Today the Senate of Los Estados Unidos de America voted down an amendment by Senator John Thune to make a border fence part of the Immigration Reform Bill (aka Amnesty). The usual RINOs voted against the wall, as expected. Juan McPain, Lindsey “Fredo” Grahmnesty, Jeff (appropriately named) Flake were the expected Democrat votes against the wall. But one name stood out among the NO votes. Marco Rubio.

Rubio won his seat in the Senate with massive support from the Tea Party movement. He since has shown his real stripes as a Hispanic liberal first, conservative never. Oh sure, Rubio talks the talk but his walk is nothing more than a walk to political destruction for the wussypants Republican Party. A political party that truly deserves its upcoming demise once the amnesty bill kicks in.

Marco Rubio is a great politician. Which means he is a piece of sh*t. He is also a liar. Here is a timeline of quotes from candidate Rubio to Senator Rubio (h/t commenter at Hot Air):

‘In 1986, Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to 3 million people. You know what happened… There were people trying to enter the country legally, who had done the paperwork, who were here legally, who were going through the process, who claimed, all of a sudden, ‘No, no, no, no. I’m illegal.’ Because it was easier to do the amnesty programme than it was to do the legal process.’

– Candidate Marco Rubio, 29 November 2009

‘If you grant amnesty, the message that you’re sending is that if you come in this country and stay here long enough, we will let you stay. And no one will ever come through the legal process if you do that.’

– Candidate Marco Rubio, 29 November 2009

‘He would have voted for the McCain plan. I think that plan is wrong, and the reason I think it’s wrong is that if you grant amnesty, as the governor proposes that we do, in any form, whether it’s back of the line or so forth, you will destroy any chance we will ever have of having a legal immigration system that works here in America.’

– Candidate Marco Rubio, 28 March 2010

‘Earned path to citizenship is basically code for amnesty.’

– Candidate Marco Rubio, 24 October 2010

‘We have to be the pro-legal immigration party. We have to be a party that advocates for a legal immigration system that’s good for Americans, good for America and honours our tradition both as a nation of immigrants and as a nation of law.’

– Senator Marco Rubio, 5 October 2011

‘But, at the same time, on the left there are those that are using this issue for pure politics creating unrealistic and unreasonable expectations among those in the Latino community across this country.

Figure out a way to accommodate them in a way that does not encourage illegal immigration in the future.’

– Senator Marco Rubio, 27 January 2012

‘We have to deal with the people that are here now in a way that’s responsible but humane, and this does that. This allows people the access to make their status at this moment legal.’

– Senator Marco Rubio, 28 January 2013

Oh, how power corrupts.

Rubio has learned to screw law-abiding Americans at the feet of the master traitor, John McCain. While running for office, here was a McCain campaign commercial:

Maybe McCain was talking about building the dang fence around one of his many mansions. But hey, it was a campaign! Politicians always lie when they need votes. And for all you Arizona morons who voted for McCain because you didn’t like JD Hayworth, kiss AWD’s ass!

AWD left the Republican Party a long time ago. The modern-day Republican Party is basically the Democrat Party under Tip O’Neill. The modern-day Democrat Party is the Democrat Party under Karl Marx. Who can law-abiding conservative Americans count on to stand up for us in the US Senate? Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and sometimes Rand Paul. That’s it! Three out of a hundred. Not much to hang our hopes on.

To show how little Rubio thinks of the intelligence of those who put him in office, he said:

“We need to give them amnesty first so the illegals can pay for increased border security.”

Oh, OK. That makes me feel a whole hell of a lot better. Right.

Just yesterday, a Rubio aide made it perfectly clear where the Senator stands when he said:

‘There are American workers who, for lack of a better term, can’t cut it.’

Certainly, it’s a lot harder to “cut it” when we’re paying welfare and food stamps for millions and millions of illegal aliens who shouldn’t be in America in the first place. Recent studies show that 70% of legal and illegal aliens are utilizing at least one program of government (read: taxpayer) assistance.

Marco Rubio is La Raza. He has shown he is just the latest domestic enemy to legal Americans. He doesn’t care about America or legal American citizens. He is illegal Hispanic first and only. There is no other way to put it.

The rule of law is gone in America. Elected politicians do as they please with absolutely no concern for Americans.

Florida voters, make Rubio hurt when he is up for reelection. He’s worse than McCain, Graham and Flake. He pretended to be a conservative. He has shown his true colors. And they are the colors of Mexico.

