Assuming you know about the latest offer from the Taliban that made news a few days back, see what you think about this exchange between Geraldo Rivera and Brian Kilmeade regarding this matter. – If you don’t know about the recent prisoner swap exchange offer regarding Idaho’s POW Bowe Bergdahl, you need to read about it here, video included, this is well worth taking the time to read and watch beforehand.

See who you agree with below. – This is via Mediaite:

Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade and Fox News Channel host Geraldo Rivera’s conversation on Friday grew tense after Rivera called for the release of every prisoner in Guantanamo Bay in order to save one American serviceman in captivity. The pair battled over the necessity of exchanging prisoners in wartime and whether the Taliban commanders in U.S. captivity even pose a threat to American forces.

Alisyn Camerota began the segment by reporting that an American in Taliban hands could be freed if the U.S. is willing to negotiate with his captors.

“I would trade every detainee in Gitmo,” Rivera said. “Let’s bring this kid home.”

Kilmeade revealed the military significance of the Guantanamo Bay detainees, noting that many of those still detained held high ranks in the Taliban military prior to the 2001 American invasion.

“Most of these guys were captured before these guys were on the ground in Afghanistan,” Rivera countered. “They didn’t fight us. They weren’t terrorists, they were army guys.”

Rivera said that these prisoners would not be “let go,” but that this was a negotiation and a prisoner exchange.

“So, you want to see these guys back then?” Kilmeade asked. “Help reconstitute the overthrown government?”

Kilmeade then asked what leverage the U.S. has in the next prisoner exchange request. “We are de-escalating in Afghanistan,” Rivera insisted.

“If these guys come back and kill more Americans, what would you do?” Kilmeade asked.

“They never killed Americans, Brian. That’s my point,” Rivera clarified.

“He was the secretary of the army with the Taliban,” Kilmeade exclaimed incredulously.

“This is a deal you make,” Rivera concluded. “This is war.”

Watch the exchange below via Fox News Channel:

Which person do you agree with, what…if anything will happen about any of this matter? – Swap or not? After-all, we’ve been in talks with the very enemies we’ve been fighting via the O-Team for years now…most likely been paying them off to-boot! Nothing like left-wing appeasement for another way to lose a war! Plus, we can’t forget the wussification of our military since Dear Leader has been ‘Commander-in-Chief’…no siree!

What say you?…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Those camel jockeys can have GERALDO RIVERAT as far as im concered their welcome to him

    • Howdy Spur…

      I’m with ya when it comes to Geraldo…but, just curious…what do you think about any kind of prisoner swap in this matter?

  2. why is it that Rivera is wrong on every issue, on every subject, and every position he poses as a solution to anything he talks about…….Rivera is never right on anything………He’s nothing but a bleeding heart liberal that hasn’t got a clue as to how to fight a war or what to do with captured terrorists……..

    if things were left up to this dipsh!t Rivera he would be giving the Taliban our military plans and maps to the bases where our soldiers are stationed at…….Rivera is one of those liberals who tries to make every one believe that he is so compassionate and caring…..he makes me sick with this fake bullsh!t compassion for every one who hates America and Americans………..

    Geraldo Rivera needs to kicked of of FOX and sent over to MSLSD where he belongs..

  3. NEVER negotiate with a terrorist. I remember when that used to be our policy. What happened and when did it change? I must have been sleeping.

    I have a better idea. Why don’t we form a crack team, or teams, of our best Spec Ops boys and dedicate them to extracting hostages, like we did with Jessica Lynch and like we did when we went after Osama? Only with two exceptions, no news coverage and we kill the dogs holding them hostage.

    Why not put all those drones and ISR assets, including NSA’s wiretapping and eavesdropping where it belongs? The saving of American lives and the return of hostages.

    • We got a Muslim in the WH thats why, he could care less about our troops. Ya cannot trust anyone in the Congress or WH. Our troops been getting F8cked over since “O” came in. It ain’t gonna stop till he is gone for good. Its all crooks there. Look at the illegal compromise coming, its not for the good of Americans, only if your illegal can you avoid our laws and not be punished yet one of our GI’s flicks a buger at a Taliban they will court marshall him.
      F*ck Islam, Fu8k Washington DC, same difference.

      The Corker Amendment actually stipulates that, in perpetuity, you can break the law, overstay your visa, and still be eligible for citizenship. It absolves prospective behavior, not simply past mistakes.

      • Agree about the Corker BS..I’ve always despised that nasal-voiced bastid, posted about him here more than once…but do you think there should be a prisoner swap in regards to this post?

      • Dude…you nailed it so hard that the head of the nail is smoking! Great post and right on target.

  4. No, unless its one for one.

    • Plus, look at the one’s that we have transferred to various areas from GITMO…we released them to get back in to fight/kill our more men again.

      Never-ending circle jerk. War isn’t war anymore…hasn’t been since right before I was born.

