The fix is in. It’s easy to see. The RNC is ready to throw another election to the Dims! How is this possible? By running the latest RINO, wussypants candidate to be cannon fodder to the left. I’m talking Jeb Bush or Chris “Chrispy Chreme” Christy. AWD is putting the wussypants boys in the RNC on notice. I will never, ever vote again for a wussypants, moderate Republican! Try me!

There is a good reason the Republican Party is known as the Party of Stupid. It’s because they are stupid! They keep making the same mistakes election after election in running wussypants losers. Then they listen to morons like Karl Rove and his ilk to find out why they lost. They believe the stupidity of the inside-the-beltway idjits who tell them they lost the election because they didn’t attract enough Hispanic voters when the real reason they lost the election is because conservatives stayed home rather than vote for the latest RINO moron! Well, this conservative will stay home from now on!

The wussypants RNC is falling all over themselves to pass the amnesty bill that will give 30+ million illegals the right to vote. Who will they vote for? Democrats. Every, EVERY, Hispanic majority district in America votes Democratic election after election. But the wussypanted boys believe by passing the Amnesty bill that Hispanics will suddenly vote for Republicans! Only morons could ignore the past in predicting the future.

Look at the past Republican candidates for President. Bob Dole. RINO who lost. George W Bush. RINO who convinced America he was a conservative and won even though he was a RINO. Juan McPain. RINO who lost. Mitt Romney. RINO who lost. See the pattern here?

Here is the current beliefs of Republican morons who are basically Dims. Lindsey “Fredo” Graham said:

“If we don’t pass immigration reform, if we don’t get it off the table in a reasonable, practical way, it doesn’t matter who we run in 2016. We’re in a demographic death spiral as a party.

The only way we can get back in the good graces of the Hispanic community, in my view is pass comprehensive immigration reform.”

Lindsey Graham is a stupid man. Actually, he’s a stupid Democrat. Mitt Romney could have won an unthinkable 70% of the Hispanic vote and still would have lost to Obama. The reason Romney lost is conservatives stayed home on election day. Rather than stand up and fight for the rule of law and conservative principles, wussypants Republicans listen to socialists like Chuck Schumer on how they must pass the Amnesty bill! Political rule #1. Never, ever take the advice of your enemy. But Schumer, McCain, Graham, and Rubio are one in the same. They are all liberals who care not one little bit about America and legal Americans who pay taxes.

Republicans must learn that their real base is conservatives. If they believe that Hispanics that vote Democrat are their base, then they deserve to go the way of the buffalo. At this point, AWD doesn’t care.

I’m a conservative and I will never, ever again vote for the lesser of two evils. Better President Hillary runs the entire country into the ground. Conservatives will be there to rebuild from the destruction upon constitutional values. The Republicans would be smart to realize they are losing the conservative vote in the misguided hope that Hispanics might vote for them one day. They won’t. They’re not smart.

Chris Christie is a fat, yankee Democrat. Jeb Bush is a fat, southern Democrat. Neither are conservatives. Both will lose in 2016 if the wussypants Republicans are stupid enough to run either as their candidate.

I would rather eat glass than vote for another Bush. Jeb Bush said:

“If I decide to run for office again, it will be based on what I believe, and it will be based on my record. And that record was one of solving problems completely from a conservative prospective.”

I will be able to, I think, manage my way through all the chirpers out there.”

AWD is chirping to the world that I will NEVER, EVER again vote for a wussypants RINO Republican. And I will chirp loud and clear that I will NEVER, EVER vot for another @#&* Bush! I will sit at home and clean my guns. Guaran-damn-teed!

Let the wussypants Republican Party eat sh*t and die!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Anyone who supports amnesty should no longer be allowed to live in america their traitors all

  2. Republican=Democrat Lite.

  3. Michael T says:

    I don’t get it. There is something going on other than politics. Now the GOP rinos are saying that we have to make nice to Hispanics in order to win elections. I won’t vote for any rinos, I may not vote at all. If there is a Libertarian on the ballot I may vote for that person, but never for a Republican ever again.

    Islam sucks the fat one.

