bin Laden's son?

As with much of Obama’s presidency, something doesn’t smell right about the Saudi student who was whisked rapidly out of the country immediately after the Boston Marathon bombings. Now that America cannot rely on journalists in the press (we now have propagandists), we must rely on Congress to demand to know the identity of the young Saudi who just happened to be at the scene of the crime. If you remember, he was tackled by an American who said the Saudi had been acting strange. Outside of being a Saudi.

Rumors over the internet that have surprisingly not gained much traction say that the Saudi student is the son of Osama bin Laden. While that rumor is outlandish for most of us to consider, remember, we are talking about the Obama administration that has a propensity for clandestine meetings with the Muslim Brotherhood. Plus, the President said in his own book he would side with Muslims if he had to choose sides.

What we DO know is Michelle Obama visited the young Saudi in the hospital before he was put on a plane back home. AWD has been in the hospital a time or two but never had the First Lady of the United States visit me. This proves she must personally know the young man. But no questions are being asked by anyone.

Today, it came to light that the Saudi student, Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi, has actually visited the White House numerous times since 2009! What the?!

He even has posted photos on his Facebook page (safely at home in Saudi Arabia) showing Moochelle in his room. H/t Gateway Pundit

Here’s the record on his White House visits.

There’s a whole lot of ‘splainin’ that needs to happen. Just like the ‘splainin’ that needs to take place over Benghazi. Silence on this Saudi ‘student’ only lends credence to the growing evidence that the White House has been completely compromised by radical Islam!

I don’t expect the propaganda media to expose the truth. They are co-conspirators in hiding what Obama and crew are up to. I would like to think someone in Congress would raise a stink…but again, what can we expect from wussypants Republicans? But someone in Washington knows who this kid is and why he visited the White House and why he was at the scene of the crime in Boston! Do we have no military or intelligence officers left in America who take their oath to protect the Constitution seriously?

AWD fears we have passed the tipping point where no one in Washington can be trusted and our country is being directed by foreign powers. It certainly appears to look that way. I would love to be proven wrong but I don’t think that will happen!

Does anyone in America even give a damn anymore?!

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  1. Beck has been all over this like white on rice. I fear nada will happen regarding this guy. I’ve also posted about Ali Alharbi from day one. We will never find out unless some miracle happens.

  2. I give a damn.

  3. Snake Oiler says:

    Disgusting. If the blast had knocked him unconscious, and he revived to find the wookie rummaging around in his hospital room, his conclusion might have been that he woke up in hell – or possibly a zoo. Where did she come up with that Beatle wig?

  4. oldcountry says:

    More questions that I have. How did oldest get run over after he was stripped naked put in a cop car and surrounded by 100 officers? Dont get me wrong if he did this oops accidents happen. Two who was the guy that looked like little brother in cuffs as shown by fox news at the same place? Was he actually taken by an alphabet gang and questioned? Again not complaining. About arguement about miranda rights, as soon as he set the explosive in place to go off didnt he officially renounce his citizenship. As far as miranda an addendum could be added for times like this. He has the right but in name of protecting our country we have right to get information in any means necessary in the time it takes he lawyer show and find his way to holding area. which might be on the 25floor and the elevator is broken oh no some one took him to basement to wash up and the evator is still broken

    • PAmadwoman says:

      The problem with that is the government would eventually use the “addendum” on law-abiding citizens it considers “enemies,” and without any violent event to justify it.

  5. riverlife_callie says:

    Has he actually been deported? I heard that they rescinded the order after it was made public. No matter, this “kid” is in it up to his neck. Look at how happy he looks in these pictures. Where are the serious hand burns?

  6. Perhaps the student was trying to coordinate certain time frames with the Terrorist in Chief at the White House so they would not be caught off guard. Tongue in Cheek? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Obama is desperately going after the guns and there is only ONE reason. He knows what all Dictators do that preceded him. He could just turn the country over to China, as if he hasn’t sold most to them know, and we could do nothing. Both sides of the Washington Elite would like the guns gone, it would make it easier to Rape the country. I don’t see many Repos in Congress doing the right things and putting up the good fight, Ted Cruz and Louis Gohmert seem to be some of the few and some of the Tea Party newbies seemed to have thrown in with Shumer and McRino, another words sold out. Rubio it seems like is trying to get the immigration thing through anyway possible so Jeb Bush can run in 16 without the baggage. He probably thinks his wife can overcome Latino aversion to Repos. Wrong. They will hate Repos forever, as one told me. Demos got us in the country and the Repos screw us at jobs by underpaying us. Thats the perception all across the country. Some of its true. Years back GM was accused by Mexico of raiding their talented people. GM was hiring Mexican design engineers paying them 2/3 of what Americans were making for the same jobs, which was good money. Unions help get them legally in the country and then those Bad old Repos would underpay them. Perception is reality. Once immigration is OK’ed Demos will be in power long enough to pass any laws they want, they will in time control the Supreme Court and the 2nd will be reinterpreted again to favor gun control and then it gets messy. The 2nd guarantees all the rest of the Constitution which can be reinterpreted by a liberal court. Its happened in the past.


