Maybe he should have rethought all that bowing early in his first term because the world’s thugs are now openly walking all over Barack Obama’s little narrow, yellow back. And nowhere is this more telling than in Obama’s unmet demands that countries whose interests are very much different than America’s turn over Edward Snowden for espionage. Why, the Chinese much preferred to copy every top-secret byte on Snowden’s four laptops and send him off to Russia for the same treatment. And then off to Cuba and who the hell knows where for the Barack Hussein Obama Global Humiliation Tour!

No one in the world loves shoving Obama’s nose in dog dukakis than Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Guess those “reset” buttons Obama and the incredibly untalented Hillary Clinton gave to Russia didn’t do the trick. Maybe it would have helped if the button actually said “reset.”

Putin is a different leader than Obama. Putin actually puts his country’s (and his own bank account’s) interest first. He is a KGB thug who plays for keeps and hates America. At least he has the latter in common with Obama! This has been the greatest five years of Putin’s life screwing with Obama and America without consequence. Look for a lot more before Obama leaves office.

Putin couldn’t hide his disdain for the community organizer with a teleprompter than at the recent G8 Summit:

Obama hates his country and thought he could get the world to do what he wants because they would “like” him if he bashed America enough. If he only badmouthed the country he was elected to lead, America’s enemies would work together with him to create a global socialist utopia led by Barack Obama. As friends. Global best friends forever! Unfortunately, the corrupt amateurs in the White House never took time to learn that countries (other than America) act in their own best interest and not because they like a particular community organizer who never has accomplished anything on his own except read someone else’s words on a teleprompter.

Hey wait, Vlad! We’ll just give up that little missile defense system for which the Czech Republic and Poland risked their necks against Russia. Vladimir will really like Obama now, right? Wrong! Putin was a shark in the water circling a hemorrhaging weakling and that deal early in Obama’s first term set the tone for who would be the pitcher and who would be the catcher. Obama left Poland and the Czechs unprotected and out in the open and got nothing but screwed in return.

Putin has made clear he’s all in for Assad in Syria. Obama doesn’t know what he’s in for. He changes direction every day. Putin supports Iran’s development of nukes while Obama begs for talks that will never come. And the world takes notice. They too realize Obama is a p*ssy who doesn’t know what he’s doing running a country he doesn’t care for. He’d rather take expensive vacations and play golf than do the job for which he was elected and reelected.

The world loves Obama as President. Not for the reasons Obama would like. They love the fact that they can do their bidding without repercussion from America and set a new precedent that a new president will have to work hard to change. If that new president is Hillary Clinton, there will be more fireworks over Beijing and Moscow than Washington.

Putin has returned the reset button to Obama and it will take a proctologist to extract it. Generations from now, political science students will study the mistakes made by Barack Hussein Obama. His strategy will be known as “pussy diplomacy.”

Want to throw up? Of course you do! You’re used to it every time the Nothing Man reads the teleprompter. Listen for the early line “Angela and I don’t look like previous German or American leaders….” Yeah, we’ve heard that one before, Hussein! And you don’t act like previous American leaders, either. You act more like a community organizer.

And since AWD mentioned Nothing Man, it’s been a while since we heard Obama’s theme:

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  1. America First says:

    Another thing to remember is that Russia must have a dossier on little Miss Soetoro with proof af his daliences in the Chicago bath house circuit.They have his number.Pravda even ran a story declaring as fact that the birth certificate is a bad photoshop.

  2. Dave in Texas says:

    No shit AWD! Very well put.

  3. Dave in Texas says:

    If you look at the picture of Obama riding the bike you can see his ‘manjina’ showing.

    Excuse me ladies but it had to be said. I apologize for the un-gentlemanly comment.

  4. Obummer looks like he’s trying to catch the little short bus to school. (My deepest and most sincere apologies to those who do have problems in the lives)

    It’s just how DORKY can a democrat be, Every photo op of a dem is dorkier and more laughable then the one before. DuCAHCAH in the tank, “JFK” Kerry in the bunny suit and now this laughable photo. Please, warn me next time, my soda pop spewed out through my nose!

    Compare this GWB climbing out of a fighter after a carrier trap….. Just sayin’.



    A so called president who peddles around on a stupid bicycle instead of riding a horse like REAGAN did like Cowboys and cow girls do someone who get a marine to hold his umberlla becuase he is made of sugar and salt and he,ll melt like with dorthy and the wicked witch(what a world,what a world)and who wants to disarma ll law abiding americans and open the borders to thousands of crinimals A inept and irresponsible ruler who opens the doors of the castle and lets in the huns

    • The strong visual of The Gipper on horseback wearing a Stetson compared with the pansy-assed image of Barry wearing his “Mom” jeans and that stupid little helmet should tell anyone more than they need to know.

      Reagan had a mirror in the tack-room of his Santa Barbara ranch made by Santa Fe artist LD Burke. It was a simple textured wooden framed mirror which carried a message. Written in brass tacks were the words….”America…Love Her or Saddle Up”.

      I wish Barry would “saddle up”.


  6. captainmike says:

    Brilliantly put. For the first time in my life I find myself rooting for the Russian over the American.
    Or am I?
    Oh, and it is a girl’s bike.

