AWD was listening to a song by a Texas songwriter today called “Live Free or Die” when the thought crossed my big, sexy mind…are Americans really free?

AWD has a buddy from college who is planning on moving to Peru in a few years when he retires. He’s a government leech with the Department of Labor so he is one of the lucky few who has a retirement plan that will actually permit him to retire. Even though he’s a worthless leech, I love him as a brother. He told me while he’s in Peru he feels free. He can smoke a cigar with no one hassling him. Drive without a seat belt. In Peru he’s buying a place on the beach where he’ll live without exorbitant property taxes and he’ll live for about 20% of what it takes to live in America. Are there some tradeoffs? Sure. There won’t be a Walmart or Starbucks around every corner…but do we really need Walmarts or Starbucks on every corner? Freedom. A hassle-free life. A government that doesn’t seek to seize every cent of wealth it can get from those who work (or come close if a government employee) for a living. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Government is involved in every aspect of our lives in America 2013. To have a freaking yard sale you must get a freaking permit from your city! Try starting a business and look at the governmental forms, permits, licenses, tax ID numbers, legal papers, etc you’ll have to file. It’s estimated 25% of a company’s costs are Human Resources related. I-9’s, COBRA, HIPAA, FICA, FUI, SUI, FMLA, ADA, etc. And libs wonder why companies move overseas?

Some locales even control the size of sodas you can drink! Even though it’s a constitutional right, many law-abiding taxpayers cannot legally own guns in America due to corrupt politicians.

Taxes are through the roof! Both parents must work in most families (families? what an antiquated notion) to make ends meet. One to pay the living expenses while the other works to pay taxes. All the while hard-working Americans see their earnings taken by federal, state, and local governments to fund welfare, food stamps, social programs, Section 8 housing, etc for those who are able to work but too lazy! America now imports third-world moochers to live off of the over-burdened American taxpayer!

We’ve recently learned unelected government agencies like the IRS and EPA have been used to persecute political enemies by those in power. Clearly a blatant abuse of power. Our every email and phone call is recorded and stored by the NSA. We read of lists of Americans who will be imprisoned should martial law be imposed because they are viewed as unsympathetic to government. Big Brother is watching 24/7. I read today that Google will be able to store everything in every human’s mind in 30 years. I hope their memory is better than mine. Again, I ask….are Americans free?

AWD also asks, if we are not free, at what point is there revolt? Many are content to let their elected officials do their bidding in protecting constitutional rights. How is that working? Conservatives must rely on the wussypants Republican Party. And what is the Republican Party hard at work accomplishing these days? Giving amnesty to illegal aliens who will most assuredly vote for Democrats making the wussypants Republican Party extinct! Brilliant!

Half of America are mooching proles content to sit back and live off of the dwindling number of producers. These are the worthless legions more concerned about what Kardashian is screwing what NBA basketball team than the creeping tyranny that is rapidly turning America into Venezuela. They are those who vote for a living rather than work. The other half are realizing their children will not inherit a country that provides the opportunity of success with hard work and sacrifice. Their children will be modern-day slaves working hard and live a lower standard of life while their earnings will go to pay massive debt created by corruptocrats in Washington for a big-government welfare state and fighting endless, senseless wars that cannot be won.

America was not built by welfare moochers or corrupt politicians. It was built by patriots who created wealth. Those who created wealth unfettered by an overpowering federal government. They didn’t have to kowtow to Departments of Labor, Education, Energy, Agriculture, Department of Homeland Security, EPA, etc and their legions of overpaid bureaucrats. But time has eroded the liberties that allowed and rewarded those patriots who created wealth at a rate never seen before or since worldwide. Those days are long gone.

The way AWD sees it…American are no longer free. Hard-working producers are slaves that are allowed to keep a pittance of the wealth they earn. And we have allowed it to happen. The Tea Party movement was 50 years too late and has only a handful in Congress who represent us. America no longer rewards success and wealth creation…it penalizes it. It rewards laziness and ignorance. All in the name of political correctness and socialism.

Is AWD wrong? Please tell me if I am and I might not be so depressed. As it stands, Peru is sounding better by the day! Viva libertad!

Oh, here’s the song AWD was listenting to. Live Free or Die by Hayes Carll from Houston:

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  1. In answer to your question Prez Duderino: Not only no, but hell NO!

