Thomas Jefferson wrote “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.” The government under Barack Hussein Obama does not fear the people. The people fear the government. Ergo, there currently is no more liberty in America.

A recent report uncovered massive IRS persecution of conservative grassroots organizations. These groups were asked intrusive questions, asked for access to private and personal information, and subjected to visits from numerous governmental agencies. The purpose of this harassment was to threaten and silence those who dared speak out against Obama and the federal government. However, liberal and Muslim groups who applied to the IRS for tax-exempt status had their approvals quickly whisked through.

The Department of Justice (oxymoron alert!) has been found illegally tapping phone calls from reporters and their sources while bugging the Capitol building. Everything Americans were told by the Obama administration about what happened in Benghazi was lies. Whistleblowers have been threatened or demoted. At this point, there is little doubt that the go-aheads for this illegal action came from the White House. Folks, there is a word for this. Tyranny!

If you missed Sunday’s airing of Huckabee, you need to watch this. It features Catherine Engelbrecht of True The Vote. After her group submitted their application for tax-exempt status, she was visited no less than 17 times by various governmental agencies including the FBI, BATF, OSHA, and the IRS. They sought not only information on her political group but private information and records from the Engelbrecht family business. You need to watch this!

True The Vote is a non-partisan organization that teaches citizens how to detect and stop voter fraud. Which makes True The Vote a threat to the Democrat Party. Voter fraud is a known and proven technique for Democrats as uncovered in numerous voting districts in various states by True The Vote.

AWD has met Catherine Engelbrecht on several occasions. She is a bright, dedicated American patriot who saw the massive voter fraud taking place in certain districts in Houston and started researching the actual identity of voters registered on voter lists. Her team uncovered massive voter registration fraud. Catherine founded King Street Patriots and later True The Vote to battle voter fraud across America. True The Vote has been doing what the federal government should have been doing all along….guaranteeing the veracity of our electoral process. After all, if the sanctity of the electoral process cannot be trusted, what has America become? Apparently, we have become a third-world, banana republic with a king who does as he pleases.

Remember when Obama said he wanted to fundamentally change America? Well, he has. America is no better than Venezuela. We only have more governmental agencies the political elite can use to harass and silence Americans.

AWD has warned for years the creeping tyranny we now are seeing directly in front of our faces! God bless patriots like Catherine Engelbrecht for having the guts to stand up and put her neck on the line. It’s a shame we have so few elected officials willing to do the same!

Here is a good article about True The Vote at National Review.

Please visit True The Vote. Throw them a few bucks if you can. They are the real deal and do great work!

Here’s a song by conservative Hi-Caliber calling out the tyranny of the federal government. Nice work, Hi!

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  1. bigtimer says:

    I saw that video with her earlier today. Nice to know you’ve met her personally AWD. – Great write-up and music video too.

  2. Barack Hussein Obongo has transformed America…..he has installed a new government in the United States……styled after the dictatorial South American Juntas that dominate the countries in the Latin and South American continent……

    Marxist ideologues like the bull-dyke Janet Napolitano, Eric “my people” Holder and the keeper of Marxist ideology, Valarie Jarrett, are the henchmen and hench-women of this Junta………..

    Obongo’s style of government is to use the government agencies to punish anyone who speaks out against what this Junta is doing….anyone who disagrees with this Junta’s policies and refuses to submit to Marxist ideology will be targeted……. it is now obvious to us that all opposition to Obongo and his Junta will not be tolerated by this regime and will be driven into the ground and silenced…….

    expect this Junta to fight on and fight hard….and that would include Obongo and his supporters declaring “”Martial Law”” to stay in power………

  3. aceydoozy says:

    There is tyranny now and no change expected. Solution is the rifle and bayonet in the hands of righteous, freedom loving patriots who support the Constitution, otherwise US, as founded, is doomed.

  4. Spurwing Plover says:


  5. Now that she has gone public, I wish her the best, but I think the night will get darker before dawn.

    Engelbrecht will get what Palin got, the Libs hate Conservative Women, and will show no quarter.

    Doesn’t matter that True The Vote Holds R’s as well as D’s toes to the fire.

  6. bigtimer says:

    You know this will zilch attention.


    There is already so many cases for Obamas impeachment i mean far too many to list right now

  8. Pointy End Out says:

    There’s a BETTER way…
    one that would also make the “ruling” class FEAR the people again !

    Think people, think….

  9. Impeachment is a distraction he would welcome. The Senate has to try and convict, won’t happen, It’d end up just like “Sick Willy”. I hear that when “Sick Willy” eats the dust they are going to drag his casket, draped with a stained Blue Dress, though a trailer park pulled by an old Donkey with a tip jar nailed to the back of the casket for Hilaritys retirement.

  10. patthemick says:

    The funny thing is the right will let this slide because they’ll want to do the same thing to the leftist when power changes.