Barackistan (Chicago) is becoming Detroilet more and more every day.  Sky-high murder rates, failing schools, debt…Chicago is following the path that every American city plagued by total Democrat rule travels. To the bottom of the heap.

Chicago schools are a disaster-zone. As expected. Union-controlled schools have failed massively in every measurement except for dropout rates. As expected. Chicago Teachers Union leader Karen Lewis blames ‘rich, white people’ for the failure of Chicago schools. As expected.

Lewis said (between bites of a ham sammich):

“When will there be an honest conversation about poverty and racism and inequality that hinders the delivery of an education product in our school system? When will we address the fact that rich white people think they know what’s in the best interest of children of African-Americans and Latinos, no matter what the parents’ income or education level?

It’s as if there were a concerted effort to make sure that these are not walkable, thriving, healthy communities.”

I believe that should be rich, white, LIBERAL people. They’ve controlled Chicago for generations. And when will the people who turned the inner-city of Chicago into a unwalkable, non-thriving, unhealthy hellhole take responsibility for the damage they have made their ghettos? On the 12th. Of Never!

But let’s have that honest conversation about poverty and racism and why white people have abandoned Chicago schools. First off, what good parent would send their children to a school district that has a failed record of educating students? A district that is rife with violence? A district where their children will be targeted by violent, profane ‘students’ who have no desire to learn? Only a fool who doesn’t care for their children would do so.

Chicago schools are a majority minority school district. Minorities uniformly perform much lower than students of other races. Add to the fact that Chicago schools are located in inner city war zones. Last weekend alone in Chicago saw 7 murders and 30 injured from gunfire. Again, what good parent would send their child to a school where there is a good probability they will be attacked or killed? Racism from whites? Hardly. Racism is just another excuse for the latest union-controlled failure in a large city controlled by Democrats.

Close to AWD’s home, the Dallas ISD has a majority of Hispanic students with over 60% of total enrollment. More Hispanics are being elected to the Dallas ISD School Board. Black students make up the next largest percentage with approximately 31%. Whites and Asians make up less than 8 percent of the students. As expected, Dallas ISD is also a disaster zone for education with scores much lower than surrounding suburban school districts. The Dallas Morning News ran an article revealing how many black parents are moving to white suburbs so their children can receive a better education in a safer environment. This was praised saying black parents only wanting what’s best for their children. But decades ago when white parents moved to the suburbs, it was called “white flight” and labeled as racism. Racism? Hardly. Reality and the smart thing to do? Absolutely!

As mentioned, Blacks and Hispanics score demonstrably lower than other races on academic tests. Not racism, there….fact. Too many minority students are not interested in education. That is not the fault of teachers, it is the fault of parents and poor students. The best teacher cannot teach a student who has no interest in learning. But schools continue to place these students in classrooms with students who want to learn. They disrupt the classroom and ruin any chance for education. Again, racism? No. Reality? Yes.

Lewis continued:

“If you look at the majority of the tax base for property taxes in Chicago, they’re mostly white, who don’t have a real interest in paying for the education of poor black and brown children.”

What a stupid statement! Does Karen Lewis live in the inner city of Chicago where murders take place on a daily basis? Do her children attend inner city schools? If so, she is more stupid than I thought. My children were educated (very well, thank you) in a quality school district in the suburbs of Dallas. There is NO way I would have allowed my children to attend a Dallas ISD school. They would have been eaten alive by the violent monsters who attend those schools. I have ZERO interest in supporting the Dallas ISD. I support the school district where I live because I want the best educations possible for my children.

AWD’s cousin always sent her daughter to private schools in North Carolina. My niece wanted to attend public high school once she became of age to experience the true ‘high school experience.’ The first day she attended high school (9th grade), she was accosted on the school bus by a group of black males who harassed her with sexual things they were going to do to her. She arrived at school in tears and called my cousin from the principle’s office. The next day, she was back in private school. True story.

Here’s your honest discussion, Karen Lewis. Good parents of all colors don’t want their children to attend ghetto schools because ghetto schools are filled with violent, worthless students who aren’t interested in getting an education! No good parent wants to send their children to schools in violent neighborhoods lest their children become victims of violent crime.