    As usual, great post…you speak volumes for tons of us.

    • What is is the great and very quotable Joe Sobran ( once said about freedom : Freedom is coming to mean little more than the right to ask permission. Joe always knew how to zero in on the essentials. The TV bigwigs, even overrated Fox, kept Joe off television, of course.

  2. winston smithereens says:

    How ironic………. The former Soviet Union is today an essentially free and increasingly prosperous nation albeit pretty reckless here and there. The highest individual tax rate in the former Soviet Union rests at 13%
    Can anyone objectively say the same for Barackistan, the former United States?

    How ironic……….. If John Kennedy were to come back from the grave given his position on any number of subject (before OR at the time of his death) he would be looked upon with contempt and made persona non grata by the DNC. Were Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan or Gerald Ford to come back from the grave given their position on any number of subject (before OR at the time of their death) they would be looked upon with contempt and made persona non grata by the GOP.

  3. Michael T says:

    If I were to leave the country I would go to Belize or Costa Rica. I don’t know about Peru. I work with a guy from Peru, if it is so great, why did he come here?

    Cowboy up Dude, it’s only gonna get worse from here on out. Don’t leave before WW3 starts, you’ll miss all the fun.

  4. Joe Stalin says:

    About the only workers who don’t suffer are GOVERNMENT employees. We need to get rid of government employees starting NOW. Eliminate government pensions; if we have to struggle to put money in a 401K, then so shouldn’t ALL government people? We need to stop wasting money on so-called “higher education”; as Charles Murray points out, only TEN percent of kids belong in college. Our US Judiciary is chock full of Cosmopolitan gun controllers who should have been impeached years ago; maybe a term limit on judicial employees needs to be considered.

  5. Free in name only.

    We are in a grey zone now, the Executive Branch Holds All The Cards. Its their move.

  6. Be careful AWD about saying your depressed. The regime might decide you have a self admitted mental problem and want your guns. In another time that would be a joke. Today who knows. Its damned obvious the Government is totally out of control. Working People really have no say and for practical purposes no real representation in Congress. Its a sham, Congress is a joke. SCOTUS is a joke anymore, making laws, making up taxes from thin air. Unless the Tea Party comes back alive its gonna get much worse.

  7. We just found land over here in the Bohol Province of the Philippines for about $25 per sq. meter. Yes that’s beachfront. Good deals in many countries for those wanting to jump the USS USSA before they put a bullet in your back. WAY fed up with the Strapping Sambos dressing me down in line at the grocery store with their multiple mounded grocery carts of barter, and their American flag “swipe twice for cash” plastic. While I have in hand a 6 pack of whatever beer is on sale that week, and a pack of mark-down meat. Can’t wait for the day when I am watching Liberals having their gourds lopped by the Moslems on television every day from my bungalow.

    Oh yes, F*_*ck Islam.

  8. My brother in law has a house in Ecuador for all those reasons. He intends to retire there. I’ve been looking into some countries to do the same. Many countries will gladly accept American retirees, so long as they have a minimum income monthly. Forget about finding a meaningful job in any of them, unless you start your own business.

    But some of the better choices for me, in no particular order, are Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Argentina. Philippines would be economical, but also a bit inconvenient due to it’s lack of infrastructure. I did live there for 2 years a while back and enjoyed it. But staying there permanently, hmm, not for me. They also have a Muslim problem there.

    Anyways, seriously, moving out, and I mean ALL the way out, isn’t such an impossible idea as you might think at first.

  9. aceydoozy says:

    Are we free? No, the Founders would be very disappointed in their descendants.

  10. Your correct, freedom is now a state of mind in America just a big lie they keep repeating………….

  11. This article reminds me of a topic my family and I were discussing a few days ago, and one that is slightly neglected in this topic. Do you really own anything in America today? We certainly do not own our wealth considering what we have in power right now and in the future. I ask this question mainly because one of the building blocks for western civilization, and the true symbol of freedom, is property rights. I remember discussing the fact that even if you own your land and house without a mortgage you still have to pay property taxes, and if you fail to pay then the government sells your property to a group of greedy lawyers and you end up with nothing.

