Dudes and dudettes…I’ve had this saved since yesterday and thought I’d see what your opinion is when it comes to a man named Daniel Musso that was at a gun control rally. Granted, I wouldn’t have done what he did while on the stage with a gun control supporter that lost his daughter…but he did exit the stage and left on his own accord peacefully. What happened to him afterwards was overkill in my way of thinking…but that’s just me.

See what you think, make sure and watch all of the video and the local TV report that comes after the first part of the video, this is where they say he was hassling/assaulting/obstructing the cops etc. I sure didn’t see it that way…maybe you will. – This is via Mediaite:

A New Hampshire gun control rally turned violent last night, but thankfully the only weapon dispensed was a policeman’s Taser. It all started when 52-year-old Daniel Musso began heckling one of the speakers at the event, John Cantin, who became a gun-safety advocate after he was shot and his daughter was murdered in 2009.

Musso began harassing Cantin from the beginning of his speech, getting right up in the man’s face and interrupting him repeatedly. When Cantin asked Musso to “please have a little respect,” the heckler responded, “if you had your speech in your mind, you wouldn’t have to read all this propaganda shit in front of you.”

The “No More Names” rally, set up by Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization, marked the more than 5,000 gun deaths since Newtown. Earlier in the day, Cantin delivered a list of those names to Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), who has been facing sharp criticism from her constituents since voting against expanded background checks in April.

Musso eventually walked away after Cantin’s fellow supporters shouted him down and urged him to leave the grieving father alone. But on his way out, he was apprehended by police, who were forced to Taser him after he started physically struggling with them. He was arrested and faces several charges including assault against a police officer.

A visibly calmer Cantin spoke to Concord’s WMUR-TV, saying “people just need to be more respectful, don’t get so emotional about this, everybody has a right to their opinion. We’re all Americans–we should be able to express that.”

Watch video from the rally, followed by the local news report on Musso’s arrest, including footage of police Tasering him below, via WMUR-TV:

Would someone tell me where they saw Musso assaulting the police officers? Seems to me the only thing this man did was speak his mind and challenge and confront the pony-tailed John Cantin…there wasn’t any major trouble until the guy that was standing behind Cantin in the black shirt started whining to the cops.

Also, Cantin may be a grieving father and all that goes with it…but if he doesn’t realize he’s being used as another useful idiot for the gun control leftists in this country, then he’s a bigger fool than he’ll ever know!

One other thing factor folks, we’ve seen far worse done to conservatives that were invited to speak at various college campuses over the years…yet what happened to Musso, sure as heck never happened to any of the offenders that threw pies in faces, stormed stages to attack the speakers etc…instead the leftist-tools were rewarded and praised!

Such hypocrisy when it comes to freedom of speech…it only applies to the leftists and their agendas, never the right side of life in situations like this!

What say you?…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Btw…if any of you tweet, you might want to make some of the left mad by using their #NoMoreNames hashtag. 😉

  2. bigtimer
    I’m a little confused, the Newton tragedy happened last yr, where he lost a daughter and this man was shot and another daughter killed in 2009, and he still doesn’t carry? Famous words of Forrest Gump, Stupid is, Stupid does.

    • Howdy ga steve…

      Thanks for the correction, I’ll change that…I knew that too, just got sick of Cantin’s BS when he uses Newton tragedy in his rhetoric and posted that wrong in my haste.

      Much appreciated.

  3. Really not enough video to know if Musso assaulted a Police officer before he was tasered, but he was indeed resisting arrest after he was tasered.

    However my issue was, why where the police called at all, when John Cantin said he had it under control and didn’t need any help with Musso @ marker 2:50.

    Then Musso left peaceably at Marker 2:55

    Then the police showed up at approximately marker 3:35, a full 40 second after Musso had peaceably left the verbal altercation with Cantin.

    If Conservatives are going to stand up and face down Liberals like this they better do it in teams, and record everything on video to preserve the truth from spin.

    Lone wolf approach = Not a bright idea.