  4. Vote 3rd party. Vote “None of the above.” Vote Libertarian!

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Doctrinaire Libertarians are for open borders.  The hell with them, too.

      I am a small-l libertarian.  If you came here for the gibsmedat, or if you live for it, you are NOT one of mine.  The gibsmedat will disappear sooner or later.  If you starve without it… da aitch-e-double-toothpicks with you!

      • Actually, a lot of libertarians (myself included) are very pro-border security. It fits in with the doctrine of government’s purpose being to protect its borders, and its citizens.

      • A big libertarian here for border security…actually, I’m now close to just saying f*k it and close it all up temporarily, enforce existing immigration laws (which is what all these bureaucratic asshole organizations should be doing in the first place), and clean house. There is already an an existing “path to citizenship”, I took it, my family took it, there is no reason for any immigrant looking to make the U.S their home not to opt for it.

        As for the third-party vote, where are the viable libertarians hiding? Are they running? We don’t even have a true two-party system anymore. In my neck of the woods I’ve got Schumer listed under Dem, Repub and Libertarian on the ballot.

  5. aceydoozy says:

    No more Bushes ever and Christie’s not worth sh–,I mean spit.

  6. Guillermo Del Toro says:

    I wish someone would actually show some statistics on the last elections. I have a hard time believing that obama won because conservatives stayed home. You mean to tell me that concervatives would rather let ghetto trash, the east coast and California relect the Muslim-in-chief than vote for Mittens?

    I voted for Mitt, the way I figured was that at least he is American and wouldn’t run around the world apologizing for America or bowing to the chinks.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      0bama won by fraud, starting with his nomination in 2008.

    • Obama won because of election fraud. Too many districts did not have a single vote for Romney. Romney would have received a few votes by accident or error.

  7. Totally with you AWD. I also will not vote for Marco Rubio. I will vote for a libertarian or I will write in Angry White Dude

  8. Max & Eric says:

    Ever watch South Park, its always a giant douche or a turd sandwich.
    My god how our wannabe Masters must Laugh when we pick these Losers, I really believe that it doesn’t matter what we do. We are F*&ked, I highly doubt anyone could get elected running on a libertarian ticket. Its a nice dream. Plain and simple we`re going down, the deal has already been signed in our blood. its the only thing that makes since anymore. Hey, how bout some Hank Jr. Now, that doesn’t suck. we`re all pretty much country boys…and girls. and we`ll survive.

  9. Calamity Jane can’t stand liberals, but considers RINOS lower than shark $hit in the Marianas Trench.

    C’mon guys! We are only 6 months into Barry’s second term (I still can’t believe that!) and already I’m tired of the same old $hit storm of politics from the usual suspects….Only difference so far is that Rubio is showing himself to be something less than advertised.

    I need a “pep-talk”…. or a shot of tequila STAT!…(only the good stuff, please!)

    • They used to be called the Rockefeller Republicans, same as a Democrap. Once they get the illegals in they can increase the anti gun vote in Congress. Hopefully the Dutchman will still be around.
      Things will change fast. Repos are not even worth A Bucket Of Warm Spit anymore. I stay registered with them so I can F8ck with their primary elections. Be buying a new shredder come election season.

  10. Any party that has John ‘boo hoo” Boehner as it’s leader, is way beyond suspect.
    McCain is another one of their lead men.
    If they run another Bush I will walk.

  11. LOL,
    Dude, check out the Constitution Party Platform. It’s the only thing worth fighting FOR. The lying political salesmen mean nothing. However, the documents they swear an oath to uphold are everything. Constitution Party!

    Speaking of Chrispy Creame….see this video by Sun News with Ryan Mauro “Christie’s unholy Alliance” http://www.worldthreats.com

  12. AWD said it all. Chris Christie is a switching sissy. Jeb Bush I never liked. The RNC is a joke. Can that wussy pants Reince Prebius (< spelling? I don't care) please step down. So Bill Whittle can take over? I see they improved the elephant symbol, but I still like Bill Whittle's idea better. A straight multi lined R that looks like it was carved in with a screwdriver or scratched in with a rock on any hardened surface. No curves. So far I only know of two people tossing their hat in the ring for 2016. Paul Ryan and Rand Paul. I'll take Rand Paul. His pro life stance is stronger. I would love Ted Cruz and Trey (The Shark) Gowdy to also run. I hear Rick Santorum is hinting at a run. Much as I like his patriotism, constitutional knowledge, and strong stance on life, and traditional marriage I think he's just too nice of a guy and won't be able to deliver that devastating blow after blow to the democraps like Trey can. We need a vicious attack dog right now. And Trey seems to be that guy.