  7. bargis tryhol says:

    Good job AWD!
    Perhaps the best illustration of how the world sees Obama is when in early 2009 he mistook a fast food icon for foreign royalty….


  8. Dr Poontang says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but is that a GIRLS bike?

    Enough said.

  9. How fitting that a pu$$y like BHO rides a girls bike. Great post AWD and of course right on target. Putin manipulates this apologizer like a ventriloquist makes a dummy talk.

  10. I really wanted to make some intelligent comments about this jerk. But I am just so filled with disgust for him, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer etc., etc. I just can’t find the words to describe it. He and the rest of them are totally responsible for the rapid decline of the Country that I grew up in. Just plain disgusting how the people of this Country could be so damned blind and stupid to elect this faggoty ( is that a word?), deceitful, pathological liar, incompetent, bumbling fool.

    • That says it all. Well done!

    • Thank a huge gaggle of asshat liberal voters and the fact that the republicans cant run a viable candidate to oppose him. Romney is nothing but a liberal with an R in front of his name. McMoron is a Rino POS also….this is why we have Obongo elected twice.

  11. His support of these Islamic theocracies can no longer be questioned. We are sending troops to Egypt to protect the current government from the outrage of the Egyptian people,,, this,,,, ontop of his support for radicals in Syria….

    • Edtudo, I never questioned it from the beginning in 08! I mean how freakin blind and stupid are people today anyway? The asshole has a muslim name..his dad was a muslim…he brags on muslims and his muslim faith right in front of TV cameras… he bows to muslims when he visits the Middle East…and yet somehow…the libtards actually believe he isnt a muslim!

  12. Please help get this out! The Amnesty bill is FOR Obama. Cover for all his criminal stolen documentation. This is what is happening…it’s all about him and his criminal enterprise of overthrowing the Constitution.


    Why would the the Senate go along…goodies in the bill for them…just like Obamacare…blackmail/dirt on them from spying?…they are complicit because they have not impeached him or taken him out for treason! Being complicit they are treasonous too! The Amnesty bill is cover for them too.


    His Noel Peace Prize should be recinded and he should be IMPEACHED he has already commited too many impeachible offenses to name right now

  14. Obama’s alligator mouth and hummingbird ass and the rest the world knows about it.

  15. Now I know who inspired all those pig commercials.

    It was Barry. “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

  16. Spurwing Plover says:

    Pee Wee(Hermin) Obama on his stupid bicycle wearing his pee pot Helmet

  17. He borrowed the bike from Nancy Pelosi, and judging from the turd eating grin on his face, he replaced the seat with a large russian vibrator.

  18. TiminKuwait says:

    This is what our society has produced. This is what has happened because the true Americans stood by and let or country slip between our fingers. Is there anything right now that is salvageable in our society? I don’t think there is.

    I’m an engineer, power plants, but my hobby is furniture building. I love it!! Peaceful, no stress, honest, and unforgiving.

    So far, I’ve built a few cabinets, book cases, chairs and such but my best work is my 12′ high, 13’wide wall unit in my den. My wife gave me the idea and I built it with no plans, no drawing, and no idea how it would turn out. I first bought a 65″ TV, mounted it on the wall, and built everything around that. I have hand made doors for the cabinets, and built in desk, shelves out the wazoo, and lower cabinets. I built space for all my home theater components so they are not real visible. And my wife and I stained it all together. Great project!!

    I didn’t buy anything but the screws and hinges. What I do is find scrap wood and try to remake something out of that. From old solid wood furniture, no particle board or fiber board. I do use some furniture grade plywood for certain things but that’s it.

    What I’ve learned in my short time doing this is that some old scrap pieces of wood seem ok on first glance but after you try to shape them you realize that there is no hope for them. The only thing you can do is throw it away and start with a new piece.

    I am convinced that is where we are today with our society. It is not salvageable. There is too much rot. It may look okay on the outside, but when you try to cut into it you expose the rotten, stinky, festering filth within.

    We need to start from anew. Our original constitution is all that is salvageable, IMO, at this point. All the rest has been so twisted, distorted, and corrupted that there is no point in even trying to save it. Throw it all out!!

    What I DON’T know is how this will happen when so many of my fellow Americans are uninterested in what happens to this once great nation. So many have no vested interest. So many have no shed blood or have had their blood shed to preserve freedom.

    Maybe we DO need to split into several different countries. Maybe those who only want the new iPhones or iPads, those who only care about technology, those who don’t want to sweat a single drop to make something better, can have their own nation. And those of us who want what America used to stand for can work our butts off to restore America.

    I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a little irregular today. Maybe I’m just getting too old. But I do know one thing…we will not survive as a nation continuing to go on the same path that we are going now. The foundation is too rotten.


    Obama and compnay off to africa Poor africa theyll never be the same again

  20. Wildkitten says:

    Careful of the comments you make. Big brother is watching, listening and taking notes. You might find yourself on the No Fly list and be tagged as a registered bike offender. That bike might just be a he with a low saddle. The idiot riding it makes me throw up in my mouth; however, it is just another way to keep him busy and out of the way.

    I’m surprised he isn’t back in the states to do a photo op with 19 deceased firefighters. He could be the only guy standing – and you know he would love that.

    As to the Hot Shot Team 🙁 Rest in Peace.