    The only thing I took from this video was when seconds count the police are minutes away. It took police 40 seconds to respond to a call right in front of the State House.

    How long before they can get to your House in an emergency?

    • Howdy Waspish…

      I don’t know where he resisted arrested after he was tasered, I just watched it again for about the 6th time…maybe beforehand, which really doesn’t show that, nor does it show him assaulting anyone. It does show the cops pulling him by one arm before being tasered …so maybe that was when he was resisting arrest then. Not enough detail there. Like you say, you need someone with you to record what happened too these days instead of going it lone wolf style.

      Heck, I wouldn’t have even done what Musso did in the first place…just a waste of time to the idiots there with mush in their heads, including Cantin…now Musso is paying the price for that.

      Free speech isn’t free speech anymore…unless it applies to the left.

      One other thing….your very last sentence puts it all in a nutshell when it comes to the big picture!

      • I would not have copied Musso’s actions either.

        However envision 10-15 pro-gun constitutionalist showing up at this Anti-Gun rally wearing Black T-Shirts that say ‘New Hampshire is an Open Carry State’

        And standing silently in the front row, with their sidearms strapped, and a couple of unarmed men strategically placed with concealed cameras

        Of course their Lawyer should be in tow, or at least on Hot Dial for when their constitutional rights are violated.

        Then brig suit against everyone including the useful idiot that signed for the permit to hold the anti-gun rally.

        You can’t pick and choose your constitutional amendments on a whim by saying we celebrate Free Speech but reject Right to Bare Arms

        • Good idea you presented Waspish…by the way, I don’t know if you read this yet (I have the link towards the bottom of this thread at the moment)..but you might be surprised to how many were at this little event that were gun rights supporters, including one man that we know of that did bring his arms in tow.


          • Yeah, I saw that right after I posted this, I was actually editing this while you were posting that.

            Damn I thought I had an original idea :)

            Maybe next time they will bring cameras and stay together.

            And I am really sad for John Cantin losing his daughter to an abusive son in-law; that was a tragedy.

            I understand his loss, I once lost a friend to a drunk driver, and I would like to see all cars done away with so no one will ever be hurt again.

            I mean driving is not even a right, it’s just a stupid privilege that cost thousands of people their lives every year and pollutes our environment in the process.

            And for what? So that people can feed their egos with their shinny four wheeled status symbol, or maybe how cool they look, or how fast they can go.

            And while they are feeding their own selfish desires, our children are dying in automobile accidents everyday on their way to soccer practice.

            Only the Police should have cars!

          • Waspish…

            I think I love ya! – What a great post my friend, just excellent.

            I’ve had a rough and rushed time in my neck of the woods the last two-weeks, today was one more. We all go thru this now an then…but when someone like you posts like you just did, it makes everything all worth it. (I know you don’t know what I mean in many ways…but I bet ya get the picture in one way or the other.)

            Anyway…thank you for the sarcasm, laughter and truth.

          • bluffcreek1967 says:

            Excellent observation Waspish! I wish I would have thought of that.

  4. kelly gallison says:

    I think what happened was uncalled for. I aggre that mr Musso should not have placed his hand on the officer but he was trying to leave and the police aggrevated the whole situation. maybe he should have been taken down for placing his hand on the officer but he did not need to be tasered. that was uncalled for. and to be honest i dont think he deserved to be treated the way he was treated. everybody has thier own opinion on the gun law. they should be allowed to voice them. i think the officers should be repramanded.

    • I like you’re way of thinking…the cops being involved was ridiculous to saw the least! – Tasering him was uncalled for…this type of thing really angers me.


    I wonder how many attended the little event and listen to that Canlin sit there babbling his mindless poppycock?

  6. chicago guy says:

    Musso should have asked cantin how much bloomberg pays bullshit artists on parade bus tour speakers, or is he a genuine fool who works for free.

  7. Here’s another report I just read from Free Beacon. There’s more info inside about all of this brouhaha, included Cantin’s daughter Missy…seems she was shot dead by her own husband, doesn’t mention anything about Cantin being shot.

