Last night, AWD and the little filly attended a private soiree at a local concert venue in downtown Dallas. A friend of mine who is an one of the top event planners around the world held a reception where one of the new bands she manages was debuting. The filly and I had ourselves a time.

As expected, there were lots of different types present. Urban types, uber-tatooed freakazoids, males who moisturize and understand Pinterest, etc. We watched a black guy with dreadlocks wearing overalls dancing alongside a 65 year old cowboy. But no big, the music was great and it was good to catch up with our friends.

AWD and the filly were invited to a small, private dinner in the exclusive back restaurant of the club. That’s where the real excitement started. At the table was an obvious gay guy who is a friend of our host. He was wearing an awful cowboy shirt with an earring in each ear. Kind of like the cowboy in the Village People, only gayer. Again, no big. Our host introduced me as a conservative blogger and immediately the gay fellow asked me what I thought about gay marriage and the Supreme Court verdict this week. Keep in mind, I didn’t know him and he didn’t know me. I don’t think he expected my answer.

I told him I thought the entire thing was an effort not so much about homosexuals being married but more an effort to poke another finger in the eye of traditional America. Redstater wrote something about this last week and I agree with him. Here’s the gist of the conversation last night:

AWD: I believe the whole thing is just another way for the homosexual community to poke a finger in the eye of traditional America. I’m not sure homosexual men really want to be married.

Moisturizer: We’re gay, not homosexual!

AWD: Whatever.

Moisturizer: We do want to be married. I should have the right to love whoever I want!

AWD: You have that right to love whoever you want. You can love anyone and do anything with anyone you like as long as they agree.

Moisturizer: I can’t believe I’m hearing this.

AWD: Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care if you’re a homosexual or not. I don’t care if you sleep with snakes. None of my business until you make it my business. But all you’re trying to do is to normalize the homosexual lifestyle when it is not normal nor natural.

Moisturizer: Of course it’s natural!!

AWD: Until you can procreate with another man, it’s not natural.

Moisturizer: I can’t take any more of this!

At that point, he stomped out of the room. Probably to powder his nose or sob uncontrollably into a tissue. AWD apologized to the host and said I was sorry if I had ruined the night. She said that the moisturizer had asked my opinion but didn’t like the answer he was given. She said he actually needed to hear it because the only opinions he hears are from other gay guys.

The actions of the moisturizer last night are really the modus operandi for homosexuals and all cultural liberals. They demand that everyone kow tow to political correctness and accept their agenda without debate. If heterosexuals don’t accept what most in America (we still are the majority for the moment) view as perversion or unnatural behavior, we are homophobes or haters or (list the name here). Once leftists realize their opponent is not going to back down from their reasoned opinion or give in to the gods of political correctness and lie, they throw a little hissy fit and create a scene.

AWD means it when I say I really don’t care if someone is a homosexual or not. It’s really not my business nor do I want it to be. Just as most blacks in America are blacks first, homosexuals wave their homosexuality in our faces at every opportunity. The gay rabble rousers with their Gay Pride parades and other efforts to painfully make everyone aware that they are queer and they are here do more damage to the homosexual agenda than anything AWD could ever say or do. Maybe they should rethink that making out in Catholic cathedrals thing. Same with the Sodom and Gomorrah Gay Pride parades! That anyone could be proud of that despicable behavior does not speak well for their beliefs!

Heterosexuals don’t do things like that. We don’t have Straight Pride parades. We don’t flash mob gay bars and bath houses to show our heterosexuality and demand gays accept us. We really don’t talk about our sexuality too much at all unless we’re lying about conquests of fillies past or about the size of our units to our drinking buddies. This excludes AWD as his unit is humongous.

The last studies I read, something like 3% of the population is homosexual. I think that’s about everyone in San Francisco and New York. So we’re not talking about a very sizable portion of the population. Especially when one considers the attention homosexuals receive.