Conservatives have for years fought for school vouchers that would allow good parents of every race to send their children to quality schools where their children can gain quality educations without the threat of violence. But corrupt labor unions and liberal politicians have fought school vouchers at every turn! Why? Corrupt labor unions extort millions of dollars every year in protection for union teachers. More and more money is poured into these failures and the results are always dismal. As usual, follow the money and you’ll learn what Karen Lewis is about. Teacher labor unions don’t care about educating children. They care about money! And when they fail (which they always do), they look for the usual scapegoat of white racism!

The point here and the conversation Karen Lewis and the liberals who run Chicago schools don’t want to have is good parents want what’s best for their children. Liberals and school unions keep the children of good parents chained to ghetto schools where it’s proven their children will not be able to attain the academic levels they would in a better school. Again, follow the money and blame the failure on racism. Same old song and dance from labor unions, racists, and liberal politicians.

Is “good parents” an AWD code-word for “white parents?” Not at all. Good parents mean parents who want the best for their children, regardless of their race. I don’t blame black parents for moving from the disastrous Dallas ISD. I applaud them. It’s what any good parent would do for their children.

Home schooling is the upcoming killer for teacher unions and corrupt liberal politicians. The Department of Education is a gigantic failure that consumes billions of taxpayer dollars each year with no results! It’s time to stop pretending the DOE and teacher unions are anything more than they are….expensive failures!

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  1. Good God!!!! The walking (I’m not sure she can walk) poster child for welfare, failing schools, Obongo robot, hate whitey etc. This woman (?) is grotesque.

  2. I grew up under Jim Crow in Virginia. My county’s schools did not integrate until 1964. The Virginia educational system was separate but not equal. We didn’t build a black high school until after Brown vs Board, which tells you something about Jim Crow. However, the black school system was run by black teachers and black principals and the students were expected to learn. All of the teachers were literate, responsible and respected. There was no tolerance for misbehavior. When these kids entered the workforce they were literate, polite and employable. I can’t say that segregation was a good thing, because it was a caste system which is un-American, but the products of those black schools were a lot better educated than the kids are in Chicago today. You simply can’t produce literate students with illiterate teachers. I will wager that not one of those Chicago blimps could pass the GED without cheating. Stupidity perpetuates stupidity.

    • You seem to be confused. You admit that, under Jim Crow, blacks were educated better than they are now and had better teachers that had higher standards. Yet, then you state that Jim Crow was a “caste system” and not a good thing. If it was more effective and produced better results, it stands to reason that it was better. Or, would you suggest that poor results are or should be our goal?

  3. quartierleblanc says:

    Uh hey fat Karen. We White people just MIGHT be better at education than your people. After all we have (did) have a culture that promoted and respected education till we dumbed it down and integrated our schools. Yet the average IQ of the inner city Black continues to fall. So, Karen pull those chicken wings out of your mouth. Here’s a huge newsflash fat girl. You’re the person in charge. I know taking personal responsibility is not a big part of your culture but you OWN THIS ONE you friggin fat pig.

    • Michael T says:

      Just like Obama, in charge, but not responsible for the failings. It’s Bush’s fault, it’s the white mans fault, always someone else to blame.

  4. Let’s try an experiment. Pick a city, build new schools that are segregated, provide them with an equal amount of money each, with QUALIFIED, INTELLIGENT educators instructing the students. One school each for blacks, Latinos, and whites. At the end of a specific period of time, test the students and see which score higher. My bet is whitey will out score the others by a wide margin, thereby decisively ending the debate.

    I didn’t add a school for Asians because they are the one race that still respects education and easily out score white kids.

    • JMV this post deserves a troll! And you are gonna get it now buddy for having such a silly idea.

      You can’t leave the Jews and Asians out of the test because that skews the results by making the Data fit the presupposed theorem.

      You know the Asians and Jews will score higher, so the question should be Why is Ms. Lewis aiming so low? Why isn’t she asking for the Asian and Jewish Money too?

