AWD’s famous First Law of Politics states, “liberals depend on stupid.” Beyond stupidity, liberals are also vicious thugs who readily advocate tyranny and violence against the smart people who don’t agree with their massively flawed ideology.

RedStater posted a brilliant article this morning that began with:

It can’t be said enough: Our enemy is not Islam; our enemy is not ghetto black thuggery; our enemy is not the Mexican invasion. All of these are but symptoms—deadly symptoms, certainly, but only symptoms—of the underlying disease popularly known as liberalism. And the most effective pushers of this disease are our fellow whites.

Id est: Liberal whites are our enemy. Period. Everything else is a mop-up job.

And liberal whites come in three varieties:

-Useful idiots

After reading Red’s post, I found this pearl of libtardism and tyranny from the Aurora Sentinel. It proves AWD’s First Law of Politics and the veracity of Red’s statement that white liberals are either traitors, useful idiots, or cattle.

Dave Perry is the Editor of the Aurora Sentinel. Looking at the Alexa rankings, the Aurora Sentinel isn’t an actual newspaper, but a glorified blog. And a glorified blog that doesn’t receive much traffic. Perhaps because of the leftist lunacy writings of its “editor.” Here’s a sample. Editor Perry posted an article today advocating sending members of the NRA to Guantanamo. Because the NRA is evil!

Here’s a link to the article. See just how many lies and factual inaccuracies you can find in Perry’s pitiful piece!

We Can Only Save Ourselves From Kidnappers At The NRA – Aurora Sentinel

Lord knows I hate to throw that lib freakazoid the traffic but I thought it important to prove in the words of leftist tyrannists what we have been exposing for years here at the Angry White Dude Sentinel. Also, be sure to read the comments. Priceless!

What the hell has happened to Colorado? It appears a bunch of freakazoid socialists have taken over the joint!

Please feel free to share your thoughts with Mr Perry here.

AWD (editor at Angry White Dude….a blog a whole hell of a lot bigger than the Aurora Sentinel!)

Oh, and Dave? You’re our Libtard of the Week! Congrats and condolences!

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  1. Michael T says:

    From the comments section it doesn’t seem that Mr. Perry has too many followers. The same hysteria against the NRA was ginned up back in the 90’s. It gave rise to terms like ‘assault weapon’ and ‘cop killer bullets’ the latter term did not stick like the former.

    The National Rifle Association has been around since 1871. It’s only been since the Clinton administration that the NRA have been demonized to such a degree. The rabid unbridled hatred these people have for law abiding citizens is mind numbing.

    You f***ing liberal assholes want a fight? I sincerely doubt it. You run your mouths and try to goad folks into a confrontation, and when we say thats it, no more, and respond by giving you that punch in the f***ing mouth you deserve, you cry like little pussies.

    Keep f***ing with us and you will get ther ass whipping you deserve.

    Molon Labe Dave Perry.

    • Rockets red glare says:

      Mike, can you tell us how you REALLY feel?
      Nice post brother, rest assured I would have
      Your back brother and share the same thoughts!

  2. bigtimer says:

    Rusty Shackleford’s comment speaks volumes. ~

    “Mr. Perry is a Traitor and at least prints his Sedition for the world to see. He is too big a Coward to do the deed for himself but at least he is dumb enough to articulate his hatred for the world to see.”

  3. If liberals were logical they wouldn’t be liberals.

    • DailyKenn, once again you are right! Thanks for the great work you do on your blog! It’s a daily read for AWD.


  4. Daytona Matt says:

    I’ve gotta agree Michael T! I think they’re all traitors. Here in Daytona, we don’t have too many like this ass, but they make up for the lack of numbers by being extremely loud & obnoxious Standing ready in Daytona

  5. I have to agree with Michael T…..I pray the day will come when these dumb-ass left-wing liberals will find out just how willing we are to stand and fight……every last one of them would go running for the hills in fear………

    these sons-a-bitches talk a good game but are in reality they’re nothing but cowards………their left-wing communist Utopia will never exist…….every move these stupid-ass sons-a-bitches make to try to bring about their utopian dream brings us closer to descending into the abyss of “hell”……….

    the libtard dream of Utopia is in reality nothing more than a fool’s paradise…..qhen in reality it’s nothing but a god damn nightmare….

    liberals are the dumbest people on the planet……nothing they say makes sense……their view of the world is so perverted it has no basis in reality…

    when one examines the liberal brain this is what you find…………….


    • All someone has to do is look at the few existing liberal utopias in the country already. NYC, Detroit, Chicago, California. And the liberal shitholes in the NE. Look how f’ed up they are. Nuff said. They will implode before they become a threat to anyone. Its just so damn frustrating dealing with mass stupidity.

  6. Liberal duesch-bagger big dumb-ass says we are incinerating the planet because we eat cheeseburgers……

    got news for him…….I’m roasting a whole pig in his honor and slathering it with barbeue sauce……..

    what a freak’n jerk these libtards are……….


