‘Do as I say, not as I do’ comes to mind with this picture and the continuing hypocrisy from the leftist-loons that control our federally funded school systems! – Obama’s union goons no less!

You can read more about it here…many links inside are highlighted as well.

Throw in your best caption line, or just comment away all you like.

As you can see, the first caption for this came to my mind via Gomer on an episode from the Andy Griffith Show, that was where he was wanting to have Barney arrested for a traffic violation, it had to do with hypocrisy as well.

Hit me with your best shots…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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    Typical liberal eletists hypotcrits who think their better then us these pompoius old peacocks who look down upon us lower birds on the roost of authority were getting mighty tired of it all

  2. Nostradumbass says:

    caption: “Wait ’til I catch that Tea Party sumbitch that pissed on my leg”

  3. Nostradumbass says:

    caption: “Pretty impressive, Reggie. But next time try using the squirt gun instead”

  4. Nostradumbass says:

    caption: “This bong is leaking all over…Just twist me up a fatty will ya? I ain’t got time fo dis sh!t”


  5. A gun we truly believe President Obama knows how to fire

  6. You’ll poke your eye out!

  7. A liberal assault weapon.

  8. Quick hide this Feinstein’s here.

  9. Caption: “Wait till Michelle sees the new toy I got for the bedroom.”

  10. This applies to the subject…so I’m throwing in in the mix.


  11. Joe Stalin says:

    Speaking of guns-with-a-difference, has anyone ordered these babies for friends and family fun? Just wondering (NO CONNECTION TO PRODUCT).



    “We’re confident that a direct hit will kill a fly at 2 feet from the muzzle if it has landed on a firm surface. People often shoot just above or below the fly without realizing it. We recommend affixing a piece of foil to a cylindrical, or otherwise hollow centered stationary object (i.e. roll of duct tape), and drawing a dot for target practice. The foil will show the spray pattern and help you gauge your ideal distance for a fixed target. Try it out and see how well you’re hitting your target!”