I’m sure most of you have had a great, relaxing Memorial Day weekend so far. We’ve spent time with our family and friends enjoying time off from work and the other pressures of life. Others aren’t so fortunate. For them, today was a living hell. As was yesterday. As will be tomorrow. And the rest of their lives. They are the families who have lost a loved one in uniform.

This photo was sent to me by a friend who served in the Air Force flying B-52s. Or “aluminum overcast” as he calls them. I still crack up when I hear that. Every picture tells a story. This picture heartbreakingly sums up the first paragraph of this post perfectly:

Yes, there are many who will not enjoy this weekend. Nor will their lives ever be the same. My heart goes out to these parents and family of soldiers lost in action. I cannot bring myself to think of the horror the families of the fallen live every day.

AWD sends his utmost respect, honor and love to our men and women in uniform and their families. They are a force of good and willfully put themselves in harms way to protect ours and the liberties of others. i know we have many veterans who read and contribute to this page. I cannot have more respect for them! They are truly America’s best. No deeper tribute can be made than this:

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Our good friend Rides A Pale Horse put together a tribute for our heroes in uniform. Very well made and fitting of our fighting men and women:

Nice work, RAPH!

Here’s a tearjerker that came from a true story. A songwriter overheard the father of a fallen soldier tell another how he liked to drive his son’s truck to feel close to him. Words were put to music. Beautiful.

The worst pain a parent can feel is the loss of a child. As I mentioned, I cannot bring myself to even consider the thought. I don’t know how the parents of fallen soldiers do it. I guess they have no choice and just have to figure it out and try to string along one day after the next. However it is they do it, I will offer a special prayer tonight that they might be comforted.

Please remember to thank those who serve and have served our country in uniform. And remember to thank their families, too. God bless them all!


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    Dont let them have sacrificed their lives in vain by allowing a bunch of illegal aliens forgein crinimals and marxist tyrants Its time to run these crinimals out of america We fought against tyrany in WW II lets not allow illegal aliens to dtake over this nation IMPEACH OBAMA,BIDEN and HOLDER

  2. From an ex-soldier here in South Africa who is an Angolan Vet, I extend my sincere respect to the folks in the USA who answered the call. To those who have lost family, my heart goes out to you. To those who have lost friends, may you always cherish the laughter you shared together. To those who are alone, know that you have answered the call and there are people who will always help you when you need it.

    No-one can take away what you sacrificed. You have every right to hold your head up high. You have every right. You have nothing to fear, for you already faced it.

    I say again; you have every right to hold your head up high.

    From half way across the world, I salute you fine folks.

    • Dmitri,

      I’ve read your thoughts before… you are obviously one fine individual. Hold down the fort in South Africa.

  3. leo derosia says:

    i think many politicians are scum of the earth and i would like to apologize for the current criminals in DC to God Almighty,all vets living or dead, our Founders, Generals Patton, Eisenhower, Grant, Pershing, Marshall and even General Robert e Lee who i know loved our country a lot more than current drug addled ,sodomite, imbecilic islamocommie in white house. I think we should also recognize our first President and 6 star General of the Armies George Washington. The US Congress in 1976 promoted Washington posthumously to General of the Armies which means no one has ever outranked him and probably never will. He will always be our Commander in Chief. President Washington prayed and asked God for guidance, i hope all americans would follow his example if country is to survive.

  4. Jack daniels says:

    I participated in war games with my southern patriots. I hold them in the highest esteem and admiration.

    Though I am discouraged to see what is happening today under this commander in chief, I profoundly believe however that those who are honorable will, in the time of need, preform their duties to protect the citizens and uphold their oath.

    From a former P.P.C.L.I. grunt (Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry)

  5. Robert Wilson says:

    Thank you for your post about remembering our veterans. I agree there are far to many of us Americans who forget the true meaning of Memorial Day; or Decoration Day, as it was originally known.
    Yesterday, like many Americans, I was at a cemetary with my wife placing flowers and an American flag on the grave of her late son in law, a veteran of the United States Navy. There was a section of the cemetary with a sign that said Valor Ridge. A special section for veterans. As I looked at the markers bearing the names, ranks and various services of those resting there, one caught my eye in particular. There were no flowers and no flag as it appeared the grave had not been visited in quite some time. The marker bore the inscription, “SGT. U.S.M.C. WORLD WAR I”.
    Since we had more than enough flowers and an extra American flag, I pulled up the urn and placed the flowers in it. I then planted the flag beside the marker. When my wife asked me, “was he a Marine, like you?” I replied, “Yes, he was a Marine, and every Marine is your brother”.
    I urge all those on Memorial Day, please remember those who served, and dont let their graves go unadorned..Even if you didnt know the person resting there.

