Uh-Oh and oopsie…seems like this man didn’t stay on the progressives plantation, how dare he!

Have any of you heard the name Robb Pitts before? If not, you aren’t alone…but this man had much to say about what’s wrong in his neck of the woods, he minced nary a word expressing the problems either. You can be sure the msm will ignore this, especially the likes of the msDNC racist Funny Farm!

See what you think about what he and others had to said about the issues they’re facing, and they aren’t pretty one single bit, talk about discrimination against whites…this is it! – This is via WND:

Robb Pitts, a county commissioner in Atlanta, Ga., says the county needs to hire more whites.

What? Not really?


Pitts, a black, said, “I would encourage the county manager to find ways to inform all ethnicities when new positions arise and make a concerted effort to diversify our employee base.”

That was in a recent email to constituents, and Fulton County Personnel Board Chairman Paul Zucca says still today the workforce “needs more diversity.”

“It is important for the people of Fulton County to feel empowered, to feel equal,” he said.

The issue is that the county employees have become heavily weighted in favor of blacks, and that has generated a series of costly court cases.

“There has been a pattern against white job applicants that has been going on a long time,” said Dick Williams, longtime host of “The Georgia Gang” Sunday broadcast on Atlanta’s WAGA-TV.

“Racism is wrong no matter where it comes from,” added Mo Ivory of Atlanta CBS radio and a prominent black voice in sprawling Fulton County where the capital of Georgia is located.

They were referring to the most recent federal court settlement of a high-profile lawsuit by a white person charging discrimination on the part of the black-dominated Fulton County government.

Former Human Services Deputy Director Doug Carl was awarded $1.7 million of taxpayers’ money in a racial discrimination lawsuit against his county employer, according to the May 22 Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Under the settlement, a majority of county commissioners agreed not to appeal the jury verdict that resulted in the award.

Carl filed the lawsuit six years ago, saying he was passed over for a director’s job because he is a white male. The newspaper reported that jurors heard testimony that a former county manager called employees “white marbles” and “black marbles” in making personnel decisions.

“They also heard second-hand testimony that County Commissioner Emma Darnell allegedly told a deputy county manager that there were ‘too many white boys’ in Human Services and that the new director should be black and female,” the paper reported.

It is also significant that no other Georgia county has workforce demographics so divergent from the people it serves.

Census figures put Fulton County’s population at 48 percent white and 45 percent black, yet 83 percent of the county government’s 5,500 employees are black and 14 percent are white.

“There are indications that the imbalance is exacerbating resentments in a county polarized along racial lines and leading to discriminatory employment practices that are costing taxpayers millions of dollars in lawsuit payouts,” Constitution reporter Johnny Edwards says.

Discrimination against white workers in Fulton County, according to information compiled from Atlanta Journal-Constitution archives, began in the 1980s when black Democrats gained political control of the County Commission. Consider:

In 1995, the county settled a suit by the white county clerk, who was replaced in 1989 by a black woman, giving the former clerk $290,000. That same year, a federal jury awarded $812,000 in damages to 16 former and current white deputies who claimed they were discriminated against by the county’s black sheriff.
In 1998 the county settled a lawsuit by a white firefighter who won a discrimination suit by awarding the man $500,000 and promising to pay him the same salary as the chief. Federal jurors in that case found that the county “maintained a policy, practice or custom of racial discrimination against white employees in the appointment of department heads.”
In 2000 a federal grand jury awarded $8,750 in damages to a white contractor who said he lost county work to a black-owned firm because of discrimination.
In 2003 the county commission paid $18 million to settle a lawsuit alleging that seven white librarians were demoted and moved to outlying branches and that one black employee was punished for speaking up against the transfers. Then-Library Board Chairman William McClure was even quoted as saying “there are too many old white women” in management positions at the downtown library. A year later, two of the plaintiffs won another $250,000 settlement from the county when they charged they were retaliated against because of the first suit.
In a pending lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, a white construction project manager in the county’s building construction division says he was passed over for two county jobs because he is white – and charges that the jobs were given to less-qualified minorities. A trial could occur soon.
Five women who worked at the Fulton County Tax Assessor’s Office – two of them white – have filed a federal lawsuit claiming race and sex discrimination. Among other things, the suit charges that a black former supervisor withheld equipment from white employees and transferred them against their will, and that his behavior was in retaliation for previous complaints about the way white employees were treated. No trial date has been scheduled.

So Doug Carl, the latest white victim in Georgia’s most populous county, has lots of company.

Prominent attorney A. Lee Parks, who represents Carl and who has successfully represented numerous white victims of job discrimination over the years, says Fulton County has developed a reputation “for having a patronage-driven workforce that doesn’t work very hard and has too many people on its payroll.”

White people, he says, have problems working there because they fear the discrimination that blacks once faced decades before.

