Wait until hear what this caller from Lubbock, Texas had to say while talking to El Rushbo about illegal immigration and amnesty. What he had to say may not come as any surprise or shock to many of you…but Limbaugh seemed somewhat taken aback with what the caller had to say.

See what you think about this call, as well as the rest of thoughts from Rush after the call. – You can read it in full here:

A caller from Lubbock, Texas, on Friday told conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh that some illegal immigrants in his area don’t want amnesty because it means federal income tax and fiercer competition for cheap labor.

“Today I went out and was doing some ag’ work on some of the farms out here and got to talking to some of these guys, asking them about what they think about this. And they’re very, very concerned,” the caller said. “A lot of them were telling me, ‘Well, we really don’t want to become United States citizens.’”

He went on: “There’s two things that they brought up that really scared me. They do not want to become United States citizens. I said, ‘Why not?’ They’re afraid that the United States government is going to take so much taxes out of their paychecks once they have to pay into the federal income tax.”

“Are you kidding me on this?” Limbaugh replied.

“I am dead serious. They do not want to become American citizens,” the caller said.

The Texas caller said the illegal immigrants are also concerned that immigration reform will lead to a surge of immigrants, forcing them to “compete against cheaper labor.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Limbaugh reacted. “This is the theater of the absurd. So we have illegals worried that more of them will cause wages to fall and maybe jobs to be lost?”

“Correct. Now these guys are very, very concerned about this,” the caller said.

Limbaugh then launched into this diatribe about the GOP:

You know, wait until the Republican Party hears about this. They’re doing all of this to be loved by the Hispanics. Wait until the Republican Party finds out that a lot of the illegals currently here don’t want any more! You know, I’d like to be in the room with Steve Schmidt or some Republican walks in to Rubio and says, “Hey, you know what? We may have a problem here.”

“Yeah? What’s that?”

“A lot of the illegals here don’t want amnesty and they don’t want it for anybody not yet here in the country.”

“Oh? Why?”

“Because they don’t want to become citizens and they don’t want competition for their jobs. They don’t want their wages to fall.”

The Republican will say, “You mean we’re doing this and the Hispanics are going to get mad at us?”

“Yes, it’s entirely possible.”

Oh, it’s a fantasy, but wouldn’t it be funny if it were true?

Now of course, the caller’s claims are purely speculation — but it at least makes sense.

Does anyone else think the illegals already here will be coming out of the shadows if amnesty is passed once all is said and done? Does anyone think the republicans will really care one way or the other…after-all, political correctness is all that matters…the american people be damned!

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. This doesn’t surprise me one damn bit. A lot of the illegals know full well that being citizens means taxes, compulsory jury duty, having to go through legal processes, being readily identifiable by the government, and no more being paid cash under the table. They, like many others, like the perks of being American nationals. But not any of the responsibilities. But hey… they don’t want to be citizens? Then I guess even amnesty can’t help them. So it’s deportation time. Buh-bye…

    On a side note, guess which GOPer is currently leading the charge in the House for the amnesty bill? Give ya a hint: a lot of us voted for him for VP in 2012…

    • Oh yeah…I know all about what dumb-ass Ryan has been saying. It reminds me for why I never much carried for him before Romney picked him, he’s enforced that more-so this last week.

      Gosh…you don’t think he wants to Speaker of the House some day…do ya?

      We’re all so fracked in so many ways when it comes to those at the top in the RINO party.

      • Yep, he may have such aspirations. He just needs to work on that orange tan. And “boo-hoo” a lot more. Then he should be ready! LOL

        And yes, we are, in fact, fracked with the GOP. That is EXACTLY why I am finished with them. And am going to be voting third party.

      • Hey BT,

        Saw where Sara Palin is calling for a new conservative party to form… all I can say is start it and the current Republicans can kiss my ass good-bye.

        • Yeah…a lot of people have called for that since I can remember, nothing ever comes of it…much.

          Something has to change…but I’m not holding my breath for that to happen anytime soon the older I get. All I can do is hope others do vote for conservatives and vote the RINOs out, if possible.