It’s pretty much accepted that most males are horn dogs due to the tos-test-o-rene coursing through our veins. Most dudes will take any port in a storm unless they have developed a belief system that will allow the big head to think for the little one. Luckily, womerns are built different and aren’t looking for every tumble available to them. Most womerns look for a single, good mate who will protect and provide for her and her offspring. It’s harder for a man to bed a woman (thank goodness for lies, wine, rope and duct tape) than it is for a gay man to bed a gay man. And from what I have read, gay men are the most promiscuous of all. So I have to call BS that most homosexuals really want to settle down and raise them up a family. It’s just another way for liberals to destroy the traditional norms of American society.

We must speak out against the things we oppose and unflinchingly endorse those we support. Damn the torpedoes and the name calling from our political adversaries. Who cares what they think anyway? But the leftist agenda is tearing apart America piece by piece. Destroy political correctness and you destroy liberal ideology. It’s that simple and that difficult.

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  1. What an excellent piece AWD….your summation is spot-on.

  2. AWD has hit the nail squarely on the head:

    “I believe the whole thing is just another way for the homosexual community to poke a finger in the eye of traditional America.”

    This is true of cultural-Marxism generally. It involves the destruction of the traditional culture so the “proletariat masses” can see their true class interests.

    Whites are bad – all others are good.
    Christianity is bad – Islam, Buddhism, atheism et cetera are good.
    Traditional sexual mores are bad – homosexuality and other deviant behaviors are good.
    Traditional gender roles are bad – feminism is good.

    AWD is also correct in that, when challenged, they all run around screaming in a hissy fit until everyone grovels before them a la Paula Deen (she hasn’t groveled enough to be forgiven yet). He is also correct in that the right way to deal with them is to stand up to them and not knuckle under.

    I recommend this blog with five stars.

    • Ken S, thanks for your endorsement and kind words!


    • Totally agree…and Paula Deen has now become nothing more than another tool for the Lefties to parade out to the world as a southern, conservative who’s been put in her place.

      • I keep hearing that Paula Deen is (was?) a big supporter of Barack Hussein Obama. I don’t know if that’s true, but I bet if she announced as a carpet muncher she’d be forgiven by the libs and might even get a call from our first affirmative action prez.

      • Paula Deen is NOT a conservative. She campaigned for an d voted for Obama and that, in my book, does not majke her a conservative. She is a rich white liberal who has a healthy dose of white guilt. She should have kept her stupid capped- teeth mouth shut about what she said.

        • Yorkiemom

          YOU are soooooo right on the money on this.. I lived in Savannah Georgia for years ( just moved to Oklahoma last year ) Some people confuse southern and old as conservative… There are more white liberal Democrat voters in Savannah Ga than the average southern town. Paula Deen and her metro sexual boys are liberal Obama supporters despite their southern roots… She makes me sick with all her crying and apologizing and deserves all the misery that is coming her way… stupid old sow

    • Dave in Texas says:


    • samminusa says:

      Just another way of the “Won” to fulfill his dream of transforming America into his version of who we should be………….Hate his guts more and more each day…………screw him…I will not grovel before anyone but my LORD!


    Rainbow freakos imposing their dirty lifestyles on us with the help of the IMPERIAL COURT under KING OBAMA the FINK the all time WORST PRESIDENT in AMERICAN HISTORY

  4. Wow, excellent read AWD!

  5. For the most part, LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH doesn’t just want us to tolerate them, they want to eliminate the notion that people might think what they do to be morally wrong. We can handle peaceful coexistence, they can’t. It’s like the cold war days: We could have handled peaceful coexistence with the Soviet Union, but they couldn’t handle peaceful coexistence with us.

    • Very true! They really don’t want “tolerance” as they claim. What they really want is approval and that is what we cannot give.

  6. Snake Oiler says:

    They’re coming out of the woodwork. This truly is insanity.

    It wasn’t that long ago, when the wretched child would have been made a ward of the state, and her/his pathetic ‘parents’ would have been evaluated and sent to a mental institution, or possibly, prison. Apparently, there is no bottom.

    • Snake…

      Yep, I posted about that about a week ago or so.

