At this point, AWD doesn’t care what list the title of this post puts me on. I’m pretty sure I’m already on a host of others already! My sins? Believing in the sanctity and wisdom of the Constitution and for having the cojones to call out the legions of corruptocrats in Washington for their nefarious, tyrannous deeds.

This didn’t start with Obama. AWD has long distrusted anyone elected to federal office. A Senate or House seat is an exclusive club where neither you nor I will ever be invited. The charlatans who hold this office take good care of themselves and their friends. They see themselves different, most assuredly better, than the rest of the hoi polloi proletariat back home in the districts or states.

Congress is an exclusive club for 535 pseudo-kings and queens who do just about anything they want without oversight. The White House and their staffs get it much better. They all travel just about anywhere they want, when they want and how they want with the yokels back home footing the bill. The Kings of Congress vote themselves the right to involve themselves in insider trading when the same would put us lowly proles in prison. They don’t have to worry about squeezing pennies on Social Security. They voted themselves a cushy retirement plan that guarantees them and their spouses lifetime pensions at full salary with full benefits. Even after serving one term. While mandating ObamaCare for “the people,” the Kings and Queens of Congress exclude themselves and their staffs. Congress is the most exclusive and rewarding club in the world and it is corrupt to the bone!

The revelations of IRS corruption come as no surprise to anyone who pays attention. This excludes the “low-information” voters who live off of government welfare programs designed to perpetually buy their votes. The entire system is corrupt beyond repair. What our Founding Fathers feared 230-odd years has become full circle. We are controlled by an army of King Georges who office in Washington, DC and suck the wealth out of the dwindling producers in America.

Today we have an out of control bureaucracy that controls nearly every aspect of our lives. Unelected governmental agencies like the IRS and EPA can ruin our lives at their pleasure. Enemies lists are common in the White House. Unconstitutional spying on American citizens has destroyed the Fourth Amendment. Muslim terrorists are allowed into the country to explode us while living on welfare! We borrow $3 billion each day to pay for all this BS! How can a country so stupid and/or corrupt survive? It can’t!

100 years ago, Congress was different. American patriots who owned farms or businesses would sacrifice a few years at home to serve their country in public office. They stayed a few years and then returned home to work. There weren’t over-the-top pensions and payoffs from lobbyists. These men served their country because they believed in the American Dream and Constitutional values. They were patriots.

Corruptocrats in office today have designed laws to keep them in office until they are wheeled out dead. The only politician AWD can think of who has left Congress before dying or recognizing that they would not win reelection is former Senator Kay Bailout Hutchison of Texas. She only left the Senate because she could make more money as a lobbyist calling on her “good friends!” Other corruptcocrats remain until they are room temperature squeezing out the last few seconds of corrupt money and power they can get from their office.

Can anyone forget the pitiful sight of Robert Byrd being wheeled in on a gurney to cast his vote for ObamaCare? Wussypants Republican and once Democrat geriatric Ralph Hall from Paris, Texas will turn 90 this term and has already announced he will run for reelection in 2014. Why? Because he would rather spend his last months on this planet living the life of a king rather than spend time with his great-great-great-great-great grandchildren regaling fond memories of the Gettysburg Address.

AWD knows a lot of Texas Congressmen. Most of them say the right things and vote the right way most of the time. I trust ZERO of them! Ted Cruz would be the closest I’d come to letting any Congressman in my house. But he’s only been in Washington a few months.

AWD believes the Tea Party Movement failed because it was 30 years too late. It’s principles and values were good at the inception of the movement in 2009 because patriots came together for the right reasons and had great results. The election of 2010 saw 63 big-spending Democrats sent home. We wanted to save America. But once people learned they could make a buck off the movement or get on television, the knives came out. Friends became enemies and egos contaminated the last, best hope to save the country. Lawsuits and backstabbing became common practice. The leftist mainstream propaganda successfully marginalized the movement as racist while the wussypants Republicans, while paying lip service to the Tea Party, worked to marginalize the movement. Both succeeded.