  7. Snake Oiler says:

    I thought Obutthole was supposed to shut down Guantanamo. The true, old-school liberals are so few and far between these days that they actually represent little in the way of any kind of credible threat. Call the enemy what they really are: Socialists, anarchists, and yes, even Marxists. See what you would object to in this definition of classical liberalism (emphasis mine):

    Classical liberalism is a political philosophy and ideology that emerged as a response to the Industrial Revolution and urbanization in the 19th century in Europe and the United States. It shares a number of beliefs with other belief systems belonging to liberalism, advocating civil liberties and political freedom, limited government, rule of law, and belief in free market. Classical liberalism is built on ideas that had already arisen by the end of the 18th century, such as selected ideas of Adam Smith, John Locke, Jean-Baptiste Say, Thomas Malthus, and David Ricardo, stressing the belief in free market and natural law, utilitarianism, and progress. Classical liberals were more suspicious than conservatives of all but the most minimal government and, adopting Thomas Hobbes’s theory of government, they believed government had been created by individuals to protect themselves from one another.

  8. Cure for libtards..take them to Detroit,leave in worst neighborhood at night.Check for liberalism in morning…if you can find them.

    • Love it!! What a GREAT idea!!! Works for me!!

    • Ive said the same thing about Chicago. Id love to put these libtard assholes right in the middle of the south or east side of Chicago in the nastiest black scumbag neighborhood you can find…and lets see how liberal they are after that experience…if any survive.

  9. Nixonfan says:

    CNN had some idiot attending the NRA thing and he told CNN that he found the convention “frightening” because the speakers were attacking “our president”.

    • Dudes and dudettes, not for nothing but where the hell is Brid? We haven’t heard from her since the Boston Marathon bombers were proven to be Muslims. Just like we predicted as soon as the bombs went off. Brid? Oh Brid? Are you that much of a coward? Come and take your whooping!


  10. I jumped over to the aurora sentinel site. I didn’t bother to read the contents but jumped down to the comments. What caught my attention was that nearly all of the comments were from 2nd amendment people and pro-gun people. I didn’t spot a single piece agreeing with Perry’s article. If that’s not evidence that nobody tunes into this site then I don’t know what is.

    • Pico, comments had to have been hacked by a bunch of evil tea bagging clingers. Like the man said, clearly 90% of the American people are in favor of much stricter gun laws and a ban on assault weapons and high capacity assault clips.

      • You are out of your libtard Obongo loving mind you asshole. Go crawl back under your leftist rock.

  11. The author ( my apologies to authors everywhere ) of that tirade does accomplish one thing, he aptly demonstrates that it is the Left that has fascist tendencies.


    Just your typical liberal leftists news reptile blabbering their usial anti-american,anti conservative bile Someone who needs their keyboard shoved down their throat one miserble snake who uses their FREEDOME OF THE PRESS to spew their leftists propeganda someone whoo needs to be on a UNEMPLOYMENT LINE or selling pencils on the street corner


    Heres hoping the ARUORA SENTINAL is soon filing for a CAHPTER 11 bankruptsy when readers cancil their subcriptions to this vile liberal leftists rag

  14. Jumpin' Joe says:

    What happened to Colorado? California liberals migrated there, the same way they have done all over the western states. They move, run for office then, “make it the way it was back home”. I can’t count the number of times I have heard that.
    If they loved it so much back home why the hell didn’t they stay there?

    • Because due to their stupid leftist politicians making it a welfare utopia for illegals, scumbag minority criminals and all the other dregs of society who vote democratic…the place becomes unlivable so they move to f up someplace else till the riff raff destroys it too.


    Its such lowlife reptiles and worms like DAVE PERRY is just one of the reasons i quit watching the news and quit reading the Birdcage linners/Parrots toilets The only good use for this vile rag is to line a birdscage with espcialy if you could arange for the bird to bomb Perrys vile collum

  16. I had to toss a couple grenades there too. Slamming anti gun libtard pukes can be quite entertaining.

  17. Jesus H Christ!
    These liberals are going insane. These rabid foaming at the mouth sonsofbitches!
    I just e-mailed this guy and I was polite but firm.
    I asked him about the 400 deaths of mexican citizens directly linked to the guns from this administrations “Operation Fast and Furious”, and if he’d consider that a form of terrorism!

  18. Snake Oiler says:

    Not just a diseased mind, but a disease – period. Take note, Algore….

    Dr Abdussamatov debunks the greenhouse effect:

    Referring to the present debate on the causes of climate change he says ” there is no need for the Koyoto protocol now. A global freeze will come about regardless of whether or not industrialized countries put a cap on their greenhouse gas emissions. The common view that man`s industrial activity is a deciding factor in global warming has emerged from a misinterpretation of cause and effect” He goes on “ascribing `greenhouse` effect properties to the earth`s atmosphere is not scientifically substantiated. Heating greenhouse gases, which become lighter as a result of expansion, ascend to the atmosphere only to give the absorbed heat away. Mars has global warming – but without a greenhouse and without the participation of Martians. These parallel global warmings – observed simultaneously on Mars and on the earth can only be a consequence of the effect of the same factor: a long time change in solar irradiance.”