    • There truly is no bottom in regards to cultural-Marxism (originally termed “cultural terrorism” by early practitioners) and they can be counted upon to defend and promote whatever flows down the sewer.

      Indeed, anything counter (as in “counter-culture”) to traditional America is promoted. This often leads to “strange bedfellows” where homosexual groups find themselves on the same side as Muslims even though these two concepts are mutually-exclusive. This is also true in Europe where homos, feminists and radical muslims find themselves in the same political coalition.

      • Snake Oiler says:

        Agreed. It will soon become (or has it already became?) illegal to believe in objective reality.

        • They would undoubtedly tell us that “reality” is simply a social construct invented by white, Christian males to disadvantage women and “persons of color” and that reality doesn’t exist outside of political context.

          So, reality does not exist and results don’t count. “Diversity” and “multiculturalism” are inherently good and the success of America’s first all-black city, Detroit, proves it.

          • Snake Oiler says:

            Detroit – now they’re shooting each other over who makes the best Kool-Aid.

            2 shot in Detroit after argument over Kool-Aid

            Posted: May 31, 2012 8:17 AM CDT Updated: May 31, 2012 8:17 AM CDT
            By Andrea Isom, Fox 2 News
            DETROIT (WJBK) –

            Witnesses say two men in the Brightmoor neighborhood were so passionate about the way they make Kool-Aid, they started arguing with each other over who does it better.

            Sadly, that fight took a horrifying turn when they both pulled out guns and started firing at each other. Again, this was over Kool-Aid.

            They didn’t hit each other, but two innocent bystanders suffered gunshot wounds in the soft drink shooting. Police call it utterly ridiculous, but they’ve seen worse.

          • Forget the shooting, those two weren’t operating a Koolaid stand without the proper licenses & permits were they?

          • longhotsumma

          • david7134 says:

            I remember years ago someone asked one of the KKK people about the decline of his institution. His reply was that it was no longer necessary as the black were doing a better job of destroying themselves than he could ever hope to do.

  7. Anthony Baldassano says:

    AWD a very, very good write!!!!

  8. LadyGun12 says:

    “This excludes AWD as his unit is humongous”.

    TMI, AWD!

    (But I love that you made Queenie cry).

  9. That squaw has seen more aces in the hole than an Indian casino.

  10. Sammy the Conservative says:

    The social landscape of the country is unrecognizable compared to how I grew up 30-40 years ago and the liberal agenda is moving at a break neck pace for much more change. I have come to terms that I am powerless to stop it so I don’t stress about it like I used to. The country and the world are unraveling because thats what the end times are supposed to be like. Acceptance of all things gay/homosexual are a big part of it.

  11. There may be hope for that homo, seeing as how he stomped, rather than minced or sashayed, out of the room.

    And Paula Deen will never be forgiven; the fact that she’s a democrat and an oblowme supporter is trumped by the fact that she’s a successful white woman who speaks in the hated southern drawl.

    • Joe Stalin says:

      “And Paula Deen will never be forgiven;”

      I was talking to two Black women at work who were discussing Paula Deen and was SHOCKED that both did not like how she was being treated. One actually said: “Leave the lady alone!” Apparently, even the lowest IQ people recognize when a person is being persecuted for NO GOOD REASON.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      If Deen actually was a collaborator with skidmark, then I’m sorry, but she’s only getting what she deserves.

      • Family Tradition says:

        To Snake….Kind of like Zimmerman. He voted for Obama and lived the progressive life until it bite him in the ass.

        By the way , do you know Bullmarket?

        • Snake Oiler says:

          Not personally, only by what he posts on the Oklahoma board at And I’m about 99% sure that we are referring to the same person – he seems to be quite a character.

          • Family Tradition says:

            This will be the last comment I will make on the subject, since it has no other interest to the other posters on this blog, but do you post on Rivals? Maybe OSU? I’ve seen your post somewhere other than this board.

