Dudes and dudettes…if you don’t watch this video, you will miss one of the best take-downs of Dear Leader and his cohorts that I’ve ever heard since he’s taken office! Pirro minced nary a word in her opening monologue Saturday night…even my other half stood up and cheered, and that’s saying a lot!

I’m cutting to the chase here to post what was said, but truly, take the time to listen to the spoken words from this no-nonsense gal, she’s fearless…we need more like her, it would do the politicians well to take a lesson from Judge Jeanine Pirro. – This is via FN:

My mom knew everything. She knew when I was down the street arguing with my sister Lulu about whose turn it was to walk the new dog or ride the new bike.

And when I listen to the Obama White House, I give her even more credit.

No one in this administration knows anything.

Hello and welcome to ‘Justice.’ I’m Judge Jeanine Pirro. Thanks for being with us tonight.

The president didn’t know that the inspector general was investigating his IRS for targeting political enemies.

The president didn’t know anything about his Justice Department’s seizure of Associated Press records.

The attorney general didn’t know anything about his department’s subpoena of AP records, but then again, Holder’s the one who didn’t know anything about Fast and Furious, either.

And of course, Hillary didn’t know anything about requests for help in Benghazi.

And Joe Biden, well he just doesn’t know anything about anything!

So who’s running the joint? I’m convinced my mom could do a better job.

This week, on full display, the White House is reeling after revelations that the IRS targeted political enemies. And the Justice Department engaged in the wholesale seizing of press phone records.

What to do?

President Obama said, “We are out there trying to hunt down the folks who carried this out, and we are trying to make sure that we fix the system so that it doesn’t happen again.”

Weren’t you going to do that with Benghazi? Not only did you not get the facts there, truth is, you lied about the facts, didn’t you? Truth is, you didn’t even send your investigators there for three weeks, giving the terrorists, the press, and anyone who wanted the chance to rummage through the classified documents that Ambassador Chris Stevens didn’t have that golden hour to destroy, because your consulate didn’t meet minimum security standards.

But to the IRS. You really want to hunt down the folks that carried this out? I’ll tell you where to look. Start with IRS agents at the Cincinnati office — the guys you first tried to blame. Put them in a grand jury. And ask them under oath which supervisors told them to withhold tax exempt status from anyone who might criticize your administration. You feds know how to do that. You do it all the time. And by the way, the system doesn’t need to be fixed. Your administration needs to be fixed.

If you want the truth, tell your director of the IRS exempt division — the learned Lois Lerner, the one who says she’s not good at math — not to lie to Congress, which she did when she said that her screening process was unbiased. When in truth, two years ago, she knew her agents were flagging all cases of anyone who criticized your administration. But of course, Mr. President, you’ll get to the bottom of this.

So now you tell Steven Miller, acting director of the IRS, that he has to go? With all due respect Mr. President, mindless Miller wasn’t even there when this all happened.

And, he was leaving in a couple weeks anyway!

So you fire the acting commissioner who wasn’t even there when the wrongdoing occurred.

Instead, you give Sarah Ingram, the tax exempt division commissioner, who was there — implementing this abuse of power — a plum assignment in charge of the tax agency that oversees the ObamaCare office.

And you want her to do what? You want her to oversee my healthcare?

You want my health, my life in her hands?

You who look at me through political filters?

You who want to know what books I read? What candidates I support. And whether I might someday run for office?

You and your IRS and ObamaCare henchmen – or, in the case of Benghazi, a lack thereof?

You and your IRS ObamaCare henchmen decide if I get that mastectomy?

Or a prosthesis for my limb that got blown off because you can’t listen to another country that goes out of its way.

Give us a tip about the Boston bomber – not once, but twice – about two terrorist dirt bags who you’re housing, educating, and funding? Who want to kill us…

And who gets to do it because your FBI and ICE agents can’t for the life of them figure out how to identify and stop someone from coming back into our country after spending 6 months in the country from which they supposedly sought political refuge?

But maybe I’m spending too much time on Benghazi.

Then you engage in a massive, unprecedented intrusion of the phone records of journalists and editors offices, home phones and cell phones. This is serious stuff. We are not North Korea. This is not Iran.

A little primer here. If law enforcement wants press records, you notify the press, you negotiate with the press, and you give them a chance to challenge in court.

Unless… There is a substantial threat to the investigation.

You were in negotiations with the AP. They agreed to embargo or hold back your story.

There are always two reasons for things. The given reason, and the real reason. Mr. President, you were in the middle of a very tight presidential race, and you planned a press conference to beat your drum about how you dashed another terrorist plot. And when the very people you asked to embargo the story heard you were about to do the same story, they scooped you, and did it first.

Time to get even and target the press?

President Obama said, “US national security is dependent on those folks being able to operate with confidence that folks back home have their backs. So they’re not just left out there high and dry … I don’t think the American people would expect me, as the commander in chief, not to be concerned about information that might compromise their missions or might get them killed.”

