AWD has come down with a bad case of the “I’m lazy as sh*t this weekend and wouldn’t even breathe if I didn’t have to” virus. I’m about to head out to the pool to let the sun bake it out of me while I re-re-re-read 1984 while having an ear-gasm to some fine Merle Haggard on ye olde iPod.

So I was looking back at posts from years past instead of having to think of something new. Here’s one from back in 2010 when AWD was starting to give thought about the separation of the red states (good guys) from the blue states (comm-a-nist bastids). I believe I speak for many when I say the corrupt federal government is broken beyond repair. Even if we had leaders who wanted to fix it (which we don’t), it would take generations. It ain’t gonna happen. Too much corruption, too much debt, too little Constitution, too little smarts. Just like in society…too much sex, too little Jesus. It ain’t gonna turn out good!

Please weigh in on whether you think America will last another 10 years. I’m going to the pool.

America is changing and not for the better. We are moving further and further from what the founding fathers created. Our border protection is a farce as illustrated by 20 million third world moochers now on our soil. Fast breeding illegal immigrants are dropping new American citizens (thanks to the outdated 14th Amendment) every nine months while more illegals enter the US everyday. They then live on our ridiculous welfare systems.

Blue states are in financial ruins as the citizens who voted for the socialistic programs that ruined them are leaving and heading to still solvent red states. More wealth is being taken by our federal and state governments from the sweat of producers and being given to moochers. This week, Obama and the Democrats gave another $32 billion in unemployment payments to the unemployed. Sounds benevolent but someone has to pay the bill. That would be the over-worked, over-taxed producers who struggle t stay above water and off government benefits!

Has the time come for conservatives to start planning the division of America? With illegal immigration and the possibility of amnesty coupled with the cradle to grave legions of welfare moochers, will conservative producers revolt and decide to create our own country? Why should red states be forced to bail out the wild spending Californians and New Yorkers? Are conservatives prepared to lose their country by being out-bred by Democrat-voting immigrants and their offspring? If current trends remain intact, in a decade or so Republicans will never win another election in most states.

In an article posted at Amnation, the argument is made for partitioning the country by red and blue states. Some of the reasons for the division is because of the differences in political ideology between conservatives and liberals. The author say of the blue states:

What sort of society are the Blues aiming for? Obviously, they do not all hold identical political views. By and large, however, most of them want the United States to become more like the “socialist” countries of Western Europe such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Holland.

* Most Blues strongly favor significant redistribution of wealth, partly by a steeply progressive income tax, and partly by other means.

* Most of them are internationalists and multiculturalists.

* Most of them are opposed to deporting (or removing by attrition) the millions of illegal immigrants now in the United States, and indeed wish to continue large-scale immigration of non-Europeans into the United States.

* Despite paying lip-service to the idea of constitutional government, the Blues never let the Constitution get in the way of policies they favor, but instead constantly interpret it to mean whatever they wish. Of numerous possible examples, here are four:

(a) Most of them strongly approve of the decision by the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade, a decision that overturned all existing state laws on abortion. (While one might believe that such laws were ill-advised, there is certainly nothing in the Constitution that prohibits them.)

(b) Perhaps even more extreme was the decision in Wickard v. Filburn (1942). Filburn was a farmer who had been fined by the government for planting too much grain on his land, thereby violating a federal law which had been passed under the auspices of the interstate commerce clause. Filburn pointed out that he had not sold the grain, but rather had used it himself, and that therefore his activity was not “interstate commerce.” The court ruled against him, on the grounds that his non-commercial use of his own grain on his own farm “affected” interstate commerce, and therefore came under Congress’ power to regular interstate commerce! By so greatly expanding the reach of the interstate commerce clause, the decision almost eliminated the restrictions placed on the powers of the federal government by Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution.

(c) Most Blues seemed quite ready to push Obama’s health care bill through by a vote “deeming” the Senate bill had passed without the House of Representatives ever taking a direct vote on the bill. (Faced with public outrage, the House leaders eventually backed down on this procedure, but not because they had any constitutional scruples concerning it.)

(d) The majority of Blues approve of the federal and state governments mandating racial quotas and preferences, even though such laws clearly violate the equal protection clause of the Constitution.

* Despite their claims of being opposed to racism (often expressed very sanctimoniously), the majority of Blues are, by our standards, blatant racists. That is, they strongly favor laws and policies—such as racial preferences and quotas—that deprive some persons of jobs, promotions, college admissions, and scholarships just because of their race. These preferences and quotas were first instituted in the mid-1960s and have gradually become more and more pervasive.