          • Snake Oiler says:

            I was on the Sooners’ premium board for a while, but that was a few years ago. So far as to posting any comments, rude and impertinent though they may be, is pretty much exclusively done here. What kind of defense will Oklahoma have this season? The numbers on the D-line seem to be dwindling by the day.

          • Family Tradition says:

            Do you have a generic type e-mail you could post so we can take this off line? If not, I’ll have to wake my wife up to create one on my side…

            You got to remember this site is run by Texas people….LOL

          • Snake Oiler says:

            Can I get back to you later on that one FT? I’m about to conk out.

  12. How long until churches that preach that homosexuality is a sin are prosecuted for hate speech?

    • It won’t take long. Heck, businesses who’ve refused to serve gays for service in a various factions because of their religious beliefs are being sued and may be charged criminally too. – The state of Washington being one of them.

    • It will start with revoking their tax exempt status, and then civil lawsuits when Pastors refuse to perform marriage rites for them.

  13. Ever since you started this blog, and I started reading it shortly after, I felt the comfort of knowing I’m not alone in my feelings on PC, and how it has destroyed modern civilization
    Because of this feeling of support, I have felt empowered to speak as I feel.
    I will not be bullied by the gaze of some pompous ass, that feels their opinion is the ONLY opinion.
    I now revel in it!
    Thank you Angry White Dude!

  14. In 1984 (George Orwell’s Novel about total government over individual’s lives) ‘newspeak and doublespeak’==’pc_corectness’. Sorry for the C++ code reference for equality, but this equality is true. I understand the model that George Orwell was presenting and I see the commonality with the Obongo administration. The evil left’s strategy is in the talk of NewSpeak (‘big_brother’==’PC_Correctness’: extreme Right Wing ideology is incorrect). In fact, Right Wing ideology is very correct, with middle class thinking very much along the lines of what the Constitution of the United States requires of it’s moral and religious citizens. John Adams said: “This Constitution is for a moral and religious society. No other society can support it”. Do you wonder why the immoral (Unmoral) and Unreligious Demoncrats don’t support the U.S. Constitution?


    A new movie for OBAMA but DISPICIBLE ME is already taken

  16. AWD their not just poking their finger at traditional American values, their shaking their fists in God’s face. This is not going to end well for them.
    “The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.” Psalms 12;8

    “Woe unto them who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.” Isaiah 5;20.

    Do not lie with a man as one lies with a women: this is detestable.” Leviticus 18;22 NIV. The KJV uses the word ABOMINATION.

  17. Brilliant post AWD. Have shared on my timeline. Over here in SA we call them “moffie” (

    LOL, they get p*ssed and rather agro. We cannot call them that anymore because it is considered “hate speach”, but us middle aged white folks here all did military training and fought in the Angolan bush war and we take no sh*t, so the word persists.

  18. if the homos like barry and reggie love want to get married then go for it but guys fg each other is repulsive to me. i do not have to like it or accept a damn thing tinkerbelle does and if the slimy leftists do not like it tough

  19. A great piece AWD and right on target. The homos want to FORCE people to accept and actually endorse their deviant lifestyles and this we cannot do. Anybody who is a heterosexual cannot in good conscience endorse or condone a deviant sexual lifestyle. To us its repulsive. But what two consenting adults do in their bedroom is their business as long as its not harming anyone else. I could care less if two gays marry each other or even hang from the ceiling while doing their disgusting deeds….the problem I have with gays is their trying to FORCE people to accept it and condone it as if it is a normal thing. And our own government is trying to FORCE society to accept this crap also and I refuse to accept things that disgust me. As you pointed out so well AWD, it seems as if the left is doing it just to spit in the face of traditional America out of spite. For whatever reason, the left is intent on destroying everything from Americas past and transforming it into a clone of the old Soviet Union.

  20. rightwingterrorist says:

    It is about the destruction of the American way of life.
    That is, white, heterosexual, christian, self-reliant, and civilized.
    If they can turn this place into a modern day Sodom and Gommorah through the demoralization of rational thought, then they can restructure it to a more utopic, communistic hell hole.