    He notes that a new Little Ice Age will start around 2013/2014. the depth of the decline will occur around 2040 a deep freeze that will last for the rest of this century. Forget about global warming! (note: do the climate alarmist think that it was the Martians that produced the global warming on Mars in the later part of the 20th century?)



    Another lowlife reptile


    A new Conservative News Program BEAT THE LIBERAL PRESS you use whifflebats to beat up in the image of a major liberal news hound DAN BLATHER,TOM BROKEJAW,DAVE PERRY,FRANK RICH,CHRIS MATTHEWS,PEIRS MORGAN, and the rest of the anti-american,anti-conservative sewer rats

  21. Snake Oiler says:

    Country singer George Jones, who to my ears had the greatest voice ever recorded, died on Friday. A genius of phrasing and nuance, Jones had a stratospheric voice that captured human heartbreak with bottomless poignancy. I once read that when he was a kid, Jones’s father would wake him up in the middle of the night and threaten to beat him if he didn’t sing for him. Whether or not that’s true, his voice conveyed a tortured soul that was unmistakably human.

    Standing outside an Atlanta club on Friday night where I’d performed an amped-up version of “White Lightning” in honor of Jones’s passing, a self-proclaimed fan of mine told me he’d mentioned Ol’ Possum’s death on Facebook, only to receive a verbal feces-smearing by someone who called Jones a “racist” and a “redneck” who deserves to “rot in hell.”

    As far as this guy could tell, his Facebook buddy felt Jones’s main transgression was that he was a white man who sang country music and was therefore automatically less than human.
    “Don’t you dare think differently than they do. Their tolerance does not extend to what’s in your brain.”

    Apparently, progressives only believe in hell when their perceived ideological enemies have died, hence the joyous “death parties” when Margaret Thatcher gave up the ghost and the cowardly gloating over Andrew Breitbart’s still-warm corpse by sneering, bucktoothed hacks who weren’t fit to sniff his underwear.


    They will tolerate racial violence as long as the targets are correct. They will applaud homicidal sexism so long as the victims are male. They won’t blink if you demean others’ sexual orientation so long you’re shitting upon the straights. Obviously, their tolerance is massive and ever expanding.

    But don’t you dare think differently than they do. Their tolerance does not extend to what’s in your brain.

  22. Snake Oiler says:


    “Beck Crosses the Line Again” was the headline over a Jonathan Tobin Commentary article about Glenn Beck’s attack on Michael Bloomberg at the NRA convention. Tobin insisted that Beck “spoke in front of a large backdrop that photo-shopped Bloomberg’s face into what appears to be a famous photo of Adolf Hitler.”

    Commentary describes itself as “the bold, influential voice of conservative opinion.”

    “Beck owes Bloomberg an apology,” said Tobin. “So does the NRA. Just as important, they owe supporters of Second Amendment rights an apology for debasing the debate and undermining their cause in this manner.”

    But the charge against Beck is demonstrably false.

    Tobin wrote of the alleged Bloomberg-Nazi comparison that “This is more than merely unacceptable political commentary. It is an offense that diminishes the horror of the Holocaust and casts a dark light on both Beck and those who thought his little joke was funny.”

    In fact, however, as noted by writer Moshe Phillips, “The problem is that Beck did not use a mock-up of Mayor Bloomberg giving the Nazi salute—the image was of Mayor Bloomberg in a famous pose of Vladimir Lenin.” He explained, “The image of Lenin that Glenn Beck used is so famous and iconic that statues have been made of it.”

    Beck has posted both images on his site to prove his point. The Beck comparison images show that the Bloomberg pose was clearly modeled directly after a famous pose by Lenin.




  24. Liberals have a true mental disease. I love it when they want more gun control but yet they want to kill all nra members and anyone associated with tea parties or conservatives and, in the words of joe “mo-ron” biden…he wants you to shoot thru the front door if you feel threatened by who is on the other side of the door. Spoken like a true mentally ill liberal, huh? My advice…stay away from liberals. They are all defective idiots and not even a useful idiot. They use up our oxygen and pollute our air with their presence. Liberals are idiots….and just so the d.o.j. knows this….islam sucks. (…but they said i could not say that on social media platforms!)

  25. Obamacare and Socialism…
    Need a Doctor? THEN PAY THE DAMN BILL!
    Too expensive? GET INSURANCE!
    Can’t or Won’t get insurance? THEN ‘YA JUST DO WITHOUT!
    Then go lie down in the gutter & die; one less whiny ‘cry me a river’
    LIBERAL HIPPIE to pollute our fine USofA!