The majority of you know I have written about this evil man for a very long time, the last time he was mentioned was when he was finally convicted…as he should have been! Here’s the report in case you missed it: GOSNELL: THE BUTCHER OF PHILLY FOUND GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY! – Now, we move forward to today…see what this evil b!tch from hell had to say about this subject, as well as late-term abortion etc. Unbelievably sickening…in fact despicable to say the least!

This is via TB, make sure and check out highlighted links inside the story:

The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack tripped up Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi last week with a question about her 2012 claim that Obamacare would “lower everyone’s rates.”

And it looks like he got her again on Thursday with a question regarding condemned murderer Kermit Gosnell and Rep. Pelosi’s disapproval for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, a bill that would prohibit abortions during the final four months of pregnancy (with exceptions for when the life of the mother is at risk).

McCormack asked the California Congresswoman how she reconciles her condemnation for Gosnell’s atrocities with her condemnation of a bill that would prohibit abortionists from terminating the life of a child moments before birth.

The former House Speaker was not at all pleased with his line of questioning.

“You’re probably enjoying that question a lot, I can see you savoring it,” Pelosi said in response. “What was done in Philadelphia was reprehensible and everybody condemned it. For [the drafters of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act] to decide to disrespect a judgment a woman makes about her reproductive health is reprehensible.”

“Next question,” she added.

McCormack wasn’t finished: “So what’s the moral difference? I just asked a simple question. … What’s the moral difference then between 26 weeks elective abortion and killing of that same infant born alive?”

“This is not the issue. They are saying that there’s no abortion. It would make it a federal law that there would be no abortion in our country,” she responded.

As mentioned in the above, the bill doesn’t ban “all abortions.”

“As a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me when we talk about this,” she added. “This shouldn’t have anything to do with politics.”

(Side note: There’s absolutely nothing in Catholic doctrine to support Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s hard-line stance on abortion.)

Shortly after Pelosi’s “sacred ground” remarks went viral, The Catholic Association released the following statement:

After witnessing firsthand the atrocious human rights abuses taking place inside America’s late-term abortion clinics it is amazing that this did not touch Nancy Pelosi’s heart.

What we learned from the Gosnell trial and what we understand is going on inside other clinics is not only human rights abuse but it also puts women in harm’s way.

The only difference between the Gosnell “after-birth” abortions and legal late-term abortions is the location of the baby at the time of death.

“And contrary to Pelosi’s extreme claim that the Franks bill is “disrespectful” to women, the majority of women are opposed to late-term abortions according to a recent Gallup poll,” the statement adds.

Listen to what emits from her mouth from hell here:

There’s a special place for her…and she ain’t gonna be getting any ice-water there either!

May she burn in hell for eternity! – What say you? Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. I can’t imagine what the soul of this hateful bitch really looks like……Nancy Pelosi has got to be one of the ugliest, satanic, spiteful, sinful bitches on the planet………this piece-of-sh!t, I am sure has a special place reserved for her in the hottest place in hell………

    what a god-damn hypocrite Pelosi is……..there are a lot of democrat sons-a-bitches but Pelosi has got to be one of the worst if not the worst……

    here is a photographer that captured Pelosi’s soul on camera….how fitting…..;300.png

    • The photographer must have been hiding in the shadows of the night to get that picture of the real POS with the last name Pelosi. – Priceless!

  2. The Wicked Witch of the West–someone please get Dorothy or The Great and Powerful OZ to drop a house on this bitch.

    • I would say and her little dog Toto too…but seeing how animals have a soul, we’ll exclude Toto!

  3. 55 grain solution says:

    Another example of pure evil in the government

    • 55 grain,
      This is truly evil, those that do not attempt to stop or change it are by default participants in it. She has sold her soul. We can send donations to anti abortion groups, you can make sure every Planned Parenthood location has a warning sign, a protester, something every hour they are open. Protest once a month, do something to disturb them. $1/ month counts, so does $5 or more.

  4. This “THING” is one of the worst people in politics today she is the poster “THING” for the donkey {ASS} party. The best thing she could do is never ever show up for “WORK” again. Worthless living excuse for what’s the use.

  5. bigtimer
    The Catholic Church is very badly mistaken, Nancy Pelosi has no heart, no moral’s and no conscience.


    She could give CRUELLA DeVILLE the cold shivers

  7. What this really shows is that even Pelosi knows what she has advocated for most of her vile, miserable life – the murder of an unborn baby – is wrong. She and other pro-abortion slugs will do anything, jump through any number of hoops and perform the most ridiculous mental gymnastics to avoid having to admit “abortion: safe and legal” is MORALLY WRONG.

    She cringes and shrinks from it even as most Democraps do. They fear incidents like “Dr.” Kermit Gosnell because the veil is lifted for a moment for all to see the cruel, evil and wicked truth of what “reproductive freedom” really is.

  8. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Careful there John McCormack, you’re going to cause old Nancy’s head to explode. The poor old withered witch can’t handle questions that require thought and logical consistency. You gotta remember that this is the same woman who publicly stated that her favorite word was the “word.” Keep it simple and light or else she’ll become frazzled and start stuttering. After all, she’s used to softball questions like, “What’s your favorite word?”

    “Nancy Pelosi: The Plastic Dunce,”

    • Boy oh boy, you’ve got some good ones there, finally figured out where to tweet as well, which I did on your ‘Traitors, Everyone One of Them!’

      Which I’m going to post on the Coulter thread. ~

      Hope others check out your site and help spread the word…it’s excellent!

  9. I am NOT a catholic so I hope I don’t offend those on here that are… but when will the “church” grow a spine and excommunicate this willfully evil bitch who keeps claiming she is Catholic in one breath while advocating for the murder of babies in the other… SHE IS NOT CATHOLIC… she is a reprobate!

    The “church” should openly excommunicate her and all of those who “willfully” reject the teachings of the “church” and the Bible… call a spade a spade.. doesn’t the U.S. have a Cardinal/Bishop with the authority to do this?

    • I concur with all you stated…and Pelosi isn’t the only so-called Catholic dem congress-critter that gets away with this despicable filth! – Hypocrisy much?

  10. The only abortion I would support is Pelosi’s. This bitch should have been flushed down a trash disposer before contaminating the planet with her sickening leftist bullshit.


    I wonder where she keeps her broom and flying monkeys?

  12. aceydoozy says:

    Definitely one of the faces of evil, most of which reside in the Democrat Party which contains so much evil, it’s difficult to pick the prime example of evil.

  13. Just read this…anyone think for a second that will stop Pelosi and her ilk?

  14. Since this report starts off with Gosnell etc…see what you think. He also speaks his mind about Dear Leader!

    Good for him…we need more conservatives from La-La-Land to speak out!

  15. At the risk of not getting published here, a fantasy of mine is to witness Pelosi being repeatedly raped by 28 mules while simultaneously having 28 Negro felons ejaculate all over her face.

  16. Michael T says:

    Like Dennis Miller said, she sleeps hanging upside down.

    Moderating my comments Bigtimer? Ok.

    • Moderating your comments? – Hells bells…I have no idea what you’re talking about or mean by that.

      • Michael T says:

        When I posted it said my comment was awaiting moderation. The comment was not out of bounds or in violation of the posting rules. Maybe it’s the WordPress or whatever it’s called. It didn’t happen on other threads by you Big. 🙂

  17. Nancy Pelosi is living proof that mentally retarded people can and do become politicians.