    I suggest reading up and researching the Frankfurt School.

    There’s also a video out there called Agenda, or grinding America…
    I saw it some time ago and it gives a well thought out basis or grounding for furthering your education on those who would enslave you by and through corruption.

  21. chicago guy says:

    If the good lord intended for men to screw each other in the ass, you would have been born with tits on your back!


    The indians need to bring a legidimate complaint about this jerk he is a insult to their chiefs through the years

  23. Ghostrider says:

    Outstanding piece! As a conservative I am content to live and let live. I couldn’t care less what anyone does behind closed doors. Just don’t stick it in my face and don’t castigate me for voicing disapproval when you do.

  24. david7134 says:

    The gays go on about needing marriage to get the same benefits as others. I looked at a partial list of the “benefits” and my attitude was that they should get rid of the benefits for everyone. Many involve taxes, all should pay taxes at a present rate that is limited by the Constitution. That would solve a considerable amount of troubles. For instance, you pay 10% in taxes for a year, that is it. It includes you state taxes, your property taxes, your Obama taxes and anything else that they put on us, but it stops at 10%. That is for everyone, poor, rich, middle, homo, black, everybody. Everyone has skin in the game and you know ahead of time what to expect so you can plan accordingly. Oh, and forget deductions. Otherwise, all we have is the politicians manipulating us as they continue to do.

  25. Queers, faggots, weenie waggers is what we called our school mates who were of this abomination.
    F*****g queers was the favorite.
    The girls in our class, liked them
    340 students in our 1956 graduating class.
    When fishing down on Turtle Creek across from Lee Park in 1956, the queers always hung out around the public restroom next to the huge statue.
    You couldn’t even go into this restroom without one of them coming up and “propositioning” you!!
    So we saw a way to get even.
    In the far stall, the wood panel between the 2 toilets had a “hole” thru it about nose high.
    Almost immediately, one of these queers would come in, go to the empty stall and stick his “hard-on” thru this hole, almost touching your right ear.
    So, as I sat on the toilet, I had a burning cigarette going,, so i grabbed the unit sticking thru the wall and with my left hand I took the burning cigarette and ground it into the tip of the penis.
    Lots of screaming, howling, couldn’t back out, couldn’t pull it back out of the hole, then faint and collapse took place.
    I got up and left.
    After action report::: No queers to bother us for the next 6 months.

  26. the homosexual argument falls short and doesn’t hold water…..anyone can see right through their argument for why society should accept them and their homosexual agenda like homosexual marriage……….

    the reason their arguments fall short and are idiotic is…….

    “”they’re homosexuals””….

  27. Sick dogs. The whole lot of them. They will be in for a big surprise when they arrive in Hell.

  28. Dead solid perfect!

    AWD is my new hero, hell yeah.

  29. czekmark says:

    Homosexuals were queer and fags for a very long time before they were gay. Their attempts to change their recognized name is indicative of how insecure they are.

  30. Homosexual behavior is abnormal. Period.

    Homos don’t want acceptance, they want approval. And if it’s forced, that’s just as well-after all it’s how REgressives roll.

    They undermined the Catholic Church by lying their way into priesthood and they intend to undermine the very foundation of our society, that is, marriage and the family. Funny thing is though, that once our civilized society is in ruins, they not only won’t get approval or acceptance, it’s going to be very bad for them.

  31. I would have said the same thing. I have never given up principles and lied to people just to make them “feel good” because that’s BS and lying, Afterward I would have compromised myself because I lied. I would rather have integrity (be a whole person) than lie to someone who asks for the truth. If they ask for and want the truth let ’em have it. They can be the ones lying to themselves but I will not lie to them or myself. That is integrity!

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  33. Matthew Landy says:

    How do you all feel about lesbians getting married? Or is it just the idea of two men spending their life together, having sex and raising children bother you? Were you all touched inappropriately by your uncle or priest when you were younger? Gays getting married will not affect your life in any way and who decides to seek out a marriage certificate is really not your business to begin with. You all should read the encyclopedia like you read the good book.