      • You hit upon a sore point with me BT. You are right on. We havent fought a real war since WW2! In that war we fought to win at all costs and damn-it we did. Then came Korea….we fought hard and had them on the ropes till PC stupidity kicked in. Then we basically stopped fighting out of fear of China and Russia. Then came Vietnam….58,000 men died for NOTHING! Due to the same pussy footing around approach that proved very ineffective in Korea..and on and on it goes. We need to go back to fighting WW2 style and wipe our enemy’s asses off the planet like we used to. This libtard bullshit of fighting under the enemies rules always gets us killed and we cannot win under those ridiculous rules of engagement. The only rules of engagement we should have is to win and get the hell out of there after we kicked their asses.

  5. No swap…….

    A swap will just encourage more kidnappings/captures.

  6. Have ya’ll heard about this?

    Plus, I’ve heard we’ve had the CIA in Syria arming and training the rebels there. – Of course, the ‘rebels’ are who and what… al Qeada, Muslim Brotherhood etc. – Big shocker!

    What the hell is the powers that be doing? When will the msm speak out?


    Dont make deals with terrorists it only encourages them

  8. RebPirate says:

    no, No and NO! Since when are “enemy combatants”, in any quantity, equal to even one American soldier? NEVER, that’s when. Regardless what Geraldo or Barry think, prisoner exchange and “negotiation” with terrorists is not a strategy we use to WIN a war. This soldier knew the risks. He has a code of conduct. I’m sorry for his family, but they knew the risks too. DONOT allow sentiment to out-weigh our ability to bring the war to the enemy
    I hate to admit it but, when Grant ended prisoner exchange during the War for Southern Independence, it had a great effect on when that war ended. You don’t let your opponent put pieces back on the board.
    Let’s start fighting wars to WIN again or we may be fighting the next one within our own shores.

  9. I’m all for a prisoner exchange. We should send all the Gitmo prisoners home…in a body bag covered in pig entrails. Striking deals with terrorists shows weakness. NEVER strike a deal with a terrorist. The only deal you should strike with them is the hammer falling on a live round as you send them to meet Allah.

    And yes Islam STILL sucks!

  10. Promise the dirt bags anything to get that boy home. Once he is here send them to Allah


    Lets send them CHARLES MANSON and his gang of hoods

  12. How much is an American life worth? Perhaps Rivera has stumbled uncontrollably into the truth (in other words “even a blind pig finds an acorn occasionally”). These Taliban guys are not al Queda or Muslim Brotherhood. They were nasty people oppressing their own people before we invaded. Perhaps we should bargain with them as much as possible and, in the end, get our guy back.

    There is another possibility of course. It could be that Comrade Obongo already set this up with the Taliban to serve his own interests. He promised his evil, vile, communist supporters he’d close Guantanamo but never did. It could be he’s trying to close the place by getting rid of all the occupants. I wouldn’t put it past them.

  13. Iron eyes says:

    Shoud have never gotten involved in the first place,bring our troops home send the Taliban back to thier 13th century dream home and let the Russians or the Chicoms deal with them, there is NOTHING there for our benefit, so we should not be losing any of our troops in that hell hole, just my humble opinion.

    sempre fie my brothers.

  14. Here’s some recent news from Idaho…

  15. I’ve followed this website for a good while and I generally agree with the comments most of you post but I can’t here.

    We as a Nation have a moral obligation to ensure we do everything we can to retrieve by any means Prisoners Of War up to and including prisoner exchanges.

    I’ve served this country a long time (Since 1999) and I’d like to think if it was ME being held captive my Country would come for me.

    If we have to release five douchebags to bring SGT Berghdal home then so be it. I suggest however we use UAVs to track where they go and kill the f**kers after we get him back (We said we’d let em go not leave em alive).

    Leave no man behind dead or alive is a promise every Soldier gets. Alive or dead we’ll bring you home. Break that promise and good luck getting people to defend you.

    • Is releasing enemy combatants to maim and kill more Americans really a smart idea? While I can agree with doing what we can to save Americans captured by these scumbags, I cant agree with letting more of them go to come back over and over again to keep killing our guys in battle. That seems foolish and futile to me. Every one of those turds we released from Gitmo has come back to attack more American troops.

  16. I’ve got a question(s) and please feel free to correct me or refresh my memory. Didn’t SPC Bergdahl take am unauthorised trip outside the wire, THAT LED TO HIS CAPTURE? Admittedly I may be wrong here.
    Also having served myself I firmly believe in NOT leaving anyone behind. But………………..where were his fellow soldiers?
    Also Spc Bergdahl has an obligation to try to ESCAPE ALSO.
    And didn’t the services move heaven and earth to rescue a female soldier during OIF?
    Just some thoughts.
    As for now though NO DEALS.

    • Hey my long lost brother…good to see you on the board today.

      As to Bergdahl, I think your memory is correct from what I remember too. (Of course that may not be saying much)…anyway, you’re spot-on with your other observations too…at least in my humble opinion you are.

  17. Do whatever possible to bring Bowe home !!! He had suffered long enough for his country and still being held captive as a POW over 4 years 9 months . He would not be captive if he wasn’t the American Soldier . It was very wrong to leave him behind without rescue him after so many years ! what would you do if Bowe were your grandson ? son ? brother ? nephew ? cousin ? or one of your family member ?

  18. Too late..its been time to imprison obama for it