    Administration knew this was coming down, accounts for the SEAL team/ Craft Security both using skulls as motifs. Remember he said he would side with Muslims. I take that to mean against anyone, including us.

  8. Look at the calling card this creep has posted on his site !! a dc political officer! Wtf!!

  9. That lesbian bitch, Janet Napolitano, needs to get her “”butch”” ass arrested for her treason……..get’n real tired of this lesbo…’s about time she was tared and feathered and run out of town on a rail…….lying ass lesbo bitch……….

    man, that is one ugly womern…..I’d tar and feather this hag just for being so damn ugly….what an insult to all womerns everywhere to have something like this hermaphrodite representing their gender……….

    man, I hate this lesbian hag womern with a passion…….just like a typical democrat, ugly as all hell…..

  10. all these sac-o-crap Muslims need to be deported……..haven’t got a whole lot of good to say about the “”Frogs”” but some of them are finally saying they have had it with the Muslims………

    we need to start deporting all Muslims….every last one of these sons-a-bitches……..

    look-out you god damn towel-heads, we’re getting pretty sick and tired of your bullsh!t……..

  11. tamerlan was leeching off of welfare in mass. i am fg sick of these islamo commies like bathhouse barry coming here and screwing us. btw, bush was buddys with the saudis too along with queer leader. let the muzzies hate usa back in shthole middle east, it is insanity to let them in us.barry, his uncle stinky, auntie z and brother obongo all have fake social security numbers. see evidence on obama release your records…barry satano is not even a citizen, biggest fraud in us history. f the saudis and that worthless, drug addled, slack jawed commie homo lying fraud stooge obamao

    • Leo, you forgot to add purple-lipped, no golfing, girls’ bike riding, jug-eared, limp-wristed, teleprompter reading, affirmative action, sits to piss p-o-s. Just tryin’ to help.

  12. Taqiyyologist says:

    AWD: Conservative Treehouse is a go-to site for (and damn this sounds like an advertisement, but no apologies) in-depth news and analyses of this event. Also nobody online is covering either Gosnell or George Zimmerman’s railroading with as much tenacity and thoroughness. I discovered the site a little more than a year ago when ashTray decided to play the Knockout Game on GZ. NOBODY online is more aware of the facts and the courtroom proceedings, and NOBODY online is better at presenting them and researching them. Not only the admin, but the commenters, are focused on Truth. They’re a good buncha real conservatives.

    Check it out.

  13. Uncle Samuel says:

    It is said that this Saudi ‘student’ is:
    – related to at least 6 terrorists interned at Guantanamo
    – related to 5-6 (or more) members of Al Queda
    – supposed to be going to school in Ohio, according to his visa, but is living in Boston

    No wonder, Rep. Tom Cotton is angry and concerned:

    So are a lot of others.

    Even Berkel is saying, ‘No more Islamist students’.

    Islam is banned in Russia and Japan, for d*amned good reasons.

    Anyone who can read (the Koran, newspapers, etc.) and reason knows Islam is a violent, aggressive hate group that violates human rights.

    At this point, neither Obama nor Islam are fooling anyone but the willfully blind.


    Just how many terrorists are slipping across the open border King Obama the Fink wants?

  15. I awake each day… go to the computer and then to the Drudge report, hoping I might get some news that would allow me to open that fine bottle of wine. Oh well… there is always tomorrow.

  16. If it keeps going the way it is I sense civil war number 2 is in the offing. These people are pushing the American people too far.Lots of uneasy people where I come from, their not very happy.

  17. Nostradumbass says:

    overheard the Clintonian response:

    what difference at this point does it make?

  18. My hubby has been a cop for 3 decades & been in a crazy variety of scenarios & police calls. Let me say that this whole bombing event…is well…so out of the norm. He was directly involved in 1 of the non NYC 9/11 events. 2nd. why did Barry give the so called terrorist OBL a proper muzzy burial? why kind of ties are there? Thatis if you believe OBL was really killed that day…. We must convince the brain dead what is going on…

  19. There was a report circulating that this ‘student’ is one of bin Laden’s sons. No confirming story as of yet.