With all the scandals swirling around us 24/7, thought I’d post a feel good story for a change. What happened here should warm your heart…and possibly get you a little misty-eyed to-boot!

Words from me won’t suffice…you read, you watch, you decide. – Enjoy!

This is via TB:

Nine-year-old Alayna Adams got a big surprise when she was told she would be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at Thursday’s Tampa Bay Rays game. She had no idea the even bigger shock she was in for.

It started when her dad, Lt. Col. Will Adams, appeared on the video screen to say hello and that he would be home soon. Alayna didn’t know how true that was; she threw the ball right down the center and watched it bounce. The man in the Ray’s uniform and catcher’s gear reached up to snag it — then pulled his mask off, revealing himself as her father.

Alayna ran to her dad, home from Afghanistan after a one-year deployment, and the two embraced before the roaring crowd.

“I thought it was a dream,” she told a TV interviewer a few innings later.

The surprise was orchestrated by the United Service Organizations and the Rays. Dana Adams, Will’s wife and Alayna’s mom, didn’t know anything either.

Adams, 40, had actually arrived Wednesday, but stayed in a hotel room that night to wait for the surprise.

“That was the hardest part,” he told the Tampa Bay Times. “Being back home and not being able to see them.”

Side-note: There’s another video in this story, you can click the TB link above if you want to see it.

This being Armed Forces Day, to all that serve past and present, you have our eternal gratitude.

Add your thoughts…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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    And hopuly father and duaghter will stay together and not be separated to satisfy those UN war mongers

  2. Nice video, your right we need to all come home. Its stand down time. We are taking a time out, fu*k with us we will nuke you, immediately, figuring it will be Iran or North Korea target them now so the button is easy to push

    • bigtimer says:

      Did you happen to read about this?


      • Its what happens when ya cross the Brotherhood (Muslim). Truly I say, our dear leader is one of them. Our extinction will come from within. No One will trust us or our Intell people anymore, “O” is seeing to that. We have a Sewer Roach Regime in charge with all the manners and morals of a Sewer Roach. Nixon was a Piker compared to this Racist Communist Basturd.

  3. Okinawa Marine says:

    What a class organization, the Rays setting this up for the Military Man and his Family.
    It is great to know that Servicemen and Women are appreciated and not forgotten.

  4. Thanks AWD. Brought a bit of “mist” to my eyes. I don’t have children, but seeing that embrace and total happiness – WOW !!!

    • Your welcome. (although I’m not AWD, but did post the piece)

      Glad you liked it…I felt the same way as you did. 😉

      • Bigtimer, my apologies, it would have helped if I had read … posted by … at the top of the page !!!

  5. Blistered says: