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As I’ve said before, with “conservatives” like, say, Matt Lewis, who needs liberals?

If one were to list the top three “debating” techniques of a liberal/leftist/cultural Marxist, what might they be? I’ll proffer my selections…

  1. Believe labeling someone a “white supremacist” is the absolute worst thing you can call a person. Call anyone who disagrees with you a white supremacist.
  2. Pretend isolated anecdote trumps glaring pattern.
  3. Make sh*t up and pretend your adversary said it.

Real-world examples? Let’s look at a few.

Numbers one and two please?

Maybe you think that the dichotomy between North Korea and South Korea is unimportant, but that European blood is somehow superior?

– Matt Lewis, Exposing unseemly anti-immigration reform motives, ctd, June 24, 2013

And how about number 3?

…but it is not an argument that some people are “genetically determined” to be free and prosperous, while others are destined for serfdom.

– Matt Lewis, Exposing unseemly anti-immigration reform motives, ctd, June 24, 2013

Let’s rewind for a second. A few days ago, I made a simple little video, the purpose of which (I thought) was straight-forward. Ted Kennedy told no less than three bald-faced lies in a single quote regarding the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act: 1, that our cities wouldn’t be flooded with immigrants; 2, that immigrants wouldn’t take Americans’ jobs; and 3, that “immigration reform” wouldn’t “upset the ethnic mix” of the country. To prove that all of these were lies, I juxtaposed his quotes with contradicting quotes from our current era. I then followed that bit with the current crop of lies from McCain and Rubio regarding border security.

The point? To expose the lies that politicians have been selling a gullible public for decades regarding “immigration reform”—nothing more, nothing less. (I was going to try to scare up quotes from the Reagan-era amnesty debacle, but I wanted to keep the thing at 1 minute.)

But here’s what Lewis saw:

It’s fun to fear monger the fact that whites will likely lose majority status, but it’s hard to blame immigrants when white Americans are dying faster than they are having babies.

Why would someone draw this conclusion from the video? Perhaps this quote from James Kirkpatrick over at VDare is on the mark:

Lewis…follows the usual Beltway Right pattern of deciding his opinion on an issue by whether or not it will lead to Leftists calling him names.

(Oh, and just curious: When Native Americans were being overrun by Europeans, was it “fear mongering” for them to worry about losing their land to the invaders? Maybe they should just have had more babies while welcoming their new pale-faced overlords.)

I don’t know Mr. Lewis from a hole in the ground, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt (something he did not deign worthy of granting me—but then, I’m just an anonymous nobody rarely worthy of his time), and thus will not attribute malice where stupidity suffices. But it’s not really stupidity. It’s cowardice. Of being called names by lefties, like “racist” and “natavist”…or, God forbid, white supremacist. Nothing worse in the world than that, is there, Mr. Lewis?

But here’s the bottom line: Lewis was right, to a very limited extent, in his judgment of me (though for all the wrong reasons, as enumerated above). The truth is that I do care about race. And I care about race because I am fact-based and not wishful thinking-based. When sub-Saharan Africans or mestizos start pumping out scientific and technological marvels at the rate that Europeans have been doing for centuries; when they overwhelmingly embrace the rule of law and limited government over an all-controlling, wealth-redistributing Leviathan; when they eschew ethnic chauvinism in favor of racial egalitarianism; then, and only then, will I gladly admit that race is of no significance. Until that happens, I go with the data. And the data say it loud and clear: modern [Western] civilization in general, and American culture in particular, depend upon races capable of supporting them, both intellectually and behaviorally. From my perspective, to deny this while pursuing a third-world immigration agenda is, at best, suicidal folly; at worst, it’s outright treason.

If bien pensants wish to debate this, let them conduct their starry-eyed experiment elsewhere—let them “export” American culture and see how well it sticks amongst the third world. (We can look to Iraq and Afghanistan for some inspiring examples.) And thus until we see Western Civilization’s values take root amongst the third world, we may ask why we should bring the third world into Western Civilization, relying on nothing but hope and wishful thinking and ever-broken promises that it will happen here.

In such a scenario, what have they (the third world) got to lose? In our current scenario (where we import the third world), what have we to gain?

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  1. RedStater, I got a chill. Et tu, Mr. Lewis?



    I for once would like to see a big time expose of the BLACK PANTHERS,NATION of ISLAM,NAACP,SPLC,RAINBOW/PUSH thats not full of the usial leftists propeganda

  3. MTPatriot says:

    Bravo RedStater!

  4. RedStaterNYC,

    You do it to them very well. Like a small cactus thorn in their new, LeBron X EXT, shoes they just can’t seem to find or get out, and they just have to put up with it. Stupid, Mindless, Libturds. Fun to stick it to them.

  5. Whites are dying faster than they are being born, because the young, ambitious, working class couples are too busy working two or three jobs, paying exorbitant taxes and costs of living, trying to afford housing and generally putting off or deciding they can’t afford kids, because the government takes far too much from them.

  6. Cain vs Able. Do ya feel the hate brother?

    One needs a crutch, the other was a provider. One was a murderer, the other a victim. One was a father of a nation, the other has reward in heaven. One will be forgotten, the other will live forever.

    Fear is relative.

  7. Michael T says:

    When Native Americans were being overrun by Europeans, was it “fear mongering” for them to worry about losing their land to the invaders? Maybe they should just have had more babies while welcoming their new pale-faced overlords.

    He has a point there. Ducking and covering…


    Jiminey Cricket could spell Matt Lewis name with four letters FOOL