Gee, too bad you didn’t use that reasoning in Benghazi when you had a chance but still left American soldiers high and dry.

How can you say that you didn’t notify anyone because it was a threat to national security when you were about to disclose the very same information? Might you have done it in a more self serving way?

Now your attorney general, in-over-his-head Holder, is the one who has to personally sign off on this kind of subpoena. He says he knows nothing about it because he recused himself. Really? Where’s the recusal letter? Where’s the memo? Where’s the phone call?

Okay. So we know you lied about one stylistic change on Benghazi. And by the way, it was nice of you to do an email dump on Friday afternoon, in the midst of two other burgeoning scandals. I’ve read those emails. Why were they classified in the first place? There’s nothing confidential in them, unless of course confidential means it makes you look bad.

And even Petraeus, who may be a philanderer, was honest enough to say: Frankly, I’d just assume not use this. Translation: lie.

Interesting how word of his affair comes to light right after that. Sounds like a classic Obama Chicago squeeze plan. Excuse my pun.

But maybe I’m spending too much time on Benghazi. According to righteous Harry Reid, the president was right to call Benghazi a sideshow.

Harry Reid said, “They’re hyperventilating about Benghazi. President Obama was absolutely right to call this a sideshow. This is about smear politics and nothing else.”

Hyperventilating? I’ll tell you what Mr. Reid, and no due respect intended here:

There were only two people hyperventilating in Benghazi. They’re the ones painted by Al Qaeda-linked lasers – two men on a roof who disobeyed your order to stand down, waited hours for help that never came because you wouldn’t give the cross border authority order, and instead, fired up Air Force One for your Las Vegas fundraiser, and went to bed.

So don’t give me your holier than thou rhetoric, and your arrogant condescending hogwash that you’re going to get.

Rid of all the wrongdoers or throw us a few crumbs like the grainy pictures of terrorists 8 months after an attack. Or give me your “I’m going to fix it” riff.

And do us all a favor – explain a few things.

Why is it that you apologize to Muslims and you lie to Americans? Why is it that you use the IRS to silence political dissent and the DOJ to threaten the press? Why is it that you mobilize the IRS to go after political enemies, but can’t mobilize troops to save American lives in Benghazi?

Greg Hicks said it best. He’s the man who fought to get help for Americans, put his life on the line in Benghazi, who you demoted to a desk job.

You can’t continue to embarrass us anymore.

The American people want the truth. The American people can handle the truth. We don’t need your Jack Nicholson moment:

We have the right to know it. We have the right to expect it.

In fact, we have the right to demand it.

I’m still convinced my mom could do a better job.

Listen below, she’s the gift that keeps on giving!:

In this masterpiece above she inserts brief clips of Dear Leader, Shrillary (what difference does it make) Harry Reid and his ‘side-show’ comments, Jack Nicholson ‘You can’t handle the truth’ clip etc.

Pirro not only hit the trio of scandals swirling about this administration now, she slams the nail on the head about previous scandals and such…it doesn’t get any better than this! – What say you?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Check these out…


    and this ~


    But they know NOTHING dontcha know!

    • we know Obongo knew about the IRS targeting conservatives, that he gave the go ahead to go after TEA Partiers, Obongo knew of the wiretapping of reporters and the press, the Senate knows, the House knows, the press knows….we all know…..

      everyone knows Obongo is lying, that Holder is lying, and that Obongo and Holder are in this up to their ears committing these crimes………

      everyone knows…….everyone knows these are criminals running the white house and the DOJ………

      how come we can’t get these sons-a-bitches………

      I want them now…..get them now…………

      • bigtimer says:

        Have you and others seen this news? – the DoJ intentionally leaked this info.


      • Blue Ridge Patriot says:

        Perhaps Bluto, when we can muster up the guts to organize a force of armed to the teeth patriots a million plus in force, and be willing to die for the cause in which we believe, there will be no stopping these brazen bastards. And even if this does come to fruition and we do succeed in these endeavors, we will still have to be willing to purge academia, the media, Hollywood, the unions and the Democrat Party of the liberal activists and Obama supporters/voters who are inflicting this travesty upon us. May I suggest in lieu of rope we instead use piano wire!

  2. we have some ladies that are right on and have their wits very much intact and Jeanine Pirro is one of them…….smart, intelligent, articulate, and solid……………

    Jeanine Pirro is certainly one of these women with a clear head on her shoulders and she’s not afraid to speak her mind and tell the truth………..I like this lady…………

    It’s women like Jeanine that I salute and hold an enormous amount of respect for……..

    no one could have said it any plainer or clearer than what she said in this clip……she is right on the money and right on her assessment of this Obongo administration…………it is obvious to us that Obongo is turning our government into a South American styled dictatorial Junta………

    It’s voices like Jeanine Pirro that are sounding the alarm about what the Obongo Junta is doing and she doesn’t hold anything back……she is right to the point and isn’t mixing any words……she tells the truth………….

    Right on lady……….we are out here and we are listening……….