With all due respect, Senator Rubio, vete a la mierda!

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  1. what is it with these bastard republicans that as soon as they get into office turn tail and run for the left……..Rubio has lost his ever-lovin mind……this will not be forgotten…….we will not forget this betrayal…..him and Ryan, or Crispy Kreme………

    Rubio had a number of chances to vote to secure the boarder and what does he do….he votes against it……but he sure is willing to vote for the amnesty part of this sh!t-ass legislation…………

    what is it with these republicans that turn on us as soon as they get into office……how the hell can you be backed by the tea party, the very ones who put you into office, and then openly and defiantly betray everything the tea party stands for…………

    Maro Rubio, yes…he is a democrat…………..

    what the hell is going on in the republican party that we have so many who are going back on their word and selling us out…………………….

    • Bluto you are right on target. But you forgot to mention that Rubio is a beaner first and foremost and beaners and blacks stick together like glue. They may hate each others guts and kill each other in the streets..but when it comes to shafting whitey they all stick together with their own kind. Thats the reality of it.

    • That’s the nature of Republican politicians, easy to buy out.

  2. Michael T says:

    Typical Cuban.

    • Beg your pardon but there is no such thing as a typical Cuban. Ted Cruz (R-Tx) is as conservative as you can get as opposed to Rubio (R-Fla) who is now done as a viable candidate in the Tea Party universe. Can’t say the same about Cruz.

  3. Michael T says:

    My above comment is really just apathy in disguise. I’m completely burned out with all of it. Lets just get on to the next phase of the takeover. Rubio is just the face of the national problem. The illegals are here, and they are not going anywhere. They will get all the freebies they want, and that will never change no matter how mush we bitch about it.

    I will keep working until my body gives out and I fall to the floor in front of the machine I happen to be working on that day.

  4. Some of us in Arizona tried to warn people about McCain via the Keating 5 scandal, his gun grabbing scheme, and yes to you McCain supporters he is anti gun. The chaos following 911 saved the slimy bastard from a recall. He has the MSM on his side for a reason. He would have not been any better than “O”. There is not an honest gene in his body. He is without morals, senile (Really) and its all about him. His whole life has been that way. Hero status Horseshit on that. Its what ya do your whole life not just a snippet. Here is one of 5 Aces in the Vietnam war. It did him no good. McCain buys his way out of everything, he should have been in jail like this true War Hero.
    Keating affair was just as bad or worse.

    • aceydoozy says:

      You nailed McCain to a “T”, and Duke Cunningham is one for the ages. McCain is such a despicable character, looks like he’s got another acolyte in Rubio. What Duke said about Vietnam protesters and democrat leadership, you could apply to McCain, Graham, and, now, Rubio.

  5. Joe Stalin says:

    Maybe Rubio is being blackmailed by El Presidente’ using the very latest NSA snooping technology? After all, the US government is always asking telephone switch manufacturers to supply surveillance capabilities GRATIS to them.

  6. Is it just me, or are we the ONLY country in the world that is actually ENCOURAGED to vote against our own best interests? Politicians and governments in other countries may be corrupt. But at least they vote what’s best for their countrymen. Or at least certain segments of their countrymen.

    The point is: People of other countries look out for themselves, first and foremost. But if we do anything remotely similar to this, we’re racists, bigots, xenophobes, etc, etc… Why are WE the only ones who are expected to be “citizens of the world?” I never hear people decry other countries for being isolationists and exclusionists.

    These RINOs, who have YET AGAIN sold us out for that all-important 8% of the population, are only the latest in this trend. I say cut these people loose. Use your votes to end the careers of these career politicians, and get someone that actually gives two sh1ts about the real citizenry. Both the native-born AND those that LEGALLY immmigrated here, both of whom actually contribute to this country!

    • No, you’re wrong. All European, (formerly) Christian countries are being killed by the jew-bolshevik cultural-Marxists. London is now minority white. France will be majority muslim in 50 years (just like America will be majority latino in about the same amount of time). Countries like Sweden and Norway have large muslim and African “refugee” populations living off their generous welfare while creating high crime and raping the local white girls while imams tell muslim men its okay to do so because white women don’t wear burkhas. Germany has large number of Turks and other muslims (the leader of the 9/11 hijackers was a college student in Germany). Spain, Italy and Greece have their budgetary disasters accentuated by the presence of millions of muslim and African illegal-aliens (sound familiar?) living on welfare.