  6. master of sinanju says:

    Gardens of Stone Here I lay in this garden of stone, here my final resting home,I fought and died in Freedom’s Quest,all I ask when I’m laid to rest, bury me among the honored and patriot dead, with my brothers and sisters alongside whom I fought died and bled.As a soldier of my country,I claim this as my right,and when She called I took up arms and I did fight.Wives,mothers do not cry for me, I did what I had to do and what a patriot must,because in my heart I knew the cause was just. To fight tyranny and bring Freedom to a people oppressed,in a garden of stone lay me down to rest. I have fought for Lady Freedom Fair,on the land,sea, and in the air. I have laid down my physical shell, for Liberty and Freedom I have gone through Hell.When She asked, I gave everything I had and more,I was a soldier, sailor, airman, marine corps. Here at home, or on a foreign shore,when She called me to take up arms, I came from the cities, towns and farms.Bunker Hill,Antietam,the Argonne,Korea,Vietnam,Europe,Irag,Afhganistan.The Great Lakes,Atlantic,Pacific,Coral Sea, Germany,France, Normandy. On the seas, in the forests,jungles, desert sands,it was there I fought and died in those foreign lands so far from home,bring me back, bury me in a garden of stone.I don’t ask for much, just your prayers and thoughts on this day, remember the reason why it is here I now lay.Remember me on Memorial Day,you know where to find me, Arlington, Rosecrans,are now my homes, I lay everywhere in those gardens of stone.Bury me on those hallowed grounds,lay me down to rest as taps the bugle sounds,let Me rest in the soil of my home, here in this garden of stone. Respectfully Submitted, The Master of Sinanju


    If theres one thing that Johnny Reb and Billy Yank can agree on is that OUR NATION IS BEING INVADED and OUR GOVERMENT and especialy OUR PRESIDENT its behind it all along with the mexican goverment and the UN and CFR as well

    • bluffcreek1967 says:

      I agree. Our governmental leaders from both parties have utterly betrayed the American people. They have knowingly violated our Constitution and strayed from its clear principles.

      If the Founders of our once great nation were to see what we have become, they would disown us and I would not blame them in least.

    • leo derosia says:

      i am from NH and yankee blue to the bone. the fed govt with usurper obamao in charge is our biggest enemy and Lincoln said American would only be taken down from within. Give me stonewall jackson and rest of patriots south of the mason-dixon line any day of the week

  8. There are many beautiful words honoring our Vets in the above posts….Thanks for sharing.

    Every Memorial Day, I like…no, I feel obligated, to head over to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society’s web site and read about these heroes and their stories….It is always humbling. The heroic accounts of what these men did under fire for liberty leaves me in awe. There have been nearly 3500 Medals of Honor awarded. But, think of the countless, selfless acts of bravery by soldiers who were and possibly never will be acknowledged for their fearless efforts……(I know it is a rough sentence, but I think you’ll understand my point).


    One quick story…..Back in my network cameraman days, I was at an event early in Bush 43’s 1st term. There was a Marine in dress blues standing near the entryway to the event ballroom. An elderly woman approached the Marine and struck up a conversation with him. The woman said, “You know, my husband was a Marine.” The Sargent snapped to attention and said……”He still is Ma’am.” He then escorted the woman into the ballroom.

    Ya know…It is funny how that little exchange has stuck with me all these years.


    • leo derosia says:

      audie murphy died on memorial day, 1971. the baby faced assassin was only 46 when he died in a plane crash. he ran across 2 really big guys who wanted to test him in the 1950s and wiped the floor with them, true story. audie could go from regular civilian to stone cold killer instantly if pushed. audie was around 5-7 150 if that, just a true warrior and great shot. he always carried a .45 with him haha…like anyone who saw combat he had some horrible memories and i hope he is RIP



  10. Excellent post CJ thanks.

  11. Babushka Babe says:

    This entire tribute is excellent AWD. I was specially moved by the tribute from RAPH. This brought pride and tears to this old heart and these old eyes.

  12. Rides A Pale Horse,

    Outstanding to say the least… thank you.


    We thank you for remembering our troops on Memorial Day.

    • Thank you very much AWD, Paul, BT and Babushka Babe. It is MY honor to be able to use what little talent I have to remember and honor those who stand in harms way to ensure our way of life.

      NEVER forget.



