Miss this guy? Me too! It just hasn’t been the same these past three decades without Shabba Doo around. Many times, AWD has pined for the days when break dancing (the original break dancing, dammit!) was found all over the streets of America. And leading us all was Shabba Doo and his trusty sidekick The Boogaloo Shrimp!

I can remember hanging out with my homies on the street corner practicing our popping, moon dancing and the robot all hours of the night. AWD was the best on his street doing the robot! In da house!! My gang always beat the guys from the other high schools in dance offs and got all the best-looking girls! And many of my moves came from….you guessed it…Shabba Doo himself! We were so cool!

Just last week RedStater called up and challenged AWD to a dance off at Dude-a-Palooza to prove just who is the sexiest break dancing blogger on the blogosphere. I readily accepted even though I know Red is a huge fan of the Boogaloo Shrimp and is widely known as a worthy opponent for his moon walking skills. RedStater can be found most weekends in Time Square entertaining tourists with his street-sexy break dancing skills. So AWD dusted off my Betamax copies of “Breakin'” and “Breakdance-The Movie” and have been practicing up on my poppin’ and even some new moves awaiting Red. Let’s just say everyone around this here blog will know just who is the sexiest poppin’ blogger in a few weeks!

For all you crackas who ain’t down wit da original break dancing, learn at the feet of the masters….Shabba Doo and the Boogaloo Shrimp!

Couldn’t you just feel the emotion and passion!? Those kids just wanted to dance, man! That’s some acting! They don’t make movies like that anymore!

I now declare tonight Sunday Night Open Post. I hope you’ll all share your favorite break dancing movies. It’s so difficult! Or, you can talk about boring old politics if you must…I know you’re going to anyway!

One last thing…if any of y’all see Red around after Dude-a-Palooza, don’t bring up the beat down he took from AWD in our break dancing competition. In fact, I bet he’s poppin’ right about now getting ready for a rematch at Dude-a-Palooza II.

Can’t get enough of Shabba Doo and the Boogaloo Shrimp? Me neither! For Music That Doesn’t Suck tonight, here’s Chaka Khan’s version of Prince’s “I Feel For You.”

AWD’s been listening to the Hollisters lately. Goodern’ hell Texas music! Ain’t sh*t to break dance to, though. Here’s East Texas Pines:

And here’s another’n from The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash called Texas Sun. This has long been an AWD fave-o-rite!

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  1. Sorry Dude, never heard of this guy or the Boogie Woogie Shrimp. Not much of a break dancing fan. This is obviously an endeavor suited to the younger crowd.

    I’m watching a very boring movie about King George, It’s called The Madness of King George. No wonder the British lost the Revolutionary War.

    • Michael T, if you have Netflix, I’ve been watching the series called “Borgia.” It’s about the Borgia clan in the 1400’s. Rodrigo Borgia became Pope. Man, were they corrupt! But a very well done series. AWD got rid of his cable about a month ago and now am Hulu and Netflix customers. Saving about $80 per month.


    • Cinnamon Girl says:

      MT, The Madness of King George is one of my faves. Nigel Hawthorne. Brilliant.

  2. Younger crowd! You do realize those guys poppin and lockin are at least in their 50’s now, right?

  3. REV Wright says:

    Long lines to get in Paula Dean’s restaurant.

    hehe………MSNBC is pissed!

    Perhaps we can all meet there and spend LOTS of money!

    All the best,


  4. …………..

  5. When author Dinesh D’Souza diagnosed Barack Obama with anti-colonialism, he did so on the basis of Mr. Obama’s seemingly inexplicable chip-on-the-shoulder attitude toward the country he himself leads, and his eager attempts to move America down the economic and political ladder toward international mediocrity. Where others were accusing Obama of being clueless or socialist, D’Souza concluded — based on Obama’s infatuation with his Kenyan roots — that he was fundamentally an anti-colonialist.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com.....z2X3uBAcMo
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  6. open post……for anyone who hasn’t seen this exchange between Bill “the great American” Cunningham and Tamara “the stooge” Holder on Hannity the other night………..

    if you haven’t seen this it’s a must watch……Bill pummels Tamara….it’s great..


  7. Shes stuck on stupid anyway…she got what she deserved. And by the way…Islam still sucks!

  8. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Awesome, AWD!!! I have a copy of Breakin’ and I break it out, haha, once in a while to watch great poppin’ and lockin’, plus all that great 80s fashion that yep, I did wear.

    I also miss the days of old school rap when it was clean and people rapped about summertime, hangin’ out at their mama’s house with all the kids, Adidas shell-toes, Christmas, and just fun stuff. Gangsta rap has certainly not only been a reflection of life in the ghetto today but also a corruptor (although I must say right now I’m totally against all censorship).

    Thanks for posting! You’ve reminded me it’s been months since I broke out my Breakin’ DVD!

  9. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Oh, and let me add this: I love the Feel For You video you posted. The song is awesome but the video sends it into the stratosphere!

    And you should watch “Kickin’ It Old School” with Jamie Kennedy. Shabba-Doo Quinones did the choreography for it! It’s hilarious—-even Michael what’s his name, the talent agent in Breakin’, is in it portraying Kennedy’s character’s father! So many references you’ll really dig it, man.