  13. Dole for President, the year I became an independent. We need a viable
    3rd party. No ifs ands, or buts. The Constitution Party. Then watch the REAL conservatives flock to join it. You hearing me Rand et al?

  14. captainmike says:

    I am totally with you. Bush Family = Kennedy Family; they just had to take the R because the D was already taken.

    And the Bush Family is NOT Southern. They are carpetbaggers from the same neck of the woods as the Kennedys. They are Ivy League liberal elitists who infiltrated the South beginning with G.H.W. Bush in Texas.

    Prescott Bush (a few Bushes back) was extremely well connected as well as being heavily involved in the Eugenics Movement. He was also a U.S. Senator from Connecticut from 1952 to 63. It is obvious from the family history that they have been involved in politics and held high positions in various businesses for generations. There were also some allegations (probably true) of associations with Hitler, et al by some of these companies for financial gain.

    The true nature of politics in this country has evolved into a crony-capitalist state where the well-connected elite maintain political control to pass laws, etc. for their mutual benefit. A great case in point: the various tax laws passed in the late 70’s – early 80’s regarding 401-k’s. While this on the surface looked like a great benefit to the average working person, the true beneficiaries were 1) the large corporations, who got out of the defined benefit obligations and 2) Wall Street, as rail cars of money started flowing from all over the country to the investment houses of New York and Boston. Just take a look at the Dow Jones Industrial average beginning in the early 80’s where it spiked up out of a 75 year trendline and has stayed “out of trend” ever since. This represents the “locked-in” IRA and 401k money in the market. I say locked-in because of the penalty provisions for early withdrawal (doesn’t help me) and the “stay the course” mantra from the financial service guys (while they are bailing).

    My apologies for getting off topic. NO MORE BUSHES.

    Coming soon…health care exchanges. Califonia: PelosiCare; Nevada: ReidCare; Texas: BushCare.

  15. I hate Rinos as much as the next guy. But any vote not for a republican is a vote for democrat libtards. The lowest form of evil. Its a no win situation I guess. Jeb Bush when he was our governor wanted to give illegals a drivers license! Another amnesty piece of shit…FU Bush..we had enough Bushes.

    • Therein lies the problem. They have even you convinced that there are only two options: Democrat or Republican. And that’s what RINOs count on. They can do pretty much what they like, and vote however they want, as long as they stay just right of “extreme left-wing.” As long as you keep blindly voting for one party or the other, just to “not vote for the other party,” this WILL continue to go on.

      I too used to think voting third party was “throwing away your vote.” But that kind of thinking is part of the problem as well. People, at least subconsciously, think they have to vote for the “most likely winner” in an election. They treat it like a bet on a sporting event. And they think that it’s the worst thing in the world to vote for the candidate who ends up losing. No, the worst thing in the world is to sell out and vote for anyone less than who you truly believe in. And if that means voting third party, or even staying home and not voting, SO BE IT! Our electoral system may have… problems, to say the least. But if enough people vote for a candidate, even now… that candidate WILL be elected to office. It’s happened several times in recent history: Jesse Ventura (Fmr Gov of MN, Reform party); Bob Barr (Fmr GA Rep, Libertarian); Ron Paul (Fmr TX Rep, Libertarian)… it CAN happen, it HAS happened, and CAN HAPPEN AGAIN. Enough people just need to unite and do what it takes to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

      • I agree with you in principle. However, presidential candidates that run independent usually just help to elect a democrat to office so its still a no win situation. It may work for the lower political offices but for some reason it never pans out for a presidential candidate. I wish it would! The minorities will always vote democratic to keep the freebies flowing and the people who support conservatives are almost always divided among Rinos and assholes like Rubio who pretend to be conservatives. Therin lies the real problem…they all lie so much one doesnt know who to support. They all tell you what you want to hear when running for office..then do an about face once elected. Rubio is but one example of this along with McAmnesty.