    Do not get me wrong, people in the US still have it made in terms of standard of living and basic freedoms when compared to the rest of humanity. Over a billion people do not have clean water or a toilet to do their business. However, how long will the last vestiges of freedom and prosperity last in America? Not long and it will go the way of the dinosaur.

    One thing you have to factor in is the youth of today. Look at the generational wealth gap between the elderly and young of today. There is a stark contrast between the US that the Baby Boomers grew up in and the world that the millennial inhabit today. What do young people such as myself have to look forward to? More debt of every kind, more government intrusion, higher taxes, and finally, diminished opportunities for advancement in life. My FICA taxes just went up while the wealthy retiree just furnished his two grand sons with two ATV quad bikes, which is something I will never be able to afford.

    I could go on for days and compile a laundry list of reasons why the US is going to hell in hand basket, but here are just a few:

    American females have denigrated in self-serving slobs with zero respect and femininity.

    People believe the government is the answer to all of life’s problems, and it is not.

    It is much more lucrative to live off of welfare, sell drugs, or both, than to work a decent job, which is becoming rarer than hen’s teeth.

    The US can not balance its books and every facet of it is unsustainable.

    • Nostradumbass says:

      You sure sound a little bitter. We Americans have devoted the last 20 years or so to you. Everything we did, we did it for the “children” (that would be you and your generation). New laws to protect you were passed, new programs were initiated in your “education” (think tobacco is evil). We elected congressmen who “care” about everything you ever needed to grow into a perfect member of todays society.

      We tried hard to not burden you with any responsibility, we idolized and worshipped your generation. We stopped grading your efforts and passed you simply because you tried. The only thing the government asks is that you willingly conform. And your generation does. Go to any club that is frequented by your generation. Everything is a line dance, nearly everyone does the same steps. Those that don’t are mocked. Great job government schools!

      Property taxes are “rent”. The government needs the money to take care of your generation.

      The standard of living is what remains of our liberty. These are old vestiges that will disappear in your lifetime. Over a billion people do not have clean water or toilet? What makes you so special, why should you have these things when others don’t?

      The “generational wealth” comment makes you sound kind of OWS-y. It’s just more of the envy training you received. Why should anyone have more than you, they didn’t earn it, it was given to them. If I can’t have it, no one should. etc. The stark contrasts you see between boomers and millennials has always been there between generations. If you want to get to security, you have to earn it. The free things you get don’t seem to be worth it (why else would they be free?)

      FICA is one of the few taxes that working americans all pay. Not that nearly most will get an unearned income tax credit that pays for that and more. Someone has to pay the government to distribute your earnings, welcome to the party pal.

      one other thing, you insult my wife when you say “American females have denigrated in self-serving slobs with zero respect and femininity.” I can assure you that she has my respect and I do adore her. She is an American girl.

      You may want to actually open your mind up to the possibility that you may actually need to be proactive in securing your future. If you wait for someone else to do it for you, it will only be what they didn’t want to keep for themselves. It won’t be very satisfying.

      • Where do I start with my response?

        “We tried hard to not burden you with any responsibility, we idolized and worshipped your generation. We stopped grading your efforts and passed you simply because you tried. The only thing the government asks is that you willingly conform. And your generation does. Go to any club that is frequented by your generation. Everything is a line dance, nearly everyone does the same steps. Those that don’t are mocked. Great job government schools!”

        While I agree that the Millennial generation is very spoiled and anemic to responsibility, it is plain as day that they will have to pick up the check for the biggest expansion of government in recorded history. As for conforming to the government, I refuse to conform to a borderline dictatorship that full of self-serving corruptocrats.

        “Property taxes are “rent”. The government needs the money to take care of your generation.

        The standard of living is what remains of our liberty. These are old vestiges that will disappear in your lifetime. Over a billion people do not have clean water or toilet? What makes you so special, why should you have these things when others don’t?”

        Property taxes exists to maintain a public school that is on the verge of collapse. Since I no longer attend public school, nor do I have kids that attend public schools, I should not have to pay for it. Secondly, why should my taxes go up to support incompetent teachers and over paid/under worked pencil pushers in the school board?

        As for the clean water and toilets, I am fortunate to live in a country where water is plentiful (for now) and plumbing is adequate to remove waste. Why should I have these things? Well, my forefathers worked to build them and the fact that I am lucky enough to have them.

