Uh-oh and oopsie! Excuses, excuses, excuses are provided by none other than the major dolt at the msDNC Funny Farm this morning! Wait until you hear this one…too funny! But what the heck, we all need some humor now and then and Tingles provides it!

Evidently some of Al Gore’s global warming followed Dear Leader today and hit him and his trusty teleprompter smack-dab in the face of both entities, which seemed to be the major problem with why Dear Leader had a terrible time delivering his speech filled with nothing but his usual leftist malarkey!

According to Matthews it’s all the sun’s fault…and here I always thought dems like Chris Matthews demanded that the sun shine in on political figures….guess that didn’t work out so good today, not when the political figure happens to be Barack Hussein Obama.

Following the close of President Barack Obama’s address to a crowd in Berlin, MSNBC host Chris Matthews expressed his frustration with the setting sun. Matthews said that the bright sunlight blocked Obama’s view of the teleprompter and forced him to read off notes, which “ruined” the president’s “dramatic windup.”

“I think a lot of the problem he had today was the late afternoon sun in Berlin,” Matthews said. “I think ruined his use of the teleprompters and his usual dramatic windup was ruined.”

Beyond the stylistic critique, however, Matthews praised Obama’s speech and said that he thought the theme would be the notion of balancing concerns about security with those of freedom and civil liberties.

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

Poor lil’ Chrissy…he doesn’t realize his messiah is nothing but an empty-suit that can’t deliver any speech unless he has his trusty teleprompter providing the words for him. – There is no hope when it comes to Matthews ever seeing the light…he will never change! But he does provide amusement now and then…this is one of them!

Now, on a serious note, you might want to check this out: ‘Obama Feeling the Heat!’

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Excuses are like A-holes. Everyone has one and they all stink. Mathews is reporting something he “thinks” that had absolutely no corroborating evidence. Don’t you think the WH Press would be the first to complain about the sun? You’re right. It was an excuse, made up on the spot because he was embarrassed that Dictator Obummer didn’t deliver. This isn’t the first time he’s had to go off teleprompter, if that indeed really did happen. And every time he free speaks, he blubbers, stalls, and sounds like the idiot he really is.

    • You something Chris…that’s a helluva good point about the WH Press being the first to complain about this and cover for Dear Leader, then again…give some of them time, they may follow Matthews talking points later.

      Who knows, or cares…we all know Dear Leader is nothing but a wayward fool without his teleprompter, it’s been proven time and again…today was just one more example.

      Oh what the heck, he’s a wayward fool anyway…period! – In the meantime, he’s destroying what’s left of this country in every way he and his ilk can.

  2. Nostradumbass says:

    It has been confirmed that the sun will face an immediate audit by the IRS….Of particular concern is where did the energy come from to shine on the teleprompter. It is suspected that the Koch brothers are involved.

    • Hilarious…and I wouldn’t doubt if that wasn’t brought up by someone that resides at the msDNC Funny Farm. – Spin, spin, spin…that’s all they know how to do.

    • You forgot to mention that the NSA has been spying on the Sun for a long time now. Its believed that the Sun is working in cooperation with the Tea Party.

      • Michael T says:

        It’s also curious the sun is roughly the same color as the background on the Gadsden Flag, an item frequently seen at Tea Party rallies. Very curious indeed.

  3. Now I get it he was talking about his shirt when he said transparency.

  4. I bet he wishes he would have spent more time on saving the planet from global warming instead of gun control now.

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    We all know what sunlight dose to vampires it turns them to dust

  6. Just a product of the negroid race that has been promoted way, way above his level of competence.
    Obastard is the product of the socialists,communists,muslims and homosexuals all rolled into one person.
    He is exactly like a trained animal in any circus.
    And this is all he could ever be.
    He should be gone soon by resignation, as all these falsehoods he has are floating to the surface like an oil slick.
    Powerful times and news are coming.

  7. Evil cannot stand in the light, it has a purifying affect on everything it touches, evil needs the dark to do it’s dirty deeds.

    • Right you are…and that must include Dear Leader’s bestest buddy, the good ol’ teleprompter too!

  8. Okinawa Marine says:

    Damn……that sun gave him a good tan.

  9. JFK: “Ich bin ein Berliner.”
    BHO: “Ich bin ein Scheissekaufen.”

  10. The hits just keep on coming from Tingles…this guy is certifiably nutz!


  11. Seems like nothing irks Tingles more than the truth. Something not in his dictionary.

    • Exactly!

      He can’t handle the truth…period. I’m at the point that if he ever did, it would strike him dead from shock!

  12. Nostradumbass says:

    Looks like Obama forgot to take off the bra after last nights “dress up” time with Reggie.

  13. what bullsh!t……Tingles Mathews would say and do anything to lick the boots of Obongo and then kiss his ring………..

    Obongo is not a good public speaker…..he has never been a good public speaker….all he can do is read from a teleprompter a speech that someone else like his handlers had written for him………..leave it to Obongo to screw the speech up like the dumb-ass he is……..

    er, uh, um, eh, makes up most of the dialogue in an Obongo speech….and is all he can say if the prompter craps out on him…….this piece-of-sh!t couldn’t give a coherent speech off the top of his head if his life depended on it…..he can barely make it through his regular teleprompter speeches………

    I think Obongo is the worst public speaker in the history of public speaking…..he freak’n sucks…….and Tingles Mathews has the god-damn gall to try an hold up Obongo as though he is something special…….he’s special alright……I’m sure he took the special bus to school too…you know the short bus…..the very one Tingles took to school………….


    • LMAO at the picture…that speaks volumes, especially applied to all you said, just as you intended.

      Btw…I don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to scream when I hear others state what a great speech-maker Dear Leader is…more-so when it comes to any on the ‘R’ side of the aisle!

      One other thing…Tingles should be in a padded cell at his local nuthatch, he’s a joke anymore. He’s also too stupid to realize what a fool he’s become to anyone with a brain that works, I just get entertainment from that clown these days…he doesn’t even anger me when I see clips like this blog post had.

    • Bluto, that post is priceless…you had me laughing my ass off.