Sam Jackson

Fo reels, yo.

Did I hear it right that there are rumblings about a potential AWD convocation in the great state of Texas?

Count this Yankee in. I’ll bring the missus and little stater and we’ll have ourselves a good old time. Burn a few ropes; swill some martinis; shoot some hogs maybe; and trash libtards.

Would be fun to meet some of the regulars. That includes Brid. Poor thing.

Time to plot the revolution, no?

Here are some tentative details (which are only provided her to start determining what works and what doesn’t). If you intend to come, please put in a comment on how the date works…

Dude-a-Palooza 1.0 Details

When: Friday, July 12 – Sunday, July 14, 2013 (suggested only; please indicate if this date doesn’t work for you)

Where: DFW area (specifics to be emailed to attendees)

What: Hog hunting? Snake hunting? Libtard hunting? Redneck Heaven? Seegars? Coke off a stripper’s ass? Throwing of the Houlihan?

Chime in and let’s make this happen!

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    Time to run the UN and illegal aliens out of america and the UN are the biggist bunch of illegal aliens in america

  2. Why is the UN still here? This useless bunch of cowards does not deserve to be on US soil. Obummer can sign all the treaties he wants it does not trump the US CONSTITUTION. Military and Police are sworn to protect the CONSTITUTION and people of this country, not politicians who believe they are dictators.Active and Retired we are all Oathkeepers.

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    The UN wants america to sign onto the SMALL ARMS CONTROL TREATY they want to confiscate all our guns and melt them into stupid PEACE BRICKS like the idiots in SEATTLE want to do and confiscate all our guns like the DEM-A-RATS in NEW JERSEY want to do its time to tear down that entire UN eyesore turn the area into a Bird Refuge and run those miserble UN reptiles back to where they came from

  4. When you coming Red? I’d drive over to the AWD compound to hang out and fraternize and tell a couple lies.

    We could get up a hawg and snake hunt, too.

    Keep me posted.

  5. bigtimer says:

    Ya’ll have a martini or two for me…I’ll be with you in spirit that way, in more ways than one. – Cheers!

  6. Blistered says:

    DFW or north is in the can do area!

    Hogs or snakes, count me and lil blister in.

    Blistered, over!

  7. I vote Snake Hunt!

    I want to test the statistics that 60% of snakebites involve alcohol, who knew that snakes liked beer and whiskey.

    Also we could play find the Secret Service Agent, which should be easier than spotting drunk snakes, all we have to do is look for the hookers.

    Also nothing but music that doesn’t suck, and that means AWD not playing Free Bird on the drums.

    • Waspish, AWD is going to do the drum solo in Inagaddadavida for about 6 hours for y’all!


      • OK cool, I can live with the 6 hour short version, but the Meth will prolly kill you before you finish the solo.

        So please leave a handy will of testament so we can divvy up the ‘Precious’ without too many accidental shootings.

        Mr. Mittens will hold Redstaters share in trust until NY repeals their unconstitutional gun laws.

  8. Is the snake hunt for the helpless reptiles or for the dangerous political kind?

  9. Inagada Davida says:

    Let’s go down, herd ’em up,
    If you agree, let’s word ’em up!
    And if you don’t-
    Then shut the f*** up.

    Texas is the place…

    One for the convention, please!

  10. ga steve says:

    About this snake hunt, is it a catch em or kill em hunt?

  11. Ghostrider says:

    Count me in for hogs, snakes or both. Waspish, Angus, awd — when do you want to get a ManFest together?

    • I’m ready any time, am covered up in hogs, snakes will be waking up from their snooze any day now.

      As soon as Red hollers ‘Brazos’ we ride.

  12. Y’all, AWD is up for a DudeFest anytime this summer! Dallas would be the natural center of festivities. We could ride out to Angus’ farm for hogs/snakes/whatever moves for a day of blasting away our precious ammo reserves. AWD might even have some supa-secret armaments to play with!

    Maybe we ought to look in June or July. We’ll have to be judicious lest a troll sneak through the perimeter. But damn, we can sure throw the houlihan and have ourselves a time!

    Let’s start talking dates that work for everyone!


    • Im up for it…. just let us know. Can I bring my better half?

    • Ghostrider says:

      Sounds good. I’ll need to hand off some of my work responsibilities for a few days. How about any day or two within a week of the 4th of July?

  13. I’ll be there in spirit. Ya’ll gotta post pictures, maybe even do some FaceTime. “This is better than a hog killing”. Snakes too?


    A open season on all those jackasses from NEW JERSEY,CONNETICUTT,NEW YORK,CALIFORNIA,MASSACUSES,COLORADO,MISSORI,and all those states where they want our guns confiscated

  15. Georgia Girl says:

    i’ll be there,there – hog killing?? squeal team six?

  16. Okinawa Marine says:

    Count me in. I just left Okinawa and now reside in the Big “D”.
    Sounds great.
    I will even wear clean underwear.

  17. quartierleblanc says:

    I’m in if the date is good and I”m in town.

  18. Kimosabe says:

    Hi Redstater! In another post of bigtimers, I posted a comment and Bigtimer told me I should check in with you. If you don’t mind I’m just going to post a link to what I brought to Bigtimers attention so I don’t have to type it all up again here.

  19. As a Texan, I will be there with the allowed accoutrements.
    Just a short drive from my fort here in Gun Barrel City, Texas!

  20. Dang, wish I could make it. Can’t wait to see pics.

    Also somebody make sure and calculate the “military style assault weapons/humans” ratio at this gathering. Ballpark guess is 6/1

  21. Red…

    Absolutely PRICELESS video you put together. THE BEST EVAH!

    I got such a kick out of that in so many ways that I played it three times…that’s a keeper. You’re a genuine genius in disguise…or something like that. 😉

    Btw…the background music you used was a brilliant choice too. – Great tribute to some of our favorite trolls as well.

  22. MTPatriot says:

    Man, what a great time to be had by all!

    Sadly, I will be there in spirit only, but will raise a glass and if I still had by guns (the ones lost in the boat accident) I would shoot a few rounds…..

    I would really like to meet the Angry White Imam Dude! 😉

    And to echo BT’s words, great video Red! A man of many talents!

  23. RedStater, AWD just saw the video. Hilarious! I really wish Brid would make the scene for Dude-a-palooza! Might do her some good to be around some (semi) normal people for a change!

    Sounds like we’re going to have us a time!


  24. I might come if some of you rednecks play horseshoes… pitch a few and drink a few.

    • Paul B, all right, all right! We’ll find some damn horseshoes! Get yourself down to Dallas!


      • I’ll actually come… waiting on date and driving instructions. Not 100% sure, but I think Texas is south of Missouri.