      Or do all us light colored people look the same to her?

      • Ding, ding, ding!! Asians were left out for the afore mentioned reasons, Jews don’t count because to the race of darkies, we DO all look alike.

        But you are right, it is a silly idea, because mudman races (black/brown) don’t want an equal shot, they want the deck stacked in their favor so they don’t actually have to work for results. This is most likely because they know deep down that if the playing field was leveled and equal, they would still fail.

        Is that racist? Probably. Do I care? Not likely.

    • Thomas Sowell wrote a great book called “The Intellectuals And Race”. Race and IQ are not correlated. Education and IQ are correlated. There is no shortage of stupid white people in this country.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Race and IQ are not correlated.

        Ignorance is strength.
        Freedom is slavery.

      • 47 percent according to the exit polls.

        However I highly doubt Intelligence Quotient is a result of any one specific Human characteristic. I believe high Intelligence is an accumulation of several factors and genetics can correlate as much as education.

        • I would tend to agree that more than genetics is at work in what we call “intelligence”. However, it is inescapable that genetics plays the largest role – as they say in sports, “You can’t put in what God left out.” 😉

      • “Race and IQ are not correlated.” Although Mr. Sowell is a fine man for a black, that is a patently false statement. Both IQ testing and standardized testing (SAT, ACT) show that whites score higher regardless of education or income. Whites with only a HS diploma outscore blacks with some college up to an Associates degree. Likewise, whites from the lowest socioeconomic class score higher than blacks in the highest socioeconomic class.

  5. fact……every city that has a majority of blacks is a complete wreck.Crime,drugs,welfare……EVERY TIME !!! Is that whitey’s fault???

    • quartierleblanc says:

      Don’t you understand? This is a culture that can’t sustain, much less create a modern society. It’s a devolving culture at that. Personal responsibility doesn’t exist. IT WILL ALWAYS BE YT’S FAULT. We owe them nothing.

    • Its always whiteys fault Joy…..even if there isnt a white man within a thousand miles of the area…its still whiteys fault…everything is whiteys fault….LoL

  6. Great read AWD,

    However, I would like to point out, the quality of the curriculum taught in “White Rich Public Schools” is just as heinous as the ghetto schools. Thanks to the Federal influence that advanced Dewey and Progressivism.

    Ms. Lewis should consider the pattern of violence, which is considerably diminished in “White Rich Public Schools” and make a community concerted effort to institute law and order which consist of a deterrence like punishment instead of rehabilitation.

    Maybe when the ‘goot boys that ain’t never done nuffin wrong’ are locked away from the Black Children that really want to learn, those test score just may go up.

  7. RidinShotgun says:

    There’s a few things missing from this picture; On the right shouldn’t Princess Leia be there in her metallic bikini? And shouldn’t C3PO be standing behind this slovenly creature to the left?
    I can’t take anything these “people” say seriously!

  8. Its always Whiteys fault. Now thats established, Lets get it On!

  9. Another representative of the “poor, starving ghetto children.” LOL. Wanna help fight poverty, hunger, and lack of education? Start by donating some of the buckets of KFC. I bet if you did that, hunger would end OVERNIGHT!


    Blacks in Africa are Black..she looks 3/4 White.

    • Nostradumbass says:

      Hell…If you put a baseball cap on her, she would look exactly like something Michael Moore couldn’t get to flush down.

    • She looks like a libtard blimp to me. Cut from the same cloth as Jesse Jackoff. Everything is whiteys fault. If this overblown windbag wants to point fingers and blame, she needs to look no further than the democratic party that’s run Shitcago into the toilet for the past 50 years.

      • Nostradumbass says:

        “ A fat woman clip-clops into the shoestore today and says: I want something I can feel comfortable in. So I said: Try Wyoming! ” – Noted Chicago native Al Bundy

        I wonder if her name was Karen Lewis?

        on another note, she does look like the reason kids are starving in Korea.