In 2009, AWD had some hope for the salvation of the United States of America. After Obama’s reelection last November, AWD is waiting for the entire collapse of the federal government. It WILL come. I was Dagny Taggart. I’m now John Galt. I have no illusions America can survive as a constitutional republic with an openly socialist Democrat Party and a cowardly, corrupt, wussypants Republican Party in Washington. We know the mission of Democrats is to destroy the country but are you willing to count on John “Boo Hoo” Boehner and Mitch “Turtle-Head” McConnell to rescue us? I refuse to play that game. Especially when the Republican ranks are filled with corruptocrat kings like McCain, Graham, Flake, Rubio, Collins, Alexander and the rest of their ilk!

Those of us who can see realize the corrupt agenda of the kings and queens in Washington. It is total control over the American people. We see the main agendas of Republicans and Democrats in Washington this very moment to be flooding America with unskilled, dependent illegal aliens and granting them citizenship while destroying the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms for the proletariat. Why? Because both political parties are corrupt and both are involved in the game of creeping tyranny.

As AWD has written, I don’t really care if I live in a country that has member states like Massachusetts, Vermont, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, California, etc. They can all go to their own socialist hell. I don’t care what happens to them. I desire to live in a country where tried and true constitutional values are law, where corruption is held to a minimum and the purveyors of such end up behind bars, and I can keep more of the wealth I produce. I want to live in a country where corruptocrats are unable to buy votes of welfare moochers or illegals by throwing out welfare programs. Where hard work and performance is rewarded and not penalized. Where political correctness does not exist.

I want to live in the Republic of Texas. And I do. And I will. Lock and load and Molon Labe!

For all you music lovers, here’s one of my favorites from Ray Wylie Hubbard:

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  1. bigtimer says:

    Priceless words…I hope all spreads this message loud and clear any way possible. Help make it go viral friends…the more that awaken, the better!

  2. Joe Stalin says:

    Don’t forget the US JUDGES who continually uphold anti-gun “laws” passed by the scum. Remember, gun controllers first put a $200 tax on machine guns in 1934 so they could MANAGE our Second Amendment rights under taxing authority and then in McClure-Volmer banned the production of new MGs to the public. Anti-gun laws UPHELD by the Judicial LOWLIFES.

    • You can still make your own machine guns and register them with BATF. I have seen some fancy belt fed 12 gauge machine guns that are incredible. Those with 00 Buckshot were a sight to behold.

      • No you can’t, unless you hold a manufacturer’s license. No ordinary citizen can now make and register a machine gun.

        • You do not need a manufacturers license to make for your personal use, its done every day. Lotta lawbreakers out there I guess.

    • The crappy thing is that the Hughes Amendment to McClure Volkmer which banned new machine guns never actually passed. It was put to a voice vote in the closing seconds of debate on the bill and observers in the House felt that it clearly lost. The presiding officer, that crook Charles Rangel, declared that “the ayes have it” and refused to allow a recorded vote. Spineless NRA went along with it so they could get the rest of their ill passed.

      • Joe Stalin says:

        What needs to be done at the STATE level is to remove all restrictions on the ownership of Class 3 firearms and “Any Other Weapon.” This would mean that the Federal government would have to enforce Federal anti-gun laws without the complicity of the local constabulary. Obama considers immigration laws to be non-enforceable; okay, fine. So why the does a STATE have to enforce FEDERAL gun control laws? Answer: IT DOESN’T! Can the Federal government have ANY chance of enforcing anti-MG laws without the complicity of the STATES? Not a chance. With desktop manufacturing coming to your bedroom, the time of the US government’s illegal MG ban may be at hand.

        Google “Full Auto Glock.”


        Imagine a drop-in conversion that will turn your Glock into a selective-fire MG. A device you could build at home and distribute to your friends. Millions of Glocks forming the basis of machine pistols to be exploited. It would be the end of the MG ban as these devices would be made. And it would be great to tell the gun controllers their ban is a LAUGH!

