Folks, saw this here earlier today and thought it was a good one for a Saturday afternoon and so forth. Does the caption inside say it all…or not? – Via my viewfinder in life, it sure as heck nails it…how ’bout you?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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    I see Obama is off to africa but they canciled their Safari becuase no elephant wants that jackass on its back

    • Spurwing,

      They still say the vacation will cost taxpayers somewhere between forty five and sixty five million. This nig is like a welfare moocher who never works but wants all the freebees… play golf, weekly parties in the White House, nonstop campaigning with minds of mush in our high schools and colleges, and his monthly vacations because he apparently thinks he is overworked.

      If someone took out this president tomorrow, but assured my eyes would not produce a single tear.

      • Paul, mine neither

      • Hey Paul, speaking of the trip, I have a post saved for that later today sometime.

        Like many of you, very busy with things on a beautiful Sat. afternoon, hope to settle in later and post a couple good ones.

        Btw…my hubby got a job in ND, he’ll be gone a month, he’s finishing up another job he started last week, it’s been and going to be a continuing rush around my neck of the woods at least until Thursday…it’s all been something else…everything is hitting us fast and furiously!

      • Louis R. McClain says:

        Don’t even say that, we do not need that SOB martyred!

      • Paul…if that happened I would go on a week long drunk to celebrate! And I rarely drink…buts one occasion I would make an exception for!

    • “O” didn’t trust the snipers that would be required on a Safari to protect against big bad animals. True!

    • ironically.. the “elephants” in DC are willingly bending over for this “jackass”

  2. Big……I had just written a post and decided not to send it regarding your hugging of Obongo……….if I did the praetorian guard would be paying me a visit and I’d get my ass slung into a jail cell………but let me tell ya, I’ll give these sons-a-bitches a hug….just like a boa constrictor………….

  3. Michael T says:

    I just glanced at the header and thought it said, ‘Thugs for Obama’. But that would work too, wouldn’t it. I just took a vacation, first one since 1986.

    I bet it galls him every day that his mama was white trash.


    Der Fuhrer travels on der publics dime

  5. Rockets red glare says:

    The stinking fat ugly that rises from the heap of this vile dung
    (progressive liberals), is amazing!!

    OK, so the halfrican takes a 100 mill trip on OUR dime
    To introduce his kids to their mothers fat ass knuckle dragging
    Relatives. Thats why a special sniper team is required, because
    They WILL be in the jungle.

    All this while giving us taxpayers, you know, the 50 percent who pay,
    A giant FU foam middle finger!!

    Screw you YT.

    Unreal, unF’ing real.

    • Just part of the “reparations” scheme. LBJ started this shit…the saga continues. How many more trillions will we flush down the toilet to appease these savages?

  6. Nostradumbass says:

    Obama, Hey Bama, bama, bama Ho
    Bama Hey, bama Ho Bama!
    Hey DC can’t you prey on me
    Bama Ho, Bama


    It must surprise brain-dead liberals to find on africans dont celebrate KWANZA its a totaly made up celebration

    • Even knowing them won’t stop them, nothing bothers them when it comes to made up BS…especially if it’s something to celebrate, phony or not.

  8. Id love to give him a hug….till his eyes pop out of his head.

  9. Dear Leader didn’t get any hugs from this judge!