  16. Ditto.

  17. Be sure to add the wolf in sheep’s clothing, Marco Rubio. He is either massively naive or just incredibly stupid. Maybe he flunked history. Once amnesty is in, we will never see secured borders. Barbara Boxer has already stated that the money for a border fence should be reallocated to provide services for the illegals.

  18. The Supreme court ruling against Arizona was the final nail in America’s coffin. We will be flooded with vermin,MS 13,low skilled workers,more welfare leeches. We are toast. There is NO future for my Grandchildren. My Grandparents who came here from Europe with a duffle bag and just the clothes on their backs who learned our language,worked hard and flew our flag must be turning over in their graves.I am sick to my stomach. Both party’s are to blame for this.

    • We are already flooded with this vermin. And the gang of 8 assholes wants to make them legal democratic voters.

  19. See Ann Coulter’s piece from last week.Hispanic population is 8.4 % of USA..and these idiots want to throw everything away to make them legal ? They will vote Dem forever ! How stupid is that ?

  20. I rather vote for a DEMocRAT……

    than any backstabbing, stinking, lying RINO……

    at least when a DEMocRAT wins any election……

    all of the REPUBliCAN’TS work to defeat a DEMocRAT……

    RINO’S not so much.

    • Joe Stalin says:

      Last Senate election in IL I could vote for the anti-gun Democrat, an anti-gun Republican (Kirk) or the Libertarian. I voted for the Lib for exactly your reasoning.

    • I wouldn’t. Id rather pour gasoline on myself and light it before voting for ANY demo-rat. Of course nowadays it seems that no matter who you vote for they are a libtard piece of shit anyway.

  21. RebPirate says:

    Some of us have known since King George I (G.H.W. Bush) that there is no longer a true “two party” system. I will admit that I held my nose and voted for King George II because I fell for the hype that that fag Kerry might have pulled one out and actually won it in ’04. I tell you it made me sick to abandon my principles and vote against my conscience. No republicrat will ever get my vote again!
    Juan McShame was NEVER going to get my vote…it’s time he retires or whatever, as long as he goes away for good. He reminds me of Jimmy “Quitter” Carter. Just when you think he’s gone, he pops back up with something even more stupid to say.
    Romney almost convinced me that he may be a conservative until the second debate. Once he started listening to that idiot Rove, his testicles ascended back up from whence they came and were never to be heard from again. Lindsey Graham needs to just come out of the darned closet and run for mayor of San Fag-crisco. Boener needs a good spanking, a fresh pamper and maybe a little dab of desitin (or vagasil) and sent to his room without supper. Karl Rove, and ANY republican that buys into his bilge water, needs to be bound, gagged, tarred, feathered and run out of the country on a rail. Rubio needs to either find his pappa’s raft and float on back to his ancestral island home, or better yet, strap an old Mercruiser motor to Christie’s fat ass and get there even faster. Hell, maybe some of Jeb’s wetback in-laws can take the whole bunch away in the trunk of their ’55 Chebby.

  22. I know there a few and a I mean only a few Republicans that can be trusted….who are truly conservative……and I will continue to vote for those that keep to our conservative principles……..

    But…..I will never be taken for fool by the likes of a Marco Rubio…….I have had it with these types of republicans……they get into office and turn of us as soon as they have won their respective elections…….it’s these sons-a-bitches that think we will forget what they have done or that we have no where else to turn……if we don’t support them they think we have no alternative……..

    if the republicans nominate a rino or a pretend republican like Jebb Bush or Crispy Kreme I swear I will vote for Hildabeast to spite these bastards………

    I think we all know what the repubs are going to do and that is nominate a loser that won’t stand a china man’s chance in hell of winning………..

    eeeeeeeee freak’n gads…….it’s hard to think of this as the next president of the United States…………….