    There’s quite a few more tidbits in this report…it’s a short read, but can fill in more about who was in attendance on both sides of this issue and such.


  8. Reality Check says:

    Angry and blind? white man???

    Assault occurred on video when Musso placed his hand on the officer’s left shoulder. In order to avoid being handcuffed, Musso was visibly moving his arms forward…this is resisting arrest. As fir the assault charge Musso was given for his action to Cantin, you simply need to understand basic social protocol and logical basis of speaking permits. Cantin was speaking based upon a permit (through an amplified microphone). Musso’s approach to the stage and vulgar language is basic definition of assault. Musso also is shown placing his hand on Cantin. The 1st amendment does not allow you to yell fire in a crowded theater or to scream obscenities to people on the street. Seems odd that you took notice of Cantin’s pony-tail as if it were relevant only to ignore the misdemeanors made by Musso. Please feel free to add “blind” to your moniker.

    • Yeah…a guy his age sporting a pony-tail bothers me, also speaks volumes about said ‘so-called’ man. – If you don’t like it…too bad.

      Btw…are you for more gun control?

      • reality check says:

        The issue at hand was failure to act within social morays. Gun control positions are irrelevant so loosed your tin foil hat. AWD asked for proof of the crimes, and I stated exactly where they are visibile. You can accept facts or keep your head tucked into your cellmate.. we debate – you decide

        • No, you’re wrong, gun control issues are very relevant to what I specifically asked you…and btw, I posted this blog post, not AWD. Try reading comprehension.

          So, once again…are you for or against more gun control?

      • You’re just another hatin’ hump.

    • “Musso’s approach to the stage and vulgar language is basic definition of assault.”- Reality Check

      I call Bullshit

      “The act required for an assault must be overt. Although words alone are insufficient, they might create an assault when coupled with some action that indicates the ability to carry out the threat. A mere threat to harm is not an assault; however, a threat combined with a raised fist might be sufficient if it causes a reasonable apprehension of harm in the victim.”

      Let me give you a reality check Cantin clearly states at at Marker 2:50 that he is “fine” and does not need help, so he cannot claim apprehension of harmful or offensive contact.

      And there is no video from the time Musso left the podium till the time he got tased so I have no idea what happened in that interim and neither do you.

      However Musso was an idiot for sure, and if we are gonna tase people for being idiots we should start with you for spreading disinformation about what constitutes an assault.

      • I just watched that video…it most certainly does not show what happened after he left the stage and was tased by the gang of cops…but you did add one more bit of information – he was kneed beforehand, what a bunch of BS. I’m glad I heard others say the same thing that were watching this. I bet we’re going to see more of this in detail before all is said and done.

      • I don’t wear panties but you certainly have your underwear on backwards, because I can see your asshole every time you bend over and open your mouth to speak your mind.

        It is obvious that you refuse to acknowledge facts as pertaining to Law and a long history of common law.


        Intimidation is subjective and just because Musso’s acions scare and intimidate you, it obviously didn’t phase Cantin in the least, so your argument is weak for assault.

        Until you have something better than this drivel,

        “Musso’s physical intimidation of presence within the personal space”

        I will consider your argument fantasy, and your unreasonable ignorance of facts, a serious impediment to your personal development.

        So please stop right now, your troll has now reached epic fail and you are now embarrassing yourself.

        Have a nice day.

  9. Michael T says:

    All you have to do is resist without violence and you get tased or sprayed. The tactics this guy used are what we’ve come to expect from the left. We should be the grown ups in the room. If you don’t know what resisting without violence is, look it up.

  10. You DO NOT EVER TOUCH A POLICE OFFICER. PERIOD. They will arrest you and if you resist, they will use a taser to take you down and then arrest you. Musso is an idiot who got exactly what he deserved. I can’t believe anyone on this board or anywhere else would condone him or his actions in this instance. He was rude and totally out of line. EVERYONE is entitled to their opinions. If musso has a different opinion he wants to share, do what Mr. Cantin did and get a permit to hold a rally and voice it. Interrupting, bullying and being an ASS is childish, stupid, rude and outrageous. I’m sick of this behavior being considered OK, it’s not.

