California is one monumentally screwed up place. Girls will be boys and boys will be girls, it’s a mixed up, muddled-up, shook up world of freakazoids, California. It’s just been plum loco for the past hundred years or so! Maybe California will be better off once the Mexicans completely take it over, if they haven’t already! Mexicans can’t be near as idiotic as the domestically-born libtards who run the joint! And I guaran-damn-tee Mexicans don’t have their heads up their culos over this diversity and political correctness madness! Mezcans are one of the protected classes who can actually be proud of and defend their culture unlike you racist crackas!

Get this. The California State Assembly passed a bill Thursday mandating schools permit boys to play on girls’ athletic teams and utilize the ladies’ locker room if they gender identify as girls – or vice-versa for girls identifying as boys. I crap you negative! I wonder if that would work for AWD and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders dressing room? I would “gender-identify” as a wildebeest if it would get me into the showers with the Cheerleaders! And you better believe no damn good would come of it, either!

Here’s the California Assemblyman cat who wrote the bill:

Nice shirt. Now, I know what you’re thinking. I know! You’re thinking, “man, I know that dude has got to have seen one up close.” Well, you homophobic bastid, you’d be wrong. That cat is an open “sensitive guy” in the California Assembly named Tom Ammiano. Oh, and he’s a Democrat. You probably already had that figured out. But he hasn’t seen one up close. He’s seen tens of thousands! And that was only from California Assemblymen over the years!

According to WND:

Ammiano told the Los Angeles Times some parents may be uncomfortable with their children sharing bathrooms with students of a different sex, but he said, “It’s also important to protect our children from prejudice.”

“There’s no trampling of other people’s rights,” he said. “There’s a recognition that other people have the same rights that you do.”

So the pulling guard on the football team has the right to shower with the cheerleaders just because he says he’s having poofterish feelings about his sexual identity? Better get a bigger shower because something tells AWD the entire football team is going to start questioning whether they’re a man (with a big ol’ angry man-thing sticking out in the shower) or a frilly little filly!

For high-school males, this law is better than beer!

As for Mr. Ammiano’s comments about rights. Where does it say in the Constitution boys have the right to use the girls locker room or vice versa (which would be a huge mistake for any girl unless she was some big ol’ lebanese bufforilla on the girls softball team). If the Constitution states AWD can shower up between Brandi and Bambi after the Cowboys lose another game, then I’m all for the rule of law! I’m a patriot, after all! But something tells me nothing that great ever comes that easy! But do you notice that everyone and everything has a “right” to something? Except for conservatives who don’t agree with the wacko ideology of leftists? We have no rights! After all, we’re not freakazoids.

Here’s AWD’s problem with libtarded idiots in California and places beyond. They love boys who think they’re girls, wear dresses, and go to the prom with other boys who thinks they’re girls. Libs love anything homosexual, tri-sexual, trangendered, trans-fat, trans-am, etc. Libs support every wacko, freakazoid sub-group and cry rivers over their “rights” but want to expel a second grader for pointing a pencil at a classmate and making a gunshot sound. Their belief is natural masculinity is a disease that must be overcome. You hear phrases like “gender equality, LBGT community, Sexual and reproductive rights, etc” but they all really mean too much unnatural sex, too little Jesus!

Here’s the deal, freakazoids. The natural boy likes guns, knives, airplanes, flashlights, and Hooters. The natural man pretty much likes the same. The unnatural boy likes other boys. The unnatural man grows up to be a California Assemblyman writing legislation to put boys and girls in the same shower! And there are a whole hell of a lot more natural boys and men than unnatural ones. And there always will be. Except for California and Nueva York. France may have invented homosexuality but it was perfected in California and New York!