  3. Oliver Squid says:

    I voted for Ross Perot twice. Yes, I know people like me put Bill Clinton in office. After that I started voting for the lesser of two evils. I thought that at least the Republicans would slow the train headed for the cliff. WRONG!! If they had stuck together in the Senate, obamacare would have never moved to reconciliation and final passage. Can a Republican president even think about appointing a true conservative or heaven forbid a libertarian constitutionalist to the bench. HELL NO!! I will never again vote for a Republican just because he or she is just a little bit better than a communist dimocrat. McRino Romney, WTF?? To hell with Iowa and New Jersey, hey seem to kill the good ones! As AWD says the RNC can’t piss and hit the ground. Don’t get me started on Rove. I’m done! If the Tea Party is over, we are screwed. My son has lost his last chance at liberty and freedom. God help us!

    • Get over it, we are screwed when we are all dead from trying to change things, stop sniveling, get a grip man!

  4. The Republic of Texas (Webster) thanks you. Is your last name Jefferson as in Thomas?

  5. bluffcreek1967 says:

    I don’t trust the U.S. government either – even if there’s a Republican sitting in the Oval Office – of course, we know that will likely never happen again thanks to the majority of dumb Americans. There’s just too many damn liberals scattered throughout our various institutions and nestled within important positions.


    Again the Mockingbird of Texas sends the liberal vultures fleeing back to their hide-outs and runs the mexican vultures away as well and this old shorebird is 100% in favor of it all. And in another case the sheriffs of COLORADO are suing over the states gun ban passed by the DEM-A-RATS

  7. When I think of Texas, I’ve often wondered why Gov Rick Perry doesn’t move the National Guard to the border? It would make quite a statement.

  8. Jack daniels says:

    Forgive me if I sound like a broken record but,

    In as much as I share everyone’s disgust, anger and sense of ominous dark days gathering, I must state categorically, without God, it is all moot. America was founded by Divine Providence. The founders who understood the absolute need of God’s strength, protection and guidance. We are told a nation that has no vision is doomed to perish. I wonder if these days, there is any vision, any real vision.
    We get caught up in defending ourselves, our worldview, our philosophy, and yet in the same breath we do little if anything to actually push back the tide of evil that covers this nation from sea to shining sea. And how can we without God?

    If we are to hope for a future for our children and theirs, we must first and foremost bow down before our Creator who has blessed this nation, its vision in the first place, and once again seek His wisdom, His strength, His divine blessing. Without it, we are simply pissing in the wind and we will be steamed rolled under the boot of tyranny.

    It is safe to assume everyone here understands America’s history; where she came from, what miraculous events took place that guaranteed not only her survival against overwhelming odds, but her success worldwide, her strength that benefited so many other nations, and her righteousness (though not perfect by any mean).

    America today truly is at the crossroad and MUST make a decision now. She must return to the God of her founding fathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, or perish. It is simple as that. There can be no other way. She must STAND against the evil that is swallowing her up like the black plague that ravished Europe in the 14th century, and just as quickly.

    EVERY single believer must humble themselves before this GOD, and confess that we allowed such evil to reign in this nation by our apathy, our complacency, our indifference…our ignorance. We must individually and collectively call on our God for forgiveness, mercy and help to fight such a powerful enemy…and make no mistake; he is powerful, and has had millennium to fine tune his assault on the godly, the righteous, and he hates everything that is good and noble and right and pure that this nation stood for.

    Remember, the left mocks us for our clinging to our Bibles and guns. Let us then call on our God, who is unequaled, and called the MOST HIGH and put our faith and trust in Him and back it up with the tools we had that gave us the original victory; our fortitude, our faith and our guns!

    Remember, God, guns and country.

    It is time we started using these weapons of choice, in that order.

    We must not be ashamed to call on our God. We are being attacked from every side relentlessly, unmercifully and continuously by an enemy that hopes to see us pounded to the earth like wheat on a threshing floor.

    The question at the end of the day is; How bad do we want to save our republic?

    • david7134 says:

      It is nice if individuals have morals and religion. It is bad if a government does. History is full of examples of what happens when religion and government get together, it is not pretty.

      If a new republic is born, it needs to be one in which the government keeps out of the lives of its citizens.

      • Jack daniels says:


        Government IS made up of individuals, History is replete with examples of ‘governments’ that do not have religious morals and ethics. I am not advocating a theocracy, but rather a government that is made up of men and women who fear God, conduct themselves by Judeo -Christian ethics and ultimately, fear the people.