        “The “generational wealth” comment makes you sound kind of OWS-y. It’s just more of the envy training you received. Why should anyone have more than you, they didn’t earn it, it was given to them. If I can’t have it, no one should. etc. The stark contrasts you see between boomers and millennials has always been there between generations. If you want to get to security, you have to earn it. The free things you get don’t seem to be worth it (why else would they be free?)

        FICA is one of the few taxes that working americans all pay. Not that nearly most will get an unearned income tax credit that pays for that and more. Someone has to pay the government to distribute your earnings, welcome to the party pal.”

        While I will agree that the vast majority of Baby Boomers earned what they have the fact of the matter is that their money is gone. As for sound OWS-y I am more of Libetarian that hates wealth redistribution, and I am not envious to anyone because I want to keep my own stuff.

      • KY Tim said, “We tried hard to not burden you with any responsibility…”

        Talk about “no good deed goes unpunished.”


    They are working on getting the guns. Mental health is the weak link they will use. At some point in time only mental defectives would want to own guns as its already being stated by many anti gun groups.


    How FBI turns people into informants.

  14. Hey AWD, j/c: Is Peru where your little filly is from? And yes… I’ve considered expatriating, at least later in life. But… where would I go, where I could live both safe AND free? If I DID move to another country, it would most definitely need to be stable. Not much point moving out of the frying pan, if it’s into the fire! Plus… I would have to have a lot of money saved up, or be able to generate real wealth once I get there. And while I can save a SMALL amount of money with my paychecks… it really isn’t enough that I could end up independently wealthy. And also, I hate to admit it… but I’m no businessperson. I respect business people, since most of them are the producers of this country. But alas, I just work for a living. I’m not sure I have a whole lot of business skills. Not enough to really be confident enough to strike out on my own. I do work hard at my job, and am a firm believer in hard work and talent-development. But to be able to create a business, become a true wealth-generator, and become independently wealthy… that stuff isn’t always enough. Anyway, I digress. And I would rather NOT leave this country. I love America. But the America of today… just doesn’t seem to love us back. It’s really sad…


    Get ourselves out of the United Nations and get the United Nations out of america Its time we run these miserble reptiles clan out of america let these nations provide their own Peace Keepers we,ll keep peace here by ourselves and not for some UN war mongers

  16. Mr. Mittens says it’s real simple, when they pass the Immigration bill and hand citizenship to the illegal masses without any kind of background or identity check, because that would be racist.

    Dye your hair black, learn a few words of Spanish, and go get your second Identity. Now you have two things with your new citizenship, access to entitlement money, and you can work on building your credit score. Your new identity can get it’s first credit card from BOA because they target minorities with credit programs

    When the time comes to bailout, cash advance all those credit cards and max them out. You could easily build your credit to 200,000 in a couple years. Then claim your identity has moved back south of the border because America is racist, and you couldn’t find work.

    Anyhow that is what Mr. Mittens said the cartels where going to do except on a much larger scale. Identity factories.

    I personally am a Law abiding citizen and love my country, the USA. So I will not be taking Mr. Mittens up on his idea.

  17. When the “EBT” cards quit working……

    how long will it take for our country to melt down?


    • The average American has enough food on hand for roughly 3 days. I’m thinking its going to take a lot less than one week.

      • rightwingterrorist says:

        That’s just those who live in town.

        Heaven help them.

        I certainly won’t.

        My garden/pantry is chock full. My well is full of clean water. My weapons are clean. The ammo dump is full (well..ain’t no such thing).

        Things are only going to get much, much worse.

        There’s already been dry runs on EBT cards. If you live in town…


  18. Awd relax don’t be so depressed, put on some Kenny G, slide into a nice warm bubble bath and sip on a champagne coolie while Lance paints your toenails. It’s total freedom man.

  19. I’ve been to other countries in the world as a civilian, and they often require that I am: a)Not affiliated with terror groups; b) Not carrying any communicable diseases. This is just for a temporary visa. Why is it that the US cannot enforce the same standards? When I enter a country legally, I expect to answer those questions. I suppose that I must be a racist. The People’s Republic of China doesn’t mind being racist with their application of standards. Because China has been so good with human rights up to this point. Maybe we should enforce our borders the way that they do.