    • That was a great show! When I was a kid I used to love that show. the robot fighting with Dr. Smith made the show. Dr. smith reminds me of this asshole president we have. A lying scumbag communist.

  14. I spent it relaxing and doing a little yard work. I thought a lot about my dad. Hes been gone a long time but I will never forget him. He answered the call in 1943 and was lucky enough to survive. Sometimes I will look at the picture of him and a bunch of troops standing on “Anzio Annie” and smile. I literally found it by accident one day while researching his military service. An 88th division re-en actors site had some photos of the 88th in Italy and by total accident I found a picture with my dad in it.


    This is one version of the photo I found online but I have better ones in my archives. He was the man standing just to the left of the one sitting down near the muzzle of this monster gun. His unit was not directly involved in the capture of the gun or the Anzio battle but he was obviously there when this happened. I found a couple copies of this photo on various military sites and one day was lucky enough to find a close up shot that showed my dad plain as day. I was very surprised to say the least! He never mentioned being there when Anzio Annie was captured. He was a forward observer for the 88th division artillery batteries. So he quite possibly rained hell down on the German units that operated this gun. Seeing my old man standing on top of that gun makes me proud to say the least. We should never forget the sacrifices these men made for us. Sadly, communist pieces of shit are trying to undermine these brave mens efforts by transforming America into a commie shithole….I hope I never live to see that day come because I will die fighting it.

    • Rich…

      Just read this…glad I did. – Thank you for sharing this. Great picture you have there too.

      • Thanks BT. My dad and I had our differences but Im proud of him nonetheless. He managed to survive that nightmare and come home in one piece. Had he not I wouldnt be here today.

    • What a touching story BT. We take our veterans so much for granted in this country it makes me angry and sad at the same time. We cater to blacks and illegal aliens as if they are royalty, yet we barely recognize the sacrifices these men made for America. These men become brothers in arms…they fight together and they die together and they do it for America….and yet we (“we” meaning the libtards who hate the military) shun them and treat them with little to no respect at all. When that piece of shit we call a president disrespects our military by forcing a marine to hold an umbrella for him thats enough to make me throw up!

  15. Sorry for this late post, but I have been searching the web trying to find out where Obama was during your Memorial Weekend. I came across this from CBS: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-25.....sacrifice/

    What angered me was this quote: “Our troops and our military families understand this, and they mentioned to me their concern about whether the country fully appreciates what’s happening,” Mr. Obama said.

    Maybe I am wrong, but since when has Obama listened to folks on the ground. I have to say that he is a smooth talker (if he has a tele-promter).

    I apologise if I upset anyone here, but I get extremely angry when a president BS’s folks who are struggling to make ends meet. I get angry when the president feels F-all for the suffering he is causing. I feel F-all for a president who allows same sex marriage, abortion and has some crazy idea of “open border” policy regarding Mexico. In my humble opinion Obama is lower than shark sh!t. Folks are getting maimed and killed fighting and he feels nothing. He arms the Syrians, etc , etc.

    Ok, rant over. Once again, I apologise if I upset anyone here.

    • Dmitri, you arent the only one repulsed by this commie bastard. It makes me sick just to see him near military personnel knowing he is in command of them. I compare it to someone taking a dump on the front seat of a Ferrari.

  16. Yeah Dmitri… you upset all the regulars here at the AWD blog. We would not have been offended if you said Obama was lower than whale shit… but shark shit definitely crossed the line.

    • Hey Paul, I think even comparing Obongo to whale shit is an insult to the whales.

    • Nostradumbass says:

      You just can’t refer to OBieCanoodle as shark sh!t and then just walk away. I have never been so unoffended in all my life. This has increased my meloncholy to levels of uncaring never before achieved. You broke my Give-a-damn, now I have nothing left to give. Thanks a pantload.

  17. Babushka Babe says:

    I just read a book about Father Emil Kapaun entitled _The Miracle of Father Kapaun, Priest, Soldier, and Korean War Hero_.

    I scarfed it up withing hours. It was brief and direct with mostly information from vets who survived unbelievable POW conditions under N Korea and the Chinese. His cause for sainthood is before the Vatican.

    The vets have been trying all these years to have the Medal of Honor bestowed on him. He was officially recommended for the Medal of Honor on October 1, 2009. Finally, Panetta signed an endorsement but the president “who was busy overseeing two wars, a struggling economy and a reelection campaign..” didn’t fulfill this until April 11, 2013.

    • Babushka Babe says:

      I’m sorry folks, I didn’t intend for my quote to look like it came from the link.

      The quote came from the book. I inserted the link to offer more info on Father Kapaun.