  7. America First says:

    Nobody has fought this fraud being attempted on the American people harder than Sen Jeff Sessions of Alabama.With any luck the congress will stop this abomination and Boo Hoo Boehner will fall with it.

    • Right you are about Sessions, and many of us on another site before this site started fought long and hard with him and we won…we’ve got to do so again to this very day!

  8. Marco has been hanging around with liberal Demos Joe Lieberman and Clinton hanger-on Strobe Talbott. Both praised his “internationalist” positions. Beware those Repubs liberals say good things about. Marco has forfeited any connection he had with conservatism. I’m very disappointed at his move to RINOville. He even claims foreign aid is “cost effective,” a stupid thing to say. Foreign aid should be shut sown.

  9. Rubio had some questionable money problems the Dims were onto when he was running, they kinda dropped it. Wondering if this is payback to him? The smell to this whole thing is bad.

  10. LibertysSon says:

    Even after Amnesty in the 80’s Reagan got only 30% of the Hispanic vote. of the vote. The reason Romney lost wasn’t because he didn’t get enough Hispanic votes. He lost because he didn’t motivate the conservative base and 30 million conservatives didn’t come to the polls.
    So now what Rubio and Graham are doing is going to piss off the base even more. Hispanics will still vote 70% for the Dems and now with 11+ million new Democrat Voters in the wings, the GOP will probably never win the Presidency again. The GOP is becoming irrelevant and America will become a single party country. Ruled like Chicago on steroids. A real disaster for all of us.!

  11. 11 million is not the whole story! They get to bring Families. The whole of Mexico will come and if they are here legally they will get some of our Benefits. More Hospitals will shut down emergency rooms, period like they have on the border. Its more like 55 million. It will be over for the GOP. Rubio is nuthin more than an arrogant asshole of a politician, a Cuban Arlen Spector. This goes through you can count on another Gang of Traitors to deal with the gun issues. We are being Ruled By Gangs, Gangs of Criminal Traitors. Gang Rules Now Apply to all. We are no longer in a Representative Republic with the Rule of Law and the Constitution
    as our guiding document. We are in uncharted water. Luck to all.

    • rightwingterrorist says:

      11 mil is a lie.
      It’s more like 35-45 mil.
      That’s before they bring in thier families.
      55 is a joke also. Just wait until flood gates open.

      Just a little reminder….
      Whites only make up about 6% of the worlds population.

  12. misterbill says:

    I am a prejudiced person. I wasn’t until a few years ago. I have friends and family who are of Irish, Italian, German, Scot, English and many other ethnic groups. They are all, (almost all), Americans first and foremost. In recent years the efforts of some people, especially Mexicans, has convinced me that almost every public figure who is of Hispanic ethnicity, is first, second and always, a Hispanic. America is just a place to earn a living.

    I offer you Gutierrez, the Rep from Illinois, Gutierrez, the professor from Texas U who says, if they have to kill us to take back the country, that’s OK. We have Rubio, another Manchurian (or Havanian), candidate. We have Eva Longoria, ex Gov Richardson.

    Other than Cruz, who , mysteriously is an ultra conservative American with Hispanic blood, I ask you to point out any public figure who does not put the rights of illegal or legal Hispanics before the rights of being an American citizen.

    I finally got my blood pressure under control and Rubio, who I thought would be great, has got the heart pounding so hard with anger, the numbers are going up again.

    I said it before I disappeared the last time, if somebody wants to take action, let me know. I am damned sick of talking about it and watching it continue on.

    Some many years ago, there was a cartoon character named Beaky Buzzard. One of the cartoons had Beaky sitting on a branch of a dead tree with another buzzard. The caption, best recall, was Beaky saying to the other buzzard, “Wait, hell, I’m going to kill me something”.

    When America says that, let me know. I will be ready.

    • rightwingterrorist says:

      As I told the NRA the other day whlile answering one of their millions of pestering “gimme some money” calls…

      “Don’t call me again unless it’s an actual call to arms”.

      • Michael T says:


        They call you? I just get inundated with snail mail and email. Send us money, send us money, it never ends.

        • rightwingterrorist says:

          It’s all of the above.
          They want the money to support some supposed A rated politician who then turns coat and everyone is supposed to be surprised.

          Not another dime from me besides regular dues as I like to read American Rifleman.

          • Michael T says:

            Ditto here, plus I like sporting the sticker on the back of my vehicle to piss off liberals.


