Well, well, well…according to this DC insider, Dear Leader has canceled his ‘African Safari‘ vacation…and it’s all your fault! How dare anyone criticize the cost of this trip… gosh darn you bible thumping, gun-totin’ taxpayers…you’ve just got to be ‘stuck on stupid‘ to do such a thing! Don’t you all know by now criticizing TheONE‘ is out of bounds…no matter what he does?

I don’t know how many of you know much about Shrillary’s long lovin’ pal Ruth Marcus, if you don’t know much…you’re all the better for it! Nevertheless, here’s what she had to say the other day regarding Dear Leader’s family planned trip to Africa and those that dared to be upset about it:

Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus scolded critics of an upcoming African safari that President Barack Obama and his family were scheduled to take. Reports suggest that the first family have decided to scrap that trip because of both the costs, which could reach $100 million, and the fact that sniper teams would have had to put down a variety of threatening large mammals. Marcus said that critics of the trip’s costs were “missing the point.” She noted that America’s uncultured and provincial bumpkins should appreciate when their presidents travel abroad.

“It’s a lot of money, but I really think for people to criticize the president or criticize the White House for spending, quote unquote, too much money on a presidential trip really misses the point,” Marcus said, employing air quotes to accentuate the notion that anyone who considers the trip’s nine-figure price tag to be too high was a buffoon.

“Number one, we want our presidents to travel,” she continued. “We particularly want them to travel to foreign countries to forge relationships with foreign leaders, to enhance the reputation of America abroad. This is one of the ways we do it.”

We “forge relationships” with foreign peoples and their governments by sending our elected representatives to their countries to slaughter their wild fauna? That’s a novel approach.

“Presidential travel costs a lot of money. That just goes with the territory,” Marcus continued.

Of course, most can see the a distinction between a $100 million diplomatic summit or a state visit and a $100 million lavish, blood-soaked, Rooseveltian fantasy. Most, that is, with the exception of Ruth Marcus.

Watch below: Do they make ’em any dumber than this gal?

Dudes and dudettes, if you want to know the cost of what this little ‘safari’ would have cost the taxpayers…read and watch about it below, then send whatever message you would like to whiz-kid Ruth Marcus!

Obama Family Africa Trip Most Expensive In HISTORY… Estimated Cost $60 to $100 Million!’

I’m out of words, we’ve got many irons in the fire in our neck of the woods for the next week…toss in your thoughts. – Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Old Richard says:

    If he would stay and not come back ——-
    it would be worth a 100 mil…!!!!!

    • Heck…you got that right! I’ll double that cost and raise ya another 100 milion, after-all, ObamaCare is going to (and already is) cost us in the trillions!

  2. This is Rope A Dope. He planned an expensive vacation just so he could show people how he was sacrificing. As for the price I could believe it the way the SS protect Presidents nowadays. I can’t stand the Phony bastard but I know that Bush took them at home as much as possible because of expense and just the hassle and hoops he had to do to please the SS. 911 changed the way all Presidents and formers are protected. Slick Willy has a hard time getting BJ’s without the SS around. This was a Rope A Dope his lips were moving, lies…

  3. I would love to see the President go back to Africa I hope he sets a new cultural trend where it is fashionable for Black people to migrate back to Africa.

    To run Free and Wild in the jungles of Tanzania where food grows on trees and everything is provided by the embrace of Mother Africa.

    Where a Black man can make love all night under the stars. And slumber all day against the backdrop of Kilimanjaro in meadows of filtered sunshine.

    No Cold days or hot nights, and the rain is always warm and pleasant.

    A place where a Black Man will finally be in charge of his own destiny without interference from the Evil White Man.

    Don’t just make it a Vacation… Make it a Lifestyle!

  4. REV Wright says:

    The Obama “movin on up” parasites “wants da Gimme Dat” vacation.

    Pay up, or “you be racist!”.

    No longer American……….Now Harare, Zimbabwe.

    If you are not totally disgusted, you are not paying attention.

    • Howdy Rev…long time no see around these parts.

      Totally disgusted is right…people like her are useful idiots for the left.

      • REV Wright says:

        Dear Mr. and Mrs. BT, and AWD, too!

        Howdy back! [God I hate those parasite Communist grifters in the White House!]

        This winter……..When you get the urge to visit in the warm Pacific, the first Parker Ranch grass fed steak and Kona coffee is on “REV Wright”.

        Best regards,


        • Thanks for the invite my friend…that Kona coffee is the BEST I’ve ever had, still grateful for the luxury of having some of that.

          Thank you!

    • Ive been disgusted with these turds since the mid 60’s when LBJ kowtowed to MLK’s race baiting agenda. Civil rights is one thing but these assholes want it all!

  5. In a way, this is fairly typical of the left. Prez Sock Monkey has never had a real job in his life, he’s never had to create wealth by his labor, money for them quite literally grows on trees. He’s been on the dole – in one way or another – his whole life and the government is a grab bag of cash to be accessed and handed out to friends or enjoyed while they’re in office.

    This is true of cultural Marxists in general who are on college campuses, non-profits, government or the jew-bolshevik infotainment monopoly. They don’t work for money, they extract it from others who have to create the wealth.

  6. I think this trip was planned for the purposes of strengthening his relationship with his voter base who would have approved of his trip to Africa. Plus get him out of the limelight while everyone else was left behind scrambling to cover their butts from all the scandals.

    Islam Sux

  7. Michael T says:

    Uncultured provincial bumpkins huh? She’s never seen the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, or the TV series, ‘You Don’t Know Dixie’ then. Who’s uncultured Ms. Marcus? Bless your heart.

  8. ugh… another typically fugly, liberal, hag, bloviating with a false sense of superiority over us “bumpkins” because in her opinion we are just too ignorant to see the benefits of cultural suicide….

    Really, who the hell is she, and why would I give a damn about what SHE has to say?

    • Amen Vince. I couldn’t give two shits what this fugly bulldyke has to say or anyone else who kisses Obongos ass daily. I’m sick of these libtard pukes looking down on anyone who isnt kowtowing to this mulatto muslim piece of shit.


    Ruth Marcus can stop her mindless clucking im tired of it all

  10. Off- Topic: Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there, hope you’re having a great day!

  11. The trip wasn’t cancelled over the cost, the zebra could care less about the cost, he cancelled because he’s afraid that he will be arrested and tried for human rights violations. He knows that south Africans know how to treat crooks, and there are no ass kissing libtards there to protect his precious ass.

    • Yep…this is a very good read. ~


      • SchoenhardJA says:

        A good read? Well, it depends …

        “The MLA mainly objects to Obama’s massive use of drone strikes to kill Muslims, something Obama has repeatedly defended and, despite claims he would ramp down the program, has continued to execute in the face of world-wide criticism …

        But this is particularly amusing in that our Islam-friendly president went before the world claiming that he’d “fix” America’s relationship with the “Muslim world.” Instead he’s unleashed a wave of drone strikes, a death from above that has killed at least 474 terrorists and 881 civilians (including up to 176 children) in the Muslim world.”

  12. Another day…another scandal! – Shh…don’t tell the msm!


  13. Winston Smithereens says:

    Sh*t slides downhill.

    More of Obama’s “people”……………


    • Yep…my link above yours is the same story type of thing. – You think we’re gonna hear about his one in the msm anytime soon…hmmm?