Here’s the deal. AWD doesn’t care if a guy is gay or not. I’d prefer just not to hear about it all the time. None of my bidness until you make it my bidness. But this country wasn’t built by modern dancers and men who moisturize! World wars weren’t won by decorators practicing feng shui who own cats named Mr Mittens! Manhood was celebrated by all because we knew it would be a strong, American male who could shoot straight that would protect this once-great country from our enemies. Not some fashion designer! Political correctness and liberals destroyed all that. Especially in liberal hellholes like California and New York. And the results are very telling! And they’re telling normal people to get the hell out of there!

Does the California Assembly not have anything greater to worry about than girls being boys and boys being girls showering together after figure skating class? Well, probably not. They’re controlled by Dims! I mean, the state has all that money saved up and can’t figure out where to spend it. Hey! Maybe they should import a few million more Mexicans…if there are that many left south of what once was the border and put them on all sorts of welfare!

Instead of a fence along the US southern border, AWD would rather build a border fence on the eastern borders of California to protect us from the inmates that try to escape the PC asylum. Next thing you know, you’re new neighbor from Sacramento will be knocking on the door wanting to shower with your wife!

Speaking of Too Much Sex, Too Little Jesus, here’s those wild-eyed Southern boys from Alabama, The Drive-By Truckers singing about the very same thing for some Music That Doesn’t Suck! What a coincidence!

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    he needs to start wearing all pink with rainbow neck ties to show his inter weirdness

  2. For craps sake, can CA be split into two states already? It’s a shame from San Francisco down that population gives everyone the name “moron” for the rest of the conservative types up far north. We like farming, guns, hunting, four wheel drive and snow. This now confirms why I’d rather homeschool my kid. I will say the Mexicans here usually dress better than most whites and I’ve NEVER seen them pan-handle. They can drive better cars than the rest of us small town types because of all of their amazing burrito wagons and restaurants! I think I’d rather see the hard working ones here and send all of the pan-handlers back to Mexico with the libtards…

  3. Sign me up to help build the fence.

  4. California needs to be fenced off from the rest of the country. Its a third world liberal shithole to the extreme. Its beyond help. Wall it off and keep the disease of leftist libtardism there where it belongs.

  5. You know where this is headed.

    It’s impossible from a logistics standpoint to have separate restrooms, locker rooms and showers for every combination of real and perceived gender (and believe me, there aren’t just four anymore — LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH are seeing to that). So what’s the only solution? Everyone in one big shower.

    Because…don’t drop the soap.

  6. A good quarterback and a good tight end go hand in hand…in a California locker room.


    Oldsoul, We here in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA and SOUTHERN OREGON have always been wanting to suceed AND BECOME the STATE of JEFFERSON after all WEST VIRGINIA did becuase were getting so tired of what our political hacks are doing TAXES and REGULATIONS and SAME SEX MARRAGE and such JERRY(MOONBEAM)BROWN is such a idiot

  8. Snake Oiler says:

    Homosexuals represent a far greater existentialist threat to the country than muslims ever will. Why? They are the vanguard of PC, the enablers of everything and everyone following in their rainbow wake. Logic, common sense, reason, objective reality, critical thinking, etc., are no longer in use. Try to apply any of them to the situation and you’ll be labeled as a ‘hate criminal’. Maybe it’s time to reshuffle the political map and let every city or conurbation with a population of over 5 million become a separate entity, like the Greek city-states of long ago. Even let each one elect their own national representatives. The best term for these places would be Fuxated Leftist Shithole Utopias, or FLSU’s, for short. Every one a ‘sanctuary city’ with a completely disarmed populace (except for criminals, of course). Hopefully, the net effect would be to diminish the left’s voting power in some states to actually put conservative candidates in the running again. California minus Los Angeles, Illinois minus Chicago, and New York minus NYC might possibly produce some interesting results. The theory breaks down for places like Washington, Oregon and Colorado, but it is subject to adjustment.