  20. I agree with AWD….America is becoming less free everyday. There are more than enough taxes and regulations dumped on us by local and state authorities, not to mention the Feds, to give us a headache so bad it would make you wish that you drank a gallon of cheap tequila.

    ‘Merica “ain’t free no more”…… Freedom has saddled up the ol’ Palomino and is takin’ that long ride into the sunset…….(cue Roy Rogers and “Happy Trails”)

  21. rightwingterrorist says:

    Throw off the yolk.
    Refresh the Tree of Liberty.
    All political avenues have been exhausted.
    Everything at this point is local.
    Form local cells.
    Do not use computers or telephones for planning.
    Make and investigate all local targets of opportunity.
    The time is coming to cast away the chains and declare your freedom.

    ….stock market has dropped 550pts in two days…just wait until the bottom falls out….

    • aceydoozy says:

      Article at link supports your comments, and “organized resistance” has been my thought for sometime:

      • rightwingterrorist says:

        Excellent article.
        It echos my sentiments exactly.

        Why do so few refuse to see the giant dripping red writing on the wall?

        • aceydoozy says:

          Who’s to say exactly? But, general disinterest in governmental affairs would be one catchall reason. IMHO and, at this point, US is in a similar position to Germany and the 1930’s with the rise of Nazi Germany. There’s no doubt that Obama wants to be dictator, and look at all this “surveillance” that’s happening, new revelations of the extent everyday, and now HA has something about the WH’s “insider threat program”(just who are the enemies the WH is talking about?)- if anyone doesn’t think the zero is working to consolidate his position and eliminate resistance ought to think again. But, historically, it only takes about 30% to change things, and, realistically, that’s probably on the high side.

          • rightwingterrorist says:

            3% seems to be the true American number.

            “The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.”
            D.H. Lawrence

  22. We haven’t been truly free since the early 1900’s. As government gets bigger and bigger our freedom shrinks. With every law passed our freedom shrinks. We are hardly able to breathe without paying a tax on it. Freedom is a state of mind. We are far from free citizens in America…try not paying your taxes and see how long you remain walking the street. But in reality, no country is truly free. Unless you live on some deserted island and create your own country you will always have to succumb to some sort of authority to survive in a civilized society. The problem is when that authority way oversteps its bounds like our government is now.

  23. Are Americans free? Try perusing the U.S. Penal Code or the general statutes of your own state. You’ll find yourself amazed that you aren’t already incarcerated for inadvertently violating several statutes on a daily basis. Try, take a look at pending legislation and realize it’s only getting worse. Are we free? Absolutely not. The little freedom we think we have now is merely an illusion designed to keep us getting up and going to work every day so taxes can be extorted. In time even that will be stripped from us and the showers and ovens will be open for business.

    On the bright side, all of this has been foretold. If you paid attention in Sunday school, you know how this story is going to end. Remain faithful and the reward will be far greater than any “freedom” our government thinks it can bestow on us or rescind at their whim.


    Lets not forget the last act of treason Bill Clinton preformed before leaving office by signing the INTERNATIONAL CRINIMAL COURT(ICC) in whichany america commiting a certian crime can be tried by forgein judges and juries in some forgein nation and imprisoned there as well. We realy need to get ourselves out of the UNITED NATIONS and get the UNITED NATIOONS OUT OF AMERICA lets tear down that UN pig sty and turn it into a BIRD REFUGE without the miserble bunch of reptiles already there and with goose hunting allowed

  25. The Dept. of Homeland Security seems to be planning for the second Civil War. Things are getting out of control. When will Americans wake up to what is happening to their freedoms? Anyone got bullets for an AR15?

    • rightwingterrorist says:

      Oh, I do believe they’re just starting to wake up.
      It’s tough for most to pry themselves out and away from their Lay-z-Boys, 6packs of mirco-brew, and reality tv.
      The question is will enough wake up in time.

      I was talking to a guy in Houston who said he had no problem picking up 5.56’s. The trick he said was to order lots of 15k-25k. He’s a lot richer than I am.

      H.S. has a surplus…..
      Enough for a 10yr domestic war.

    • AZDave, don’t worry about the small arms, if America goes to civil war the death toll will be horrendous and their will be plenty of weapons and munitions laying on the ground for the living to pick up and continue the carnage.

      And if we do run out of bullets the Russians and Chinese will help both sides out, Because in their Communist minds nothing is better than dead Americans, especially when Americans are killing each other.

