Ready for the next unnecessary American war? Praise the Lord and pass Al Qaeda the ammunition! Now that Hussein is mired in scandal, he needs a big distraction to consume our attention! Syria is just that! American taxpayer? Meet Syrian Al Qaeda rebel terrorists! Hand over your money!

Of course, Juan McPain D-AZ and his lapdog Lindsey ‘Fredo’ Graham are all over this! They love to send American treasure to foreign hellholes that are of absolutely no interest to America. But their defense contractor buddies love it! Any why not? They can sell more expensive war gadgetry! Never mind that the high-tech weapons are going to terrorists who will eventually use them to kill us and our allies.

Remember how McCain and Graham loved the Arab Spring that turned into the Muslim Brotherhood Nightmare? Well, here’s how the leaders of Egypt think of America (go to 4:50):

I bet Hadji loves America sending over all those taxpayer funded F-16s and tanks! Easier to kill infidel Americans and Joos one day! Alihu McCainbar!

Here’s the work of McCain’s buddies in Syria:

I can’t figure out if the petrified relics in the Senate are totally corrupt or totally stupid? After what we have seen what happened in Egypt and Libya, why on Earth would we give one cent to anyone in Syria? McCain wants to get America into Syria faster than Michael Moore wants to get into that bag of Oreos.

AWD has written several articles about Syria:






A paragraph in AWDs piece on not caring how Syrians kill each other sums up my feelings on the whole thing nicely:

AWD must confess, I’ve never really understood what’s the BFD about chemical weapons. The savages in the Syrian government are using chemical weapons against the savage rebels in Syria before the savage rebels can use chemical weapons against the savages in the Syrian government. Both groups are savage jihadist Muslims who want to kill me. So why should I care if one group of Muslim savages in Syria kills another group of Muslim savages in Syria? And why should I care if they kill each other with chemical weapons, explosives, bullets, or forcing each other to watch The View? To me, Syrian Muslims killing Syrian Muslims sounds like the perfect situation! We should try to attempt this in all Muslim countries! Pass the popcorn!

John McCain is not a Republican. I don’t really know if he ever was. But by his pushing to waste more money Americans don’t have to support Muslim terrorists we don’t like now moves into the territory of American traitor. Especially when one factors in his Gang of 8 sh*t.

Is AWD wrong? Am I missing something here? I’d like to open it up for discussion. I think McCain, Graham, Obama and the rest or their corrupt cronies are domestic enemies. Their actions do not benefit America.

Has there ever been a war John McCain didn’t like? These endless wars that waste tremendous amounts of American blood and treasure are destroying us. Why can’t McCain and his ilk see it?

Please share your thoughts.

Music That Doesn’t Suck tonight is some singer/songwriter stuff AWD is trying to figure out on the six string. These songs mean a lot to me so if you don’t like them you probably suck as bad as John McCain. Just go back to your regular ol’ sucky music you listen to in your gay little mini-van! See if I care. But for y’all with some musical taste, dive in and enjoy!

First is Steve Earle singing Fort Worth Blues:

Next up is Lyle Lovett singing a Guy Clark gem called Step Inside This House:

And one of my all-time favorites from John Prine. It’s a sad one so get your tissues ready you half-a-sissies! AWD can play this bad boy on the guitar. Y’all might hear it at Dude-a Palooza! It’s called “Hello In There.”

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  1. cranky.white.woman says:

    Straight from the Carmel’s mouth. How much more evidence do our so-called “leaders” need to make them see how frigging stupid it is to be arming and funding these savages? It’s willful blindness taken to an extremely dangerous level.

  2. Since this is an open post, let me inform those of you who have not heard this bit of news… Caterpillar today stopped all donations to the Boy Scouts because of their moral compass. You see folks… we must now accept that two men swapping spit and ramming their penises up each others ass is now deemed normal behavior.

    I’m sure Caterpillar would like to hear from you as they did me… Btw… the word – contact – kind of blends in on their site… just look hard and you’ll find it.

    • What moral compass? BSA just caved on LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH scouts, and they’ll soon cave on scoutmasters.

      • You’re right countenance… they did recently cave by allowing gays to enter the scouts, but Caterpillar still doesn’t like the fact that they present a moral code of conduct.

        Guess I should have stated it a little different.

      • Your right, they will call it Fagmasters. Can’t wait to see their badges for butt buddies. They are lost.

    • I have had the pleasure of visiting the Caterpillar plant in Peoria Illinois. Good for them! This is a great company and the people who work there are very proud of their product. The area Cat is in is all farm country and the people who work there come from good old school stock. Theres the difference between real Americans and piece of shit libtards that turned Shitcago into the turd it currently is.

  3. Todd Akin was vocally opposed to marching into Syria.

    Don’t blame me, I voted for and worked for the guy who made sense on this issue.

    • And McCaskill wouldn’t be in office if Akin would have stepped aside after he put his foot in his mouth.

