Texas Senator John Cornyn is a Republican of the John McPain, Lindsey “Fredo” Graham, Orrin Hatch, Jeff Flake, Kay Bailout Hutchison, etc variety. In other words, he’s a worthless, wussypants RINO who could easily be replaced by a Democrat. Or a rat. Same difference.

Cornyn has been walking the straight and narrow since supa-stud Ted Cruz showed up on the scene kicking RINO and libtard boo-tay while setting the bar for Republicans. Not related I’m sure is Cornyn is up for reelection! Go figure! Cornyn is hoping the people of Texas forget his career of sellout votes and his disastrous reign as Chair of the National (wussypants) Republican Senatorial Committee by talking and acting like a conservative. Talking tough during the election and sitting down to pee while in office is a tried and true methodology well-used by wussypants RINOs. (Note: AWD is pretty sure Lindsey Graham sits down to pee all the time)

Here’s an example of one who now is on the Gang of Eight championing amnesty for illegal aliens:

The Great Arizona RINO! You’ll notice that “completing the dang wall” isn’t part of Senator Juan McCain’s Immigration Reform. He doesn’t have to worry about border security. After all, he has 5 years until reelection.

If Cornyn is trying to please the good people of Texas before November, it’s very puzzling why he sided with wussypants RINO Republican Senators Orrin Hatch, Lindsey Graham, and Jeff Flake in voting in the Senate Judiciary Committee for an amendment which expands the Immigration Reform legislation to 867 pages and increases funding for implementation of reform by $900 billion. That crap just don’t flush back home in Texas! Texans don’t want Immigration Reform. We want Immigration Enforcement! If we wanted to live in Mexico, we’d move to California.

John Cornyn, as with many Texas politicians, is too liberal for Texas. He’s one of the bought-and-paid-for good ol’ boys in Washington who are content to keep the status quo even when the country is crumbling. This isn’t the first time AWD has taken Cornyn to task. A quick Google search on “Angry White Dude John Cornyn” shows a list of the Big Sexy’s previous articles criticizing his terrible performance for Texas and the nation. I suggest you read them. There will be a test.

If Immigration Reform (aka Amnesty for Pre-Democrats) is passed, America is gone forever! Done deal! But Republicans continue to insult us saying “Hispanics are our natural constituency! They believe in our conservative values!” Oh, really? Then why do they vote for Dims in every Hispanic district in the country? Answer? Dims give away more free sh*t! What is amazing to me is Republicans are championing the very legislation that will destroy them..and the country..forever! Actually, it’s not amazing. These are the same people who agree to Presidential Debates that allow socialist mainstream propaganda media hacks to moderate.

Texans need to send John Cornyn home. He’s done enough damage! Voting for the amendment that pours more money into amnesty for illegals is the LAST thing a Texas Senator should do. Voting with Chuck Schumer on anything is the SECOND TO LAST thing a Texas Senator should do!

AWD has it on good record that Cornyn sent the leaders of the Dallas Tea Party a letter on April 15th, 2009 to be read at their big Tax Day Tea Party. The letter told how Cornyn was a true conservative and a Tea Partier and how he supported Tea Party values. That was the same day he endorsed Arlen Specter for reelection in Pennsylvania over conservative Pat Toomey (who has now sold out the 2nd Amendment). Cornyn said in a press conference “I cannot do my job without Arlen Specter in the Senate.” Well, Specter soon jumped over to the Dims after the Tea Partiers in Pennsylvania ran him out of town. While admitting he couldn’t do his job without Specter, Cornyn never resigned after Specter was defeated (as a Dim). Of course, Cornyn would rather eat glass than lose his Senate seat.

As Chair for the NRSC, Cornyn supported Charlie Christ, Arlen Specter, Lisa Murkowsky, John McCain, Bob Bennett, and a host of other worthless wussypants RINOs over conservative alternatives. He never once backed a conservative! That alone should get him sent to the sewer of history!

My fellow Texans, we can and must do better! Remember, nobody gave Ted Cruz a chance when he faced RINO David Dewhurst (the choice of the wussypants Republicans). But the Tea Party and other grass roots conservatives did what it took to get Ted into office. Let’s find another Ted!

Here’s Cornyn at a Tea Party event a few years ago. And this was in the People’s Republic of Austin! He might not have gotten out of Dallas! A classic!

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  1. RINO Juan is from my state, (damn the shame of it) and can be easily replaced with a coyote turd, and when the worthless piece of crap loses his next bid, i’ll bet he retires to mexifornia.

  2. Love that cartoon of Cornyn. Need more of them for the rest of the RINO Circus. Flake has been a Rino since he was in Congress. I just want Face Stomp them all.
    They are dishonest, immoral, ugly people. And they sell out cheap.