      Be more concerned about who has the Tanks, Artillery, and Air Power. And for the love of country be prepared to survive, But do everything in your power to avoid such a conflict.

      • Agree wholeheartedly with your comments, expect there will be plenty of unattended weapons lying around. The problem for Patriots will be getting the heavy weapons you mention. I’d love to get my hands on a fully armed AH1W. Let it be.

      • rightwingterrorist says:

        it won’t be along the lines of major tank battles on open terrain, such as witnessed recently in the middle east. syrians, iraqis, egyptians, hezbollah and hamas have proved it foolhardy to go up against the modern armor of the west, principally the armies of the u.s. and israel.

        fighting modern armies on open terrain is a rather foolhardy proposition, unless you are the top of the military food chain.

        no, i believe that the model of conflict in the middle east as we have witnessed the last several years during the “arab spring” and other insurrections provides the proper intellectual modality to anticipate the outlines of such conflict by civilians against an established and entrenched regime.

        the fighting in syria, and in lybia is illustrative. and, we have no further to turn than chechnya to witness a fight carried on by a determined populace against a very strong and very well equipped modern military.

        the fighting will be in small scale conflict in urban and suburban environs, with the persons conducting the insurrection attacking fixed governmental installations, and then retreating back into the cover of the environment when its damage has been inflicted. and, as between political elements in society, the fighting will be much like has been exhibited in iraq for the last 5 or 6 years, as the various groups have engaged in kidnappings and street assassinations of their opponents. this will be waged citizen to citizen, if it comes to that.

        the fighting against the forces of the establishment and government shall be directed against visible but vulnerable members of the military and civilian police, chiefly the command elements. (for reasons discussed later.)

        the fighting between civilians shall be in the form of assassination of prominent members of society, the media, entertainment, and the members of the media attacking and defending the government. someone walks on the street, a car pulls up, a fusillade, and a body drops to the ground. the prominent are attacked in their homes, in their work, in the broadcast studio.

        in short, those who fight the repression of government shall do so much as terrorist do so now.


  26. AWD, excellent article and song.
    I agree that we are NOT free anymore and haven’t been for decades, but I will NOT move to another country and I will stay here and fight when the SHTF.
    I think a revolution is the only cure to this disease that infects America and for sure, the scumbags in power will NOT give up without a fight. I really think it’s coming because it keeps getting worse by the day.
    As Jefferson said, ” the tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”, and nothing could be more true because of what is happening in our sick nation today!
    Wake up America, it is coming.

  27. david7134 says:

    We have not had freedom since Lincoln took it in 1860. But the real bad part started with Wilson in the early 1900’s. That is when the progressives started. Now, both parties are progressives, just pushing slightly different agendas.

    Consider this, if you hurt your back this weekend and need some medication, YOU CAN’T GET IT. That is because you have to see a doctor and he has to confirm that you have a hurt back then he has to determine if you are worthy to receive drugs that would help. Instead of going to the drug store and getting muscle relaxants and narcotics, as is possible in many countries, you have to have the doctor do it. But it is the weekend and your doctor is not going to take your call and if you get his office Monday, then you have to wait 2 weeks. If you get another doctor, then that is called doctor shopping and you have broken the law. You can go to the ER, but that cost $2500, minimum. The reason for all this is that you are considered an addict if you want pain relief. Of course, the government allows certain drugs such a Advil, but those are the number one reason people are on dialysis. So are you in a free country? Hell no. Does the government care? Hell no.

    I have been listening to a series of lecture from The Teaching Company on personal liberty. If have found that the concept of personal autonomy does not exist in the US. In fact, we really have very little freedom. Also, many here are conservatives like myself. Yet you consistently preach against abortion. Do you understand in doing so you are preaching against personal autonomy and the same legal structure that allows the government to tell a woman what to do with her body and destiny is the same that tells you what you can and can’t do? I don’t care for abortions, but at the same time, as a doctor, it have had to use them in treating critically ill people. And I have found that the government is in the way the whole time, despite the fact that the mother is about to die. So, both right and left need to get out of our lives. But they want, and we are heading to a civil war to ultimately get our original government back.