          • Hi Buddy, I agree. Not getting my hopes up though. Things just suck more every day! Washington needs an enema. Have a good weekend my friend. Stay sane!!

          • Howdy Joy…

            Hope you’re having a nice week-end too.

            Agree with the rest of your post, as you must know. 😉

      • Just read a story about Ryan and his pushing Amnesty in the House. One of the commenters after the post expressed getting true Conservatives elected to slow down the disastrous trek this country is on. In reply, another commenter posted this very applicable image:


        • Hey sis…long time no see!

          Love that picture, applicable indeed.

          Hope all’s been well with you and yours. ~

          • Thanks, Big. Honestly, the news is so incredibly depressing that I haven’t spent much time commenting on anything. My two Senators Alexander and Corker need to be kicked in the a$$ and removed from office. I’m repulsed by them both as are many furious fellow Tennesseans. I’ll write in my dog’s name before I EVER vote for the likes of them again. He’d do a better job, too! Other than that, the family and I are okay. Thank you for thinking about us. I trust you and yours are also hanging in there!

          • Yeah, we’re hanging in there okay, ’bout like most normal right-thinking folks are. – My other half is working in ND now for a month or so…fracking job related. At least Dear Leader can’t stop that…yet.

            Can’t blame you for not posting, I have days I want to want to wake up from the nightmare we’re living in as well by what’s surrounding us. – It’s tiring in so many ways…I don’t know, we all have to just march on to our own drummers to keep our sanity, and to keep from exploding too!

          • I hear ya, Sis. Blessings to you and your hubby.

          • Vix,

            One quick thing, can you believe Dear Leader is getting away with all these scandals. I’ve never seen anything, and I mean anything like it.

            If this had been any repub prez…he’s have either already resigned or been impeached.

            Color me disgusted.

          • One reason I’m so depressed…..It’s almost like Dear Leader has satanic “cover”.

          • Yep…couldn’t have said it better.

            My aunt and I were just talking and she said the same sentiments we are. – Pure evil.

          • He does have Satans cover while not even knowing it. He is a Satanic pawn in larger scheme of things and will be disposed of when no longer needed. He himself uses and abuses and disposes of people as he sees fit.

    • RidinShotgun says:

      Another item is CHILD SUPPORT. My sister-in-law used to work for social services and one of things with illegals that she started to see back as far 1999, was the fact that many of these “men” have no problem spreading their seed far and wide, but then take off to another state under an assumed name so they can avoid paying child support.
      Guess who gets stuck with that tab????????



  3. This makes a lot of sense, think about it, they already can get welfare, a drivers license and food stamps among all the other shit Obama and Co has been handing out, plus he’s stopped deporting them, so why become legal and have to pay taxes??????

  4. I have heard the exact same thing from illegals from Central America. They make good money and get paid daily and do not want all the extra SS, State, Federal, and FISA taken out. No details, but a pay decrease from $15/hr to $10/hr with all the crap taken out and then O care also. They are not thrilled with thought of Central America flooding us also. Ears to ground.

  5. yeah, I heard that on Rush’s radio show……and I am not surprised that the illegals don’t want any other illegals coming across the boarder to compete against them and lower wages even more……….

    why would they…they’re not interested in becoming citizens….they get everything for free already…..why would they want to start paying for all these benefits…..the only ones that want them to become citizens are the demon-rats so they can have a built in poverty class of voters like they do with the blacks….

    Rubio and Ryan…..man did we ever get taken to the cleaners by these two sons-a-bitches……..


  6. Actually, that surprises me. I would have thought they would want to become citizens for the complete menu of freebies. Yes, I realize that they’re probably getting some, if not most of them, but they’d be eligible for the whole nine yards upon legalization.

    As far as taxes go, I think the illegals are afraid of nothing. With the Earned Income Tax Credit subsidy, they not only will pay no taxes, they will actually get more back than they ever paid in taxes on weekly withholding.

    It’s like one can always tell the illegal aliens in my neck of the woods. When you see a small car with ten people in it, they’re always driving five mph lower than the speed limit. They’re afraid of getting caught by the local cops and being identified as illegals! They don’t understand that the US government doesn’t care that they’re here illegally!

