This report will be short but sweet, depending on how you look at it thru your viewfinder in life. Here in Montana we’ve had those pesky little Wisconsinite critters scouting around for anything they can find that offends them, and sure enough they found something to file a lawsuit against…we’ve been fighting them tooth and nail since then. – Well, we won today!

Here’s the story, this is via DC:

HELENA (AP) — A Montana judge says a 6-foot-tall statue of Jesus that was placed on federal land on Big Mountain near Whitefish nearly 60 years ago can remain.

U.S. District Judge Dana Christensen ruled the Flathead National Forest can re-issue a 10-year permit for the statue installed on the ski hill by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic men’s organization.

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation sued in February 2012, arguing the statue’s placement on leased public land violated the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits Congress from making any law regarding an establishment of religion.

Christensen ruled Monday that the statue does not convey to a reasonable informed observer that the government, rather than a private party, endorses Christianity over any other faith or the absence of faith.

This victory made my day…now, if we could only get this Freedom From Religion group of twits to leave us alone, that would cinch it! – These people need to get a life and get the hell out of everyone elses!

Anyone think this is group done yet…or do you think they’ll take it to a higher court?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Dave in Texas says:

    This is great. I read about it earlier. Good on you.

    • It’s been a sad day when this nation has to fight to retain all meaningful to us that has to do with what this nation was founded on. I’m so tired of the evil that surrounds us daily one way or another. Today has been a great day…tomorrow may be another story. ~

  2. Glad to hear that you guys won your case. But Lord God… These people go OUT-OF-STATE to ssue to have any reference to Christianity removed? What next, they sue the Brazilian government over Christ the Redeemer? The statue of Christ that overlooks Rio de Janeiro?

    I bet they never make a peep re: public displays of Muslim religious symbols. Because that would be DANGEROUS! That’s why they stick to harassing Christians. Because the worst thing they might have to face is a trial.


    • Right you are…and this group goes all over to various states and files lawsuit after lawsuit over things like this, they’ve been doing it for years. Many of the states, locations give up, back-down because they don’t have the gumption to fight, or they don’t have the money to do so etc etc. – I despise these evil, soulless creatures.

      • As a result of a dismissal or other out-of-court-settlement, the dipsticks file for attorney fees and court costs. And they get them.

        That’s how they make a living. They attack and are paid to go away. Just like Jackson Sharpton and all the leftist haters/professionally offended.

      • peedoffamerican says:

        That’s alright tho. As a Christian I have one thing to say; I’ve read the back of the Book and guess what? WE WIN!

  3. Anyone want to take bets on how long it will be before some godless heathen destroys it? And whether the blame will be placed on the right by the media?

    • The right won’t get blamed for it here in Montana, but we will hunt down whoever did. They would be taking a mighty big risk in our neck of the woods in this area. – You don’t mess with us either. We’re not Ted Turner wussies.

      • Big, same here in my section of Arizona, even the illegals are believers. But I cant speak for the cities, as I only enter them under duress.

        However, never underestimate the sneaky underhanded crap that the left is willing to try. Remember, to the left, the end justifies the means.

  4. bigtimer
    This goes here for sure,
    This is my home county, and the McIntiers moved here from Fla and set about educating us RedNeck backwards hillbillys about the modern ways , these people attend all the local fairs and community get togethers and cook B-B-Que to sell but after this stunt they eat most of it themself’s because no one will stop at their booth, on the local web site I have fought back and forth with these people as have other’s in the community, we no longer have the local site because of these two people attacking everyone that did not agree with them. They may have accomplished what they started out to do but no one has anything to do with them.

    • I’m beginning to think that is the best way to shut these idiots down is to shun them. It seems to work for the Amish. If people would just refuse to listen, pay attention, and even refuse to look at them, they tend to get frustrated, their heads implode, they label everyone as God and gun loving rednecks, and them move on to easier pickings.

      Then again, tar and feathering works really well too.

      Damn, I think I have to hang it up for the night, my computer is suddenly acting up, probably a tunneling snoop program run by the NSA.

    • Dave in Texas says:

      It’s happening here too ga steve.

    • ga steve…

      Looking forward to checking that out as soon as I get done with another matter. ~

      Be back in a bit.

    • ga steve…

      Right you are about your link fitting read in with this thread/story…this is one evil group of people. Your report gave me much hope tonight, I love the way they found a way to circumvent these evil bastids with the kids leading the prayers instead…brilliant!

      And this seems to be happening not to just the places mentioned in your story …but spreading across this land like wildfire now.

      Oh yes…we will fight their fire with our fire…and we will extinguish theirs!


    Im getting so tired of these stupid athiests trying to force themselves upon us becuase contrary to what many liberals claim there IS NO SEPARATION of CHURCH and STATE ANYHWERE IN THE U.S. CONSTITUTION, What we realy need is freedom from these annoying athiests wanks

    • I am an atheist.But I don’t care if people put up statues of Christ or Nativity scenes. It makes them happy- it really doesn’t effect my daily existence in any way.I know a few atheists-most of us are too busy trying to earn a living and take care of day to day concerns. You want to pray before football games,graduations,etc-go ahead.I don’t have to participate.And I will not belittle you or make fun of you for your beliefs.


    These rulings realy frustrate satan and his liberal followers

  7. Here’s a little more to this story and her history and tribute to our WWll two vets etc.

    • bigtimer
      There is a story I read yesterday about the DOJ cutting the funding from a civil rights group in Louisiana because they use the word God and have prayer, it was on Drudge,

  8. Only have a few minutes, will be back later to post about this subject one way or the other…but since this thread is about religion, I’m going to comment on what SCOTUS did today.

    Defense of Marriage Act went down the drain. – Pathetic.


    Herbie. The good suggestion is have absolutly nothing to do with the ACLU,FREEDOM FROM RELEGION and these other liberal athiests groups becuase dispite your athiesim you repect relegion

  10. Ya know….things like this just piss me off. I’m not a very religious guy but I do respect peoples right to worship how they feel…that is as long as they don’t want to kill me if I don’t agree with their religion like the muzzies. It never bothered me saying the pledge of allegiance when I was a young kid in school. It never bothered me that in god we trust is on our money. It never bothered me that there are religious references in our nations history. So what???
    I also realize that Christianity is part of America’s heritage…its history…and those who wish to remove it are disrespecting not only religion itself, but one of the founding principles of America. If you religion haters don’t like America and its Christianity, move the hell out of here and go someplace else! Why must we cater and kowtow to every religion except Christianity in America anymore? If these whiners want to bitch about offensive things they need to focus on these bastard muslims as being the offensive nasty sons of bitches that they are not Christians.