    • Bluto…

      Plus, this gal’s been one of those that has been audited more than once and targeted by the IRS as well!

      And she fight on, telling it like it is! – She’s a heroine of mine, Saturday night cinched it for me!

  3. We got two strikes against us. MSM is soft balling this, we have very few Repos with any testicles or tenacity to press this. The blood is in the water and most of its American Blood. This is a fight between America and Chicago/Muslim Brotherhood
    Gang, which is to include the FBI, BATF, The Entire Justice Dept, The IRS, DHS Brownshirts, CIA, NSA and even parts of our Military. They have Crossed the line…

  4. bigtimer says:

    Gives Rev. Wright a pass!


    And we’re supposed to trust the IRS counsel…give me a friggin’ break!

    I’ll throw this in too ~


  5. Judge Pirro for President. She is against illegal immigration too !!! Great Lady. She has more class in her pinky finger than Mooochelle and the Hildabeast have combined!!


    Chicago a corupt city run by a imperial city council and mayor who sneer their snouts at the U.S. CONSTITUTION and who make their own rules and think their privlaged noblemen living in the middle ages

  7. guy hontz says:

    I believe them going after the AP. was nothing but a ruse that they used to say that they were concern about national security to cover their asses so they can go after Fox News this thug Obama’s real target.

    • bigtimer says:

      Hey guy…

      Methinks it’s both organizations, and I bet there’s going to be more to come before all is said and done. – Things are getting hot and heavy!

  8. bigtimer says:

    Here’s Malkin…another heroine of mine!


  9. Nostradumbass says:

    I believe the premise of the picture to begin this thread is in error:

    Chicago is famous for three things:

    1. Pizza
    2. Gangsters
    3. Corrupt politicians

    One thing can be said with certainty:

    Obama is NOT a pizza.

    I beg to differ, I know for a fact that

    Obama is a pizza sh!t rat bastid.

  10. I think I found John Boehner’s replacement.

    I love this woman!

    • bigtimer says:

      Ain’t she grand Edtudo? – She’s the cats meow…she uses those claws of her’s that leave scratch marks on the enemies within!

  11. bigtimer says:

    Here’s another one speaking out, spilling the beans!


  12. Obummer knew about fast & furious, he knew about the IRS scandal, and the puke turned his back on Benghazi while Americans were slaughtered.

    On another note… Lee M. in Washington who loves the AWD blog for a good laugh. Hey Lee, grow some balls and post here. Tell everyone how they are just a bunch of redneck morons like you tell me in emails. Tell everyone how you believe you have a right to a portion of the money earned by the wealthy. Come on Lee… we need a real liberal dem to speak out because we’re tired of hammering Brid.

  13. I love me some Judge Jeanine..

    A little known fact she is a Catholic of Lebanese descent.. but according to the Dims we are a party of old racist white men. LOL yeah, whatever… stupid libs and their desperate projects

  14. bigtimer says:

    Oh friends…you know it’s pretty bad when the likes of Bathtub Boy is going against Dear Leader!

    Read these tweets from others on the left ~


    • I enjoyed that link immensely – thank you. These same A$$es sold him to the American public to begin with. Never questioned him, never investigated his radical background, nothing. Thank you, a$$holes, thank you very much!!

      Unfortunately there are many stupid and ignorant people in the US – has to be, I mean he was elected twice. I still can’t believe it. Wtf??!!! How high does unemployment have to be? 50%?!! Gas prices are/were higher than they ever were and people still voted the Kenyan back in. (yes, I’m a crazy birther too – I admit it.)

      Oh, that really makes me laugh when his staff says he wasn’t informed about the IRS. YEAH, RIGHT. On the other hand, the stupid and ignorant may believe this, or aren’t paying attention. Idiocracy isn’t so funny and the results aren’t pretty, as we are all experiencing now.

      I really do think that if this man wasn’t black, he’d be impeached. Democrat or Republican isnt the biggest issue here – its the black aspect.

      Judge Jeanine is right on, btw. It’s nice having another public persona besides RedStater that new Yorkers can be proud of.

      • Boots, you coming down to Dude-a-palooza on July 12-14? Also, you need to send me your size for your AWD t shirt since you signed up for membership in the supa-exclusive AWD club!


        • Awd I doubt I can make it in July, unfortunately. But I would if I could. You do not need to send me another shirt – I have two already, remember? Use funds to pay for the page, I’m good. Thank you! 🙂

      • bigtimer says:

        Howdy Boots…

        Glad you liked what she had to say…she’s one of the best IMHO!

  15. bigtimer says:

    Here’s one more tidbit…then I got to get back to my cleaning.


    Do you believe that for one second?

    • ah, NO

      Its nothing more than loyal servants sacrificing themselves for THEIR god at the alter of martyrdom .. expect ALOT more of it

  16. Wish Boehner had half the backbone of Judge Jeanine.

  17. I believe in the Limbaugh Theorem…..

    Nothing will stick to 0bama until the MSM allows it to stick.