      • ..and if we had some real conservatives that stood by his side, instead of letting the msm lead the way of demonizing this man for words he said that were taken out of context in the whole narrative, instead of going against him…with Rove and ilk leading the way, we might have won that seat as well!

        I’m still furious about what happened with that situation, leaving it at that.

      • And again, once I finally tell all, you’ll quit singing that tune.

        • countenance,

          As I stated once before, I certainly voted for Mr. Akin as I wanted McCaskill out of office… and as BT posted and I agree, the GOP did not come to his defense. Claire McCaskill should have been defeated with ease, especially considering all the tax scandals she and her husband were going through. With that said, can anyone really say they were inspired by anything Todd Akin had to say???… plus, whether we like it or not, a politician needs a little personality which Akin seems to be completely void of.

          I know you said you were going to tell all a month or so back… I’ll see what you have to say.

        • SchoenhardJA says:

          And when will that be? In 2025?

    • He sure has more honesty than Rubio the Rino.


    I once saw one where McCain was on the USS FORISTALL when they had that fire incedent and later he was a POW at the infamous HANOI HILTON I guess the Vietcong brainwashed him there why else dose he rub elbows with radicals and terrorists just like OBAMA dose

  5. I think McRino has some serious Dementia issues. That stint in HH did something to him. Whatever, I don’t think he is a fit person for the Senate in todays world.

    • bluffcreek1967 says:

      I hear you Michael, but McCain’s POW imprisonment has nothing to do with his treachery today. He’s just filled with himself (always has been) and loves the applause of the MSM rather than doing what’s best for the American people. It’s really not all that complicated.

      “Traitors, Every One of Them,” http://www.ambrosekane.com

    • Yesterday after reading about McShame’s latest idiocy, I had this thought: If Juan were captured and imprisoned by the Viet Cong today, he’d likely work WITH them. You may well be right about dementia. Something is very, very wrong…..

  6. This is an excellent blog article and AWD deserves credit for bringing up this side of McCain and the Republicans. This is playing the “Great Power Game”. The chess board is the world and the pieces are lots of rural, white boys over-represented in the combat arms of the US military.

    Clearly, as already stated so well by AWD, there’s no strategic interest in the Syrian civil war for the US. Just as clearly, there’s no “good guys” here. Both sides are bad and that’s the way these things usually are in lots of places on this earth. The “rebels” could turn out to be worse that “the devil we know”. Like in Libya, Egypt, now Syria and perhaps NATO-member Turkey, we’re seeing the rise of Islamic states in North Africa and the Middle East.

    • SchoenhardJA says:

      “Clearly, as already stated so well by AWD, there’s no strategic interest in the Syrian civil war for the US.”

      Yes there is. The United States is obsessed with bringing down Assad, because he is Iran’s biggest ally. And they see taking down Assad as a forerunner to taking down Iran. So they are prepared to do almost anything for the rebels if they think it’ll cause the end of Assad. The admin have been pouring money and black ops into Syria just as they have with Iran. Bush got $473 million from Congress for black ops inside Iran. What started as “protest” in Syria turned quickly into armed rebellion. Guess who was supplying the arms and money??? The U.S. with – their great buddies Saudi and Qatar.
      Now it’ll be a no fly zone. In other words, a repeat of Libya. And you know how that turned out.

      • Umm…perhaps you didn’t understand. I wrote that there is no strategic interest for the US in the Syrian civil war. I would have to agree with you that there is an obsession with Iran and other enemies of Israel in the AIPAC-controlled DC crowd, but obsessions are not the same as realistic and rational state interests.

        • SchoenhardJA says:

          “no strategic interest”?

          Sure. Only the black stuff. You know, black and sticky, known as black gold. The U.S. wants to control the ME, either directly, or indirectly through puppets. And it can’t do that while Iran is still standing.

  7. SchoenhardJA says:

    Syria has treaties with both Russia and Iran. Obama is putting a lot on the line here. Not wise, not at all.

    • Celebrate Homogeneity says:

      Just more natural-borne, healthy American kids or – putting it bluntly, high-quality, intelligent breeding stock, sent to slaughter so there is more room for illegals and welfare queens to live and breed.

      Oh, and, let’s not forget ever more Muslim refugees being imported.

  8. McCaine should volunteer his service to the rebels forces, I’m sure he would love to fly combat mission’s for them, after all he was such a success over N Vietnam.

  9. 7.62X51. .556 says:

    I say lets drop as much munitions and narcotics as we can get on both sides let them kill each other off. As for RINO McCain he should bow out with vp biden before the dementia catches up .

    • Howdy,

      When you asked what happened to your first post, which is the one I’m replying to…for some reason many regular posters here are being caught in the spam filter lately, I have no idea why. – I’m not here all the time, but I get all on as soon as I can.

      Hope that answers your question, now…I got to have me some coffee. 😉

    • SchoenhardJA says:

      Kill each other off? Sure. That was the plan in arming the Afghans against the Russians. And look how that turned out.