From what I understand so far, Pitts is a democrat to-boot! Guess he saw the light or something like that. Then again, a lot of the problems they’re now facing were created by them in the first place! What say you?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Holy crap, I think I just crossed into an alternate reality. I just know I’m going to wake up in a moment.

    Islam sucks

    • Yep…you’ve got many of the white race that brought lawsuits over discrimination etc because of what happened to them, example after example is shown in the post. It’s about time they woke up and smelled the coffee…it’s costing them tons of money via their own making.

      I’m glad to see others wake up and see the forest for the trees!

  2. Dave in Texas says:

    That’s not the only problem of late Apelanta is having. I read yesterday about an Apelanta DA charged with having a slush fund. Basically taking money seized in court for his own personal use.

    Hiring white people because of diversity problems isn’t the only reason this douche has, he also wants to make sure the jobs are getting done correctly. I have gone way beyond having my fill with affirmative action. Just look at the idiot running our country. They cannot handle the any damned job requiring critical thinking.


    Wait for him to be listed as a Racsist or traitor by JESSIE JACKASSON and AL SHARPTON and their various leftists groups wait for SPIKE LEE and CALYPSO LOUIE to start trashing him becuase he dont fit their status quo just like they treated Clerence Thomas

    • Dave in Texas says:

      I couldn’t agree more. The hypocrisy is sickening. They ALL want something for nothing. By God don’t let “whitey” have it.

      • Ditto that!

        • Dave in Texas says:

          Big, I wish you were coming to our little get-together coming up soon. I’d love to meet you. I love your posts and comments. Don’t get me wrong, I love AWD but I love your input as well.

          • Thanks so much Dave…and right back atcha when it comes to input and posts and such.

            If I lived closer I might be able to do that, but I don’t. I’ll have to enjoy it all with you while it’s shared on this site, which I’m looking forward to!

            Btw…we have much going on in our neck of the woods during the next few months, it can’t be helped.

            You have a good time…pop a top for me, I’ll be with you all in spirit. 😉

  4. Reverse racism bites them in the ass.

  5. Why is Robb Pitts saying this?

    Two words: Milton County.

    • Howdy countenance…

      Milton County you say, heck…I thought this was about Fulton County. Fill us in…or fill me in when you get the time. – Thanks.

      • There is an effort to create a mostly white county by splitting off part of Fulton County, Georgia. The new county would be called Milton County. Of course, the NAACP opposes, for obvious reasons, but after the 2012 elections and Republicans making major gains in both chambers of the Georgia legislature, and with Gov. Deal already being a Republican, it looks like there is nothing at least in state politics to preclude the secession from Fulton County. Thereby meaning that what’s left of Fulton County becomes The New Detroit.

        I think this is all an effort to keep white people from seceding.

        • Wow…thank you so much for this great information, that alone speaks volumes about all this brouhaha as well.

          Lovin’ it…keep us posted if you hear anymore about what happens with all of this on down the line. – Please!

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  7. Countenance…

    Thanks for the pingback. 😉

  8. Well I’ll be a cotton picker Mr. King!

    Institutional Racism directed against Whites by ruling class authoritarian Blacks.

    Can we shout it out from the red hills of Georgia,

    “Census figures put Fulton County’s population at 48 percent white and 45 percent black, yet 83 percent of the county government’s 5,500 employees are black and 14 percent are white.”

    “There are those who are asking the devotees of civil rights, “When will you be satisfied?” – MLK

    Well, when will you be satisfied? Can you ever be satisfied?

    Pitts, a black, said, “I would encourage the county manager to find ways to inform all ethnicities when new positions arise and make a concerted effort to diversify our employee base.”

    I have a dream that one day the state of Georgia, whose county commissioner is engaging in the tranquilizing drug of gradualism will hire some “White Marbles”

    But it’s just a dream.

    • Fulton County is not the only place that the stats are reflective of a black majority in government jobs… I am convinced its done intentionally.

      Heck, even recruiting efforts for the military reflects this trend… I live near Fort Sill… there could be a 100 young soldiers/privates in the local mall at any given time when they are on liberty but only a handful of them are ever white males ( you cant convince me that they are not volunteering or qualified ) many of these privates we observe are not even speaking English.. intentional? I think so.. its easier to get a soldier with no real loyalty to THIS country to enforce martial law on we the people of THIS country

  9. LOL Im not surprised by this story because its been going on for years…. try being a white male and getting an entry level government job at a local or state level… NOT going to happen.

    Sometimes I think that all of these government jobs were/are being created to keep black unemployment down… I’m not kidding its like a glorified welfare program

    • Vince, I tried getting on the police and fire depts. in my hometown back in the 80s. I had college, military experience, etc., but was not accepted because the mandate was to hire only minorities and women. With the qualifications I had, I should have been a shoe in, but the other applicants were given points for being minorities, female, single mothers, high school drop outs, etc., to “level the playing field” so everyone had an “equal chance”.