  23. It’s very obvious AWD is making the point the republicans better not be stupid and run a RINO. Unfortunately it’s hard to tell who’s a RINO till it’s too late sometimes. Rubio didn’t show his true colors till recently. I also understand people’s frustration and wanting a 3rd party. Theoretically that’s a good idea, but if let’s say the libertarians become a major position. Corruption will occur quite quickly in that tent also. There is just way too many differing opinions there. They lack a solid platform. Republicans however have the best platform. It’s just so unfortunate that too many people in the republican party have no courage or backbone anymore. All they want to be is democrat lite just so people won’t hate them. What we need to do is get all the wishy washy RINOs out and open the doors to those far and few dems and libertarians who are more conservative, who respect the constitution, life of the unborn, traditional marriage, fair tax, true racial equality (not the false one the liberals push),and a host of many other things. I myself used to be a democrat till I studied the history and platform of both Republicans and democrats and saw the marvelous light. I am proud to be a Republican. Always will be a Republican. The one advantage of voting for a Republican is we have a guiding standard to hold him or her to. If you vote for the dem cause you thought they were a better choice you will have no recourse because their platform is Anti God, abortion, same sex marriage, higher taxes, gun grabbing, and all other kinds of evil things. As mentioned before (other than lower taxes and making marijuana legal) Libertarians don’t have a solid platform yet. And voting one in you just don’t know which way the wind will blow. Then what are we going to do?

  24. Sometimes I wonder if the Republican’s threw the election on purpose just so all of Obama’s scandals could be brought to light. Face it, if Romney had won, the media would have constantly made him out to be a bigger buffoon than GW and I don’t mean George Washington. And all of Obama’s minions would have put him right back in in 2016. And he would have for sure finished his agenda. I know it’s a far far reach, but I’m hoping that the Republican’s stay on all these scandals and make Obama wish that all he did was lose an election and was allowed to go home. I see some people serving life in federal prison, if certain people do their job properly. Due diligence, cross the ‘t’s and dot the ‘i’s.

  25. Hey! Did anyone here hear about the great news that Elbert Guillory broke free from his democrat chains and joined the Republican party. See, we can get rid of the RINOs and recruit good people. Watch the video on you tube ‘Elbert Guillory, why I became a Republican’

  26. Try the “Constitution Party.” Not perfect, but better than the GOP, IMO.

    • Republicans have forgotten who they are. We don’t need another party. We need republicans to start being the party they once were. Just because a group comes along with a party name that appeals to us doesn’t mean I’m going to jump on board. Get rid of Rubio. Get rid of J Bush. Get rid of Sleepy McCain. Get rid of that fat lard ass switching sissy wishing he could have a love pile with Obama and Bruce Springsteen Chris (I sold out my party and my country for a few pieces of silver) Christie and every other spineless back stabbing RINO. And welcome Elbert Guillory!


    Remember moses and the Burning Bush

  28. Boy, AWD, neither will I, however, I will bet the Republicans will run Jeb Bush for President and Christie for VP. I will stay home, as I cannot stand either one of those two jackasses. Enough of the Bushes. However Jeb has a Mexican wife and mixed race children so the dumbazz Republicans probably think they have a winner with the fat Bush and even fatter Christie. Not so. They will lose to the even dumber ass Clinton. ENOUGH ALREADY with the elite Republicans picking our candidate for us. They are damaging the country for my grandchildren and I resent it!!!!

  29. patthemick says:

    What would help is for conservative candidates to decide to run only one candidate for POTUS in the primaries. The way the RINOs have been nominated is the split of all the conservative candidates in the early primaries giving the MSM an excuse to drum frontrunner into the peoples heads and we end up with evil1 and evil2 in the real election.

    • That is what the Tea Party is for. They, after local deliberations, suggest only one candidate. Then the republicans take it from there.

  30. Bigtimer and I think that the 2016 canditates should be:

    President: Ted Cruz (R-TX)
    Vice President: Trey Gowdy (R-SC)

    AWD, what do you think?