  11. Michael T says:

    Let me amend my above statement. If I had been there I would have punched that fat ass in the red shirt on his ass. This moron puts a face on the pro gun movement. The left thinks we are all like this idiot.

    With stupid assholes like this speaking and acting out, we don’t stand a chance. Oh, and the speakers pony tail ain’t got shit to do with it.

    • And if you’d had punched him you’d have been arrested too.

      Btw…I said in my post that I wouldn’t have done what Musso did. I was questioning the need for him to be tasered and arrested after he already left the stage and all was still peaceful at that stage and evidently out of the building.

      • Michael T says:

        It wouldn’t be the first time I ever got pinched. Hehe. There seems to be a gap in the coverage from when he left the stage and when the gendarmes got involved. He’s just an idiot, and he makes us all look bad. I also wonder if alcohol might have been a factor.

        • Methinks the man whispering to the cops had a real desire to get revenge on Musso one way or the other, I watched that video numerous times…nothing major happened when it came to altercations until he was confronted by the cops. – Bloomberg’s gun haters payroll type of thing? Remember what happened in Colorado when Bloomberg got involved in this issue…pure evil.

          Btw…did you happen to catch this story? It’s got more information, some of it you might like.


          • Michael T says:

            Our opponents are nefarious. No doubt about that Biggie.

          • That they are…we have to always be one step ahead of them and their filthy games, they will never control me…period!

  12. Spurwing Plover says:

    Bloomboogers needs to lose his american citizenship and him and all those in his exclusive leftists MAYORS AGAINST ILLEGAL GUNS need to be all rounded up and deported to china

  13. If the speaker would have been someone talking about how abortion has killed millions of babies he would sure as hell been harassed by the pro- murder group. I say no more babies on a list. The first amendment does have exceptions one is it doesn’t cover free speech that involves false statements Tamerlan Tsarnaev is on the list he was killed by a car.

    238 million guns killed NO ONE yesterday.!

  14. Read this one…should frost some of your flakes. ~


  15. Not enough video to see how he reacted with the cops before the scuffle ensued. Frankly, I think Musso acted like an ass even though I totally agree with his opinion. That whiny anti gun puke Cantin is a scumbag trying to use the death of his daughter to push an anti gun agenda just like the rest of the libtards. Not much of a surprise there. By the way BT…I’m 52 and wear a beard and a pony tail…does that make me a bad guy? I’m as conservative as anyone here but I don’t care for being judged based on looks alone. Just because I may look like a biker, doesn’t mean I don’t love my country. And seeing whats happening to it tears my heart out.

    • Good morning Rich…

      Of course it doesn’t make you a bad guy, I probably shouldn’t have inserted that part in my post…Cantin just rubbed me the wrong way too with his bleeding-heart agenda and that pony-tail of his just bugged me at the time. I wasn’t judging what he said on his looks, but it did add to my distaste for him.

      Btw…I have a few friends (and bikers) that still have long hair too, but they’re not bleeding hearts either, including one of my five brothers.

      • Hi BT and thanks for clarifying that for me. I have to agree with you about Cantin…Id love to snatch him by his pony tail and pound his head into that podium till I rang some sense into that empty melon. LoL

  16. If you watch the various videos, Musso put his hand on one of the cops…. a huge mistake. You cannot do that.

    The police responded properly after he placed his hand on them and refused to comply with their orders.

    Another disrespectful gun nut.

    • Gun nut you say…so you’re a nut if you support the second amendment eh?

      Btw…we already have background checks, we have enough laws…no more needed!

      • Yes gun nut, i think would be good way to describe someone who tries and bullies someone out of giving a speech. Then puts his hand on cop, resists arrest. No wonder he was Tarazed. Btw just because something is in second amendment does not make it some how the right thing. The rest of world does not care about the stupid second amendment. I love it, Yanks all getting there knickers in twist about the right to keep killing machines, while half world is starving. f**k me US is so out of touch its not funny.