      Obviously I didn’t get hired on, they took ONLY minorities. And look what we ended up with a few years later–the rampart police scandal, prank loving black firemen who sue the city when they get pranked, and so on.

      Affirmative action is a welfare/entitlement program, and a vehicle to discriminate against whitey.

      Islam sucks

  10. Just stop with applicants listing their race and hire employees on merit… of course this would be racist.

  11. Spurwing Plover says:

    End AFFERMATIVE ACTION,End THIS PC NONSENSE Spurwing Plover is one angry shorebird

  12. As Michael Berry @740-KPRC in Houston, Texas says, “Don’t argue with them, don’t yell at them, just laugh at them”. And by them I mean the army of libtards that infest the internet, radio and TV. Don’t give them the satisfaction that they have your ire. This will make their heads explode and you will have won. I would like to see more humor and wisdom at this site other than what feeds the trolls, although I haven’t seen a troll here for a long time. While the humor (Bluto etal.) has been there, the wisdom and philosophical discussion has not been as plentiful from the commenters. Maybe Michael Berry has it right: don’t give them arguments. Still, as with Joe Stalin, I would like to read more from him(her?)

    And @AWD, AWD is what it is!

    • Nostradumbass says:

      When I read your post, I really had to think about what your point is. I don’t argue or yell at anyone on the radio or TV, mainly because they would not hear or respond to me. I do read what they say and pretty much have decided that they don’t much care what I think so much as they want me to behave the way they think I should behave. Kind of like what your post is about. I comment on what I feel like commenting on, and pretty much post things I find amusing. There is nothing to be “won”. The game is and has been rigged against anything resembling a fair contest, so a comment here or there changes nothing but how the person reading it feels or relates to it. I would love to see more trolls here, they are extremely entertaining as contortionists and actually provoke thought. There are several posters here that are genuinely humorous, but then again humor is in the eye of the beholder as much as beauty is and if you look a little harder for humor you can find it, not as a weapon in a sarcastic reply. But then some sarcasism is funny as hell.

      I do everything the voices inside my wife’s head tell me to do. And AWD, they find most of your posts humorous, which is why I am here.

      • ND, Pico seems to want us all to play nice, even when the other side does not, so as to “hold the moral high ground” and not stoop to using their tactics. He has yet to realize that the Christians who were thrown to the lions in ancient Rome held the moral high ground, and what did it get them? They were turned into lion shit. Evil begets evil, and all that crap. Well, sorry to say, in the real world that crap doesn’t play. Nowadays you fight fire with fire or you become extinct.

        Islam sucks

        • Tell me why Islam sucks. I’m not taking sides but I want to hear your logic.

          • Gee, let’s see:

            Behead the non believer
            Sharia law
            Islam can dis other religions, but respond in kind, get beheaded
            Condones pedophilia (the prophet had a 9 year old wife
            Destroys religious icons of non believers

            Need I respond with more examples

            To be honest, I could care less about Islam, the statement is in response to the article regarding the DOJ saying we can’t speak against Islam.

            So, Islam sucks

          • Thank you for the clarification. I too agree that the DOJ can’t tell us what to do or think anything. Libtards are always backing Islam under the 1st Amendment definitions but in their history they also back the ACLU movement when Madeline O’Hare with their help had prayer removed from schools from the U.S.

        • Is throwing Napalm (Laughter) into their face playing nice?

  13. riverlife_callie says:

    I would like to see the individual decision makers personally sued (if possible). If the money to settle these lawsuits came out of their pockets instead of the taxpayers’, they might pay more attention.

    • Amen to that…to bad we can’t do that to all congress-critters. Then again, low-information voters vote these twits in everywhere all the time. DC is our best example.


  15. Since the negroid race is genetically predisposed to be lazy and ignorant, they must have realized they need whitey to do the work if they want the local govt to run efficiently.

    Islam sucks

    • They arent as ignorant as you think. After all, wouldnt you sit home and collect a free check if all you had to do was whine about racism? I dont blame the blacks for grabbing what the f’ing democrats have been HANDING to them since the mid 60’s for votes! LBJ started this shit and 40 years later its the biggest money pit that has ever helped to destroy America. Sure the blacks are lazy and always toss race cards…but its the demo-rat bastards that enabled them to do it at our expense!

      And yes…Islam STILL sucks!

  16. Mr. Brown To You says:

    You guys are hateful and ignorant. It is your hate and insecurities toward the black man that is killing this country. Let your hate go and live in peace with all, simply because it is the right thing to do. If that is not enough motivation, then remember the following quote from the bible…you reap what you sow.