    Just another traitor against the american people like all the crooks in the DISTRICT of CRINIMALS

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  15. PAmadwoman says:

    From Shoebat yesterday, on “protecting the legacy” of Bush as one reason for turning coat:

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  17. Guillermo Del Toro says:

    This amnesty bill is a win-win for democrats. If they shove it up America’s cornhole then they will have a much bigger voter base.

    They keep adding these outrageous benefits to illegals but they dont care either way because if the bill doesnt pass they can go back to their uninformed voters and say “see we fought hard for you, we really tried but these filthy RINOS stopped progress”

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  22. FuriousFatMan says:

    it’s a 1 party system. come on guys, you have to understand this by now….


  23. Barry Sotoro says:

    Rubio is Rhino if there ever was one. Liar? That’s being too generous to the politics-first, floating bean eater and brown-blood. I hope his worthless arse gets deported with the rest of the low culture, lesser-thans we call Latinos. Se habla blah blah- I don’t speak spig Latin and I don’t give two ships about a multiculturalist faggot who pimps it like a gold chain.

  24. If we the People do not voice our opinions to these thugs in the Senate/House Of Representatives (McCain and Flake in my case which are both morons) this bill will get through without closing the border first.

    Call 202-224-3121 – The Capitol Switchboard (I was on hold about 3 minutes)

    Ask for the Senator or Representative of your area. They will connect you
    to the appropriate office.

    In my case I got a voice mail, I voiced my total opposition to the immigration bill unless the border is totally closed and completely under control prior to any further proceedings. Of course Demorats will call me racist, uncaring and without heart and they are right.

  25. it’s time to dump Rubio the democrat…….he’s masquerading as a conservative………and that is pissing me off……………..tired of these sons-a-bitches riding the Tea Party wave and then when push comes to shove they reveal themselves as true democrats…….sick and tired of these types……..

    I hope West does run against Rubio the democrat, I’ll be first in line to vote for West in the primary……….

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  27. AWD…

    The ping-backs you’re getting from this post is great news too!

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  32. rightwingterrorist says:
  33. rightwingterrorist says:

    Open the flood gates!

    No pun intended.

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    He lies so much he can’t remember what he has said in past.

    • rightwingterrorist says:

      Truth is subjective for politicians of his ilk.

      Not to worry though. He’ll get re-elected forever when he gets all of those new legal voters.

      He should be publicly hung.

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    Marco Rubio is likable. That likability is his chief asset. Even as he champions a wildly unpopular bill among his own base, his numbers remain high. It’s not just magic.

    Rubio is everywhere. If you tune in to Univision, you can hear him promising legalization. If you watch FOX News, you’ll hear him express disappointment in his own bill, almost sounding as he might not vote for the very thing that he has staked his entire career on.

    There are many Rubios. At times it seems as if there are as many Rubios as there are Obama. A flock of smiling men with neat black hair who can talk Tupac, the American dream and anything in between for as long as you want them too.

    The real Rubio isn’t likable. The real Rubio wants to be liked. The real Rubio is desperately insecure and desperate to please everyone at the same time. The real Rubio is in over his head.

    Rubio Can’t Cut It

    From Sultan Knish, he nails it.

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  39. Rubio has the Obama smirk, is he the Hispanic Obama?

    • aceydoozy says:

      And, today, in the Senate, Rubio again shows the gall of ‘rat, just continuing to double, triple, quadruple down on his politics, there’s no doubt he’s a ‘rat. Wonder when Rush is going to realize this and ‘fess up about it?

  40. Rubio is a piece-of-shit……..I’ve had it with this guy…..he has literally lied to us all with this amnesty crap……gone back on his word…..and can’t ever be trusted………

    The Tea Party here in Florida is now realing over this piece-of-shit and refusing to back him….they’re with-drawing support for him…..everyone is feeling betrayed by this asshole………

    I for one will vote for anyone who decides to run against him in the Florida primary… matter who it is I will vote for anyone who opposes Rubio….if Rubio wins the primary then I will vote for anyone no matter who it is that runs against him….even the most liberal democrat…….I am done with Rubio….and I mean I am done with this bastard……..I’ll vote for a god damn communist before I back Rubio again………

    Rubio must be primaryed……..

    lets primary Rubio and get rid of this lying-ass bastard………

    • Rubio should know how the Tea Party works. It is the force that got him and Ted Cruz elected. The Tea Party is going to call for his elimination and he’ll be gone. Cruz will remain.

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