* Despite paying lip service to the notion of freedom of speech, in practice many of the Blues often favor censorship laws of various sorts, such as laws banning “hate speech,” and repressive “speech codes” on college campuses. These speech codes—usually adopted by a vote of the faculty (typically a very “liberal” group)—provide a clear indication of the way most Blues view the right of free speech and what is in store for us if they triumph.

We don’t want to live in a country dominated by such people, and we don’t want to bequeath such a government to our children. For that matter, the Blues don’t much like us either. Many of them consider us to be racists, religious fanatics, stupid, heartless, and corrupt. It is, therefore, time for a divorce. Just as a husband and wife with irreconcilable differences are often better off divorcing, so the Reds and the Blues would be far better off if we split into two separate countries.

I must say it has crossed my mind what would happen if producers decided to form their own country and not allow moochers to enter. Every day I see more and more license tags from California, Florida and up north while driving in Dallas. Yesterday, my son and I were in the car when we saw a black woman driving a car with New York tags and Obama stickers plastered all over her vehicle. I told my son “that cancels out my vote.” After leftists have destroyed their lands by voting for stupid socialist laws, they flee those wastelands as fast as possible to do the same in red states that have exercised fiscal responsibility.

I have often thought Texas should have a wall on the northern border as well as the southern one. Liberal immigrants from the ruined blue states will bring their votes with them and destroy us. It’s not too far away.

Unless drastic cuts in the size, cost and strength of our federal government, eradication of illegal immigration and a return to a culture that rewards producers, America is finished!

Read this article and tell me what you think.

An expanded proposal to divide America into two countries

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  1. Dear government, either dismantle yourself peacefully or We The People will dismantle it peacefully for you. We have that right!

  2. I think its a good idea. We would have to have a couple states leave the union to start the ball rolling, Ok., Kansas, and Nebraska to start. The Blue areas in Arizona are the Reservations, they can keep em and rot on them. It has to be a big movement leaving Congress out of it, they can Rot. It might take a decade or longer but it could be done. Ain’t worried about the Military, most would side with Redstates. Plenty of Red seaports and the South would come in as they are turning into our industrial strength that the Blue Rust Belt was. The South Will Rise Again is very true today.

    • Bob Smith says:

      It’s not just the reservations. Tucson is pretty darn blue too, and they’ve been in hot water for teaching blatant anti-American screeds in their schools.

      • Oh yeah, Tucson is reeeally blue! They elected the first openly ‘socialist’ rep Raul Grijalva & are so unfriendly to business now there’s no jobs – no growth to speak of..
        Tucson used to be pretty conservative when I was a kid, but then it turned into ‘little Mexico’ from the mass influx of immigrants coming over when the border situation broke down..

  3. misterbill says:

    You have wakened me from fitful slumber. I have been in the doldrums believing that we (our country) was close to its end as a true republic. I was, and am, close to a point of surrender where I should enjoy my end days as much as possible while I watch all that I loved, in terms of a country go to philosophical and political waste.

    I do not deny that I am an entrenched traditionalist. I am opposed to change for change’s sake, but rather, I endorse change for agreed upon improvement.

    The recent betrayal of America by McCain (no surprise), Graham, Flake and our newest asp at our bosom, Rubio has brought me close to wanting to give up the fight. I have been advocating for what Jeffersonian proposes for a few year now. I am also disappointed, but not surprised that my two Senators in Georgia approve of the new amnesty bill. Woe to us when we betray our country and its principles.

    When a group of people are no longer one, or close to it, in how their lives should be spent and how their freedoms are existent, then that group should be dissolved into separate accommodations. I consider that to be a far better solution than to sit and watch the destruction of individual freedoms and moral decay eat away at our society.

    Jeffersonian’s proposal offers a viable solution. It will restore the concepts and principles of freedom as defined by our founding fathers. As you know, I am one of those Americans who is extremely proud of our country;’s history and accomplishments. I recognize that we have made errors along the way, but overall, the good we have done for the world is unmatched in known history.

    By admitting to the few errors, we have allowed a creeping self hatred to grow within our nation. Our children, especially those whose knowledge of history comes from Zinn’s history books , know us a cruel, sadistic killers of innocents. We Americans, and only we, are the evil doers of the world.

    I pray that many conservatives will see the wisdom and recognize the salvation of our Constitution by creating a separate and free republic, distinctly apart from the blue states. I believe it will work and I believe it will result in another over 200 years of freedom and equality for our citizens.

    • misterbill…

      Hear! Hear!

      It’s great to see you here…you’ve been missed by this ol’ gal, but I do understand your retreat my friend.

      Your post is A-One excellent…you spoke volumes for millions of us with your sage wisdom.

      Thank you.

