Now that global warming has pretty much gone the way of Keith Olbermann’s career, Hollyweird libtarded actors have found their next quest that will never happen. No, they’re not calling for Sean Penn or Barbra Streisand to finish high school…they want Obama to do something he’s never done before. Keep his word.

Remember all that jazz about blah blah ridding the world of nukes and whatnot that was on Hussein’s teleprompter one day a few years ago? Well, the Hollyweirdos do!

Yes, the world must be ridden of nuclear weapons! Matt Damon says so! As long as America disarms first!

You really don’t see Chinese or Iranians calling for their governments to relinquish their nuclear arms. Chinese and Iranian citizens aren’t stupid like the anti-American idiots in Hollywood. Plus, they know better. Actually, I’m sure the Chinese and Iranians would join the Hollyweirdos in calling for Obama to get rid of America’s nukes. Actually, Obama would love to get rid of America’s nukes, too!

Hey, I have a better idea! Why not just get America to get rid of all our weapons? That way the other countries in the world would see that we’re no longer a colonial, racist, violent country of evil white people but a multi-cultural cornucopia of blessed diversity. They would love us! Maybe we could get a ‘RESET’ button for each country in the world like we did Russia! Maybe this time it would actually say “RESET.”

Liberals depend on stupid. I’m sure the last paragraph has already been bandied about in some socialist Washington think tank. The Hollywood tards in this video are too stupid to realize they are willing to disarm America in front of the most brutal thugs in the world. The global thugs who don’t worry about small little things like homosexual or womens rights. Hell, they don’t worry about human rights even though they sit on the UN Human Rights Council. They destroy anything in their way to achieve their goals. They’re kind of like the Obama administration, only foreign.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s me. But I feel like a big, rowsing Kum Ba Yah right now!

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  1. They “Demand”

    History is full of people who Demand things, and those demands are generally the cause of war and human strife.

    My question to them would be are they convinced enough of their cause to rid he world of nukes that they would go to war to achieve their Demands.

    Or should I view their demands like that of a child throwing tantrums on the floor, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.

    They demand zero, and that is just what they will get… Nothing.

  2. You know, we listen to these people and wonder how anyone can be so abjectly stupid. But, these people sincerely believe this stuff! AWD presciently wrote:

    “Why not just get America to get rid of all our weapons? That way the other countries in the world would see that we’re no longer a colonial, racist, violent country of evil white people but a multi-cultural cornucopia of blessed diversity.”

    AWD hit it on the head – that’s EXACTLY what they deeply believe! They are just like the NKVD goons in the USSR murdering more people than Hitler ever dreamed of killing all in the name of a cause promising equality and brotherhood. Yes, we are opposed by (secular) religious fanatics far more dangerous than muslims.

  3. Nuke Hollyweird.


    I can remember when those wackos running around in their sandals calling for NUCULAR WEAPONS FREE ZONES and they made that Purtid superman movie SUPERMAN IV THE QUEST FOR PEACE followed by the movie AMAZING GRACE & CHUCK also a anti-nucular weapons movie Both bombed Now these spoiled little dip-wads wants Obama the Fink to rid the world of Nukes? I have a better idea why dont we rid the world of LIBERALS,AL QEEDA,UNITED NATATIONS, and ENVIROMENTALISTS

  5. These are the same idiots that used to have “Visualize World Peace” bumper stickers on their cars. Mine said ” Visualize The World without Idjits” but hell I see that never happened. I’m gonna go visualize a new AR 15 now.


    These idiots must think that shaking hands will end all confliicks Their stoned out on Drugs,Booze and Stupid

  7. The only requirement to be an actor is to be able to “pretend”. Here he is “pretending” to know what he’s talking about. What next? Save the whales? What? Oh, that’s been done already? Never mind.

  8. These delusional morons never cease to amaze me. Its almost hard to believe people can survive day to day being so f’ing stupid. Californication at its finest.

  9. Why don’t they just call Superman to do it for them? He can put all the world’s nukes in a big space net just like in Superman IV. That would work right?


  10. Hollyweird… nothing but another propaganda tool used by the Marxist/Communist in our government to indoctrinate the ignorant masses. Straight out of the communist manifesto.. keep us brain dead and distracted with morally corrupting movies and sporting events.

    Remember when the government paid for the change over to digital TV for those who could not afford it? Why is it so important to THEM that WE watch TV? Hmmmmmmmmm


    Two anti-nucular activists standing side by side wearing STUPID and IM WITH STUPID T-Shirts

  12. Cooter Brown says:

    Ban Nukie? Hell I am leaving the country!

  13. I have a better idea..lets ban Hollywood! Get rid of all those overpaid libtard actor pukes who dont have a clue and always talk down on America. Since they hate America so much send their asses back to Africa along with Obongo’s.

  14. I watch old westerns and reruns of The Rifleman. Thats about it.


    Barack Obama,Jane Fonda,Robin Williams,Oliver Stone in STUPIDMAN V THE QUEST FOR BRAINS

  16. Yes, lets get rid of our weapons. That means that only the bad guys have the weapons. Same argument with the gun controversy. What they fail to understand is that it is not guns, or bombs, or chemical weapons, that make war. It is nuts, or people that want more power or money or both. It is people that want their religion to be the only one. It is people like these that want to push their lifestyle or morals on others. We need a policy from our government that says if you piss us off, we will eliminate you. Ultimately, we will have a world without strife. Of course, then you have to remember that we really don’t care for the crappy government that we have and we are likely just as much the enemy as anyone else.

  17. This kinda sorta fits here, mostly about Nuclear Power but a good look at the anti nuke everything crowd.


    These braindead bunch must think that if all weapons are gathered up and destroyed we would all live peace and harmony together They have been living in TINSLE TOWN way too long and have been smoking stupid weed far too long they have lost touch with reality and live in pipe dreams


    Back when these Lberal nuts were doing all sorts of rediculous things for WORLD PEACE like sending little paper boats into the ocean with candles on them sitting on mountians meditating eating peace diets waiting for the birth of white buffalo calfs sit lotus style in a circle around and going OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM OOOOOOOOMMMMMMM OOOOOOOMMMMMM or just plain being total idiots like their used to doing all the time


    Hey Hollyweirdos why dont you all go to China,North Korea and Russia and ask them politly to get rid of their nucular weapons im sure theyll listen to some babbling little dip-wads playing a big game of LETS PRETEND

  21. Fed Up Texan says:

    With a communist in the White House, he wants zero guns in the hands of the people, cause it is easier to kill people who cannot shoot back


    Fed up Texan.Thats the first rule of all tyrants is Disarm the People then round them all up into Concentration camps and gulags after all it certianly worked for Hitler Stalin,Castro and Mao

  23. If no one patronized the hollywierdo idiots then they wouldn’t have their soapbox!


    The movie VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA that lead to the classic 60s sci fi TV series used a nucular sub firing a nucular missle to save the world from freal form of GLOBAL WARMMING cuased by a freak meteor shower igniting the Van Alen Raidation belt around the earth