    • Here in Florida we have a huge Puerto Rican population. None of them pay taxes and yet they enjoy all the same freebies the illegals get. So legalizing them is a lose lose for America no matter how the RINO’s and libtards try to glorify it. Anyone who supports this farce is a traitor.

  7. The food bank near me has two standards. One for whites and blacks, the other Hispanics.

    W&B can get food one time without any paperwork, come in a second time and its the third degree about your name, address, W-2 and other financial info. You have to PROVE you need the help.

    Hispanics can come in all they want, any time they want, no questions asked….. EVER! Because that would be discriminatory.

    Needless to say, I no longer send them anything when they have a food/fund raising drive.
    I tell everyone if you ever have to go there, tell them your name is PACO or Juan and if they say anything point to their policy of not asking Hispanics any questions and watch their head explode.

    • Wow…what you speak of tells ya all you need to know doesn’t it?

      Bet your neck of the woods isn’t the only place that does the same.


    • Whoever enacted that policy needs the shit beaten out of them. Im so sick of reverse discrimination. I never thought Id see a time in America where being white is a liability instead of something to be proud of.

  8. Snake Oiler says:

    As far as differences in border security are concerned, here is a brief, but highly illustrative story. A friend of mine, an immigrant of the legal variety, was asked about his experiences in the Mexican army.

    Where were you stationed?

    On the southern border.

    What did you do?

    I shot at Guatemalans and Nicaraguans who were trying to sneak into the country.

    Did you hit any of them?

    (No answer).

    • Another reason why they say ‘silence is golden.’

      • That’s the problem BT…too many of us remain silent. That’s why these libtard bastards run rough shod over us. Its refreshing to see more conservatives finally speak out against this tyranny called “political correctness” which is nothing but a fancy term for communism.

        • Rich…

          I was referring to the non-answer from the guy in the piece from Snake, the very last line. – I don’t blame him for saying nothing more…his silence said all that was needed. Know what I mean?

    • Exactly what WE should be doing here in America.

  9. The caller said nothing new for those paying attention. Marco Rubio said the country needs immigrants to help pay for the proposed border control in the bill.

    That is how Schumer trapped and turned Rubio. McRino was never a conservative he simply sides with anybody who wants to send troops anywhere to kill people. I think that is all he cares about. He and Chuck were filmed at the border when an illegal jumped the fence 30 yards away, all caught on camera.

    Noticeably absent in all the recent talk about not trusting future enforcement is the at two years of catch and release by DHS. Forget thinking Janet Reno/ Napolitano may not go along, the butch already is disregarding the law. The whole question is mute.

  10. AFCrewChief says:

    The caller is right on target about the illegals here now loosing their jobs to the swarm that will be flocking over if all goes the way these “worried about getting reelected idiots on the Hill” have their say. Another problem is that by passing such an absurd pathway for Illegals is it will piss off the blacks if they aren’t aware yet. Those who “work” will lose their jobs the the new breed of illegals. This whole thing is a freakin’ nightmare. But ‘good old Chuckie Scumbag Schumer and the rest will try to have you believe different…. that sell out Rubio he committed political suicide… what a POS he is. But ya know they’re all the same down there in Washington…I should say most..
    This president has done nothing to create jobs all he does now is add more lies to all his lies to cover up his Scandals. what a POS he is..” Mr Jack Wagon OBullSh*t stay in friggin’ Africa where you belong”

    How the hell by passing this easy access to citizenship create more jobs in an economy that has over 11.4 million unemployed:

    The unemployment rates on this map are for April 2013 and were released May 17, 2013