  4. david7134 says:

    One thing that people should consider is that our leaders are born cowards. If confronted they will do anything to avoid determined people. One way of confronting these folks would be to start a registry of where they live, who their families are, where their kids go to school, in short all the information on them that they are collecting on us. Then, like minded individuals could confront them and persuade them to leave us alone.

    • aceydoozy says:

      Cowards, absolutely correct, and Obama’s setting a new standard for cowardice. Have you noticed how beefedup his security appears to be, he’s scarded to death of appearances, etc., what a coward.

  5. AWD I HEAR you!!! Glad that you reprised this post from 2010 because it is about the only peaceful solution to the current situation. Our enemies are SERIOUS and they mean not just for us to lose, but to go extinct, and they will “help” you along with that goal. That was the idea behind theImmigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1965. The enemies of our people decided to replace us, they feared us, and really, there was NO REASON for them to fear us, but that is history and the future had better be a New America made up of us or else what happened in Brazil this past Thursday during a protest, one of many in Brazil currently, will take place even more frequently than it does in the US now:

    This is also why the enemy wants us disarmed.

  6. aceydoozy says:

    IMHO, our problem is and always has been those states north and east of Pennsylvania, they need to be brought to their knees. Then, some of the other blue states would fall into line.

    • You hit that nail squarely on the head. The NE United states is the mecca of libtardia that needs a full frontal lobotomy. The other mecca is California. Or should I say Mexifornia? That’s more accurate.


    Time to turn the DC area into a penal colony its already full of crinimals right now

  8. Quite correct. The “United States” really is two countries with two different political and social belief systems. They are diametrically opposed belief systems to boot. It is certainly true that only secession will save what can be saved. This is a foregone conclusion.

    The problem therein is that revolutions from below almost always fail. The French Revolution produced a reign of terror followed by an emperor. The Russian Revolution produced totalitarianism and mass-murder on a scale never equaled.

    The American Revolution succeeded because it was led by the elites. Washington, Adams, Mason, Henry, Jefferson and Franklin were the colonial elite. They were wealthy men who were already used to governance within their own colonies. Men such as Adams and Franklin were members of their states’ assemblies while the Virginians listed were all members of the House of Burgesses.

    How would a secession movement replicate this experience in organization and governance? How best to acquire the ability to create necessary institutions? It’s easy to condemn and attack that which we know is not only corrupt, but also evil. It’s another to be able to organize effectively.

    That is the advantage the evil, cultural-Marxist left has over the good people of this land – they are experts at organization and using power to their benefit. They have been able to use government to advance the cause of faggotry – somethingdesired by a tiny minority and detested by the vast majority of the population.

    This is what they have and what our side needs to acquire so that we may succeed.

    • Ken S, Texas must build a border wall on the Red River more than the Rio Grande! lol


      • While I am not unsympathetic to your undoubtedly correct desire to be free of straying New Yorkers, Californians and subjects of the Peoples Republic Of Massachusetts…I would point to the blue/red counties map.

        Except for the small blues representing the “diversity” in large cities like Dallas and Houston, most of the blue areas in Texas are along the border of Mexico and it is this new influx that represents the biggest danger. This danger affects not only Texas, but also my own state of Indiana which has seen the “Hispanic/latino” population grow by several hundred percent over only a decade.

        • You nailed it Ken. The huge influx of south of the border scum is why the demo-rats are gaining so much political muscle. Combine this with all the blacks who will vote democratic no matter what and this influx of millions of turds looking for free handouts…and add the white liberal morons who are clueless..its no wonder we have so many demo-rats in power. The amnesty bill must be stopped or its curtains for America.

  9. rightwingterrorist says:

    Purge both the red states and the blue states of their blueness.
    Violently and irrevocably.

    • Open season on libtards? Sign me up.

      • rightwingterrorist says:

        Let them finish Cloward/Pivening the system.
        Libtards are not smart enough to realize that when they accomplish their nefarious plans there will be no one able to protect them from the full wrath of AWDs nationwide.
        Too many of us are chomping at the bit to refresh the Tree of Liberty.
        There will be no place to hide.


    We The People indeed becuase america was founded by the english and other europeans not by illegal aliens Time to pull out of the UN and evict these terrorists,dictators and world crinimals from our shores


    Time to tear down that entire UN facility no more america military personel to die for a bunch of UN WAR MONGERS Lets turn the area into BIRD REFUGE with Goose Hunting allowed and no PETA jerks or animal rights idiots

  12. Yes, everything is getting much more polarized politically. However, with all the potentially fatal financial problems most blue states are having, perhaps things will eventually work themselves out. That is as long as the federal guvmit doesn’t bail them out with taxpayer money!