    • Matthew,

      If gays want to swop spit and ram their penises up each others ass behind closed doors… full throttle ahead, but I’m sick of you fags and lesbians always throwing your perversion in my face.

  34. Matthew Landy says:

    What do you consider perversion though Paul? What is allowed and what isn’t? Have you ever watched porn? Did you ever have premarital sex? Where do you cross the line? What is the threshold? I’m curious as to why homosexuality bothers you so much….and where is your face that gay and lesbian perversion keeps getting shoved into it.

    And what is a ‘fagiot’?

    • You didn’t pose the question to me but I will butt in ( pardon the pun )

      Perversion = anal sex and all that it implies.. its disgusting, especially man on man ( and yes, I am straight and have NEVER violated a woman in that manner.. )

      Porn.. sure, I have seen a few when I was younger.. I liked seeing the naked girls but was turned off by the sight of mans junk in the frame.. so other than a few playboys under my bed when I was 15 I really haven’t been into porn. From what I hear it’s so hardcore and disgusting now how could anyone with their sanity intact be into it?

      Premarital sex… hell yeah I did.. but with girls. Was it wrong and against the way I was raised? Yeah, it was… However, I have been faithfully married to the same woman for over 20 years now. I find it funny that you would bring up premarital straight sex in your search for moral equivalency

      I will tell you what is sooooo offensive about most gays I have encountered PDA= public display of affection… nothing worse than seeing two ugly middle aged men ( or butch females that look like 15 year old boys ) mauling each other in public like teenagers at the mall.

      Personally I am not comfortable with ANYONE being overly “friendly” in public…including heterosexuals, its just not appropriate behavior. Most gays seem to think they have to grope each other when straights are around to make a point ( rubbing it in our faces ) I see it all the time now with all the dyke soldiers from Fort near where I live… You would NEVER catch me making out or groping my wife in public.. its disrespectful to her and to those around us.. so I would define “rubbing in our faces” as being flamboyantly gay or a inappropriate PDA, but you already knew that didn’t you?

      I don’t care what consenting adults do in the privacy of their home… I just don’t want to see it done in front of me. I have been for “civil unions” for gays for years so it will be taken off of the political table so our lawmakers can stop using it as a diversionary tactic and get down to the stuff the REALLY matters for the rest of the 98% of us in this country ( like 17 trillion in debt ) For too long democrats have used social and emotional issues as political capital while our country has fallen apart.. and the GOP has allowed them to do it.

      Pandora’s box is open.. what is next?

    • Okay, don’t act stupid Matthew.. you know exactly what Paul means when he says “throwing your perversion in our face” That whole flamboyant and inappropriate PDA thing.. yeah, that’s what we find offensive.

      Be gay, queer, disgusting all you want.. just keep it to yourself. I don’t make out with or grope my wife in public like I have witnessed many gays do in public as if they need to make a point… nothing worse than seeing two grown, ugly ass adults mauling each other like teenagers at the mall…

      Oh and the definition perversion… anal sex and all that it implies ( you can also throw in bestiality and pedophilia while you are at it ) Simple enough for you? Yes I am straight and have NEVER violated a woman that way… and being faithfully married for over 20 years NEVER will. But hey, have fecal matter sex all you want pal.. just don’t try to convince me that its normal.

  35. Marion McKeon says:

    Kind of like the cowboy in the Village People, only gayer.

    The Village People often had only one gay guy (the cop?) because they could not find gays good enough to do the dance moves believe it or not!

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  37. Matthew Landy says:

    FYI all of the Village People were gay…sorry to ruin your memories of dancing to YMCA at the last wedding you attended.