    Rank–State— Unemployment rate

    1 NORTH DAKOTA 3.3%
    2 NEBRASKA 3.7%
    3 VERMONT 4%
    4 SOUTH DAKOTA 4.1%
    5 IOWA 4.7%
    5 UTAH 4.7%
    7 WYOMING 4.8%
    8 HAWAII 4.9%
    8 OKLAHOMA 4.9%
    10 VIRGINIA 5.2%
    11 MINNESOTA 5.3%
    12 KANSAS 5.5%
    12 MONTANA 5.5%
    12 NEW HAMPSHIRE 5.5%
    15 ALASKA 6%
    16 IDAHO 6.1%
    17 TEXAS 6.4%
    19 LOUISIANA 6.5%
    19 MARYLAND 6.5%
    21 MISSOURI 6.6%
    21 WEST VIRGINIA 6.6%
    23 NEW MEXICO 6.7%
    24 ALABAMA 6.9%
    24 COLORADO 6.9%
    24 MAINE 6.9%
    27 OHIO 7%
    27 WASHINGTON 7%
    29 ARKANSAS 7.1%
    29 WISCONSIN 7.1%
    31 DELAWARE 7.2%
    31 FLORIDA 7.2%
    33 PENNSYLVANIA 7.6%
    34 NEW YORK 7.8%
    35 ARIZONA 7.9%
    35 KENTUCKY 7.9%
    37 OREGON 8%
    37 TENNESSEE 8%
    41 GEORGIA 8.2%
    42 MICHIGAN 8.4%
    43 INDIANA 8.5%
    45 NEW JERSEY 8.7%
    46 RHODE ISLAND 8.8%
    47 NORTH CAROLINA 8.9%
    48 CALIFORNIA 9%
    49 MISSISSIPPI 9.1%
    50 ILLINOIS 9.3%
    51 NEVADA 9.6%

    • AF…

      That tells ya all you need to know! – Thanks for that chart.

      • Snake Oiler says:

        Seriously, what sort of response would you get if this simple question was put to the open-borders/amnesty fanatics in the Senate:

        Why don’t we just let everyone who wants to come here, do so?

        I think it’s a legitimate question, but that’s just me.

        • That’s a good idea Snake…but you gotta know if they asked that question to the senators that support this, they’d have some spin for answers, all from the same talking points.

          I feel like we’re knocking our heads against the wall anymore…some things never change. I hope I’m wrong.

  11. Here’s what’s gonna happen if this 1200 page amnesty bill passes and is law of the land.

    Day one, the WH announces that 100s of “sign up” stations are open and ready for illegals to “come out of the shadows” and start their paths to citizenship.

    Day 30, due to a very poor turn out for amnesty sign up, the WH annouces that a special “incentive” provision, buired on page 987, section 4, paragraph 12p, sub-section 25-34h, will be inacted, thus eliminating any and all prior prerequisites for amnesty – no fines, no waiting period, no criminal background checks, no border security (all the stuff the Rubio republicans added) and a 10 year exemption from federal and state income taxes.

    Day 31, the WH announces the sign up stations are now open for illegals to immediately attain citizenship, no questions asked, and also, there will be a requirement that each “new” citizen complete a voter registration form so they can vote in the 2014 mid-term elections.

  12. I lived and worked in Mexico.
    The reason and planning from Mexicans crossing the border is to EARN money to send back to their Mexican home to support their families there, and save the money so this illegal earner CAN return to Mexico in 30 years and retire there in their home that this money was sent back for.
    TRUE. The mexicans do not want to stay here, become Americans!!!
    You see, there are no jobs in Mexico where one can earn money locally in their own “predio”.
    Impossible. So, they come into the USA, live as cheaply as they can, send $$ back, and then return years later to their native home that was built and furnished from funds sent back.
    That is also why these “beaners” don’t care for our laws!
    Leave us alone so we can earn $$$ any way we can, legal or illegally!!!
    I see pregnant 13 and 14 year old female mexicans in Walmart and all the grocery stores.
    ALL of them receive WIC and welfare dollars from our US Government!!!
    So, I am in favor of rounding all of them up, sorting them out through interrogation and confinement,,,and DEPORTING ALL of them, lock stock and barrel!!!!!!

    • Well said! Deportation is the obvious and best answer. Unfortunately, it is the least likely to be executed.

  13. Isn’t this sweet…hope Rubio’s proud!


    …and here comes UpChuck….


  14. Here’s SanFranNan and her normal brilliance.


  15. Big and Michael,
    There was no “reply” selection to respond to what you both posted above. Could NOT agree with you more!!!

  16. Here comes Jeb to the rescue!