    Its the Unions and the leftists NEA the reason why johnny cant read as well as the DEPT of EDUCATION run by the leftists is the reeason and too busy turning Johnny and suzie into mid numbed little thralls for the NEW WORLD ORDER

  12. Celebrate Homogeneity says:

    Be careful what you wish for, people. Vouchers handed out by Uncle will come with strings. There will be quotas, race-norming, and “accommodations” for the “less-fortunate”. This puts you and your kids back at square one.

    Just think of school taxes as protection money. You pay it and private tuition, or suffer the consequences.

  13. rightwingterrorist says:

    Kill whitey.
    Problem solved.

    New unintended problem.
    Who now to blame?

    • Nostradumbass says:

      She don’t want whitey dead. She just wants whitey to pay her food bill.

      and her rent.

      and her light bill.

      and then give her a phone.

      and a job that she doesn’t have to work at.

      and a “refund” check every year for unearned income.

      and free child care for her multi-spawned litter.

      and free health care.

      wait a minute….she already gets that….Oh right, she wants to be able to get cigarettes and liquor on her EBT card….yeah, that’s the ticket. That’s all that she wants…for now.

  14. Odd place for a litter box, Ms. Lewis. On your head?


    CHICAGO is still a corupt crime ridden city and still run by the DEMA-CRAPS and a jerk mayor

  16. Aren’t vouchers just a tax credit that you can use to offset property taxes or income taxes? If so, they would offer zero benefit to most black people

  17. that’s typical of this “water buffalo” to blame all of their own failures on white people………these darkies have never been able to compete with whites on any level and in particular with education…….so to cover their own inadequacies a water buffalo like this Lewis have to put the blame on someone other than themselves where the blame really belongs…………

    whites out perform these sub-culture humans every where on the planet……..and all these water buffalos can do is scream racism……..

    go fu@k yourselves, ya god-damn animals………

  18. No rich white have nothing to do with failure of chicago schools; I think the finger needs to be pointed at Sh!tstain” Karen Lewis the tent trailer sized beast in the photo.

  19. AmericaBeautiful says:

    This picture doesn’t do her justice; you have to watch a video of how she addresses and interacts with her audience in order to comprehend the magnitude of her astoundingly awful qualities:
    Dim-witted Communist
    Affirmative Action Attention-Seeker
    Disrespectful, Slothful, Ignorant
    Lowerer of Personal and Educational Stadards
    A disgrace to Chicago Teachers who voted her in out of fear of being called a raaaaacist.
    People like this woman manipulate the school system and con the Idealistic and Ignorant Union voters. Affirmative Action All the Way, to the total detriment of the children.
    Wake up, Chicago! Get rid of this “politically correct” incompetent and resurrect some self-respect….”for the children.”

  20. My first and only visit to the windy city became most memorable with the armed street gang attack foiled by our quick counter and safe exit. This was even back in the early ’80s. Travel with loyal companions when entering a war zone.


    She reminds me of one of those nasty reptiles from the movie ZAMEBZIA just as repulsive UGH REPTILES,I HATES REPTILES

  22. AmericaBeautiful says:

    Thanks to Demon-crats like this communist egomaniac, the Taxpayers of Illinois are now robbing the pension funds of police and firefighters to pay for ILLEGALS to go to medical school!!!


  23. Come on people, wake up! This is a classic case of the children bullying the parents by throwing tantrums to get their way

    Parasites like this fat bitch and other black Marxist like her have declared war on ALL tax paying white people. For now its only economically and socially ( unless you are unfortunate enough to be in close proximity of “urban yoots” ) but, the day is coming when WE are no longer the majority and THEN they will unapologetically and enthusiastically (because of their hate for us) try to exterminate us by physically dragging us from our homes forcing us to defend ourselves…

    Remember South Africa? and the reports of mass murders and rapes that the white citizens had to endure when Nelson Mandela took over.. the violence that our MSM refused to report on? THAT is OUR future when the savages take over… their contempt for us is obvious and the government allows their hate speech to be broadcasted nightly which only stirs up more hate for us… be prepared to defend yourselves because the CURRENT government will look the other way while it happens