  17. Oh, and what’s the big deal with background checks? No one in their right mind would be against them.

    • We have over 2000 gun laws on the books now. Passing more is redundant and stupid. Background checks are already in place…and they don’t prevent criminals from getting guns. Executing criminals who commit crimes using guns would stop them at least from doing it a second time. Therein lies the problem..too many f’ing bleeding heart liberals whining on behalf of criminals rights instead of their victims!

      • When it comes to leftist-loons like Dan, there are never enough laws for them against law-abiding citizens…another thousand more laws would suit them fine, until the second amendment disappears.

  18. majorityofone says:

    5000 gun deaths since Newtown?

    Is that counting Syria or just Chicago?

  19. Dudes and dudettes, here is an email AWD just received from reality check:

    Thank you for your ranting – completely off topic though which is typical diversion from reality. The number of laws on the books has no pertinence as to whether Musso should have been tasered. If you were that bad of a marksman with a weapon, people could get hurt. Therein lies YOUR problem – lack of focus likely due to bad DNA and wingnut extremism. Please seek professional psychiatric help.

    The question is NOT the pros / cons of more laws. The issue is the justifiability of the arrest of Musso who overstepped clear and legal boundaries. He could have been complaining about the train schedule for all I care – he BROKE THE LAW!

    AWDs reply:

    Mr reality check, AWD did not write that post. Nor did AWD comment on such post. Anyone with basic reading and comprehension skills would have recognized that Bigtimer is the author. Especially when Bigtimer informed you in a comment she was the author.

    Yet you choose to insult AWD’s heritage and political ideology. Typical of leftists in America. I’m afraid your own DNA limits you to the sad, lowly status of a liberal troll. And, as such, are worthless.

    Look behind you, Mr reality check! It’s the ban hammer! Oh, and Mr reality check? See ya!


    • Lol…he really is denser than I thought. Too funny. Although, banning him…heck, he was fun to play with AWD! You take all our fun away dontcha know. 😉

      • Big, he shouldn’t have been talking about my supa-sexy DNA!


      • Bigtimer, here’s his latest email:

        such a whiny baby…mother should change your diapers…it is your sandbox though so let your lost kittens poop in it…you and they can not handle the truth yet as your brain stems have not been developed

        no further comm is required or invited from you…failure to abide will result in reporting your violation to gmail for abuse of terms/conditions…and boy would you be angry when they toss you outta your gutter…hashahahahyahahahahahaahaaa

        Oh no!!! Don’t call Google on me for answering your pitiful email! Have we ever seen a troll this pathetic?


        • Now, that does it…I’m cracking up with laughter! – I’m serious…do they make ’em any dumber? Heck Prez Duderino…you really should leave something like that around to play with around here now and then…true amusement. – I could say more…but I have to stop laughing and get this posted…you get my drift anyway.

  20. If he is convicted of the charges, good luck to Musso getting his gun permits renewed if background checks are required!

    Anyhow, I think Musso was slightly drunk which contributed to his blowhardness.

    There were a bunch of charges filed:

    2 simple assaults: (Ripping off the speaker’s sunglasses (think of OJ) and in another video he grasps an officer by the shoulders to spin him and then retorts “Don’t touch me then!” when the cops push back.

    Resisting Arrest: Well, duh…

    And disorderly conduct: Most likely a euphemism for *possible* alcohol influence.

  21. He reached up and took the speaker’s sunglasses off his face.

    • I watched the video numerous times already, he didn’t rip off his sunglasses…try to watch it yourself.

      Btw…Cantin handled all himself and said he was fine…so why aren’t you? Why are you lying about what happened?

  22. Sorry, you’re right. He tapped him on the temple with his index finger. I’m just matching the charges with what I’ve seen in the vids. He was charged with one assault on an officer and one against one the the speaker’s group.

