AWD is sorry to say that today I’m doing a physical activity that comes close to work. Actualy, I’m pretty sure it is work! I had to call 9/11 because I found this strange liquid pouring from my forehead after putting in a few minutes of labor. I told the paramedics I’m not a doctor but was convinced I was bleeding to death. They kept trying to reassure me it was some strange substance called sweat. AWD wants a second opinion. Hopefully where they have air conditioning and something cold to drink! Anyway, this white privilege I’m enjoying today pretty much sucks!

So instead of trying to create a chart-topping post with the filly nagging me to get back to work, I looked at some past crap I’ve written. I’ll be back later with some original content…if I’m not dead!

What is it with liberal womerns always talking about their vaginas? They sure seem to be focused on their tingly parts all the time. Probably because no one else is! A week doesn’t seem to go by without some libtarded, horrendous-looking filly telling “old white men to stay away from my vagina.” Honey, speaking for all men young and old, we have zero interest in your coochie! Just keep your vagina, and the rest of you, the hell away from us!

You don’t hear dudes going around telling women to “keep away from my wang!” In fact, it’s usually quite the opposite with men trying desperately to get a little filly closer to his unit. How would AWD be portrayed by the press if I yelled, “Hey, all you libtarded mo-rons, stay away from my huge man-thing!” They might think I was a liberal…except that part about having a huge man-thing would give me away as a conservative.

Angry White Dude is constantly sickened by the damage done to American society and culture by hard-core leftists like Codepink. These morons are just plain offensive, ignorant and disgusting. Codepink is at the forefront of these sickening leftists. Most Codepinkers appear to be hippie freakazoids, lebanese, communist, and/or any combination of these. They are also hideously ugly…in mind, spirit and appearance….keeping with liberal standards.

Codepink is now planning to travel with their vaginas to the Republican National Convention in Tampa. I’m sure there will be plenty of vaginas on hand in Tampa…probably attached to hookers. Not sure Codepink’s will be required. However, on their website, Codepink says:

Join CODEPINK and V-Day to bring your vagina to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL August 27-30!

Together, we will bring our resilient, creative, powerful vaginas to Republican fundraisers and to the convention hall. We’ll also take part in the Coalition March on the RNC and other peace and justice actions.

Bring their vaginas? What about their asses? Ta-ta’s? They’re leaving a lot of good things at home…if they weren’t a bunch of wildebeests! And what are resilient, creative, powerful vaginas anyway? Do the vaginas of Codepink bounce back after a tough day? Or being rejected by the latest man who wants anything to do with a resilient vagina? And what the hell is a creative vagina? My experience is they all pretty much just sit there not doing much. Not that it’s ever been a problem over here. That’s been OK with me up until now. Now I gots to know what vaginal creativity can do to make the world a better place! I thought they already made the world a better place….for at least two minutes at a time! As for powerful vaginas….what? Can Codepink lebanese crush walnuts with their vaginas? If they could, they would certainly have some powerful female units! I’d pay a dollar to see that!

One of the Codepink head commie lesbos said:

“My vagina’s furious and it needs to talk.” Our vaginas need to talk, too. They need to talk about the way women’s rights are threatened worldwide–from anti-choice legislation to inappropriate rape jokes to economic inequality to war and occupation overseas that disproportionately affect women’s lives.

Dayum! If we dudes don’t have enough to contend with from regular, furious women and their gigantic pieholes yelling at us all the time…now we have to listen to furious vaginas too! Now, AWD has “been to Memphis” and I’ve seen a lot of sh*t but I ain’t never seen a furious, talking vagina! Not that I’d listen to it anyway! Sounds like something you might see on a drunk weekend in Tijuana.

I’ll tell you one damn thing. Any furious vagina that crosses my path better back the hell down or it may find a bigger, furiouser man-thing (the Captain) ready to instruct that vagina on how the penal system works around these parts! Afterwards, that previously-furious vagina better make me a pie with a smile or it’s Captain-time again! I’ll be damned if I take any lip off of some pissed-off vagina! Wait, that didn’t sound right!

I just think it’s the best that the nasty-ass bufforillas at Codepink keep their tingly, resilient, powerful, furious vaginas the hell away from me. I didn’t ask to have anything to do with a Code Pink vagina and, frankly I’ll be damned if I’m going to engage in a conversation with one!


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  1. For the love of God, not that pic again!
    I have no words that would do justice to my feelings of disgust!

    That’ll teach me for hanging around on my computer on a beautiful Saturday!

    • Timbo, we might be able to get her to make a special appearance at Dude-a-Palooza just for you!