  9. Okinawa Marine says:

    AWD, PLEASE consider one thing. Lets not get hasty and throw the baby out with the bath water.
    While I was a young Marine in southern California (Camp Pendleton), we would practice our wartime craft of hand to hand-to-hand combat and Enemy Sentry Removal by engaging in Gay Bashing. This was great “Hands-On” training. We need to keep this tradition around. AND NO I AM NOT OVER THE TOP ON THIS!!!
    So, if there is a fence built (Which there should be) please plan for a small corridor that can let ample quantities of transgenders Gay Bo’s who like to lick the flesh Popsicle enter our “perimeter.
    I know what you are thinking. General Amos (The Current Marine Commandant) has become PC and embracing the Obama agenda, he will be gone soon.
    Lets keep em coming, we can always use the training. Oh yeah, it also feels great to punch one of these assh*les in the face and hear them cry like little girlies.

  10. Dear Angry,
    Not all Californians wear tutus to go to Walmart. Although compelled to list all of my raging heterosexual friends here, in the interest of brevity I shall refrain.

    The “I wanna be on the news” legislation from Ammino, will never fly. California is actually fairly redneck in nature. It has always been the last stop for the poets, artists and free thinkers, all of whom came from east of California. The one’s who make the most noise about “their rights”, are mainly non-natives. So ya’ll keep your riff raff at home he’ah?

    As for me.. I kept moving. So many pretty girls here, I have a full time chiropractor.

    In the event that Tommie’s(his friends call him that)legislation passes, I would like to offer my services in assisting the AWD crew in any way, to bridge the gap between the gender challenged and the Cowboy’s women’s locker room. Yes, I know it is a sacrifice of monumental proportion, but as a Californian, it is my nature to assist the downtrodden.

    In addition, it is also my duty to reinforce all negative beliefs about Californians! In the interest of perpetuation, I am compelled to emerge from my closet at this time.

    Yes, I Gary Nelson Harper am…
    a lesbian imprisoned in a man’s body.
    I’m here to help.

    HEY! I ordered a triple, latte grande mocha non fat, with sprinkles!! My therapist said I would meet barista’s like YOU!

    DISCLAIMER: All content herein written is satirical.It should not be construed as opinion or the beliefs of the management of AWD, or any of it’s subsidiaries, in part or whole. Any similarity to persons, fictional,living or deceased is coincidental. Any ideologies expressed by the writer should not be construed as derogatory or defamatory based against gender, religious, sexual or sprinkle preferences.

    “WTF.. yeah gimme the whipped cream”

  11. UCSPanther says:

    San Francisco and Berkeley are so left wing that they make our draft dodger capital, Nelson, B.C. look like a redneck town in comparison.

  12. Why is it Hollywood doesnt use these ideas for their teen comedies? Boys pretending to be sexually confused so they are allowed to sneak into the girls showers? Sounds like some kind of updated remake of “Porky’s”!

  13. Jumpin' Joe says:

    Only one thing comes to mind, W.T.F?

  14. Ghostrider says:

    Just when you think you’ve seen or heard every libtarded thing in the world ….. they manage to come up with something else defying all common sense. That said, I’m a diehard Redskins fan, but agree completely with awd I would embrace the other side in exchange for the ‘right’ to shower with Brandi and Bambi after the Skins beat the Cowgirls …. getting all liberal and tingly just thinking about it. Hell, I need a tissue.

  15. Snake Oiler says:

    The most destructive ideologies of modern times have favored the notion that an essential human nature does not exist or, at most, is faint and extremely elastic. The enemies of civilization must subvert the idea that humans cannot be conditioned to accept any behavior, no matter how grotesque. These practitioners of human desensitization understand that getting humans to accept a repugnant behavior requires a slow and incremental and persistent exposure to behaviors that were previously felt to be disgusting. The enemies of civilization believe that humans as humans share no guiding moral sensibility. “Little by little we were taught all these things. We grew into them,” recalled the socialist mass murderer Adolph Eichmann.

