For a little weekend fun…wait until you read about this new ammo! Folks, you ought to get a kick out of this, if you don’t, something ain’t right with ya!

Peace though pork! – This is via WND:

You’ve probably already heard about the bizarre, Islamist slaughter of an off-duty British soldier in broad daylight on a busy street in London in May. The two assailants struck the victim with a car, then jumped out and began hacking and slashing him with knives and a meat cleaver. The murderers then strutted around the victim’s body for 15 to 20 minutes until armed police arrived, upon which the self-proclaimed jihadists launched an assault on the police and were shot.

Several aspects of this tragic story stand out as being particularly odd. The fact that the attack occurred in the middle of the day on a busy city street and that there were numerous witnesses to the atrocity – including at least one uniformed London police officer – and yet no one made any effort to render aid to the victim until the attack was over. Three women have been heralded as heroes for approaching the victim’s almost beheaded body and making a show of empathy, but no one made any effort to stop the assault in progress. Most strange is the way the attackers waited around after the slaughter, strutting and bragging, but not particularly threatening or attempting to harm any of the onlookers, until armed police units finally arrived, at which point the murderers commenced what could only be characterized as a suicide attack – having brought knives to a gunfight.

A frequent question I’ve seen repeatedly around the Web and in reports is why the attackers just waited around for the armed police. Why didn’t they flee or continues attacking others, as one might expect from a couple of crazed murderers? What were they waiting for?

The answer to that question is very significant. These men were waiting for their tickets to Paradise – and 72 virgins. They engaged in their act of jihad, killing an “infidel aggressor, enemy of Islam,” and then waited around for the armed police to show up so they could die in battle for Allah’s honor, martyrs, and therefore elected for rewards in Paradise. The plan was short-circuited to a degree by the London cops’ failure to actually kill the men. Both were seriously wounded and taken to a nearby hospital where they were treated for their injuries.

Whether martyrs for Allah actually receive a reward of 72 virgins in Paradise is open for debate among Muslims. There are debates about literal interpretations of the Quran, just as there are debates about literal interpretations of the Christian Bible. What is certain is that many Islamist preachers use the promise of this reward in encouraging young men to engage in jihad, kill infidels and murder the “enemies of Islam.” And apparently, at least some young men are convinced.

So how do you deal with religious extremists who believe that dying for their faith is an Express Ticket to Paradise? Killing them seems to just give them what they think they want. Only wounding them, as in this recent case, leaves the messy business of a public trial, and in a “civilized” country like England, where they have abolished the death penalty, it means that these young men will probably live out their lives as wards of the government, living martyrs for their cause and teachers for future generations of young Muslim hooligans who will sit at their feet in taxpayer-funded, prison “Islamic study centers.”

A company in northern Idaho has come up with a culturally sensitive approach. Jihawg Ammo has developed a proprietary system for infusing ballistic paint with pork. The special pork-infused paint is then applied to the bullets of loaded ammunition. The inclusion of pork in the paint makes the bullets haraam, or unclean. Under Islamic law, anyone who comes in contact with any haraam item is then unclean and must engage in a cleansing ritual. No unclean person can be admitted into Paradise. Do not pass Go. Do not collect 72 virgins.

The objective of Jihawg Ammo is not to insult Muslims, nor even to send a terrorist to Hell. The objective is to serve as a deterrent – to place the promise of instant passage to Paradise into doubt. Without the promise of Paradise, how many Muslim literalists would be willing to lay their lives – and eternal souls – on the line to engage in acts of terrorism?

Pork-infused paint makes these bullets “unclean.”

Jihawg Ammo’s company slogan is “Peace through Pork.” They sell their specially treated ammunition for defensive purposes only. While some will choose to be offended by the entire concept of Jihawg Ammo’s haraam ammunition, the makers of Jihawg counter that threatening a murderer with eternal damnation is not a new concept. They reiterate that their ammunition is intended as a deterrent to would-be terrorists, not a threat or insult to peaceful Muslims.

Readers of this column are in the unique position of being among the first to learn of this new, pork-painted ammunition, and as such have the opportunity to be thought-leaders on the social merits of the product. As a broader audience begins to learn about Jihawg Ammo, there will undoubtedly be much debate of the “cultural insensitivity” of the product and its makers. In anticipation of that debate, the folks at Jihawg ask how culturally insensitive it is to slaughter innocents in the name of one’s religion?