  28. We are not free, we just have the illusion of freedom granted by our benevolent government. When the SHTF, and it will, our new civil war will indeed look like what’s happening in the Mideast, we will also have outside forces stirring the shit just like the zebra is doing to the Syrians and other hotspots across the planet.

    The only way we can save American lives in this coming conflict, will be to go straight after state and federal government officials who are in violation of their oath to uphold and defend the constitution, and summarily execute them–no prison, no probation, no second chances, it will have to be an old school soviet style purge. Then we can start over.

    We must put into place strict rules to keep politicians under the control of the people, not the other way around. Wether it be by term limits, or unchangeable laws that prevent out “leaders” from excusing themselves from following laws they create.

    Or, my favorite, forbid professional politicians–farmer John runs, gets elected, serves his term, then goes back to the farm. The original plan for our government was the “citizen statesman” and we need to return to that or fade into obscurity.

    Of course, the NSA has intercepted this post, and most likely flagged me for political assassination for preaching the heresy of the non professional politician citizen statesman.

    Bring it on Janet, you monkey-faced bitch.

    And to the zebra, ISLAM SUCKS!

  29. Michael T says:

    If they fight the way they do now, we should be fine. If the military goes all out like they did in WW2, then we are FUBAR.

    • Actually, if you look closely at the history, the US had its ass handed to it in WWII. The efforts in Europe would have been a tragedy if it was not for Russia and their pulling most of the better armies to the east. As for the Pacific, that was a joke. A small number of Japs, fighting with inferior weapons exacted mortality totals that were off the scale. The only time the US has been effective as a fighting unit is when they targeted women and children as in the South and with the Indians.

      • rightwingterrorist says:

        I have to disagree a bit here, David.
        It’s true that the Russians took a drubbing and we took full advantage of it.
        None the less in both theaters time and time again we Americans inflicted horrible casualties with relatively little losses.
        Both the Japs and the Europeans were battle hardened veterans with excellent weapons and technologies way before we entered the war, and had defensive strategies along with the fortifications (especially in the Pacific) that we had to contend with.
        All in all our excellent leadership combined with killer and tenacious American spirit more than won the day with minimal casualities.
        As for targeting women and children, you should feel guilty and kill yourself. War makes people dead. Wringing hands and weeping won’t do anything about it.

      • rightwingterrorist says:

        …and by the way, no matter what you read in Salon or the Huffington Post, revisionist history is not history.

      • Michael T says:


        Revisionist bullshit. Piss off troll.

        • david7134 says:

          Maybe you should try something novel, like reading. The conduct of the US in WWII was abysmal. There is nothing wrong with saying that and if you really feel that we need to consider a major change in the US, then you need to get rid of the patriotic bullshit. Americans have been fed such a line of bull over the years that they no longer know what end is up. You likely feel that you are free, you are not. I for one desire a division of our country and long for the day that the South is a separate nation. So what are you? Do you want to go along with our little communistic president and his party or do you want to really change something? To change, you are going to have to accept that the US is wrong, otherwise, enjoy our little communist in power.

  30. Boynton Brunette says:

    Hi Y’all. I’m an angry white FEMALE, but I feel for all you guys! Anyway, I was turned on to this newsletter, TDV, The Dollar Vigilante, which I now subscribe to. GREAT info on expatriating, or living outside of the country while not denouncing citizenship.

    I wish I didn’t have to go it alone with my son, but feel that when the SHTF, it may be time to leave Dodge. There are a few countries where people are living and writing about in the newsletter,that would not be affected by the dollar collapse.

    Some are in Asia, some are in S. America. But it sounds like you are having the same questions I have been having in the past year, and got answered. They do reviews on different countries, their cost of living,their politics, etc.

    Also, info on how to protect your money. Basically, if you don’t want to get the newsletter, as it is $15 a month, they say to totally internationalize your assets; and if you read that right, yes, it is to get it ALL out of the USSA. Their anarchist founder is a LITTLE drastic on political viewpoint, but I found I relate more to the Libertarian/Anarchist point of view, than the Republican Party.

    I know we are all patriots, and my dad fought in WWII, so it’s hard to denounce this country. But if it’s turned libtard , then why live with idiots that you can’t relate to? I’m just saying….I just wish we could all ban together and live close together. I’m in S. Florida, libtard central, so I’m hurtin alot. Single and not willing to hang out with a libtard guy.