      • Michael T says:

        The Afghans were being oppressed by the then Evil Empire. The result was the same, they used the weapons against us eventually.

        • SchoenhardJA says:

          Yup. And that was before Libya. The U.S. needs to learn a lesson or two. Learn from history as they say.

  10. POS like Hanoi Jane

  11. We have McCain pushing for was with anyone, Iran, Syria, anyone. Then we have Rubio pushing to allow any piece of trashing into the US and happy to give them any social service they desire, when US citizens only are allowed the privilege of paying for the crap. Then there is Brewer actively working to expand Medicaid. Then we had a presidential candidate (Romney) that was the same as the piece of crap in office currently (the Republicans could have easily won the election with a decent conservative). Then we have both parties happy with the NSA spying, that observes everyone except the Muslims. We have the IRS scandal, that no one really is pursuing, just making a bunch of wind. Anything else that Obama does, that is against the law, is just talked about without action. And finally, the one thing that the politicians are upset about is that they understand that they may have to be subject to Obamacare themselves.

    Does anyone else think that our country is sick? We need another one, not a fix.

  12. I cant wait till we get a couple million of these peace-loving Syrians to call our own!!


  13. Great songs writers – great tunes!
    I bought a mini van for work a few years ago, and it’s not gay!!
    I was just telling the wife the other day that it is extremely comfortable
    and I love the thing. She said, “that’s nice – I’m not ever going to drive it!”.
    I think people like you and my wife are “vanists”! Close minded Vanists!

    As to your post, you nailed it. I can’t believe they are that stupid, so it has to be evil.
    Power and greed. That’s why they are in the positions they are in. They don’t give a shit
    about you, me, or the country. Just power and money.

    • Timbo, never figured you for a minivan kind of guy. But whatever, I’m OK, you’re OK. Enjoy your Kenny G! lol

      AWD is a proud van’ist! I’m a F150 man!


      • I’ve been driving pickups for my whole life, and still do.
        I just needed the van for a work project.
        I’ll tell ya, once you’ve spent some time with one, the comfort
        level becomes tough to beat! I think maybe it’s age related.
        Instead of hopping up into it, I just sit down in the seat!
        As I approach the van with arms full of shit, I hit the button on my key
        and the sliding door is open to dump all my crap in – pretty handy.
        Arms rests and a killer sound system!
        Seats 8 extremely comfortably! 8! And that’s with all my luggage and equipment stowed in the back.
        That’s me and 7 high paying, extremely connected account execs all spending
        some quality time together – because I have room!
        It’s probably the best vehicle purchase I’ve ever made.

        • Timbo, I was just messing with you.


          • How’s your hunting going AWD…any luck?

          • I know, I know.
            This is my first minivan type thing and
            I just wanted to spread the word on how awesome they are!

            Ten years ago I wouldn’t have considered even looking at one,
            but I guess I’m becoming – practical! (Gasp)

  14. Somebody find that old crank’s off button. He will mercifully emit a whirring sound and simply power down.

    We’d all be better for it.

  15. 55 grain solution says:

    Why does anyone care if these savages are killing each other let alone using chemical weapons. Instead of arming them with weapons I say send a bunch of drones over to video tape them fighting. I could watch savages kill each other for hours while enjoying some Busch lights!!! As far as McCain goes we should give him back to the viet cong.

  16. McAmnmesty is a pos and has “Stockholm syndrome” from his days at the Hanoi Hotel!…IMO, he’s in the same class as “Hanoi Jane”,…both traitors!

  17. McLame has worn out his POW/hero card… his status needs to be revoked since I cant tell the difference between him and Jane Fonda… well, he may own a few more mansions than she does

  18. Michael T says:

    ‘Endless wars’? Sounds like Ron Paul. We cannot be the policeman for the world. It’s oil, plain and simple. We can’t drill our own reserves so we have to spill American blood to keep our country running. What a pagan country we have become. We sacrifice babies on the altar of choice, we sacrifice our soldiers on the altar of so called freedom, only it’s really the altar of oil, what will become of America?

    The war on terror will never end. You can’t fight a war on a tactic. There is no definable goal or objective. Bush knew this.

  19. McShitstain is a traitor! How can a man who served his country turn against it by supporting an invasion of third world trash? He may as well be Jane Fonda…same piece of shit libtard mentality.

  20. I got where I despise the rinoes as much as I despise Obama and that weasel faced Holder.All their going to do is talk these scandals to death and not do anything to punish anybody.As far as arming any koranimals how much of a F**king idiot are these politicians? We made that same mistake in Afghanistan look what that got us. John McCain made me sick with him taking pictures with muslim trash terrorist. I don’t care which side wins in any of those muslim shit holes they are all the same they are nothing but cockroaches and they are now trying to infest this country like they are in Europe.Let us keep them in the middle east and let them kill each other the planet will be better off without them.

  21. I cant stand Rinos