        As for a government that keeps out of the lives of the people, there has only ever been one, a government that operates on Judeo-Christian principles, because they understand that they are appointed by God, fear Him and see the individuals not as a means to an end or as slave citizens but as men made in the image of God, and ultimately must answer to Him.

        There is NONE of that in todays government, and out of that view, flows communism and totalitarianism.

  9. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Jack, I completely agree with your sympathies, but America has already reached and passed the “crossroads” you speak of. Americans, by and large, have already made their “decision” and now we will have to pay the piper for it.

    Americans had been warned for decades about the godless, Leftist takeover of our nation. They’ve had every chance to change direction, but the passing pleasures of sin were too much fun. As a nation, collectively, we’ve made our decision – and that was to be ruled by godless men and women, to feed at the deceptive trough of liberalism, and to turn our backs on the very principles that made our nation unique and great.

    So, here we are, having passed the point of no return. We now get everything we wanted and deserve!

    “How bad do we want to save our republic?” – With all do respect, most Americans don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about when you refer to ‘our republic’! They’ve been taught all their lives that we live in a democracy, remember? Most Americans are so brain-dead they can’t even relate to what you’re talking about. They don’t even think or talk in such terms! The Leftist brainwashing has been quite effective. This nation is clueless.

    Finally, you can’t “save” a nation that’s doomed and under the judgment of God. We’re getting our just desserts right now, and all the events that have occurred in the past 20 years or so is nothing less than God lifting his restraining and providential hand from our once great nation.

    Perhaps in the coming years a new nation will be forged or we might experience a great secession. I don’t know. But I no longer believe America can be ‘saved.’ We are going the way of all once great nations. We’ve been conquered from within, not from any external threat or army. We willingly gave our nation away to the most stupid of people (liberals) and for the dumbest of reasons (Leftist ‘feel good’ ideology).

    • Jack daniels says:


      I could not agree more, however, I was attempting to be optimistic and not so fatalistic (two conflicting positions I hold to). I have written several times here and iOTW regarding, as you say, getting our just dessert.

      I believe as you, that we are now under Divine judgment (my fatalism) for all that we have let slide, however that said, even Nineveh had a 100 year stay of execution (my optimism).

      I guess my point was that it is irrelevant and futile that those who think we can simply take back our republic by our own strength and determination. This to me is tantamount to the godlessness that the left subscribe to, even if one claims to be conservative.

      There will in fact be a purging in this nation as with the world, but it will ultimately be done by the hand of God, and not before evil has is allowed to have his day under the sun, and the righteous tested by the fires.

      Finally, I write here at times because I need to ‘connect’ with other like minded people, as where I live, there are no godly people, and one cannot become an island unto himself without going mad.

      Thanks for your comment, I enjoyed reading it.

      • Every decade since the 1950’s I have heard that very argument. We do not know when God will judge us and to attempt to say it is soon is folly. We have an obligation to keep trying to right the apple cart, worship God and be prepared when he comes. The argument about divine judgement upon us now is moot. No one can predict we are in our last days or are remotely close, we do not possess divine intellect. We just need to keep on “Truckin” so to speak and do our best to follow what is in the Divines Scripture and TRUST in God. The scales will be over our eyes till the final day.

        • Jack daniels says:


          I am by no means stating categorically that we are living in end days. However, by your argument, if we follow Divine Scriptures, and should actually learn from them (which I agree), then you should know that according to Deuteronomy, among so may other books in Scriptures, there are blessing and curses for any nation that abandons God. By God’s own edict, we are in FACT under His judgment as a result of our sin, and the complacent attitude we as a society as a whole, both liberals and conservatives have. Period.

          We may not know when the FINAL judgment will take place, BUT we are definitely told to understand the days that will precede His judgment. Moreover, even without taking into account the final day judgment there is in fact the days of judgment that individual nations must answer to as we have see throughout recorded history. This alone should concern us regardless.

          In the eyes of God, ignorance has never been an excuse, nor has the argument, ‘well, I’m a good person’. He is a loving God, but He is also a HOLY and a JEALOUS God, and closing a blind eye to the sins of the nation will no more be tolerated than those who openly hate him.