  2. bigtimer says:

    Hey Prez Duderino…you are just joking about the paramedics and all, right?

  3. Snake Oiler says:

    Wow – it’s Chris Christie!

  4. I would rather sandblast my eyeballs than look at the pics in this article, and I may actually puke.


    Stupid pansie liberals think holding up two fingers to forma V means PEACE becuase their stoned stupid on drugs

  6. Hahahaha that was frickin hilarious. I bet even the NSA operative appreciates you re-posting that

  7. master of sinanju says:

    MY EYES!!!!!

  8. Jack daniels says:

    Well, I guess when you have no prospects, no ambition, no looks to grab the attention of a real man, leaving you with no man either in your life, you just naturally gravitate towards that angry feminist way to justify your miserable existence.

    Spreading your misery around….until you die.

  9. Thanks a lot AWD now I have to learn Braille!

  10. That photo,,,she wouldn’t get any satisfaction, even if she sat on a fire plug.

  11. bargis tryhol says:

    AWD….I swear I heard that big fat woman’s vagina growl when I mentioned your name. I threw it a pork chop and some mashed ‘tators and it settled down. Hungry lot those libs in pink.

    • Now there’s an image that I did not need in my head. Thank you soooo much for the nightmare material.

      AWD is that a picture of your first mother in law?


    • Bargis, thanks! You’re a real friend!


  12. Dude, you slay me, posted…………:-D

  13. MichaelT says:

    The horror, the horror.

  14. Snake Oiler says:

    LOL looks just like what I thought someone from Philly would look like.

    Hey man, are you sure Jimi Hendrix is dead? That looks a lot like him!

    Did this guy come from the neighborhood where Obama won 140% of the vote?

    His next job will be supervisor at an ObamaCare pharmacy.

    Yes, and he himself voted 140 times.

  15. OMG! I just threw up a little. Why , dude?…WHHHHHYYYYY????!!!!!

  16. Mr. Rational says:

    T-wat are they going on about?  I c-unt understand what the issue is.  I give up; fourth down, time to poon-t!


    Remember when the wanks were telling us that PINK was a calming color? were these the same bunch who were going around with those funny pyramid shaped hats to boost their brain power? Just proved what suckers they are P.T BARNUM was right about liberals they are SUCKERS

  18. bargis tryhol says:

    Guys and gals….Ever get the feeling you went to sleep and woke up on another planet run by people with a zipper implanted on their brows? What the hell is happening to this country?

  19. bargis tryhol says:

    Since we’re on the topic of the mysterious nether regions of the damned, here’s an interesting sidebar about a Guiness Book Record gone awry…

  20. OldSkool says:

    God gave women vaginas so men will talk to them, but judging by their other pics, they’d better stay far away… DOWNWIND as well

  21. Blistered says:

    Can’t type, crying and laughing.

    Good one Dude!

    Blistered, out!

  22. bargis tryhol says:

    Make a great movie title…

    ‘Pink Vagina Zombies Invade Texas’

    The special effects could be great!
    Imagine AWD holed up in his ranch house plugging away with his AR against hordes of salivating stumbling vaginas. Blindly following and surrounding the ranch house. Yes, they are stalking him with moans of unbridled lust.
    He’s down to his last three rounds and reaches for his trusty Glock. Finally,after hours of dispatching vaginas the size of Rhode Island the Dude is completly out of ammo and all that’s left is an old dusty gift left from a late night visit by Rosie O’Donnell.
    As the vagina zombies swarm in, AWD starts up Rosie’s 7 foot motorized 900cc plutonium-powered dildo with a mighty kick start and roars from the scene…Hours later, he only has to answer Mrs. AWD about where his new ride came from and why he’s 15 hours late….”Honest honey, you see, there were this great big swarm of vagina zombies chasing me. No! Honest! Really happened! No, I wasn’t drinking any Pedro’s Outhouse with the guys!”

    OK….here’s another for somebody else

    ‘Cross-eyed Astronut Angry White Dude Mistakes Vagina For Galaxy Wormhole’

  23. STOP! STOP! STOP!…..I haven’t laughed this hard in many-a-moon! Take a break wihlst the Janester wipes the evening beverage from this big-ol’ 30 inch Dell monitor.

    ….a Galaxy Wormhole!!!!!

    There isn’t a cover charge anywhere that’ll get you that kinda comedy!!!!!! I can’t take the imagery!

  24. Lt. Sandman says:

    She’d look good if she lost 1,400 pounds. You have to think positive, dude.

  25. Lt. Sandman says:

    She’d look good if she lost 1,400 pounds. You have to be positive, dude.