vote for Obama!

Supporters of challenger Henrique Capriles are calling for massive protest in Caracas tomorrow to protest the election theft. Chavista thugs and Maduro supporters have been busy burning ballots since Sunday. The military has been busy killing. Seven deaths and 61 injuries have occurred at the protests so far.

Former bus driver (hey, it’s better than a community organizer!) and President-elect Nicolas Maduro is promising massive bloodshed if the protest takes place tomorrow. Maduro said the protest will be a “death wish” and says “going to downtown Caracas will fill it with blood and death.”

Sounds just like a communist, doesn’t it? How can Maduro feel so certain of the outcome of the protests? Easy! He has all the guns! Today, he dispatched tanks to the neighborhoods that supported Capriles. Here’s what it looks like when one doesn’t have the right to bear arms:

They have guns. You have your hands. Guess who wins?

Or you can try this method:

Yeah, that ought to work! Roll in the tanks! Squish!

America is following in Venezuela’s footsteps. State-run media, government control over banking and major industry, and an unarmed populace. Just a reminder, tomorrow the Senate votes on universal background checks which are really universal registration requirements which will lead to universal gun confiscations. The vote will be close!

Our Founding Fathers recognized the tyranny we now face from corrupt politicians would one day come. For that reason, they gave us the 2nd Amendment with the guarantee that our freedom to bear arms would never be infringed. But that is exactly the intent from corruptocrats in both parties. It’s happening people! Ask the citizens of New York, Connecticut and Colorado. It’s not going to stop! Ask yourself this…would you prefer to throw rocks or shoot bullets should that terrible day ever come?

Watch Venezuela closely. You’re likely to see lots of death and violence in the streets over the next few days. Even more so than the rampant death and violence in a once-wealthy country now plagued with the highest crime rates in the world, shortages of electricity and water, empty shelves in grocery stores and 30% inflation. You’ll very likely be watching the future of America under the “progressive” system. It has to come crashing down. Soon.

How many times must the world watch socialism fail and still support it? Here’s the answer. Socialism will remain as long as there are corrupt politicians and a majority of stupid people.

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  1. bluffcreek1967 says:

    If Obama had a Hispanic brother, he would look like Henrique Capriles!

    “Why Hasn’t There Been A Revolution?”

  2. Joe Stalin says:

    The most important thing is to actually HAVE an UNREGISTERED gun the various levels of American government do not know about. The US government has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is TOTALLY untrustworthy when it comes to the Second Amendment. Look at how the US government BANNED the the manufacture and sale of NEW machine guns to US citizens in McClure-Volkmer. And look at the ban on so-called “Assault Rifles” and common capacity magazines for autoloading rifles under Clinton Regime. And the ban on AP ammo for handguns.

    All upheld by the anti-gunners of American’s Judiciary.

    Look at the ATF. Congress wrote into the law that ATF was prohibited from spending Congressional funds to computerize the Form 4473s so as to prevent “Gun Registration” like in Chicago. Yet the Government- News Media complex in the form of ABC news recently aired a puff piece on how ATF was being handicapped by the lack of computerized records to track “crime guns.” Sen. Grassley at least told ABC that Congress did not intend guns to be registered; in the past, BATF showed the news media they were INDEED creating computer records of the 4473s!

    Yes, every peaceable citizen in an anti-gun People’s Republic should endeavor to obtain UNREGISTERED firearms the POLICE are unaware of.

    Resistance. It starts with an UNREGISTERED GUN.

    • I have seen many swap meets where guns are for sale , its a good place to look, but beware if the gun is hot your part of an impending problem. I have read of gun parties among people similar to Tupperware parties. Many big gun shows are loaded with BATF people and there is video cams everywhere recording everything. They had Tim McVeigh on a big show in Az. Watch yourself.

  3. gun confiscation is the next step in New York…..they have already passed a law that assault rifles must be registered with the authorities… is New York State law……

    For the Children

  4. I hope everyone calls their senators tomorrow before they vote…it’s a must!

    • SalsaChupacabra says:

      Yeah I’m sure my opinion can sway Diane Foonsteen and Barbara “Don’t call me Ma’am” Boxer. I’ll get right on it!

    • Heel licker McCaskill will vote yes and Blunt will vote against the bill… called each this morning.

  5. bigtimer
    I’m stuck with two Quislings as my senators.

    • I feel your pain ga steve, I recently relocated out of Georgia but follow the goings on there. Yes, quislings is the correct term. I urge all Georgians to remember this when it comes voting time. Actions have consequences.


    Just another Hugo Chavez Clone no diffrent then Hugo the Horrid

  7. Look at Mexico where guns are banned, even Chicago, Illinois, murder Capital of the US

  8. Nostradumbass says:

    All your base are belong to us.

  9. Nostradumbass says:

    You have no chance to survive make your time.

  10. The Senate is going to vote today on their “”Infringement of our Second Amendment Rights Bill””

    We must keep an eye on these bastards, contact your senate office and let them know to vote this bill down………

    The communists on MSNBC, like Joe Schmo Scarborough, are hawking the “”Dis-arm America Bill”” and trying to twist the arms of senators to vote for their communist point of view that Americans have to many guns………

    Schmo and his Morning Jo communist cohorts want to rape the Second Amendment and fu@k over legal gun owners with unduly regulations regarding our right to bear arms.

    Demoncrats are screaming that Republicans aren’t with them on issue…….any Republican that does vote for this bill needs to be primaried………there can be no meeting of the minds on this issue… conciliatory compromise on this issue what-so-ever…………

    Republicans must vote “”NO”” on the bill to dis-arm Americans……….

  11. Nigra criminal invades home of 90 year old white woman………..

    beats her, breaks her collar bone…..steals $100…….

    Senate Demonrats will vote today to dis-arm law abiding Americans like this defenseless woman…….


    All those political hacks that vote for disarming americans are aiders and abbeters of crinimals and need to be banished from america forever and even longer

  13. Here are the usual animals that graze on the msDNC Funny Farm…

    Here’s why they’re whining ~

    • They do background checks right now on Internet Sales, I’Ve been thought it. Private sellers at gun shows can only sell a few guns as the BATF will nail them as selling too many guns without a license. I watched them close a booth up for that very reason. A joke at the guns shows I go to is 50% of the attendees are BATF agents. I would place it at a realistic 5%. There is more in this bill than spoken about, I doubt anyone has read the entire bill just like “O” care.

      • I know they do michael…same with any order you make via a magazine publication, we’ve been thru that too.

        Congress-critters will lie about anything…including this! – Agenda, agenda, agenda.

        Glad all of this is backfiring on them…the truth shall set you free! 😉

  14. Afternoon Biggy, just missed ya this morning….went over to listen to the Chris Plante show on-line a little after 9 this morning……..

    Rush has been allover this “”the left-wing asswipes hope the bomber is a “”white male”” this afternoon…….

    just heard on MSLSD…the communist over there are saying they (the dims) don’t have the votes….I know its been reported but the commies are admitting to it…….

    in this instance I think we won……….

  15. Gun bill voted down.