    • There is a Trey Gowdy thread on AWD. Most of us on that thread fully agree. I myself will be equally happy even if the positions were switched. President Gowdy, Vice President Cruz. President Cruz, Vice President Gowdy. It all works for me. The choices are great, but first we have to get rid of Reince Priebus . (I can never remember how to spell his name. Every time he sends me something I throw it away.) and replace him with Bill Whittle. Secondly we have to give strong irrefutable arguments defending life, traditional marriage, gun rights, lower taxation, and explain what smaller government really is and how it’s beneficial. Because if we don’t do those things all we are is democrat lite. It was a strong moral issue that gave birth to the Republican party in the first place. Third we have to expose the democrats hypocrisy on the war on women, racism, and immigration. If we don’t do these things we can run Superman and Batman themselves against them running a glob of grease and a rotten banana and we’d still lose. The bottom line is this, If we don’t prove why Republicans are the better choice it doesn’t matter who we run.

      • Cruz and Gowdy can and will articulate why the republican party is the best and only choice. While bigtimer and I like the Cruz/Gowdy ticket, let’s not forget Rand Paul. Those are my big 3. Meanwhile, Sessions from Alabama along with Cruz are generating lots of visibility with the Amnesty Abomination in the Senate. Sessions is my fourth choice.

  31. Agreed, the Republican party is the best and only choice. And Cruz and Gowdy can and will articulate that. But how do we make that a reality. After all they haven’t thrown their hats into the ring yet. And how do we avoid the fiasco of the 2012 primaries. Looking back now I see how stupid it was to run too many people. Running people like Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and John Huntsman which I believe are all libertarians was pretty foolish. Only Republicans should run in a republican primary. And only republicans should vote in a republican primary. People registered as unaffiliated and independent are nothing more than democrat lackeys that serve only to intentionally sabotage the end result. I think Mitt got more votes in the primaries from independents and the unaffiliated than he did from actual republicans. I liked Mitt way better than Obama, but Mitt was kind of a one trick pony. The economy. I personally thought Rick Santorum was much better. His stance on defending the unborn was much stronger. His foreign policy provisions and knowledge were far superior to Mitt’s. His views on the importance on the family. Rick was smart enough to know that even the best of economic plan would never have any lasting effect if the ills of society remained. I know he made some boo boos in the past. But I still think he was the best choice. A Santorum/ Gingrich ticket would have excited the base much more than a Romney/ Ryan ticket. But now I must look ahead, and a Cruz/Gowdy ticket I fully support.

  32. Am I allowed to swear my head off on this site? Cause I got some choice words for the supreme court when the you know what thread comes up.

  33. It is real easy to call stupid and non smart to other people, you guys don’t get it even with all the media it is going on, our country is changing, you can do thinks against group of people and spec ting that they will vote for you, now you say that any president candidate doesn’t need the minority votes well there is not minority any more. Every year 68,000 persons becomes a new American citizen end guess what, because people like you saying that they are stupids and they’re not smart we are loosing their votes, remember this because this is the beginning even if they don’t pass this stupid reform this country have lot of diversity people that any candidate have to think about so and the end who it is the stupid?. Time change, all change even people you have to change if not, you will run drag you crazy make you do stupid things as get in to movie theater and try to kill everybody.

    • Please tell me Od is not the future of America!


      • I really hope not awd!!! I still believe that there is a lot of good and real Americans out there. Let me ask you this question, who you think it is a real American? One who does things that others hate it, minimizing their culture, race, intelligence, etc., who believes that he is superior to everyone, believes that all should belong to him, or he who gives everything for the welfare of others, fights for freedom,think about it, look awd I am the one will be pulling the switch if the person deserve it but I can’t generalize just because his color, race or as you want to classify it, there is undesirable people in the all world. And I believe it is not that the future of America because I got born in a great nation U.S., Gad bless America and the all world, because If we continue doing what we’re doing instead of claiming for things like work, salary, education etc future generations are going to do things that seem simple for now water or oxygen. After you got born you got the right to do anything you want to do What matters is the way that you decide to do so.

  34. We need a web site Chargeing the senate, House of Represenatives and -O-bama-us of Treason. All have violated the Constitution of the United States. I can count 5 and less of 10 that have fought the system in Washington.