Jihawg Ammo’s full line of terrorist-deterrent ammunition, and their accompanying line of apparel and accessories, featuring slogans like “Pigs Do Fly” and “Do 72 Virgins a Favor,” are available at and should soon be available at select retailers around the country.

Anyone think CAIR will file a lawsuit…along with the DOJ and the O-Team at the ready?

Hit me with your best shot…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Everybody should get a box or two or three. Syrian Muslim refugees, take note. Should be standard issue to DHS.

  2. OMG! I love it! LMAO. I’ll go ahead and pre-order. I’ll take a case of JiHawg Ammo, and a “Peace through Pork” T-shirt. Size LARGE as I want it to be readable from a distance. I don’t see a need to get close to the animals. Not for what I have in mind anyways. LOL

    Great article, good chuckle. Thx for printing. And really, I like the idea!!! After all, didn’t it work for General Pershing back in 1911? Hmm, 1911. One of my favorite guns. Makes me wonder now if General Pershing didn’t request a gun with bigger ammo that would hold more pork! Just a thought here. I hope they are only using the pork parts that don’t normally get eaten. You know, like the rectal ring, the sack bag and contents. No sense wasting the good parts on POS’s like the London animals, right? :)

    Good job, great story. Thx for the morning chuckle.

  3. New definition of MILF……….

  4. RAPH…

    Praise the lord and pass the ammunition! 😉

  5. Max & Eric says:

    Brilliant, Now all we need is something for the Hippies. Like paint infused with Soap.

  6. Michael T says:

    Already saw that hours ago. I would be concerned that it would muck up the bore of my high quality firearms.

    • Well, not buying any would be your best solution.

      I also saw it hours ago, also posted this about an hour and half ago to share with others, glad I did. Everyone needs something to smile about now and then, thought it would most people.

  7. Steve Sybert says:

    They ought to issue this stuff to the Army and the Marines.

    • Bulls-Eye and Spot-On!

      Great idea…at least it brings a mighty big smile to my face with just the thought of it. ~


    They think their going to paradise with 72 virgins instead theyll go to hell with 72 demons to pinch,bite,poke,slap,gougue and rip out their guts after all thats where many of their kind are now

  9. Hell, I already dip my reloads in a bit of bacon grease, you know, just in case………..But ya gotta love the marketing idea…………;)

  10. Now that is what I call the entrepreneurial spirit….Identify a need for a product in the marketplace, then design, produce and sell to an eager consumer….I love it! Capitalism at its finest……Bravo Gentlemen.


    • ‘Capitalism as it’s finest’ indeed! – I love that this is coming from a neighboring state as well…it made my day.

  11. Dave in Texas says:

    I read this yesterday and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    Bad ass! :-)

  12. Pass the Ammo and a BLT.

  13. PAmadwoman says:

    FYI, I tried going to the jihawg website, and it’s “offline.” Don’t know if it’s just temporary, or it’s been taken down. Darn, I’d love a t-shirt.

    • Good morning PAmadwoman…

      I noticed that yesterday as well. – Maybe with time they’ll get ‘er fixed, or whatever the problem is. There could have been too much of an overload for them from all the attention this has been getting…just a thought.

  14. rightwingterrorist says:



    A new ammo and braindead little dip-wads like CHUCKY SCHUMER wants it banned or regulated becuase like all liberal DUM-O-CRATS he is totaly STUPID

  16. This is what happens to a country that bans private ownership of guns while allowing millions of shithead muslims to invade their country. Fools. Obongo would love nothing more than to make America just like London is now.

    • You got that right…but he will fail when it comes to gun control.

      • Hes failed at everything hes attempted except passing that stupid health care debacle. The guy is a loser..always will be a loser. Shitstain liberals by and large are losers because they blindly support communism and are too stupid to realize it.

  17. I think we should save all the pig entrails from every slaughter house in the country and bombard all Islamic countries with it. I take special delight in eating a nice pork sandwich in front of one of those rag wearing assholes just to burn their slimy muslim ass.

  18. Winston Smithereens says:

    Gives new meaning to the term, “Everything but the squeal”.

  19. Hey AWD..theres an idea for you. Next time you cap a big fat smelly ole hog…keep the guts and place them in a box in front of a mosque. Make sure they are a couple days old sitting in the hot sun first. That outta piss em off…. LoL