    Where do you live that gays are shoving their sexuality in your faces? I live in NYC and it doesn’t even happen that often. Gay sex has been happening since the beginning of time…what makes it so perverse? Back in the Greek and Roman times men has sex with men for pleasure and with women only to procreate. Kudos to all of you that have been faithful to your wives for as long as you have…that’s not even that common in heterosexual marriage anymore…certainly not like it used to be. Are the gays to blame for that? Funny enough, being faithful to one partner for the rest of you life is actually the unnatural thing. My question is can’t we coexist? I’m sure you all know of a homosexual in your neighborhood or most likely have one in your family. We are not evil and our attraction to members of the same sex is natural to us…just like attraction to the opposite sex is natural to you. Do you believe every homosexual should become a nun or priest and be celibate for the rest of their life? Is that what you think is the answer?

    I’m not here to argue as much as I’m here to try to understand where the violence and hatred comes from when nobody is trying to force you to be gay or have anal sex. We are just trying to live our lives as Americans and get all the rights that every other American is entitled to…is that so difficult?

    And just because you are not sexually adventurous with your wives and explore different ways of stimulating yourselves…should anyone else straight or gay be damned if they are into different ways of exploring each others’ fantasies and bodies?

    I know this country was founded basically by Puritans but those Puritans that founded this country would frown upon all of your driving your cars and using your computers. Times change and so do people. What is the root of your issue with other people living the only life they know how to live…if its not biblical?

    • I love the “we’re just trying to quietly live our lives” schtick.

    • Matthew,

      I really think the majority of Americans could care less what you do behind closed doors, but you know as well as I that flaming gays do everything possible to annoy the heterosexual community with their perversion… sorry to inform you but God didn’t make a man to be a rump ranger, and I don’t say that trying to hurt anyones feelings. The mere fact that gays are only 3% of the population should tell you something… and for you to say that gay sex is normal because the Greek and Romans participated in perversion is absurd. I do understand however that gays want the heterosexual community to accept their behavior so they can feel better about themselves, but perversion was perversion a hundred years ago and will remain perversion a hundred years in the future.

      I do wish all people happiness in their lives and if you are naturally attracted to men, then far be it for me to say you can not love another man.

  38. Well, I’d say AWD nailed that topic.

    “You have that right to love whoever you want. You can love anyone and do anything with anyone you like as long as they agree.”
    Yeah — who’s stopping you? You can shack up with anything or anyone. But don’t demand that WE, all of society, recognize and certify your shack-up as a marriage.

    “They demand that everyone kow tow to political correctness and accept their agenda without debate. . . [otherwise] we are homophobes or haters…”
    Absolutely. I call them “sanctimonious guttersnipes.” They think the very fact that they are deviants, a “persecuted minority,” makes them holier than the rest of us. (Like Dan Savage, for example.) So everybody is supposed to fall over in a dead faint whenever they demand anything.

    This article dissected their pretensions.

  39. Hey Matthew of NYC, how about you flying down to Dallas, Texas,,, take a cab to Lee Park and go to the male restroom there, far stall, and stick your own personal weenie thru that hole,,,,and see what happens??
    Texans still brand cattle you know,,,,,,,

  40. Yes, very nice. It’s nice to write blog posts, to comment on them, but no one has come up with any ideas how to stop this trend. Where and when is going to stop? When homosexuality is going to be mandatory, so people “learn to be tolerant”? When pedophilia is legal? (this will be debated in 10 years time) When Muslims start bombing Gay Pride parades?(the fact they haven’t done this yet is surprising)

  41. Yes, Sergeant Hartmann – – very appropriate venue!

  42. Steve Andrade says:

    Gays…looking for love in all the wrong places

  43. Pay attention Liberals: A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement

    • rightwingterrorist says:

      I’ve not been vaccinated until I was an adult.
      I do not get sick.
      As a child one should have the regular sicknesses in order to have a functioning immune system.
      The .gov does not have a choice in this.
      I am not a liberal/progressive/communist.
      If you want to immunize your kids that is your choice.
      Try to force me to do the same to mine, Steve.
      Maybe you need to rethink independence and free will.

  44. Spurwing Plover says:

    Oh little rainbow boys living in San Fransico who just lost to the Arizona Cardinals 19 to 13 the 49’ers