          We are told that those of us who know and understand Scriptures are MANDATED to warn the people when their sin is grave and that without repentance, eminent judgment will be upon the nation. These were what the prophets were commended AND condemned for.

          We are also told by Christ to keep watch and understand the times and the evil that is part of those days.

          Since we have been hearing this since the 50’s, the question begs, what have we done except let it happen? Our silence makes us as guilty because we are gutless and fearful and only want a non-judgmental, tapioca, warm and fuzzy version of Jesus.

          Lastly, I disagree with your assessment of it being moot. On the contrary, it is of vital importance and critical, unless of course,you look forward to a day of tyrannical oppression.

  10. From;low level gvt rogue employee to:AWD…You will report to the FEMA re education camp at once ! All your property is now the property of the state.You will follow the orders of the man in the brown shirt.You will report to the delousing station (showers) Pay no attention to that gas smell.Work will set you free.

  11. http://atlanta.cbslocal.com/20.....-disorder/

    Would anyone like to bet that most of these kids come from Conservative, Religious families. This is Govt trying to create a problem that really doesn’t exist and then furnish the Drugs and Treatments to make it so.

  12. Good for the sheriffs in Colorado!


  13. The influx of Turd worlders, legal and illegal is what’s killing us.

  14. david7134 says:

    There has been too much discussion of our problems, there needs to be some direction on action.

  15. Do like that Ray Wiley Hubbard. He is hot and cold though, must been all that cocaine, he sure liked the smell. Gonna miss Him and Willy when they go.

  16. I trust the Government 100%

    If ya need something screwed up… you can trust the government to do it

    Can anyone think of any government in today’s world that is actually trustworthy?

    Or where 100% of the populace is 100% happy with their government? Aside from North Korea where everyone is ordered to be happy, or else

    Anyway If we can trust anything,

    We can trust that the Angry White Imam hates infidels and humps camels

    We can trust Brid to Troll

    We can trust Mike T, is still the same guy that he was, when he was Swampmusic

    We can trust that Spurwing won’t use spellcheck

    We can trust Bluto to post a picture that will make you laugh or piss you off

    We can trust that Redstater is smarter than average

    We can trust Bigtimer to carry AWD’s slack

    We can trust that AWD… is Big and Sexy (see for yourself)

    We can trust Mr. Mitten > All Dogs

    Just my 2 cents

    • MichaelT says:

      I can attest to the fact that I am indeed the same. Only difference is I am employed for the last year and a half. Going on vacation in a week too.

  17. cranky.white.woman says:

    I posted this on my FB page and emailed the link to everyone on my email list to help it go viral. This is some great writing AWD.

  18. http://johngaltfla.com/wordpre.....tion-deal/

    Speaks for itself, Repos are in total self destruct mode. When SHTF we clean out Congress First.

  19. Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and ONLY into White countries.
    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country and ONLY into Black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane Black man to notice this and what kind of psycho Black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the White race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  20. The leftist are using all the same tricks to destroy America and England. Obama is the puppet of the one-worlders and watch what he is doing. He is spending us out of existence and lying to our faces about our financial ability. He is denying us use of our own resources like coal making all energy more expensive, including gasoline. He apologizes for us all over assuring that Low IQ Americans become ashamed of their country not knowing why. Food is getting so high that people on the margins finally had to get EBT cards therefore more are dependent on the government. They have allowed into the country third world people who will NEVER assimilate thus destroying neighborhoods and schools. They have passed race laws that have no place in a free country and giving the black and brown races a higher position than whites. They are endeavoring to begin endless wars but have no staying power. We are infiltrated with muslim brotherhood people and communists and indeed our president is a foreign agent. The government has tried to destroy the 2nd amendment and has a hate for the constitution.

  21. patthemick says:


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  23. The Good The Bad and The Ugly – as Tuco said when chained to the Union soldier leading him to the prison train…”I already told you friend…If I EVER get you down!”

    I feel alot like Tuco, chained to a beast that beats, robs and disrespects you…the Gov’t. And like Tuco said…..”IF I EVER GET YOU DOWN!”