  3. Ghostrider says:

    Too many Cornyn’s, too few Cruz’s. That’s what’s killing the GOP right now and letting the Dems walk all over us. When Texas falls our nation is finished. The libs will own it all. I’ll probably move to Nicaragua, become a coffee plantation owner, and hang out with Daniel Ortega in his old age. Hell, that’s got to be better than Obamanation.

    Hopefully Cornyn will campaign in the Bedford, Grapevine, Euless area. My ex-wives live there and they all are crack shots. Trained them myself — I stay away.


    He is a turkey amougnst the eagles

  5. This assclown is taking plays from McStains playbook. RINO’s suck! No amnesty!!! Any politician who supports it is a traitor!


    And he was coauthor of that CAMAPIGN FINANCE REFORM this is more of his infamy

  7. Michael Roberts says:

    As a resident of Texas, it is my goal to get Cornhole out of office ASAP. He is a disgrace to the great state of Texas. CRUUUUUUZZZZ!

  8. I hate RINO’S…..

    RINO’S are only conservative during campaign season…..

    RINO’S morph into conservatives to get elected or re-elected…..

    then spend the rest of the time twisting a knife in all of the conservatives backs.

  9. Jedediah says:

    High time this sorry RINO was turned out of office. We had to keep his feet to the fire in 2007 to get him to vote against amnesty. He’s one of the best RINOs money can buy..total utter fraud!

  10. aceydoozy says:

    The question is, will there be primary opposition for Cornyn, the cornball Senator?

    • Just find a good person to run then start a Nationwide PAC to help him or better yet target Cornyn with the PAC. There needs to be a National Adopted Cartoon, RINO like the Elephants and Jackasses. Use it to target all the RINOs all the time, start calling them members of the RINO party, perhaps a good cartoonist could draw up a RINO Flag and have a RINO with a short horn.

  11. Snake Oiler says:

    “I don’t know how good of a primary challenge he is going to get at this point, but he will get a primary challenge,” said Dean Wright, co-founder and director of New Revolution Now, based in Austin, Texas.

    “There is vetting going on,” Wright said, but he did not have any other details. He noted that one possible challenger could be Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is viewed as much more likely to run for governor in 2014. Abbott and Cornyn are known to have a cordial relationship, with Cornyn once touting Abbott as a possible Senate candidate.

    “He would, if he did run, most likely bring in the tea party and the conservative grass roots behind him,” Wright said, adding that his group would likely support Abbott.

    Abbot came to the national stage in 2005 when he defended before the U.S. Supreme Court, and won, the right of the state to display a Ten Commandments monument on the state capitol grounds.

    Still, the idea that Abbott would challenge Cornyn seems far fetched at this point. “Anyone who knows anything about Texas politics knows that Abbott is gearing up to run for governor,” a Texas GOP source said.

    And here’s the punchline.

    With Cornyn considered “part of the establishment, maybe he’ll draw a primary opponent, but I don’t anticipate any strong opponent,” said a Texas Republican political operative.


    • aceydoozy says:

      Abbott, etal are all GOP/Bush type republicans, they’ve all been in Austin too long now, vacating one office to be elected to another. Texas needs outsider Conservatives ala Ted Cruz.

  12. Bill mcCormack says:

    He is another Obama ass kissing faggot!

  13. These are old posts, but I will chime in anyway. I tried to call Cornyn’s office here and in DC, and got nothing worth having. At the 972 area number, got a dumbass kid as dumb as a stump who said that Cornyn is against Obamacare. When I asked if he would vote with Reid on closure on the CR about defunding, he said that he hasn’t been told. I called the DC office and got some nit wit gal who didn’t know crap and couldn’t say anyting. Calling back the next business day, I got a message that the mailbox was full and on another option to talk with staff, I got a recording that hung me up. It’s easy to see that the low life will vote with Reid. He’s nothing but a sellout.

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  15. Rino Cornyn won the primary in 2014, but he suffered. He only got 58% because people like me voted for Tea Party candidates. Guess what John, you won the primary and you will probably win the mid-terms, but the tide is turning against you.
    I will tell you something about myself before I tell you how I will vote in the mid-terms. I am a conservative voter. I have not voted Democrat EVER! The Republican RINO congressmen and senators have voted as if they were liberal democrats. Oh yeah, they act conservative and try to give that impression, but then they stab you in the back in their back room deals and how they vote.
    So, Mr. Cornyn, I view you no better than a bleeding liberal democrat. So, in the mid-terms, I can’t believe I am saying this… I AM GOING TO VOTE FOR YOUR DEMOCRAT OPPONENT!!! I would rather a demoncrat win and knock you off. Then in the next elections we can hopefully get a TRUE Conservative in. You are no better than a liberal, so what do I have to lose? I vote you out, let the liberal win, and then in the next elections, we take back your former seat.