    Every modern permutation of authoritarianism, socialism pre-eminent among them, has promoted the idea that humans are born as moral “blank slates” awaiting socialization. The radical egalitarians turn a blind eye to any evidence of an innate human nature because an innate human nature threatens their quest for absolute equality, which they hold to be the hallmark of social progress. It’s an article of faith for them; it’s a religious precept. The “blank slaters” are the “flat earthers” of 21st Century psychological research; their ideologically-rooted belief is an impediment to psychological studies. They live in constant fear of the empirical evidence of inborn human differences and inborn human proclivities; they fear it will lead to their worst nightmare: social inequality. The egalitarians have repressed the memory that it was the “blank slaters” who set the civilized world ablaze and swept millions upon millions of humans to their deaths in the Twentieth Century.

    Queer Liars and Liberal Idiots

  16. Nostradumbass says:

    and the colored girls go “Dew, be-dew, be-dew, be-dew-be-dew-dew”

  17. West Coast Dude says:

    Wow, this was one of the better articles I’ve read. Yeah, it’s really sad when you got one Assemblyman running the show with his ideas, but the majority of the population around him totally disagrees. I mean if you read the comments to the articles concerning this topic, you see time after time again that the comments are always 99% against whatever the Assemblyman, Congressman, President, etc. wants. It’s just ludicrous; I mean who votes these people in office?? If it’s majority votes, then why is the majority of the comment section always against these loser libtard politicians?

    • Simple…democrat vote fraud and minorities who solidy vote democratic to keep their free ride going.

  18. I sure do miss the days when these pieces of perverted shit stayed in the closet and were shunned instead of coddled by the sickening leftists.

  19. cranky.white.woman says:

    In my opinion — yeah, yeah, I know, opinions are like a$$holes, everybody’s got one — we should have a big, long Walmart along the border. Our neighbors to the south could work in it, entering the premises from the back, and the Americans living by the border would shop there, entering from the front. Thousands of new jobs for the Mexicans, and mucho savings for the Americans…everybody wins! And as the libtards keep reminding us, Walmart’s raking in the big bucks, so they can afford to build that big, long store.

  20. Is that John travolta in the dress? And awd, don’t be surprised when I sue you for discriminating against my Cowboys….. And win. But you can always use your lack of taste as evidence. ” ladies and gentlemen… My client listens to unknown hindson and think he’s good!”

  21. The words of E. Scrooge….”I’ll retire to Bedlam”


    Only in the wussiepants of SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA would make come stupid yellow slug as their mascot U.C. SANTA CRUZ i beleive and although the STONFORD team are callled CARDINALS(A Bird)their mascots this stupid a** tree

  23. 03Gyrene says:

    These God Damned freaks are everywhere…. and being plastered all over every TV show and movie, hell even the Government is promoting Pooftery and Unnatural acts through their kids programs. Case in point… the Civil Rights office where I work (Fed Agency)sent this out to all employees under the guise of Great Outdoors Month:


  24. Dear Californians,

    Why do you think that California is called Califormia, Los Angeles is called Los Angeles and San Francisco is called San Francisco instead of Caliowen, The Angels, Saint Francis and so on?

    It is not that the mexicans are crossing the border. They have always been here, the Hispanic first came and found all those cities. It is the non-Hispanic who crossed the border after Californian Hispanic Citizens freely decided to join the US.

    The mexicans are not becoming again the majority because they are crossing the border, but because those who have since always been here are so conventional that practice the old fashion male-female sex partnering with the sequel of child birth, while thanks to the Gay Lobby, California’s newcomer Anglos and other non Hispanic create without any controversy unfertile tsboy-gboy, tsgirl-ggirl, tsboy-lesbiangg, etc, etc as much you may combine. If incidentally a fertile man-woman relation could result in delivering a baby, d’ont worry, the Abortion lobby comes to rescue.

    It’s just a matter of time (and not very much) to let the former majority voluntarily commit social suicide. Then they will become the new minority.

    I styrongly advocate for the right of the majority to turn itself the minority if they feel unconfortable with their locker room.