    And, no, I’m not fine with drunken blowhards (armed or not) and will never be.

    • Wow…how in the world to you on the left get your blind talking points all screwed up? – Oh, wait I know…because you’re all stupid as hell!

      Btw…if you read my blog post, I stated I wouldn’t have done as Musso did, but you guys twist and bend things completely out of shape that didn’t happen or you don’t know about just to carry the water for your sycophant leaders. – Truly…buy a clue and think for yourself.

  23. Just answering the title of your thread Bigtimer, which is : http://angrywhitedude.com/2013.....eserve-it/ in case you forgot.

    From the Concord Patch

    “Musso was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and two counts of simple assault, allegedly against a person who was attending the rally and a police officer. He was held on $5,000 cash bail, and will be on arraigned June 19. ”

    Then I was curious as to why he was even arrested which led me to:



    • Blabber…

      I more than thank you for the second link you’ve provided, the comments there from others that think like most normal human beings with a brain that works do… made my night. ~

  24. Someone in this thread suggested that touching a policeman is assault. There is also a thought here that if any cop wants to put anyone in handcuffs on any whim and the person pulls away then that person is “guilty of resisting arrest.” That sure does put a lot of power in the hands of the most junior rookie cop. Why are we not talking more about false arrest? I hate the idea that I must kneel and submit if I am walking down the street and some punk cop simply wants to show his power. And I thought shooting someone with a Taser was a last resort in cases where someone was a danger to himself or others. More and more cops are shooting the guns as a first resort. I bet if I had been there as a decent cop I could have talked Musso into signing a ticket that he would show up in front of a judge to defend himself against whatever charges were sworn out. I mean he had made his point and he was leaving. This police state stuff sure is chilling to freedom and liberty.

    • RH…

      That’s how I see it too. I remember when the majority of cops were like that…things have sure changed, in a big way.

      I agree with the rest of your sentiments too. ~

  25. August West says:

    Daniel Musso deserved what he got & then some! If I was at the rally, I would have cut his balls off & shoved them down his pathetic throat. Anyone who thinks it was OK to do what he did is a moron! It is OK to voice an opinion, but to rudely interupt in the way Musso did is NOT American!! His actions shine a glaring light on what is wrong with the far leaning right. I support gun ownership & gun rights, and I also believe background checks are a bare bones minimum procedure to try to reduce guns getting into the hands of the wrong people. For those that believe in & support the US Constitution, I invite you to read the 2nd amendment! It calls for a “WELL REGULATED” militia! It does NOT call for a “come one come all, any toothless jackass with an itchy trigger finger gets to have as many guns as he pleases”. Common sense people!! What happened to that?

    • August, AWD agrees with you. This is the behavior of liberals when conservatives speak. There are many examples on YouTube of conservatives being shouted down, even attacked by leftists.

      I suggest you read history books concerning the term “militia” in the days when the Constitution was written. It did not mean military as so many mistake. It meant common citizens. Look it up.

      Here’s an example:

      George Mason referred to the Militia in the Virginia ratification debates: “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.” Debates in Virginia Convention on Ratification of the Constitution, Elliot, Vol. 3, June 16, 1788.


  26. Lucifers Hammer says:

    Here is the link that shows him putting hands on the officers before they arrested him.


    • Thanks so much for that link, it does show the details I was looking for and haven’t seem in other various vid/reports…Musso is/was an a complete fool, like I said, I wouldn’t have done what he did whatsoever…still, he had already left…they should have let it be and moved on themselves.

      Just my two-cents. ~

  27. Larry Samson says:

    I am a gun owner and I wanted to be the one to tase Daniel Musso, he is a bully and will get his day in court.

  28. Belligerent fat guy got off easy. I would have gabbed his balls and twisted them like the propeller of a toy airplane. When I let go, he would have flown around the block the several times. He has a right to his opinion, but not a right to heckle the speaker by getting in his face while the man is speaking. He’s simply a fat bully packing a pistol because he has no pecker.